Friday, December 4, 2009

Mommy Has a Surprise For You!


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  1. Is it just me or is this a bit sick?

  2. Those kids will never watch Bambi again.


  4. FAIL

  5. I was being ironic and it seems I was doubly ironic. I win

  6. Though it looks a little disturbing as a photo it’s not that bad. I remember there were times I couldn’t take a shower until the morning because Dad was taking too long with the deer in the bathroom.

  7. Eeeeew, this should have come blurred put and with one of those ‘click here to see full post’ warnings. That is sick.

  8. The Scarlet Pimple


  9. Is she in the middle of giving birth to that deer? I bet those antlers hurt like a mother.

  10. oh Deer, oh Deer


  11. Sick

  12. This is disgusting!!! I used to go hunting and posed infront of or behind the deer but to have it done like this gives that feeling at the pitt of your stomach!!! SICK

  13. Is that just the deer head? where’s the rest of the body? Do you think the parts they are gonna eat are in the garbage bag? I’m so not getting blood all over my pants and floor for a pictue like this. Is her hair pink?

    Before I saw the whole picture I actually thought the antlers where her hands, thought she was one of those lobster people.teehee…

  14. Oh my god.

  15. I’m still trying to figure out why this is so gross? People photograph their kids smiling and holding a dead fish all the time. It’s not like the kids are buck naked and rolling around in the deer’s blood.

  16. Pardon the pun, btw…completely unintentional. ;)

  17. Wow, you guys are pussies.

  18. I’m not sure what the lameness is? I come from a hunting family; we regularly had a deer gutted and hanging in the garage.

  19. What the buck?

  20. I have no problem with hunting…but taking a picture of you and your children holding the dismembered body parts of a deer on your kitchen floor is disturbing.

  21. It’s heads out, now PUSSHHHHH! the shoulders are the hardest part…. oh wait, It’s dead and not coming out of her vagina. I was wondering why she was smiling…

  22. It’s lame cause hunting for sport is wrong. They shouldn’t be smiling, and shouldn’t have kids around a dead animal.

  23. It’s lame because Jenna is the name of the deer. It was a family pet, until they killed it for meat.

  24. shampoo…is it wrong that I jump the curb to run over squirrels on the sidewalk because I get pleasure out of said activity?

  25. I wonder if she told them it was Bambi’s dad and that’s why they’re all excited.

  26. @ Mapper

    Yes. Very.

  27. Is anybody else extremely pleased that lamebook insists on logging in before posting now, which has DEFINITELY prevented a half a dozen people from posting things about having sex with the dead deer?

  28. Well then, is it wrong that I pay the state millions of dollars every year to hunt convicts on the grounds of my spacious estate for sport? I do eat the ones I kill, so nothing is wasted.

  29. Since it appears that she is giving birth to Bambi, I wonder if she is crapping out Thumper?

    I love when kids pose for pictures with dead animals. It truly warms the heart. I’m hoping this will be their Christmas Card.

  30. they most likely have sent the body to a butcher to be made into burger and have saved the head to get it mounted (and i don’t mean in a sexual way, you pervs). some of you really sound ignorant.

  31. Isn’t that SICK :-|

  32. HOLY FUCK.

  33. @27 – they seem to be monitoring spammers/trolls too. one JizzBitch Wealthyman is finally unable to brag about his willingness to poke his tiny pecker into any and every possible hole, and this diva is thrilled.

  34. Is she giving birth to that deer?

  35. @diva

    Sounds good to me. I enjoy this site. It’s definitely the higher class version of failblog. That place is full of the most inane comments that I’ve ever seen.

    I’d be a volunteer moderator, if they asked. Hear that lamebook gods?

  36. How the hell is Santa Claus going to get our presents to us now that these red necks have butchered Rudolf? You can tell it is Rudolf as it has a red, red nose.

    Jenna killed Christmas… :(

  37. mcowles … Glas to have you back … Was beginning to think that you were gone and lost forver, on topic i hope she gets eaten by a bear one day so that he can show her head as a prize to his cubs …

  38. I agree with Lizzle. I don’t want to see this? Who the fuck decides what gets blurred around here?

  39. This doesn’t offend me. Better this than raising yet more people that don’t realise meat comes from an actual animal. That being said, if the deer was shot purely for sport and not consumed, then yes, it is sick.

  40. I’m surprised they didn’t blur out the deer’s eyes. Lamebook, you missed a chance at some side humo(u)r!

    @Father Sha

    I was away on holiday. I thought about not coming back, with all the trolls/imposters/spammers, but maybe this new ‘user’ feature will limit that enough to make this place more enjoyable again.

    Now if only we can get back the original Boz, Mr. Haiku, and Anonisgay… well, maybe just two of those three, haha.

  41. And I teach English for a living… maybe it’s time for a career change?

  42. I’m all for kids knowing where their food comes from…but they just seem a little too happy that they have a dead animal head and whomever killed it ‘triumphed over nature’ or some such shit. I’ve been vegetarian for 20 years (not a militant one either, my husband is a meat eater and it was a personal/spiritual decision for me. If a family hunts for food, who am I to say they’re wrong?) but to me, most of the reverance for animals who provide food for people, and for animals in general, is just GONE, and that’s what is disturbing.

  43. this picture should have sweet home Alabama playing on the background , as a theme song

  44. Firstly, someone took Jules, which is what I’ve been posting with. Sadface.

    Secondly, this is absolutely horrible and disgusting. I blame Palin.

  45. you guys have obviously never been to the actual country…

  46. they’ve had most of it for dinner..the leftovers get mounted on the wall

  47. @ 13: She probably has one of those hair scrunches in her hair that are covered in fake hair to make it look like she has pink hair. They hunt and butcher their own food. They ain’t spending money down at the hair dressers getting all gussfied. When they are done getting the meat off the deer they are gonna tan the skin for clothes. Little Brandine and Jebidiah need new drawers.

  48. Bambi !

  49. Oh dear!
    (sorry – thought most of the best comments so far were puns of one sort or another, and I should just go with it)
    Scratch Sweet Home Alabama – anyone for John William’s ‘Cavatina’?

  50. pusssies! Nothing wrong with hunting or teaching your children how to properly harvest a buck. america would be a much better nation if more ppl spent this kind of time with it’s young ppl. Like the bumper sticker says,” Take your child hunting instead of hunting for your child”

  51. I hunt for children all the time. They can be wily little bastards!

  52. Everyone is focused on the politics and ethical dilemma of hunting….no one has mentioned that it looks like she’s birthing a buck…FROM HER VAG….

  53. Im defined by my comments on a blog comment.

  54. I wish he wasn’t staring at me.

  55. To those all naysayers about how hunting is required for meat, I would the ‘lame’ aspect of this is feeling the need to put it on facebook, not that the animal was killed.

  56. “…and then daddy hid behind a tree and waited, and when this deer went by on his way to minding his own business daddy shot him! Isn’t daddy so brave?”

    I’ll admire hunting the day you go out and wrestle game down with a roundhouse punch to the head. Until then, ye’re a fuckin’ sissy.

  57. @Shampoo– “Hunting for sport” is not “wrong.” Hunting but not eating what you kill is wrong. Also, there’s nothing wrong with having your child see a dead animal, so long as they aren’t bathing in its blood or some weird ass shit like that. It won’t kill them to hold its antlers. I grew up hunting and fishing and I’ve been around plenty of dead animals, deer, hogs, turkey, goats, cows, geese, ducks, fish, etc. It’s just a dead animal. Get over it.

    That being said, I do think it’s pretty gross and trashy that they have it on their kitchen floor. Ew.

  58. glad to see a parent instilling compassionate values in her children.
    no, but really, i think teaching little kids disrespect for animals (and other people) is seriously harmful. i would love if she’d take these kids for a walk in the woods and point out wildlife together… but instead, they’re being taught to kill something, stuff the bloody corpse into a plastic trash bag, and hang the head on a wall. how pleasant.

  59. hunting and killing animals isn’t acceptable, hiding behind a gun like a pussy…. they don’t have weapons…… you guys should be hunted down and left to chock on your own blood then others can hold your head up like a trophy….

  60. @ 2. Yes, they will. But since they’re not Disney brainwashed they will be OK.
    @ 7/38. You really shouldn’t be on Lamebook if you can’t handle this.
    @ 9/34 You think? You’re so smart.
    @ 20. Dismembered bodyparts seem to disturb you more than it does the childen.
    @ 22. You’re just ignorant.
    @ 36. You don’t even know the difference between Bambi and Rudolf. This is not Rudolf. Rudolf doesn’t exist. Neither do Bambi. Oh wait! Neither do Santa… Sorry to spoil your Christmas.

  61. @ 58. Are you serious? “Point out wildlife”?
    @ 59. How do you think the meat gets into the food? All the animals just happened to die? Accidentally?

  62. @59: I hope you don’t eat meat.

  63. #bexsta:

    1: nobody “hides” behind a gun from a deer.
    2: I wish the deer had weapons, hunting would be way more bad ass
    3: you need to spell “chock” your posts

  64. When i first logged onto this page I had to stare at the picture for a while because I immediately thought it was a Donkey and I was waiting for Mum to give us a show. Although from the look of it she already seems to be giving one.

  65. Not really that sick… I do like how delightfully white-trash they are though..Heart warming stuff, the family getting together to pick up road kill. It brings a tear to my eye, it really does.

  66. Is that a christmas present for someone?? Gross

  67. So heartwarming, I love white trash. Where would we be without them?

  68. @22:”It’s lame cause hunting for sport is wrong. They shouldn’t be smiling, and shouldn’t have kids around a dead animal.”

    Though several other people have already mentioned the fact that hunting is not lame – I thought I’d add the fact that many hunting reserves are only open during certain times of the year in order to consolidate the natural flux of animals. To put it simply, too much deer = not enough vegetation = mass death of deer(and other animals). Repeat. Hunting is instilled to put a choke hold on this (why only certain numbers are allowed to be killed) as well as to make a productive use of the meat that would otherwise go to waste (if you want to call fertilization waste…).

    That being said, being that you seem like an idiot, I severely doubt you understand what I just said, and I’ll go hide in my corner now.

    PS: This is being said by a long term animal rights activist (No PETA comments though please, I’m not that bad..)

  69. PETA!

  70. Stop being little girls, this is awesome! Much better than the usual family photos you’re subjected to.

  71. @61 yes i’m serious. they’re children.

    what, is pointing out wildlife too LAME for you? how about feeding the ducks? or making fingerpaintings?

    all things children do, and learn from in the process. i fail to see how murder can be a healthy family value.

  72. peacethelamb, this isn’t “murder.” Goddamn PETA freaks.

  73. it would be alright if they were hunting for food, I suppose. Except that animals in farms get killed humanely and hunted animals die slowly. And standing around the head of the creature slain with big smiles, that is just sick.

  74. skippy, if not murder, what is this? Killing? Is killing a family value?

    And are your arguments always based on personal attacks? The thing about name calling is, it never forces you to actually think about what you are saying.

    Personally, I don’t mind feeding ducks, walking in the woods, or thinking about the world and the earthlings that dwell upon it. I’m sure you like those things too. Killing a sentient being that I don’t need to survive, however? Personally I value life higher than that.

    What I really don’t understand, though…Why exactly are people who DONT want to kill animals the freaks?

  75. Imagine a World Without Head

  76. murder: : the crime of unlawfully killing a person especially with malice aforethought

    Is that a person? Is it unlawful? No. It’s not murder. The buck has been -killed,- though. To stretch so far as to imply that killing is a family value (and implying that it’s something negative that extends outside the realm of this photo) is a stretch.

    Face it, people will keep hunting, and people will keep eating meat. I have no problem with that, nor do I have problems with vegetarians or vegans. It’s all a part of the balance. Hunting is regulated to keep over or under population from happening. The effect that people have had on the earth requires us to maintain wildlife populations, which sometimes includes reducing the size of that population.

    People that don’t want to kill animals aren’t freaks. I believe that skippy was referring to the radical, paint-throwing, fire-starting people (that are often a member of groups such as PETA) that oppose any form of what they consider to be animal abuse.

    If you’re going to start a tirade, why not save your energy for a bigger issue, like plants and factories with sub-par conditions that mass-breed and slaughter animals in incredibly cruel and unnecessarily inhumane ways?

  77. #73 Aphrael

    Farmed animals die humanely?? Really?? DO some research.

    If you’re going to eat meat, don’t get ‘uppity’. The hunters (though annoying) have a point. Know your food.

  78. Farm animals do not die humanely! Neither do the ones that are hunted in the wild. They all experience various degrees of pain and suffering like us humans.

  79. I think it’s very hypocritical to scold another human being for feeding their family. Sure, you can get steaks at the grocery store; but, what is the difference between buying an individual steak every so often and storing meat to eat it later? The point is, we’re all going to consume the same amount, and an animal with four legs is going to be killed one way or another. That is just the way it is. We are all guilty of breaking this so called moral code that some people seem to be putting on a pedestal: forests have been slaughtered to make way for farms; we’re breathing toxic air and prompting the oilmen to drill holes in our earth because we love going inside of places with loud music and different colored lights to imbibe on Saturday nights; and we communicate through a medium which was a direct result of our destruction.

    So spare me the self righteous bull, because it is what it is.

  80. Dick
    Vagina face
    DA opinion you provide sucks

    = Desviada

  81. p.s i didnt read what you said – i just picked you to abuse because you wrote too much.

  82. Up North || No one cares!

  83. @ Anitalaff #75: No don’t you swear at us like that. Ugh the horror and pain. Oh the pain, the pain of it all.
    If we could not strive towards receiving on a daily basis, then what is their left to live for? What i ask you. WHAT!!!???

  84. I don’t know what in the fuck is wrong with some of you pussies. This isn’t a debating website on all things hunting related, just like when people started getting all arsey about abortions a while back, grow up, and grow some balls. Frankly, I expected more from lamebook commentators.

  85. @NO WAY: GET ‘EM!!!!!

  86. Not Lamebook worthy. Not white trashy.
    You would hunt them too if you lived where I do (no I do not live in a trailer park, or in Arkansas). Here deer are like rats. They are every frickin’ where, they cause car accidents, they destroy crops and gardens, they have even attacked people.
    Stupid people who like them around feed them and then they do not migrate away so they starve in the winter when they can’t eat for the depth of the snow. Then we have dead frickin’ deer laying around stinking up the place.
    A nice pointed buck like this is a sweet kill and I imagine she was the one who bagged it. It may even have been her first. I am sure they will mount the head or at least the rack over their fire place. And what if they are “poor white trash” now those kids have food on the table that didn’t come from some damn food shelf or wellfare line…good for them and good for me. Throw in some canned garden string beans and onions and potato, you got a nice meal. There’s nothing wrong with that.
    Nothing wrong with this pic at all. Unless you’re some sort of closeminded, ingnorant, arrogant, ring piece, city dweller.

  87. @86

    No, nothing wrong with this pic at all. Except that the buck is on the KITCHEN floor-jeez, people, have some class!-and the kids are posing with it. Oh, and how about the fact that the girl at the back appears to be wearing a princess dress or something like that?

  88. ugh

  89. Thank you everyone who covered the “Except that animals in farms get killed humanely and hunted animals die slowly” issue.

    I literally almost wet my pants when I saw that. I can start giving specifics of inhumane treatment if people want. :P

  90. Aniskai – please enlighten us!

  91. extract from 85 : Unless you’re some sort of closeminded, ingnorant, arrogant, ring piece, city dweller.

    does anyone else get the impression that seabea is actually sarah palin in disguise , but i m still in doubt because she would never come up with such well structured arguments.

    still i m left wondering if it’s the deer that cause the accidents or the drivers behind the wheel

    feels like something doesn’t compute but i can not seem to figure out what exactly

    Hunting for sport is a crime …

  92. oh almost forgot

    i think you left out frickin’ communist at the end of your rant

  93. Sadly FatherSha, communists live everywhere, they are not all arrogant, nor ring pieces and some of them hunt. Though clearly they do tend to be closed minded or they would not be communists.

    Trust me, the deer cause the accidents.

  94. So killing for food is bad? I guess whoever you believe is your god created us/you with a specific tooth structure to consume vegetation as our/your main source of food instead of meat? All the people who absolutely disagree with hunting for meat need to get off you high horse. Where would the human race be right now if our ancestor’s only source of food was vegetation?

  95. SeeBea: The deer cause the accidents? Really? I live in a county where 2,853 deer were checked in this past year. I imagine another 2,000 were off the record. I’m hardly a city dweller.

    Yet, somehow, I still manage to avoid hitting any deer. I’ve stopped to let deer pass by at least 50 times since I started driving. The problem isn’t deer, it’s drivers who don’t pay attention to their surroundings. I’ve talked to friends who get into accidents with deer, and their story always starts out with “I looked away for just a second…”

    Maybe, just maybe, the problem isn’t deer.

    Wanderlust: Killing for food in order to survive is fine. Somehow I think this family will survive just fine without killing.
    Tooth structure? Yes, humans physiology is much more similar to herbivores than omnivores or carnivores. Everything from tooth structure to liver, stomach, and colon structure indicates that the prehistoric humans were originally opportunists, with most calories coming from plants.

    Source: “The Comparative Anatomy of Eating” by Milton R. Mills, MD

  96. @carrotpower, what you are saying is your senses are so finely tuned that when moving at over 20 MPH you have the ability to know exactly when and where, the very moment and location, a deer (or anything else for that matter including a human) is going to dart from the side of the road and in front of your car. And that your reflexes are so keen that you can stop, dodge or otherwise avoid it in time to prevent hitting it.
    My brother, you win. You are a better man than I and deserve the mantel…CarrotPOWER.

  97. SeeBea: Yes, that is what I’m saying. I prefer to call it “paying attention”, however. If you can’t pay attention enough to avoid a collision with a deer (or anything else for that matter, including a human), then perhaps you have no business being behind the wheel of a car.

    I understand that there are true accidents, like when a deer jumps out from behind a bush or a person jumps off an overpass. However, in the vast majority of cases, the person driving the car could avoid a collision simply by being aware of his surroundings.

  98. What the fuck is a ring piece? And props to lamebook on the moderating, now we don’t have to put up with this zombie kid cumdog bullshit

  99. seebea, you neglect to mention that the road has been built through the deer’s habitat, destroying their home. when a deer walks from point a to point b in their habitat, they aren’t expecting to cause an accident. (nor do they want to die).

    human encroachment is causing a plethora of issues, including habitat loss for the deer you mentioned that have been moving into your neighborhood. but remember, humans moved into their neighborhood and they had to do the best they could to survive.

    your superior attitude is primitive, unnecessary, and retards societal progression. look upon the rightful inhabitants of the forest in a better light and i assure you your anger will dissipate.

  100. Maybe if Santa trained more of these wild Deer to pull his Sleigh, then there would be less Deer to hunt and less Deer to be involved in accidents. COME ON SANTA! DO YOUR BIT!!!!!

  101. This means that Santa’s sleigh is moving at 650 miles per second, 3000 times the speed of sound. For purposes of comparison, the fastest man-made vehicle on earth, the Ulysses space probe, moves at a poky 27.4 miles per second – a conventional reindeer can run, tops, 15 miles per hour….
    353,000 tons traveling at 650 miles per second creates enormous air resistance – this will heat the reindeer up in the same fashion as spacecrafts re-entereing the earth’s atmosphere.

  102. Oh, Bambi. I cried so hard when those hunters shot your mommy.

  103. Is this redneck child rearing??

    I worked with a guy who’s license plate read : I8BAMBI
    I think this might be his wife and kids!!

  104. So I’m guessing those are three kids who didn’t cry when Bambi’s mum died.

  105. @Anitalaff: You’re always good for a fucking great laff!

  106. Good times… good times…

  107. Oh, and hey, Anitalaff, not all the farms in the world put chicken in cages and keep cows covered in dung.

    My family used to get meat from a farm that treated all their livestock very well.

  108. I’d bang the mom whilst the deer watched.

  109. It doesn’t matter if hunting is wrong or not -

    If you bring your young child an animal’s decapitated head and treat it like a toy..What do you think he’s gonna learn? that animals are objects and their life’s value is a joke. how do you people fail to understand the risk in that?

    If you want your kids to understand where meat comes from,
    let them read about it in a book…

    (english isn’t my first language so sorry for any mistakes)

  110. what’s in the plastic bag?

  111. @lamebookpolice: probably the father of the children (or at least the youngest).

  112. Hunter regularly take a photo in the field right after a kill. The adrenaline is pumping and you are feeling successful, so you snap a photo. But taking it home and posing with it around your kids is pretty bad taste. If those kids had been in the field it would be a different story, but then the photo would have been taken in the field.

  113. For all you liberal pussies that think the deer will be dearly missed by it “family” you sre dumb. As for sport hunting in nearly all cases if the hunter does not wish to keep the meat it is donated to either a local village, or in the United States of America it is donated to a charity called sportsman against hunger. The meat is given to orphanages or under privileged families so they can have a decent meal.

  114. @sullyman

    I’m a liberal and I like hunting, morals and political views don’t have anything to do with each other. So kindly go fuck yourself.

  115. @Joe Evil

    You clearly aren’t a liberal pussy then, just liberal. Big difference, i should have specified, liberal hippy douche bags is a far more accurate term.

  116. I crush little animals under my high heels… I get off on it… HATE ME

  117. HERE

  118. HERE

  119. HERE

  120. HERE

  121. HERE

  122. HERE

  123. HERE

  124. HERE

  125. HERE

  126. HERE

  127. HERE

  128. HERE

  129. HERE

  130. TACKY to the nth power. It’s sad to see little kids indoctrinated into the hobby of killing for fun. Around here there is a huge problem of people hunting deer off season or trespassing. The final straw for me was to find out the farmer intentionally gut shoot them so they die slowly (so as to not leave a carcass in their field). Farmers see them as pests and destroy them on site (nevermind the fact the farmer cut down the deer’s habitat). People can eat a healthy diet without gunning down deer. And if this is about “population control” why do they aim mainly for the males; the females are who control the # of births each year. They also remove the strongest of the herd (trophy bucks) leaving the weak and sickly behind; who wants an undersized trophy?

    And even if you’re into eating deer meat, is playing with a bloody starting-to-decompose animal head a good idea? Should toddlers be rewarded for playing with dead things?

  131. Venison tastes delicious. Like beef, but leaner! And hunting them just adds the flavor of victory. <3

  132. i got 8 legs of venison for £60. is that two deer/dear?

  133. @frunchy: Have you ever heard of doe season? In *MY* area, we are extremely over-populated by does & there is at least one season each year where you can only shoot does. I’m no hunter, but usually these are the only seasons my stepdad participates in, although he will go during regular season if enough of his buddies are. Even then, he doesn’t usually get a buck – just aids in the retrieval of whatever his buddies get.

    And yes: THEY TAKE PICTURES WITH THEIR KILL, as well as portions of the cleaning process if they do it themselves. I have pictures of my son (age 2 & 3 depending on which set) next to a truckbed full of 2-3 deer as well as with him in the garage with us during the last cleaning session. I’ve been helping clean deer since I was 5 or 6 years old & I see nothing wrong with it. How do you think people survived when America was a new country? How do you think anyone on Earth survived before the invention of prepackaged meat?

    To me, it’s no different than the pictures I have of my mom, aunt, uncles, grandparents & greatgrandparents throughout the years with strung up catfish or rabbits, squirrels & geese laid out on the cement as they posed next to them. Oh, no, I’m a redneck hick. But I figure I’ve eaten better over the years than I would have if I had just pulled around to the next window for my next meal.

    Oh, and the farmers aren’t so much to blame as the larger cities. A few munched on crops aren’t any big deal as opposed to the amount of damage one or two deer can cause in even a small town.

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