Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mistaken by Jordan, 2009


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  1. They look like ducks…

  2. I’m not a smart man, but those look like geese.

    Swans are a tad bit larger, and ducks tend to have drabber colors. The shape of the nose(?) and bill was the give-away for me.

  3. Geese have long neck.

  4. Hector the Collector

    Who cares if Jordan can’t differentiate between a swan and a duck? Lamebook can’t differentiate between lame and not lame anymore.

  5. @Hector the Collector

    You’re right. Lamebook has done better.

  6. I really thought they were dogs…?

  7. THEY’RE NOT DUCKS, PPL!!! Good lord, you’re just as stupid as Jordan. Those are GEESE. One goose, several geese.

  8. Hector the Collector

    Anne – here honey, let me help you.

    These are geese:


    These are white ducks:


    Sorry for any embarrassment this has caused you.

  9. Ha! What a quack!

    (Horrible, I know…)

  10. me: Ducks actually tend to have brighter colors (ie. mallards, widgeon, teal), but I digress. These are in fact geese. The two white geese are snow geese, and the middle one is an eaglehead.

  11. Wow, a lot of you are just as retarded as Jordan. Have you ever seen a swan? This post is brilliant, thank you Lamebook. Even though most of your readers are too idiotic to even know WHY this picture is so lame. Sheesh!

  12. The fact that there is so much general disagreement over that they are (probably due to regional differences in birds) proves to me that this isn’t lame. Kind of lame, yeah, because everyone know geese have longer necks, but we have seen way more ridiculous lameness on this site and the picture is actually fairly good if it wasn’t for the label.


  13. Masta Batang Dollar Billz

    Wow. He thought they were swans. This is so incredibly lame, you guys. Can you even believe it?

  14. looks like dinner to me…

  15. So they’re penguins? I don’t get

  16. this is totally lame. these are not swans also the picture sucks. don’t show off your photography if it is boring

  17. Maybe lamebook overestimated the intelligence of its comment providers on this one.

  18. This is ridiculous. How could anybody mistake The Beatles for Swans?

  19. When we fight to find the lame in life. Let’s fight hard to do our lamest…this is just some nit-picky bullshit that far too often finds itself on this site–its just lazy to post this. Furthermore the disagreement on the comment section just shows that there is confusion and generally not much humor in her ignorance. Now, someone posting a picture at an animal shelter with the caption: “I’m involved with “PITA”" is lame because the person is spelling PETA wrong–but with that ignorance comes a second revelation: that these posts are great because they show that people are phony…and their stupidity reveals their phoniness. If I’m off base I’m sorry. Chime in if anyone feels the same.

  20. It’s clearly the Bee Gees. Stupid asians.

  21. Statue of Liberty.

  22. well it is kind of funny that she/he went to the effort of photoshopping a grandiose title “SWANS” into a picture of non-swans. A gentle irony. But I prefer coolbaby myself. I find myself looking at that picture everyday. cooldog – he’s cool!

  23. Also has anyone noticed that this entry is filed under ‘Personal Problems’ as though not being able to tell a swan from a goose is like having depression . . .

  24. Maybe it’s referring to an identity crisis on the part of the geese.

  25. these are clearly leopard geckos. come ON, jordan.

  26. You guys. It’s a kimono dragon. Jesus.

  27. This is lamebook material. Swans, NOT geese, have extremely long necks. Imagine a crap photo of lizards labelled ‘Snakes.’
    This is a nice change from the usual trashy-illiterate-people-abusing-each-other posts which are so common here. Not that they’re not amusing also.

  28. I love how the one in the middle is like “OH COME ON! YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS!!”

  29. This is TOTALLY lamebook.

    If you cannot tell geese from swans, you DO have personal problems. This isn’t a regional thing–swans look very, very different from geese. Seriously. I bet you’re like the parents at the zoo who show their kids the “hippos” in the rhino enclosure and the amazing orange-and-black striped “lions”.

  30. Those aren’t ratcoons?

  31. hahaha @ ‘fterklang

    even if it’s not dumb to mistake ducks for swans, it’s still a pretty lame photo.

  32. Somebody up there was right. Lamebook needs to retire most of the “people are stupid” posts. They are not that entertaining. Many people really are stupid. The beatles one was good. This one, not so good.

  33. Laughing at stupid people will always be a valid use of our time.

  34. It’s the FUCKING Beatles!

  35. The one in the middle looks like it’s made out of wood. But anyway, back to the ducks.

  36. I think I understand why this is lame. He took a picture of some swan and photoshopped their necks off. Right?

    Or is it because the swan are emo jews?

    Or is it that he doesn’t know the plural of swan? (neither do many of the posters up there ^)

  37. Clearly these are ugly goslings that will one day grow up into beautiful swans. Right? Or did my childhood stories lie to me?

  38. Penguins :)

  39. Arf The Crime Dog


  40. i liek that f0nt

  41. Stop looking at me goose!

  42. Come on people – can none of you see these are actually the rare swimming ratcoons?

  43. M.R. Ducks … and the one in the middle looks plastic.

  44. Hector is wrong. These are geese not ducks, you can tell by the bill/beak. Not all breeds of geese have super long skinny necks.

    Pointy hooked beak = goose

    rounded bill = duck

  45. your goose is cooked!

  46. File under typOHs.

  47. Ornithology. FAIL!

  48. where’s Jason’s Epic Fail???
    that was funny

  49. Those are 100% geese. I’m sorry, but anyone who says otherwise really is thick.

  50. Haven’t you heard about the bird? Everybody knows that the bird is the word.


  52. These are SNOW GEESE people. I am a bird watcher. I’ve looked in every field guide I have and I’ve also checked whatbird.com.


  53. I prefer pornithology.

  54. Rofl, theyre geese, my parents have a farm and have like 20 of them, they don’t look anything like swans OR ducks, Learn to animals people.

  55. Yeah, people. Learn to animals.

  56. to all you bird watchers and ornithologists that decided to take the high-road and comment on how they are snow-geese…


    Enjoy your birdwatching motherfuckers…

  57. Can safely say those stocky things DO NOT look like the swans that tried to bite my genitals off when I was a little girl.

    Duck = Daffy
    Geese = Giggling English birds in Aristocats

    Why bother knowing more than that? :-S lol

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