Monday, December 14, 2009

Mission: Unaccomplished


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  1. Stuart Smalley would approve….I’m good enough, I’m smart enough, and doggonit people like me!

  2. Oh yes you will fail indeed.

  3. absolutley beautiful in all aspects?

    replace “beautiful” with “lame” and you’re gettin closer.

  4. Lame-o-meter is off the charts! Yes Charles you have failed!

  5. Off the charts?? This fool has blown it to bits!

  6. A lifetime of explaining why your tattoo is illegible sure sounds like FAIL to me…

  7. Meh, tats are subjective. He’s happy with it. A tat without any actual spelling errors isn’t Lamebok worthy.

  8. I would rather see someone with a tatt that they have got for themselves that means something to them than some douche who gets barbed wire with a skull on his bicep to impress… well i’m not actually sure who that would impress but you get my point.

  9. also @7 you wrote spelling errors only one word away from your own. ironic.

  10. @That_is_all

    I agree with you. It’s what he wanted. And like he said, it was for him, so why not make it legible in the mirror? Creative, at least.

  11. In his comment below the picture he looks like Tom Hanks when he played Forest Gump!

  12. am i in the fucking twilight zone? Creative?

    This is the lamest thing I have seen on this website.

    This douche just got a tattoo printed backwards. BACKWARDS!

  13. Looking on the bright side, as Lamebook continuously forces me to do, at least it’s not a backwards tattoo saying, “You’re Handsome.” Or even worse, “Your Handsome.”

  14. OK, I’m gonna play devil’s advocate here and say I don’t mind something like this. The spelling’s correct, the reasoning behind the design is sound and it means something to him.

    And, when he’s following you in a car with his shirt off, you can look in your rear view mirror and know what it says.

  15. I don’t think it’s creative in any way, it’s just a way to show that you’re an egomaniac who does nothing but look at yourself in the mirror all day… :/ Such a douche…

  16. It’s so stupid! Who would get a backwards tattoo? No one will be able to read it when he has his shirt off and people will just think he’s an idiot. This is way worse than a spelling mistake.

  17. John G. Raped and Murdered My Wife.

  18. It is so hard to read. Does it say “I will not fail”? If someone is going to get a tattoo, make it legible!!

  19. lostintranslation

    @17 – nice reference :)

    Backwards tattoo: not my thing… but RingingInMyHead’s right–it could be much, much worse.

  20. I thought it said “I win not fail” at first.

    Anyways, its a nice thought, but I still think its pretty lame.

  21. I agree with That_is_all. It isn’t that bad. In fact it’s quite a good idea. Well thought about and a lot of skill on the artists part.

  22. When I first read it I honest to god thought it said “I Will Not Fart”. Shortly after that I read a comment on how it meant something important to him, for a brief period of time I was very worried about this guy.

  23. i don’t think it’s lame at all, it’s a pretty cool idea actually.
    on a side note he has some really nice lips

  24. I’m with the majority here!

    Backwards tats are lame!

  25. Hmm you would think it would be more appropriate for other ppl to read to maybe make ppl think better of him. If he wanted it for self-motivation…he could have painted it on his mirror instead.

  26. runningwithscissors

    Well at least anyone dating him will know in advance that he likes looking at himself in the mirror a whole bunch.

    That said, his caption was legible and spelled correctly for the most part (‘apostrophe non-usage’ – meh, big deal). And I don’t mind his sentiments on why he got it done – he thought about it for two years, good for him – it means something to him. Kudos to the tat artist for getting it right too.

  27. The singer Rihanna just got a backwards tattoo, too. Ironically it is also about failure. Here’s the story:

  28. I think his haircut is worse than the tatt.

  29. @insane
    i think the picture that on the below looks like robert de niro
    on(Travis Bickle) Taxi Driver movie, especially the last scene of the movie..;)

  30. I don’t see anything lame about this one… :(
    I am a fan of tatts, I have 5 myself, all of them are for me, no one else. The fact that he thinks highly of success is nothing to be laughed at, I have a tatt that is my own version of inspiration to a degree, and I fail to see how getting something backwards or upside down so it’s easily read by the wearer is a bad idea. Better than having “such is life” tattooed across your stomach!!!
    (my fellow aussie lamesters will know what I’m talking about)

    Now that I’ve been a wet mop I shall go :P

  31. epicanescence: I agree! although De Niro didn’t have blurred out pixilly eyes…..

  32. uhhh am i the only one who thought it said “i will not FART”?

  33. jacybee, yes you are the only one….

    I thought it said “I win not Fail”

    same as ‘cool username’ did

  34. If this muppet got a boil on his ass would he stick the band-aid on the mirror?

  35. KAOSS & cool username: I saw that too, lol.
    And jacybee, Calcal thought it said “fart” too.

    I’d also like to see what it ACTUALLY looks like normally – not in the mirror. If it were more legible, it could maybe be read backwards easily, when other people see it. But it’s overdone, so it’s hard to read even when in the mirror, lol!

  36. The Scarlet Pimple


  37. This is absolutely retarded.

  38. Also the camera/phone is low quality so it looks like shit, then again he could have a botched tatt. But me thinky it’s just a poor photo of a reasonable tatt. But then again I am comparing this tattoo to the REALLY terrible ones I’ve seen.


    Now THEY are douchebags

  39. Not really Lamebooky. This tattoo is not any lamer than any other. Who knows why people choose to do it. As many reasons as there are people getting them I suppose. I’ve enough real scars. I don’t need to add more. This is SeeBea.

  40. The Scarlet Pimple

    I think it’s “lamebooky” because he tattooed it backwards so that he could read it backwards in the mirror, took a picture of it with his shitty camera phone, posted it to facebook and explained it.

  41. The Scarlet Pimple

    Shit, ignore that second “backwards.”

  42. HAHAHA@22

  43. He seems like the sort of weedy white guy who would get “Thug Life” because he thinks he’s a gangster, and that would make it a tattoo for him.

    Though he’d probably get it written backwards.

  44. @ SeeBea – I have a tattoo of a barcode on the back of my neck, just below my hair. It’s not visible when my hair hangs down, but when I take it up and pair it with an evening dress, it’s quite a shocker, but it looks gorgeous.

    The reason for the barcode? I was issued as a one of a kind. I wasn’t born. One last thing. KennyChen is a Douche.

    That’s who?

  45. Svetlana, your tat is NOT one of kind sadly, there are thousands of douchy people with barcodes on their neck. I feel sad for you.

  46. Definitely lame. If he wanted a tat that he could always read, then why put it on his chest? Maybe he could have had it done upside down, and all he’d have to do was look down to read it. But then that would be lame too.

    He’ll just be spending the rest of his life saying, “Get a mirror so I can explain my tat to you…”

  47. .oottat tihs taht etah I

  48. I also have a text tattoo on my chest/collarbone so i dont think it is lame , the backwards thing is a bit dodgy to be honest … But maybe he likes the attention this will get him … it’s an easy way to start talking to people at the beach i suppose …

    Who knows what he went through that made him put this on his chest

    Or maybe he’s juste a attention whoring douche , that remains to be seen.

  49. @ Father Sha – What is wrong with being an attention whore… I am one, what is better than to get people talking?

    But, agreed, the tattoo will get him more attention than neccesary because it’s backwards. Computer says no.


  50. I think this just goes to show how narcissistic he really is. Even if you only get a tattoo for you, you still get it the right way round. This is ultralame.


  52. but you are a lovely attention whore and that makes it ok …

  53. he’s just like an ambulance

  54. I feel loved! You like me, you really like me…

  55. @ KAOSS, love the Ken Buzzins call, and @ Mercure FTW! Nice.

  56. hehe i m just trying to annoy Seebea , our deer hating co poster

  57. He looks like a gimp, so i reckon that the backwards tattoo is to distract people a little longer from looking at his face!

    !!!LOL !!!krow doog. !ynnuf saw tahT:erucreM@

  58. isn’t the backwards writing going to confuse all the hostages he’s abusing on his missions ?

    And all the pictures of him gloathing over dead families are going to be ruined

    What a pity , he could have made himself in to a recruitment poster for the army

    A man standing on top of a bunch of hostile prisoners, bearing the I WILL NOT FAIL tattoo on his chest. he could have been an icon …

  59. But…if you’re one of a kind, why’d you need a barcode? I say let the fuckers run a price check. Whatever it is, I’m worth it.

    I really thought this tattoo said “I win not fail”. I’m disappointed now.

  60. I will admit, the barcode might not be original, but my explanation as to why I have it is. Atleast there is no misconception as to what it is, as with Forrest Gump’s “I win, not fail” which is actually I will not fail. If you wanna be an original Douche, do it in a legible font so we can mock you for the right reasons.

  61. I have a tattoo running down my spine, cursive french script, it says something in latin that means something to me, and only me (although others may be able to relate to it if I told them what it was)

    Just because I have a tattoo down my spine and you can see part of it sometimes depending on the top I’m wearing, Doesn’t mean that I tell you what it actually means when you ask… makes me laugh how gullible people are…

    them: “oh, wow, like your tatt, what’s it say”

    me: “it’s latin for ‘you’re a douchebag” or “it says “if you want to know, learn latin”

  62. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    I’ve got a script tat on my back and to read it right way round I either need to twist my body like a pretzel, or employ the services of two mirrors. *That’s dedication.

    And this post? Meh. I’ve seen worse. It looks like it’s a pretty good standard, but I agree it would be a royal pain to have to explain your tattoo eeevery single day.

  63. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    PS – Can I check something? What did being in the army have to do with him not getting his tattoo in the army? Every single soldier I know has got a tattoo. Is he in a weird tat-banning guerilla off-shoot?

  64. I believe he means that his reason for getting a tattoo was not due to the fact he’s in the army (as you’ve said, many soldiers have tattoos) rather it was something he wanted before that and is not relevant to his soldier status.

  65. hahah seriously I read I WIN NOT FAIL until someone asked whether it was “I will not fail”.

    :( Now I’m unamused.

  66. Oops, had already been pointed out, sorry!

  67. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    @ Nately – that’s what I thought but he says:

    ‘i didnt get 1 cause im in the army’.

    Makey no sensey.

  68. @Ssssssvetlana
    A bar code tattoo yum…kind of smacks a little Orwell or Heinlein. I’ve got a scar in my blind right eye, and scars across both forearms, and a scar on my left hand from a burn, and a scar over my left eye left eyebrow. I think you shut KennyChen down. I’ve not seen him since.
    I don’t “hate” deer. I just could not care less if people kill them and I they do understand why
    This is Seebea

  69. Hey, they took Lee down! Damn it.
    This is SeeBea

  70. @ SeeBea… I LOVE Scars! Yum! Okay but just tell me, if I may, how did you get the blind eye, and how’d you get the other scars? If you don’t feel comfortable to tell me, I’ll understand.

    About KennyChen, the stupid Douche did rear his ugly little head again. I politely told him off, again. Actually, the last post that I made is still visible. Read through the threads, I couldn’t remember which was which, but, just be sure not to drink any liquids whilst reading it… I was on my “best” behaviour. This is Svetlana

    That’s Who?

  71. Excuse my ignorance, but who is Lee?


  72. when you first look at it it looks like it says “i win not fail” and it’s backwards so he can read it?? wouldn’t that say “fail not win” when your not looking in the mirror?


  74. @ lorne852 – NO! It will be illegible cause it’s backwards. :|

  75. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    Oooh, Svetlana – I have 11 scars. Do you want me to tell you all about mine as well? Because they are sooooo cool.

    You guys might need to get a Lamebook room soon :-) Although I do understand – Lamebook flirting is rather a lovely distraction from paid employment.

  76. @ hitmewithyourrhythmvic : I personally think that SeeBea, myself and Insane offer refreshing entertainment inbetween the seriousness of some of these threads. Think of me as a commercial. Just to keep it fresh, no?

    But go on about your scars…? :D

    This is Svetlana.

  77. I guess this guy overlooked the fact that if he wanted to read his own tattoo he could just look down…

  78. @ ALL OF THE ABOVE. The reason the douche got it “Mirror Friendly” would give us the obvious conclusion – he likes staring in the mirror, so he’ll see it all the time. Now, he no longer just has to look at his face, but at his tattoo as well. What an egotistical chop.

  79. @Svetlana
    yes it will be illegible but still if your where to try to figger out what it says but rewriting it in your head it would say “fail not win” think it over douche.

  80. I think this guy forgot that “Life is like a box of chocolates. You juts never know what you are going to get!”

  81. Uhm, lorne852, you didn’t just call me a douche. For one, you can’t spell, and for another, your punctuation sucks. (And all that I picked up off all the other threads, so don’t deny it.) So, that could be the reason it says “fail not win” to you. Keep up the good work, douchebag, we’ll see you on Lamebook shortly.

  82. @svetlana
    do you have a life your first post on this was at 12:32am and it is now 8:02am stop refreshing the page to comment on everything everyone says and get a life.

  83. and yes my punctuation and spelling suck why because im only 13 and because this is not English class get a life you waste of air and food.

  84. @Svetlana
    Lee was a pedophile creeper who was up here on Lamebook yesterday and one of us figured out who he was and then a flood of personal info came pouring in. It was pretty funny. But I don’t see him up now.

    As for my scars; remember when your mom said don’t play with sharp scissors? too late. The arms came from a huge piece of sheet metal, the burn from a stove, the eyebrow from crawling around in the dark with a girl and hitting a coffee table. I did forget the scar on my heart from a girl in college and the emotional scars that me who I am today.
    This is SeeBea

    This is SeeBea

  85. @ lorne852.. You are just the reason parents should beat there kids more… Tut tut tut… Some peoples children… Really..

  86. @ lorne852 : I can see you are slow. So I’ll write it slowly and use little words to explain it to your dumbass so you can understand it. I live in another COUNTRY. There are time differences. That is why it says my first post was at 12:32am. As a matter of fact, here, where I come from, it’s now 16:08pm.

    Have a nice day.

    And that’s really cute to try and insult me. I can’t argue with a 13 year old. It’s like arguing with my dog. Atleast HE has something clever to say. :|

  87. Man, I go away for a minute and Svetlana pisses off an other one. Gotta love that sly Russian devil.
    this is SeeBea

  88. @ SeeBea: Wow! Speechless. You know, I think they are right. We need to get a Lamebook room, considering a 13 year old just called me a douche. :|

  89. @lorne852: There is nothing wrong with being able to spell properly and being able to use appropriate grammar. I admit that my grammar usage totally sucks. But even you must agree that at least using full stops (and other such end of sentence punctuation) helps the reader to follow what you are saying more comfortably.

  90. @ SeeBea, I was just politely pointing out something, and that made me a douche. You know me. I don’t get mad, I get even. :D

  91. @Svetlana
    Alas, we are constrained by our box. The true test is achieving your goals whilst reamining inside the box.

    Jealous much?

  92. @ Svetlana, Insane & SeeBea… Come together friends.. We need to figure out the appropriate prize for the Darwin award, which as we all know is proudly awarded to lorne852.. So please list your suggestions below and i will personally hand deliver the package to lorne852.. The only prize fitting that i can think of is removing her from the gene pool all together.. Shyte like that should not be allowed to multiply..

  93. ‘I will not fail’

    Idk, I reckon when you were looking at those backwards squiggles you’d think he’d failed pretty hard

  94. yes but you did get mad and politely pointing out something is not the wording i would use, and if your from russia then i will stop talking to you because my dad told me not to talk to drunks BTW your a DOUCHE hahaha

  95. @seebea
    lorne is a boys name douche.

  96. @ Psycho Ed: *tear* I hope you have fun delivering that package. Seeing the look on lorne852′s face when you turn up on her door step to better the human race, it will be priceless. I envy and salute you noble Lamebooker!

  97. God, give me patience, because if I had strength…

    That is the reason you shouldn’t be on here lorne852, I would just love to know how you come to the conclusion that people from Russia are drunks. And maybe your dad should tell you not to be on sites where the humour is a little above your brain capacity. I am not a Douche. I have a fully functioning brain. You on the other hand, have 3 brain cells. 1 is clapping hands for the other 2 that are trying.

    It’s seems like everybody wants to take Svetlana on, SeeBea. Backup, please!

  98. *her, it, shim. Shim sounds better.
    Hear ye! Hear ye! I now proclaim lorne852 to be known as a shim!

  99. @insane your just as dumb as seebea you people don’t know the different’s between lorne and loren and your correct my grammar lol.

  100. what makes me think people from russia are drunks???? go look at youtube or and other site for that matter lol

  101. @Svetlana: You don’t need backup! You are doing a fantastic job of shutting this tween (and others) up. Watching you shut these people down is funnier than a duel between Chris Rock and Robin Williams!

  102. @lorne852
    I didn’t call you a girl you little troll. PsychoEd did. He may have called you a girl because you act kind of like a little sissy.
    My suggestion is a a human shit painting.

    What’s idk mean again?

    This is SeeBea

  103. OMG. Do you not know how to google child? Lorne is a unisex name. Stick to facebook.

  104. @insane he’s not really shutting me up as i am still talking

  105. OMG do you know it’s not lorne is a boys name loren is the girls name

  106. @lorne852 – you are an ignorant little troll. Go crawl under the rock you came from. And tell your father to smack some sense into your head. Not all Russian people are drunks. It seems to me like you aren’t too sober yourself you little dipshit.

  107. @lorne852: Shim, I promise you that I did not correct your grammar. If proof is needed then please feel free to refer to earlier posts by myself. I was ‘trying’ to offer you some advice to keep yourself from making a complete ass of yourself. I think we can all agree here when I say ‘Mission Failed’. Also I must ask, what makes you think I was confused between Loren and Lorne?

  108. @lorne852
    Shouldn’t you be in school little man?

    This is SeeBea

  109. no because it’s only 6:30am here

  110. AND, FYI you little fucknut, Svetlana is a GIRL’s name. Anyway, I am off, my lovers… please make sure this troll is gone upon my return Thursday. :) And remember kids, play nice!

  111. @Insane
    Too late mate.
    This is SeeBea

  112. no svetlana all russians are drunks so get over it you drunk

  113. hey svetlana i thouth you didn’t get mad lol and i don’t give a shit if your a girl or if your a boy with a girl’s name your still a douche

  114. @Svetlana
    Thursday? Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  115. svetlana can’t come on tomorrow too drunk to use the computer

  116. Svetlana, I will save you.

    lorne852, Name calling and childish words are just a morons way of communicating, that is why you can’t spell (I know I could spell at 13) and only refer to people in a derogatory way. BUT I suppose it’s not your fault you don’t have two brain cells to rub together, You’re full of ignorance and ill-educated views. I suppose it’s not your fault, Your mum just should have listened and NOT consumed the bong water. And by the sounds of it you should stop drinking it too.

  117. Okay @ SeeBea, Insane and Psycho Ed. Here is what we do. Ignore him. Because he is too daft to understand that we are actually giving him an asswhooping. But he’s a persistant little shit.

    SeeBea, where I come from, tomorrow is a public holiday. No work for me!

  118. @SeeBea: It has been brought to my attention that this individual does not know when to STFU! We have been nice, we have been abrupt, we have reiterated points one and two with no success! This kid is the kind of ant that I would happily take a step out of my busy path to squish!

    @lorne852: What is next shim? Are you going to revive Hitler so you can lick his asshole as he attempts to eliminate the ‘inferior’ races on the planet? Good god child! You are not funny! You are not intelligent! You are doing nothing more than pissing people off and people have been banned from this site for less! So keep it up and lets see how much longer you last!!!

  119. I laughed when the little one said ‘different’s’

  120. yes ignore me lol that will make it fun. and kaoss you say name calling and childish words are just for morons lol well swetlana and seebea has called me a troll and used the word douche more then once so they must also be morons.

  121. @kaoss your fuck tart you spelt English wrong and you making fun of my spelling hahaha

  122. hahahahahaha you can’t get banned you noob get over it

  123. When used in the right context douche, and troll is completely valid. And if you would stop popping zits and get a little more life experience, you would understand the inside joke. But I take it you aren’t very popular at skool either. But I hope you have a nice day.

  124. @KAOSS

  125. @ Lorne852… You may have a little “winky” at your age.. But the pussy in you is way more overwhelming… BTW Hows the potty training going?

  126. potty training is done now if you were old enough you would know that, btw svetlana you drunk good job ignoring me, and you used douche in the same context as me, lol yeah kaoss for the win if only he could figger out how do spell English.

  127. Ummmm, being called a TROLL isn’t name calling, It’s a term to decribe what you are doing. And I was referring to the racial slurs and ‘drunk’ references. Everyone is a douchebag sometimes, You’re just alot worse than that.

    I would, If I were you, Either use spellcheck and take your time writing comments, so at least they make sense or just shut up completely. actually, I am having too much fun reading all of this, so please, continue…

    Also, I was going to give you some credit, But you didn’t even realise I WAS MOCKING YOU when I spelled it “engarish”

    You really are a noob, and yes, yes you can get banned and I have had someone banned before.
    So don’t push your luck mate, We’re all in on this together and We all stick up for each other, so you’re the odd one out now. Watch pal.

  128. Did we trade Zombie Kid for this?
    This is SeeBea

  129. i know you can’t get banned but nice try, and im just going to stop replying because you are all noobs and have no life just sit at the computer and make fun of people until they get bored and then you find someone else to make fun of so i will not be talking to you drunk noobs anymore because i have more importing things going on and a life out side the computer.

  130. @ Kaoss – That exact thing was running through my mind. How can you mock someone if the don’t understand the joke?

    @lorne852 – it’s figure, not figger. But hey, at least you can spell English. And Douche. And that is about where your vocabulary takes a dive. It’s much more fun arguing with you. I LOVE IT! :) Makes my day. By the way, Kaoss, is a GIRL too.

  131. “if only he could figger out how do spell English.” (sic)
    First of all, it’s figure, being as though no one is teaching you any english I may as well, Secondly, I am a chick, and Thirdly, you must have only just been allowed to venture onto the net yesterday, You can’t even spot a joke when it blatently hits you in the fucking face!!! BAAHAAH

  132. @Lorne852
    KAOSS so owned you boy.

  133. Oh my god! this retart troll is more stupid in one post than all of Flexo’s accumulated posts combined!

    Apparently you’re a spoilt brat who gets everything handed to him on a gold platter by the buttlers your parents hired with their vast wealth. I would be willing to bet that you live somewhere nice (for lack of a better word) like California or Beverly Hills. Also it seems you figure paying attention in school is for nerds! Lets give you a few pointers on the world here. Svetlana I will require your input for this.

    In Russia It’s fucking cold. In Russia there are cities, suburbs and rural areas (what you would now as bushland, forests etc.). In these rural areas where luxuries are dim (please correct me if I am wrong Svetlana), the locals drink vodka to thin the blood which allows the blood to move faster throughout the body, allowing nutrients and oxygen to get where they are needed. It is not like your redneck TV shows where people get pissed for fun. These guys use Vodka as an aid so they can work to earn money so they can put food on their tables. Seriously kid, put down the 360 (or PS3), pick up a book and expand your mind!

  134. And good for you that you have a life outside the computer. What is it, a XBox, PS3? But yay, you called us all drunk noobs. Hope you feel better.

  135. Importing things at 13? now that’s impressive… Bet its weed from mexico. Would explain the lack of brain cells.

  136. @ Lorne852.. Your potty training aint done.. Coz its coming out your mouth… But a kind word of warning if u say 1 more word about svetlana, the only thing u will have in your mouth is a size 12 with Nike written on the side..

    @Kaoss… Obviously this noooooooob (Had to be a super huge 1) Has never heard of Engarish/Engrish.. So yeah..

    @ Every1 else…. Let the cyber stoning of Lorne852 commence.

  137. Nope, his Mom said time to get off the computer and head to school.

  138. lol you can’t even read it

  139. awww shit…. funny funny shit.
    ♥ you all :)

  140. *crying in hysterics* i went through all of the trouble to run down that spoilt little shit and my comment was moderated! *head on desk and bashes keyboard* It’s not fair! *repeat action with more emotion* IT’S NOT FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAIR!!!

    lmao guys! Good work!!!

  141. Fred, we’re tottttalllly off topic, but it’s been much more fun than the above lamebook photo, please join in :)

  142. @ SeeBea… His mom aint there.. She is here with me.. This chubby dude is giving her a lesson in how to get done right so that u avoid and future mishaps… Ie Lorne852

  143. @insane, did it have the A word in it? you know, A-d-m-i-n?
    Cos my posts always get moderated when I have that word in it, Kinda weird.

  144. Oh, he’ll be back. And he’ll bring friends…yummy yummy little troll friends. And I cannot wait.

  145. Thank you guys, the troll ruined it, but you guys just officially made my day. Vodka or Tequila Slammers, anyone?

  146. Tequilaaaaaa Body shot you filthy russian drunk!?!?//

  147. tease <3

  148. also, insane, if your comment does get posted it will still pwn him, it’ll just hit him/it/shim later :P

  149. As much a douche as he may seem , i m feeling the need to side with lorne creeping up on me

    I always had an urge to fight for the underdog … or the underpuppy in this case

  150. Yes, you know it Kaoss, let’s give the guys a serious show.

    And I love being a drunk.

    @ SeeBea: I will see you Thursday… got some suncatching to do tomorrow. Oh, and read, as to not ruin whatever is left after the brain meltdown that little douche gave me…

  151. @ Svetlana.. A round of T for everyone… And a Double shot of “Shut the F$%k UP” for the troll…

  152. ok psycho you fucking wimp, svetlana is a fucking loser who is drunk all the fucking time with no fucking life on the computer 24/7, what the fuck are you going to do about it you little fucking pussy, why did you fucking wait until after i fucking left to threatening me? you are a fucking pussy do you really thing that im fucking afraid of an gay little internet bully like you? really, get a fucking life and don’t fucking threatening me after i fucking leave that is the lowest most pussy thing i have ever fucking seen you fucking pussy.

  153. Father sha… and all this time I truly respected you… shame.

  154. Woah he’s back! and kicking! way to go little tadpole!

  155. @ Father Sha.. Dude… Just bring it.. And Bring a little more intelligence than the troll did.. Its no fun fighting with a scaffolding plank..

  156. I have a feeling a little someone only just learned how to use the word Fuck in all its forms…
    now everyone say ‘awwww’

    *sniff sniff*
    the little one’s grow up so fast…

  157. @Kaoss: I mentioned F-L-E-X-O and R-E-T-A-R-T. I think that got me into some strife.

    @Svetlana: Can I be a Russian Stereotype too! I love Vodka :D

  158. But you guys are so mean to him and all he wanted to do is use the f word so freely

  159. @psycho

    at least a scaffolding plank serves a purpose….
    unlike ‘who you know who’
    not mentioning any names here of any particular tadpole/him/shim/it

  160. psycho , i m guessing you are in need of a decent wordfight ? I m not a worthy adversary as i m mentally challenged and dress up as a girl in the weekend

    Damn , i probably shouldn’t say stuff like that ?

    Will it get me masacred?

  161. @ Lorne.. Dude.. Svetlana is my best mate… As for having no life, well that aint true.. I should know.. I am part of it.. And as for the Gay bit.. I don’t take offence to that.. I am as straight as a die… Just ask your mom..

  162. insane,
    really? those words get you moderated!? classic! There ya go little tadpole, There’s the proof of someone getting banned. And it happened the day after we all made complaints about the little shit.

  163. the point is you waited to fucking threaten me until i was gone you are a pussy

  164. ah man , the good old flex-o

    we could use his brians in this thread , oh all the mexican comments and grammar jokes

    Those were the days

  165. The troll, shim’s fucking vocabulary grows so quickly! I’m fucking impressed that the fucking little racist fucking fucking cough cough… excuse me, apparently using that altered German word so often is no good for me. Anywho.. can use such an artistic word in so many ways, and with such passion!!! Ah! How refreshingly naive it is to be young!!!!

  166. @ Father Sha.. Dude.. TMI.. But atleast it makes you way more interesting then Troll.. Who as u put it, “Just wants to use the f word freely..” The more F’s he can fit into a sentence the better..

  167. i said i was leaving then fred told me that you threatened me after i logged out, what kind of man are you to one wait until im gone and two threaten me over the fucking internet, also from the way you say mate it sounds like your from the UK well how you going to get here?

  168. caffeinatedaspirin

    Let’s get a few things straight
    Lorne IS a girl’s name, your parents just hate you. You were probably an accident.

    Russians are most certainly NOT all drunks.
    I am an American, and Lorne, people like you are the reason the rest of the world hates us.

    Please pay more attention in English class, if countries that don’t have English as their first language can spell and punctuate better than you can, your argument is rendered invalid.

  169. @ Lorne852… How the hell am i supposed to know u are gone..? Really… Of wait.. So thats y the shit smell disappeared…

  170. I had a friend like that once, then again, he did have tourettes… maybe that’s what our little tadpole has? nahh…. his mummy just dropped him on his head a few times.


  172. psycho , am i confusing you ?

    when you are drunk you love me in womens clothes and now you’re sober you dont want to know me any more

    That’s just heartless , i ll post all the love messages you sent me on lamebook

    That will teach you

    Oh yeah , my mum asked me to make sure i gave you her greetings , but i dont know why ?

    confusing days for this shaman

  173. @ caffinatedasprin.. Can we please get the “Epic Fail Band” out for a special performance in honour of our estimed guest Lorne…

  174. caffeinatedaspirin

    Ok guys, calm down, we all have to argue according to lorne’s rules, because god knows, she’s not gonna come back to check, so we have to do everything while she’s here.


  176. Lorne, You are the reason Lamebook was invented.

  177. @ The Shaman… Ssshhhh.. Don’t give away my secrets online… As for you mum, tell her to pop round for a cuppa.. Would be nice to see her again..


  179. Oooh, what we got going here? Looks like we’ve set up a trough for a new troll!
    Feed well little one, your days are numbered . . .

  180. think we hit a tenderspot about the name thing, seems (s)he’s had to defend him/herself all her/his life…
    If you actually had any mental power AT ALL you would realise you are reacting just the way we like it :)

    Hahaha the troll has become the trolled.

  181. caffeinatedaspirin

    @Psycho Ed
    Aww man, I know I had a copy in here somewhere…

  182. @ Lorne852… Ooooo… Caps Lock… I’m quakin in my boots here..


  184. Psycho, you mean you saw her face? I would have thought you’d just be able to recognise the back of her head…

    Ouch, low blow hahahah that’s what she said!

  185. caffeinatedaspirin

    I see what’s going on here.

  186. Johhny cash talked about a boy named sue … i m guessing the lyrics would be familiar sounding to lorne …

  187. lol caffeinatedaspirin why would you post that

  188. it’s so funny to make a lot of drama on the internet lol

  189. Thesaurapist, this is our little friend, he likes being a little comment lamester, along with using the words, douche, pussy, fuck, pussy, fag, drunk, fuck and pussy.

    He also has the intellegence of a gnat. well, almost.

  190. thank you kaoss lol you guys made my day

  191. caffeinatedaspirin

    Because I know that neither party is actually upset about anything that’s happening in this thread/comment section.
    Both sides are just doing it for entertainment, and because they THINK they’re pissing someone off.
    It’s just something to do.

  192. Psycho , she will be around soon and mumbled something about a darkroom ?

    But i do not know what she was getting at ? You live in a very dark house or something ?

    man life is confusing at 13

  193. I don’t understand why this troll is continuing to argue with some of the most intelligent people I have seen on this site! Seriously, at least flex-o knew when he was beat and left the argument alone!

    To the powers that be at Lamebook: Please oh please let Insane’s comment #132 be let through on this blog! Insane contributes daily and does not want to see more good material lost. Insane believes in Lamebook!

  194. @caffeinatedaspirin i know and it’s fun to do

  195. I’m just doing it because I like encouraging little tykes into learning english… that’s what I’m doing, right? encouraging? hmmm, maybe not…

  196. kaoss dude me spelling things wrong was just to see if i could get people to start this lol try it go into a random room and spell a bunch of words wrong and see what happens.

  197. caffeinatedaspirin

    @ Lorne, I really like how you calmed down instantly, and everyone else is trying to keep going.

    Who was the real troll now?

  198. well now that caffeinatedaspirin as made this not fun anymore im going to go troll another chat.

  199. if we all go to bed tonight wishing for comment 132 I’m sure it will come through :)

    Flex-0 did eventually give up, although maybe we’re giving our new flex-0 too much credit, if he had any ‘brians’ he’d have left by now.

    Maybe lorne has calmed down now?

  200. yeah lol, well my name isn’t really lorne lol i just made it my user name because it always starts somthing

  201. caffeinatedaspirin

    I think you’re good at encouraging!
    People like you are the kinds of people who taught me to spell correctly and use proper punctuation on the internet, not my English teacher.
    Keep up the good work.

  202. kaoss really keep going lol

  203. well, job well done…. I love conflict, of any sort, and I love flexing my creative abusive side :)

    Still think she was dropped on her head though


  204. kaoss your not good at this trolling thing are you lol

  205. caffeinatedaspirin

    I thought you were going to troll another thread, you’re just starting in this one again. haha

  206. well i see that it still hasn’t died down lol

  207. Thankyou Kaoss! God {or alternate preferred entity) bless you!!!
    I dare say that Lorne’s raging hormones have subsided now that he has someone on board with shims antics.

  208. caffeinatedasperin,
    well, I do try… But believe it or not, I am like this in my normal life, I’m a spelling/grammar nazi ALL the time. Can’t stand poor spelling/grammar, I don’t mind the odd typo here and there, but people who use incorrect words really shit me. Like not being able to tell the difference between too/to/two

    or thinking ‘different’s’ is actually a word.

    My ex thought it was “thets” instead of ‘Let’s”
    Thets go on holiday!

    ahhh. no. Thets not.

  209. aspirin*
    oops, my bad.

    And no Lorne, I thought you were going, and yes, this thread will continue without you! God forbid! How dare we carry on!?

  210. dos anyone no how to make a pic thingy

  211. @ Lorne.. Will you get your mum to email me.. Wanna know y she gave u a girls name… Maybe coz u whine like a little bitch…

    @ Father Sha.. Yeak life is confusing.. And no i don’t live in a dark house.. But yeah.. Glad your mum remembers me.. BTW… Have you met your dad?

  212. caffeinatedaspirin

    Oh god Kaoss, that would drive me insane.
    I hate when people use the word Irregardless… It’s a double negative in a single word, oh it hurts me.

  213. psycho my mom told me to tell you it’s not really my name it’s what us big kids call a user name on lamebook

  214. caffeinatedaspirin

    @Lorne, a screenshot?
    I just click my print screen button, then go to paint, then right click, paste, then crop it

  215. My mum said he was a scientist/spy on an important mission and that’s why i never got to meet him …

  216. @caffeinatedaspirin im trying to make some drama by spelling it wrong

  217. lol father sha

  218. irregardless, Classic. And the person using it thinks they’re being intelligent! Haha
    yeah, my ex ended up being a nutcase, but hey 5 years and a restraining order later and I am free of hearing the word Thets as let’s. Made me cringe to realise how stupid he actually was.


  219. lol kaoss i would have got the restraining order after 2

  220. wtf is lorne on about “making some drama by spelling it wrong”
    What the hell are you on about little tadpole!?

  221. i posted a question with wrong spelling trying to make drama on the comment page do you understand now?

  222. Lorne, I got it the same year, but it was 5 years ago.

  223. God, I leave for a few fucking minutes.
    I don’t think that’s her. Loren852 was all about douches. this person is al about Fucking this and fuck that. like she actually ever fucked anything.
    This is SeeBea

  224. and to correct you i am not a little tadpole or even a tadpole see because a tadpole can’t use a computer

  225. meh, bored now. off to better things,
    farewell friends :)

  226. ok kaoss thanks

  227. @Loren852
    your Mom could not have said that cuz she is here suc…oops.
    This is SeeBea

  228. and seebea you spelled it wrong it says lorne852, and all is like that not al.

  229. @ Lorne852.. Yeah you are a Big Fucking Kid.. Try being a grown up though… Or slightly less Shim like.. Grow a pair.. Or get implants or something.. Just grow the hell up and either contribute something of intelectual value to the thread, or leave it u people that have something intelligent..

  230. psycho thanks for the drama lol, if you were intelligent you would know that lorne852 is just a user name.

  231. @Loren852
    I thought you said that Loren was the girls spelling?

  232. yes i did say that loren was the girls spelling

  233. @ Father Sha… Ooops.. Maybe that coffee isn’t such a good idea..

  234. @Psycho Ed
    Wait, I have to contribute something of intelectual value?
    This is SeeBea

  235. @Loren852
    And aren’t you a girl?

  236. Loner, it took you this long to realise tadpoles can’t use computers? jees… I thought my Ex was slow….
    seeBea is back :) might have to stay a little longer :P

  237. no im not a girl im a boy

  238. Farewell Kaoss , i hope our mutual respect will be rebuilt in future threads , i must remember to use thets in stead of lets

    Why would anybody mix those two up ?

    And lorne , well you had your fun , you gave me a bit ammo to have a frienly go at Psycho and friends but wouldn’t you think this trolling has gone far enough ?

    And i know that trying to reason with people trolling is actually feeding them

    but i m naive so i keep on trying

  239. kaoss it’s lorne852 not loner

  240. @ Seebea.. You back… Good… I also thought i hear tadpole say his name was loren.. And i also heard he is in training bras as we speak…

    @ Lorne852… I have to hand it to you though.. U are the best entertainment i have had in a long while.. I swear its like fishing with dynamite.. You get agro at every little thing… Every single comment has got a reaction.. Kudos to you for providing me with a great laugh for the afternoon..

  241. @Loren852
    Then why diod you say to spell your “screen name” Loren?

  242. father sha im not trolling anymore lol

  243. Coulda fooled me loner. errr lorne.

  244. lol seebea your not vary smart read it it says lorne852, and that’s not my real name it’s just a user name

  245. Thanks guys, you make unemployment slightly less lame. :-D

  246. there you go kaoss your learning.

  247. I would swear she said her name was Loren. Why are you using a boys name then?

  248. I think you’re the one that needs to learn. You still can’t see when people are mocking you?

    oh to be 13 and oh-so naive

  249. well seebea im just using a name that can be used for both sexes because it creates more drama lol.

  250. lol kaoss im not 13 that was another thing to make more drama and it’s still working i see

  251. SeeBea, Psycho Ed, Father Sha, Kaoss. It is 2am where I am and im still in fits of laughter thanks to your onslaught to the troll whom is apparently not trolling anymore. You guys (+Svetlana and few others that aren’t on this thread yet) make Lamebook! SALUTE!

  252. caffeinatedaspirin

    I thought Lorne was the troll, but I have been proved wrong.

    I was so very wrong.

  253. nothing is ‘working’

    I think you’re confusing me with someone who gives a crap.

  254. @ SeeBea.. Lorne certainly does make it less tedious..

  255. @Loren852
    So in you are a troll and a big fat liar.
    You are pathological.

  256. BTW…It Soylent Green day

  257. shuttup caffeinated…. :P
    I am just talking shit…. serve them/him/her/it right for even bothering to pay attention

  258. @ Insane.. I salute you my brother/sister… And aslong as the trolls keep coming the slaughter will continue…

  259. Indeed

  260. amen to that

  261. caffeinatedaspirin

    to all the trolls trolling trolls trolling trolls, have a wonderful day. I’ll be in the kitchen(where women belong), wearing my apron, making Christmas cookies.

    @Kaoss, I’d put more emphasis on SeeBea being the biggest troll, but you’re all just having fun, nothing wrong with that.

  262. Okay, Loren 852 I give you win.

    This is SeeBea…on the bounce. And in the words of the immortal Retarded Policeman, Byeeeeeeee

  263. lol

  264. @Psycho Ed: Thank you. I am your brother, and I shall continue to serve this site along side you and the other greats as a warrior against the trolls and the spammers. With this, I bid you farewell and the best of luck the enemy!

  265. And then there were none..

  266. SeeBea and Kaoss I had a lapse in my STM. Sigh damn sleep being needed! I extend the above comment to you as well.

  267. this is serious question
    is seebea a teenager.

  268. I think seebea=lorne852=svetlana. My guess is 50ish Jewish male, divorced, upper east side, Ben Shahn drawings on the wall, Brandeis University, socialist summer camps . . .
    very creative and entertaining!

  269. Can somebody point me in the direction of Flaxo comments? Sounds fun!

  270. i guess they deleted his comments , they started a few weeks back on a thread about strippers if my brian does not let me down …

  271. @That_is_all: Spelling is subjective.

  272. Yes! comment #133 (something changed)was let through. Whoop Whoop!

  273. Phew
    That was epic
    What can I possibly add but, “Take advantage of me while I’m all spinny-like”

  274. In the way you helped out in cheated and defeated? Headspins, natures free and original date rape drug!

  275. Prince Mishkin
    it kinda begins here, but continues on many posts.

    the word f-l-e-x-o is now a moderated word, so be careful how you use it!

  276. Fantastic! Thank you guys for a wonderful comments section, there was a lot of laughing my arse off etc. I particularly enjoyed the bit where Lorne suddenly got serious, pretended to have been misspelling as a joke bit still continually cocked up her words. Hahahahahahaaha, brilliant.

  277. @ Princmishkin.. I kinda have to correct you ther dude.. Svetlana and the SeeBea aren’t the same person.. And to bring Lorne852 into the equation is well and insult.. That kid is a troll.. But yet.. Just thought i would correct u on that 1..

  278. Yeah I know — it was an extremely lame attempt on my part to stir things up. I get so sad when these things start to taper off . . .

  279. @Prince Mishkin: find Lorne852. Shim is too easy to stir up.

  280. @Insane, SeeBea, Kaoss and Psycho Ed – Thank you very much for coming to my defense in my absence. I have to agree with some points – Lorne852 is indeed a little troll. And yes, we did fall into the trolling trap ourselves. May this be a lesson to us all! But well done boys, I still applaud you guys for it!

    @Prince Mishkin – You are seriously insulting my intelligence. I am actually a 22 year old woman, and my alter ego’s name is Svetlana. My real name is actually Nadia, and I am from South Africa. I just happen to play my character really well (yes, even in real life, as I also happen to use Svetlana as my stage name.) So much so, that I have a russian accent, and even speak (some) Russian to make it all the more convincing. When I am not on stage, I work for a mortuary, where, post-mortems complete, I stitch up the bodies, do the make up, and make the dead look presentable. I enjoy reading, writing, sketching & painting. I am a bit of a chubby, but, I think beautiful woman, but that doesn’t stop me from getting in the public eye. As you see me on these threads, is how I am in real life. And my personality makes me who I am.

    @caffeinatedaspirin – Are you another lover of underdogs? If so, please teach them to spell, instead of fanning the fire and teaching them that it’s okay to heed a battle of wits with no wit!

    This is Svetlana

    That’s who?

  281. Where would the fun be if we didn’t have a troll to ‘take down’ every once in a while. I applaud Lorne for sticking to shim’s guns for so long.

  282. @Prince Mishkin: In the spirit of The dear and fetching Svetlana.
    I am not Jewish, not in my 50′s, not divorced, had never heard of Ben Shahn, and I am not a Socialist and not been to a camp in about 30 years. I am on the Upper East side of my metro area however.

    This is SeeBea

  283. @Insane:
    Amen brother

    this is SeeBea

  284. @17 HAHA, The movie Memento is exactly what I thought when I saw this too.

  285. What about the people who get Japanese or Chinese or whatever it is they get, those symbols tattooed? Not saying I would admire those tats, but no one else can really read those either, right?

    I would personally have it backwards than some random language…….

  286. Way too many comments. His reason for doing it makes sense, it’s fine and not lamebook worthy. Hard to read for some, but he knows what it says, no one needs to read it.


  288. OMG Jezzy….That’s awesome! I can totally see it now…lol

  289. Squint your eyes just right, and you can almost believe it says, “I’m with Stupid”

  290. Wow, 288 comments.

    I will not fail means that when people see you, it reads like this:

    “liaf ton lliw I”

    They’ll just think he’s an immigrant from Nepal or Pakistan

  291. Weeeell, it’s lame, that’s for sure .. But it could be worse.. Hell, it could have said “Thug Life” :P

  292. “yvaN ehT nioJ”

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