Friday, November 20, 2009

Missing the Point



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  1. Fake. sorry

  2. “wtf? this news is ef’ing terrible and i hate the stupidest bitc…. ALL HAIL THE HYPNOTOAD.”

  3. I wish I was going to the Monk too!

  4. I Googled this. I-84 in Oregon.

  5. Not fake. I googled I84 rollover, and the picture wasn’t pretty.

  6. assley, googled is not a real word DUH

    mmk, you are the worstest poster here, can’t never spell the right way. dumbass asshole. you are the biggest asshole, but not bigger then assley

  7. hahahahah missing the point

  8. apparently this could be the accident they’re talking about:


  10. Flexo, I believe the correct phrasing would be “can’t EVER spell the right way,” because it is incorrect to use double negatives in one sentence. Dumbass asshole.

  11. hey princess, you are a bigger asshole now, but not as big as assley and umbongo

  12. @6

    I think you will find that the word google in now officially recognised as a verb (and has been since 2006), for which the past tense would be googled.

  13. LOL @ panda. It bugs the shit out of me when people call “fake” and you just got owned. Fuck you!

  14. show me a soure for your diahreea lie tidy asshole. i bet you cant find google in a dictionary

  15. dave, you are the biggest asshole in here, but not as big as assley

  16. Fucking retards who say that “If they had have been wearing seatbelts they definitely would have been killed”

    How’s this from the story: “Thirteen of the van’s 16 occupants — who ranged between 18 and 26 years old and are from various parts of the country — were ejected in the crash. The driver, Nicole Elaine Byrd, 25, was using safety restraints and received non-life-threatening injuries, Hastings said.”


    Some fucking hard lesson their God is teaching those kids from the Bible School….

  17. flexo you need some new material, even I grow weary of the phrase ‘biggest asshole’. the superlative can only used so many times before it becomes meaningless.

    I’m still gay for you though.

  18. @18

    Are you from the Congo? ;)

  19. @Flexo

    “Worstest” isn’t a real word. Do you just ignore the automatic spell check when posting a comment?

  20. intersting, you are a ass queer. shut up.

  21. Laura’s got the idea. Stop moaning about your friends who can’t drive and are now almost dead in hospital… You’re going to MONK!
    Laura isn’t lame, she just knows what to do in sad conversations.

  22. finn, you know what to do with those goggles and knee pads your dad gve you dont you? let me ask this, do the gogels have wiper blades when it comes a poring?

  23. Oh, and everyone fighting about Flexo’s inability to insult or type, you’re all lame, fight about the post, not Flexo.

  24. I take that as a yes

  25. Actually, scrap my last comment, that was pathetic Flexo. It didn’t make sense at all. I think it was an attempt to show that I’m retarded but I’m not sure. Do we have anyone to translate for me? Troll.

  26. I like flexo. He makes me laugh.

  27. Can you translate for me then?

  28. finn, you know what to do with those goggles and knee pads your dad gve you dont you? let me ask this, do the gogels have wiper blades when it comes a poring?

    it isnt that hard to understand

  29. I swim with my goggles, that’s their purpose*. I don’t own knee pads though.
    Unless of course they’re ski goggles, in which case they protect my eyes from snow blindness as opposed to chlorine damage. There is also saftey goggles I guess.

  30. @ Finn

    flexo is saying you suck a lot dick. the knee pads would be for when you are on your knees, the goggles would be protection for your eyes…….and i guess he is saying the wiper blades would clean the goggles if they get to covered…….

  31. Oh, thanks. Well, I refer back to my older comment. Flexo can’t insult people for shit.

  32. I like willies in my bum!!!

  33. No I don’t

  34. I do really though

  35. flexo is still at it with his gayness. I thought he realizd no one thinks he is funny……..well except tidy and umbongo, ENABLERS…….jk :P

  36. Fuckin flexo — he never fails haha. He’s a fucking tool though. God what a tool.

  37. Yes you do flexo, don’t you remember!?!?

    DON’T DENY OUR LOVE!!!1!!!111!!!

  38. @ foolishwolf

    I bet he was the first one to jump at the new ad this site has, the “geek dating” one.

  39. Hey flexo, yeah you punk! You talk a lot of shit don’t you? Well I will make arrangements to fight you this Saturday, and get Griffen to sit out. You game punk?

  40. “Geek dating”? I want to see that. I thought the “Hot Jewish Guys” calendar was king though.

  41. @CHAZZ: almost certainly haha

  42. LMAO, yeah the jewish guys calendar was classic. I went to the site, and there is a guy with the stereotypical jew fro. it was awesome.

  43. flexo is officially a lamebook celebrity, but god what a tool he is. all good though cuz the fuckery this little cumbubble produces is comedic gold

  44. You went to it? I was always too scared to see it.

  45. Nice Jewish Guys calendar hahahah I remember pointing that out and this crazy broad called me racist. If someone doesn’t find that calendar funny then god help em

  46. @ Finn

    Yeah, and the pamela anderson one just takes you to PETA website to a video about KFC breaking chickens legs or something

    @ foolishwolf

    Yeah, Flexo is a tool for our amusement. Regarding the calendar, I think it was meant to be a joke. I mean, look at the guy on the cover. He looks like a nice jewish guy with a cheesy ass smile.

  47. I want to know who thought it was the thing that humanity really, *really* needed.

  48. Haha, I love the Pamela ad now.

  49. I’m considering buying that calendar and putting it up in my kitchen so when I have a party thereis a collective “WTF moment” followed by laughter

  50. LMAO……..yeah, they try to make it sound like it is going to be a porn clip or something, then BAMM! Surprise pervert, watch these chickens DIE.

  51. You know the film ad? It’s actually pretty good haha. I’ve been reading it instead of studying. Thanks CHAZZ, you’ve given me a new method of procrastination

  52. @ foolishwolf

    That would be hilarious………..I will get one for my office….

  53. @Finn

    I do what I can :P

  54. You’re my new hero. Until I fail my exams that is, then I’ll hate you.

  55. @ Finn: if it helps, flexo’s “antics” single-handedly kept me ruined my day at the office. got nothing done lol

  56. Excellent, at least I’m not the only one who finds it impossible to resist Lamebook

  57. It is true. It was a Church van from a Denver area Church. The bar they are referring to is the Cheeky Monk, a Belgium Beer bar.

  58. Joshua sounds like the type of guy who will go to a funeral and hand out flyers for his 4th of July kegger.

  59. LOL @ 58

  60. I like turtles.

  61. Nicole is the lame one in this post. I hate when people start commenting on something TOTALLY unrelated to the original post. This was about “monk” (whatever that is) so why would she begin discussing something so tragic in this post?? Send a private message or write on Genine’s wall, for goodness sake.

  62. Is anyone else really curious as to what Flexo looks like? My guess is one of these 3 choices.

    1. A 15 year old ance ridden teenage boy that has nothing better to do after school but 7r011 on Lamebook because he has no friends.

    2. A 25-25 year old fat man that tries really hard to be funny but in all actuality just has nothing better to do than 7r0ll.

    Or maybe, we are all wrong, and Flexo is actually a 3. young female that is just a jerk.

    Either way we all love you, flexo!

    No but seriously fuck off and die

  63. I think Joshua missed the entire point of facebook, not just Allie’s status.

  64. Wy is Joshua yelling? And telling her to wish him a happy birthday? Shouldn’t that be something people want to do, not do because you TOLD THEM TO??? How sad.

  65. All these comments are so fucking gay..who cares! do you all have nothing else to do but comment posts all the time? This site should be called shamebook.

  66. Conspiracy Theories!

    I think flexo is actually getting paid to be a troll. I mean, where else is the motivation in completely sucking at internet conversing? Including sucking at troll-speak. I mean, the guy is just so predictable it’s not even fun to make fun of him. It can’t be worth it to him to make a total of two people laugh. Either that or he’s a child molester on house arrest, and his ISP has blocked almost every website so he has to content himself/suppress those nasty urges by bothering everyone who posts on this site.

  67. @julian
    So uhhh, remind me why you’re here then?

  68. Wait, did Nicole like this status before commenting?

  69. @nora

    Yeah, she did. How sad.

  70. @ Flexo

    Your asshole is burning.
    Out it.

  71. Nothing like having your priorities in order. Besides, who cares about people dying on the freeway when you got Hollaback!

  72. “#18
    Tidy November 20th, 2009 at 4:41 pm



  73. There’s no smooth way to argue about who’s the bigger loser on the internet over the internet…just accept that we all have nothing better to do at this time than to read about our awful lives and antics and hope to find something funny in it.

  74. whew-

    I thought that was the message I was sending. I was calling a situation in which one person was yelling at someone on the internet about being on the internet while in fact herself being on the internet; which was the same thing I was doing by pointing it out to someone on the internet while myself being on the internet.


  75. John, sorry I didn’t point it out but my comment was mainly directed towards flexo and flinn and the gang arguing earlier, and just a broad observation I think needed to be reiterated.

  76. When I first logged onto this site about two months ago, I was attracted to the witty replies as much as the posts. People like Mr. Haiku et al. had me in tears at times. Now, sadly, they are gone and we are stuck with really, really dumb, unclever people replying, and ruining, this otherwise terrific website.

    Thanks for nothing, flexo. So long, lamebook.

  77. For Mr. Haiku:

    You seem sad today
    And I should console you, friend
    But it’s my birthday!


    Tony Shalhoub ROCKS
    He plays Monk on USA
    Sorry about Ashley

    It seems kind of lame
    To announce a car crash here
    Have some decency

  78. crap, I typed “sorry ’bout Ashley”… then when I proofread it (fucking grammar nazis), I changed it to “about” and totally screwed that up… ARGH!!!!!!!!!

  79. Not to mention that flexo needs to have a dictionary or something of the like shoved up his or her “asshole” seeing as how WORSTEST ISN’T EVEN A WORD. Severely mentally handicapped kids with even more severe self-esteem issues probably shouldn’t make fun of other peoples’ ability to spell or use the correct grammar IF THEY ARE NO BETTER, YOU STUPID CUNT.

  80. Nicole is a total douche for posting that stuff as a comment to Genine’s (is that a name?) status. She needs to learn to use FB. If it wasn’t for the way she writes, I would have believed she was a 53yo clueless mom.

  81. I smell like cheese and socks.

  82. @Whew, I know I’m a loser for posting on this site, I should be studying for my exams or hanging out with friends, I can’t be bothered however and laughing at other people’s misfortune while getting high is just as fun as hanging with a mate. I was just pointing out flexo is a troll who can’t insult.

    Also, nipples. That is all.

  83. @ Finn

    You are still the biggest loser in here for caring to much. Ciao

  84. “You are still the biggest loser in here for caring to much. Ciao”

    Too much. Get it right loser.

  85. @ whew:

    it’s “too”. and play nice. we’re ALL losers here, remember? those were your words. that means that per you, you’re as much of a loser as you claim Finn to be.

    i think that by ignoring “retarts” like Flexo and Zombie Kid and not responding to them the comments section can go back to what it used to be: witty and clever. it’s also somewhat educaitonal for a few posters who have spelling issues, as most of us tend to be grammar nazis.

    happy weekend, all (even you, Flexo!)

  86. Whats with all the grammar police?.. who cares if he spelt too rong

  87. jellybeans, you asshole, what is your problem, did you run out of batteries for the vibrator for your ass? you are a nazi scum asshole. BLAH

  88. flexo, I want you to clean your vagina

  89. “educational” eff me. effin whiskey. wooooooo

  90. hey.. its the wicked monk in brooklyn… hollaback is my friend’s band that plays there from time to time..

  91. Nicole needs to learn how to pick up the phone and make a fucking call. Or at the very least, learn the difference between wall posts, private messages, and Twitter…Unless of course she was trying to build suspense, in which case bite sized chunks of tragic detail are perfectly acceptable.

  92. just googled it… sounds bad

  93. @Flexo #6…it’s “than”, not “then”, it’s “but not bigger THAN Assley” lmao

  94. And this is why you post on someone’s wall rather then their status when you have something important to tell them.
    Not to make light of your friend’s accident there, but way to kill the buzz nicole!

    As for Joshua, I don’t geddit – is he inviting her to the party, or just trying to make her feel like shit?

  95. Guys, Leverhundar is died. It was in a car accident and its intestines ended up wrapped around its own throat. There was poo and blood everywhere… Oh, is this not an apropriate place?
    Anyway ZOMG I’m so excited about monk(eys?)

  96. Actually, I’m 13 and I masturbate. A lot.

  97. ok, seriously, every single post i find people taking flexo so seriously. flexo wins. he totally, %100 wins. especially with Finn, the hypocrite. telling everyone to stop fighting over flexo, to ignore him and all that, and then getting more involved with him and his AWESOMENESS than anyone else. whoops, i meant to say then

  98. shut up, your all assholes. svcmbr? that’s not even anythign real! stop trying to kiss ass so i don’t get you like evryone else. your all the biggest retart assholes on facebook.

  99. My brother-in-law was amidst this crash, they were masters commission students from a bible college program from Colorado. Crazy accident..

  100. This was a real accident. 2 People died. It was a sad sad story. Its horrible that people are finding it funny.

  101. DesiLennay, thousands of people in the world die per hour. Maybe it is insensitive, but our society strives on it.

  102. insert clever name here

    @97 “totally, %100 wins”?
    *punches svcmbr in the twat*

  103. *knifes 102*

    Woman beater!

  104. *feels bad, calls an ambulance, and legs it*

  105. insert clever name here

    Why are chicks never funny?

  106. hahaha fucking grandma

  107. @ Flexo………
    You seem to enjoy paying everyone else out about their spelling errors, why don’t you look at your own grammar “worstest” is no a word, and yes the “Google” can be found in the Websters online dictionary.

    @ many of you……….
    The saying goes ” If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”

  108. @ 107 RE: ” If you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” – i have to say it, but shut the hell up you just finished belittling someone else, therefore you also seem to enjoy paying everyone else out too.
    I don’t enjoy the ‘do as i say, not as i do’ games, it’s BS

  109. i like boobies!

  110. I googled the accident and it look pretty bad!!

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