Friday, January 22, 2010

Missed the Mark

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  1. Mark is a jerk. For all he knows, Grandma Betty died a month ago, and they only found the body because the UPS guy noticed a nasty smell coming out of her house, and a cat on the front porch with blood around its mouth. He needs to consider all the possibilities before he makes himself look like a fool.

  2. EPIC bahahaha

  3. Lol. I must admit though, I feel bad about laughing at this. Then again, Mark could be a relative and he could be feeling the same grief she is. In that case, he’s justified in correcting her. But I doubt that.

  4. I feel bad for the girl, but that is a major fail.

  5. Or it might just be the one year anniversary of her death.

  6. Grandma Betty may well have died last year, and Emily has only just felt able to return to Facebook.

    Nah, she fucked up didn’t she? Brutally done, but a win for Mark.

  7. Yeah, I’m sure she died a year ago and she’s just reminiscing.

  8. Grandma Betty could have died 1/22/09 (as WOG stated) and she’s remembering her on the anniversary of her death, or 1/22 could have been her birthday and she died in 09… Also, I’m not sure if Mark’s response is aimed towards Emily for putting 09, it may have been aimed at the sympathizers if he knew she had died in 09 and they didn’t know that. Granted, either way, he could have been a *littleeeeee* bit more gentle with his reply!!!!

  9. Just got told it’s 2010! It’s like they changed the calendar since I was a kid, people!

  10. hahahhaha. mark may be an asshole. but he has balls

  11. Mark FTW

  12. Mark is for sure an asshole, the jury is still out on Emily. It’s not looking good though.

  13. Mark is an arse, a big f’ing arse. I want to whip him with a switchy stick.

  14. Funny but not funny, I don’t know my reaction! Do I laugh…or pass judgment first.

  15. the ultimate pork pie

    mark was probably sitting around for hours waiting for someone to post something he could upload to lamebook, only becoming a serious arsehole in the process!

  16. Mark was insensitive, but I don’t believe people should really post the deaths of family members or friends on Facebook.

  17. LOL Sensible Madness.

  18. Littleboy — It’s not for you to “believe” or not believe; People can post whatever the hell they want on facebook. (They just take a chance that they’ll be featured on lamebook!)

  19. @12: No, the jury isn’t out at all. You’re as much of a douche as that loser.

  20. @19 I see being an asshole comes with the name.

  21. That’s never been a win for Mark. It’s a pedantic correction which might make a 13 year old snigger. I wonder if he would have the balls to correct the clergyman at the funeral.

  22. I bow to you Sensible Madness

  23. What kind of fuck head friend is Mark? jerk.

  24. I agree SeeBea

  25. Your Dumber Than We Though Garunteed

    Mark is a toolbox.

  26. I don’t see how anyone can think Mark wins. Even if someone had just made a mistake on the year normally, and he’d left that comment, it wouldn’t be funny if it was submitted. The fact it’s about a death just makes him a total bell end.

  27. jukaswo- You are definately right. People can post whatever they want and there is a chance it could end up here, but I don’t think putting deaths up on Facebook is the best idea. It just doesn’t seem right to me.

  28. Is an internet rule gonna be made which states anyone who posts on Facebook is just attempting to be featured on lamebook?

  29. god i hate it when people write ‘rip dad you were the greatest i will miss you so much blah blah’ YOUR DAD CANT GO ON FACEBOOK, HES DEAD. attention whore.

  30. um. to the comment above, it’s called paying your respects. idiot. what else are you supposed to say? : “my dad died. texxttt! <3 <3"

  31. paying repects? i think they have greatly cheapened the persons death by ‘paying respects’ on a social networking site. the same place where people report how drunk they were the night before and make ‘ya mum comments’ to each other

  32. @20: Fail comeback is fail.

  33. @32 Marc: Why so angry? At the very least, be a little more creative than the jackasses that are featured here. Please? Maybe a little “the only thing weaker than your comeback is my sensibilities”, or “you fail so hard, I’m reminded of the last time I almost had sex”. You know, mix it up.

  34. Not getting involved in a little spat here, but Soup, that was real funny!

  35. @33: Angry? I believe you have misinterpreted my very short post. And why bother with creativity? You certainly didn’t.

    @34: Then you are in dire need of a sense of humour.


  37. Mark is a total arse.

    @35 i think 33 was very creative and 34 is totally justified in finding it funny.

    @33 i don’t think marc’s being angry, i think he’s trying to be clever and witty, like most people on here. the difference is he’s failing

  38. Really? Please tell me where I’ve tried to be either clever or witty, since I don’t see it. I think Soup’s equally confused, do you think I’m trying to be funny, that anything I’m doing is to look big and tough, desperately trying to make someone laugh? No, that’s how you two operate.

    Let me explain this simply for the both of you: retorq said Emily was most likely an asshole for posting an RIP status, I said that she wasn’t and he was being a douche. I then said that his attempt at a comeback was a fail (since it was). Are they meant to be good insults or funny? No, just statements of fact. Soup then comes along and tries to be funny, failing miserably. I’m sorry to tell you thins, but if you think a post that can be basically summed up as “u fail at sex” is funny or creative then you have an appalling sense of humour.

    I hope I cleared up any confusion for the two of you. Since you seem like stubborn little kids I’ll just let you come up with a comeback equally rubbish to your earlier comments and ignore it – I’m sure thinking you’ve won or that you’re right will make a huge difference in your lives; if you really think Soup’s post was anything even approaching funny then you must have a remarkably dull existence.

    Have a nice day :)

  39. Remove. The pole. Please.

  40. I thought it was funny.. the same kind of funny as caleb correcting the spelling on that suicide status. The insensitivity of it is why it’s funny. When did every one on lamebook get so uptight?

  41. This is bloody fantastic.
    I wanna know Mark. Just so I can congratulate him for being a complete asshat, but making me laugh through being aforementioned asshat. :P

  42. Scarfey has just identified where asshats fit in the food chain and I’m completely comfortable with that.

    Laughing in spite of myself.

  43. pretty extreme awkwardness… kinda darkly funny as hell really if that’s your shtick.

    1. Emily fucked up. We can agree on that, can we not? Do you write RIP on the anniversary of the death? She just forgot to flip the calendar, why else are people reacting to her initially cheap post like they’re hearing it for the first time…? Riddle me that…

    2. (While I’ve got my detective hat on) Now that that all seems cleared up, we can move on to how justified our hot headed scene-stealer was in his vitriol. Assuming the different shaped pixellation means he is not in the family then I think we can also agree he might not be of granny’s loins or even be in her bloodline. If so a polite comment like “Hey Em, I think the grief might be clouding your better judgement, it’s 2010, poor confused darling, condolences in your time of hurt”… Maybe he is in the clan and just has a different name, so if he’s feeling a little psycho and maybe there is some kind of ugly squabble over the estate of the wealthy baroness then he can go with the subtle as a coat-hanger in the family planning clinic approach too, hell it gave me a chuckle…

    3. Marc, nobody said that you HAD been clever or witty, they said you SHOULD at least try to be clever and witty. That’s the name of the game here or maybe I have it all wrong… you do seem really angry though maybe the “you fail so hard, I’m reminded of the last time I almost had sex” bit struck a nerve, by the way if that line wasn’t funny then we need a new name for the laugh like activity that occurs when I read it.

  44. You spelled Mark wrong, dumbass.

    Lmfao. :P

  45. aaaaah, ROFL.
    i made a mistake, FAIL.

  46. My take on Emily’s post (heh) was that she was reminiscing about her gran, who died last year, and Mark pedantically corrected her grief-props by pointing out what year we are currently in, which may be irrelevant to gran’s demise. The assumed humour/lameness of the post was in Mark’s correction, not Emily’s “1931-2009″. But it’s heard to tell where the problem lies without, like, a death certificate.

  47. s/heard/hard

  48. Don’t worry Emily Grandma Betty will be sitting on puffy white clouds up in heaven, smiling down on you as she makes her next batch of delicious Yorkshire Puddings.

    Oops…no, sorry that’s Aunt Bessie… Grandma Bettys’ probably down in the other place for not serving delicious battered puddings to the world. Never mind.

  49. I think Mark may have been talking to Cindy (the chic offering Em support). What do you marklar, marklars?

  50. Marklar marcler markler…

    Like Cindy offered help, but Mark knows in this day an age there is no one there to help so he reminded her that it’s 2010, not 1969… maybe

    …and I know a Marc from a Mark, mark my words the-sidekick, and you Marklar, marklar ad infinitum… (well not really ’cause that’d be reMarkably annoying)

  51. So marklar you to the power of 10?

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