Friday, February 7, 2014

Me too…

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  1. Irish this chick didn’t have kids.

  2. If you keep being trailer-trash, it’s your own fault if you get raped!

  3. Hey, what’s for lunch?

  4. What’s on top of her weave?

  5. It ain’t her fault, blaim it on her pairinths.

  6. Bow to the black bow, boo. She gives great head.

  7. For her….lunch will be cock cheese, until she’s goes to jail for child neglect. Then she’ll enjoy different kinds cheese.

  8. Airwrecka, ancient Nepalese name meaning: one who is destined for the trailer. Other interpretations have it as : one whom spells words phonetically or parents of young age wif little edjamaykashun

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  10. The Beast Among Us

    She wrecks the air with her farts.

  11. She’s actually a Captain Planet villain.

  12. It’s her Derby name.

  13. Airwrecka is Vietnamese for Oxygen thief

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