Friday, May 11, 2012

Matthew Makes a Point

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  1. This is fake.

  2. Wastey the Walrus

    Matthew wishes he was the guy she was lying about.

  3. What fucking kind of sorcery IS THIS…T1000, I do believe you faked my first comment out of existence even if it was a random string of bullshit..

  4. i agree that God does nt like gays but i think he likes girl gays more then boy gays cause im pretty sure thats in the bible………. so i think a girl can be biseaxual without going to hell as long as she marrys a husband. Gay maryage is a sin!!!!!

  5. Is that how you justify your secret urges?

  6. Hahahaha no but i try alwayss to love just like Jesus would!!! <3 <3 <3

  7. <3 <3

  8. Stupidbunny is a fake lesbian. She will be one of my targets now.

  9. Hahaha u call every body faake!!!!!! Lol I’m not a lesbien but I know Gid loves every one even wierdos like You!!! Haha JK :) :D lol

  10. **GOD

  11. Did you know back in his day anal sex was VERY common between males and females, and it wasnt considered gay, just loads of slippery fun?

  12. **sorry

  13. Any kind of sex between a mand and a woman is not gay though right? eEven the gross kinds of you are talking about???!!!??….


  14. Wastey the Walrus

    after 10 mins with you, any man would turn gay. so yes, you are going to roast in the fiery pits of hell.

    oh and tell your pastor I said he can go fuck himself, not the qior boy.

  15. Everyone just ignore the fake lesbian stupidbunny. She just wants attention to balance her fake pathetic life.

  16. Hahahahah says the fake preten robot who pukes the same three words on evry funny pic???? Lol :) sorry t1000 lol JK <3

  17. Sexcibunbunn,. Pls stfu,.

  18. i dont understand u???!??,??!

  19. Ah, stupidbunny, an out of character moment! You wouldnt make accusations of my being a preteen when you yourself admitted to being 13. This proves you are a troll. Try harder next time.

  20. Who says any thing. About a preteen????

  21. Oh hahahahah it is again my real bad spelling lol haha sorry!!!!!….. iwrote it was supposed to say ‘pretend” :) :D like make believed or w/e lol

  22. Interesting. You wouldnt have used the words fake and pretend together, though. You are fake, analloverbunny.

  23. Haha an all over bunny lol cute I like it lol :) <3. <3

  24. Have you watched happy tree friends?

  25. No haha sounds cute tho lol <3 what's it is about???????? :) :D

  26. Is it a movies? Or is it on tvs?? Cause we dont have a t.V mom dont believe in it :’( haha its okay though i dont mind lol :) :D

  27. If you don’t have a tv,how did you learn so much about anal?

  28. Y is every one forever using the A word here in this webs site?????..? Its grosss!!!!!!

  29. What the hell is a qior boy?
    I hope some day that I will learn to be dumb enough to be able to decipher the New Gen English Language. Oh wait, no, when I get that dumb I will probably forget how to breath and it will all be taken care of.
    Sexci – you are the most innocent troll identity I’ve seen for a while. A bit refreshing in a way.

  30. #27 ms sexcipants must have googled it a few dozen times after it was brought up in the other thread..No doubt being the lezzie she is she’s also googled the great art of scissoring, or tribbing for that matter :D

  31. Anal.

  32. Anyways, anyone care to find out if anal tribbing is possible or if it even exists?

  33. I totally just had to google “tribbing”

  34. Alas, the wonderful banks of knowledge the internet has to teach is vastly pointless as it is mildly amusing.

  35. I should’ve just asked sexwithbunnies what it is

  36. Haha whats tribbbing????!! Lol :) :D

  37. Its when two girls that love each other touch their lips together, like….kissing for lulz, very sexci…its all the rage in canada :D

  38. CapnJ,I think your clever and witty comments have made me love you. I might even try anal tribbing with you.

  39. Haja aslong as i dont marry her k???!??haha lol :) and my husband does ny mind hopfully lol :D :)

  40. MM: Oh my, now we’d just have to figure out the logistics of it all, what exactly IS the ideal position for that? And bunnei, I’m sure your husband wouldn’t mind having a consort, as long as you let him tape your tribfest, you are going to submit to his wishes aren’t you, its in the bible, yew have t0o!

  41. This sexcibunny is a total troll. Hey, the religious nut has been done; and better; much before you.

  42. ^ignore it, then.
    you people seriously never (want to) learn.

  43. Dawn of the Dan

    bunnei is indeed faking, but doing an excellent job of it.
    I’m all for it.

  44. Dawn of the Dan

    bunnei is probably soup.

  45. yeah…sexcibunnie69 is a biblical name

  46. Best spelling of ‘choir’..EVER.

  47. Wastey the Walrus

    touché mass, my spelling was off. quite understandable assuming that english is not my native language, I’m bound to make a mistake here and there. doesn’t change the fact that I could tutor half the english speaking population in spelling and grammar though.

  48. Peese bro’

  49. Man, yu be tribbin’.

  50. Please tell me sexci is an avatar of msanne, created just for torment – can’t possibly be real…

  51. This is the problem with Lamebook. The posts are R rated at best and sexcibunnei really is 13 years old. I feel dirty. I’m going to take a shower with Clorox.

    Clorox is, by the way, my babysitter’s name.

  52. I liked the bit where sexcibunnie totally owned T100 forcing him to break character…’an all over bunny’ just brilliant. Sorry T you are no longer the biggest douchebag on lamebook

  53. Hahahaha :) :D lol!!!! <3

  54. Haha lol yah i like the nicked name he gave to!! may be i can change my name????? hahahh :D :D

  55. having 3 fuckbuddies doesn’t make you a whore. unless they pay you.
    matthew is wearing his envy on his sleeve. just like a bitch.

  56. Could someone please make the bastard spawn of dan_fargis and yoink disappear? I’ll have the terminator dude any old day of the week.

  57. but sexcibunnie’s work is much better

  58. ^’work‘.

  59. CommentsAtLarge

    Farg-a-yoink… God help us.

    Good to see ya Wordy ;)

  60. I like sexcibunnie too.

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