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Match Mishaps

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  1. I threaten to beat up ANYONE who tries to break it off with me. That shit does NOT go down.

  2. wow.. daddy. maybe you should step back and take a deep breath.. in-out-in-out.

  3. Also, great job doing your parenting via FB…I think that’s indicative as to why she is the way she is…
    Cory is kinda a douche…but at the same time..kinda not. I love when people are outright douches and unashmed of it like that. It cracks me up…his post was my favorite.

  4. Cory = douche

    David = loser dad who can’t manage to parent his child without threatening to knock her teeth out via facebook. I see your child’s future going somewhere great. WTG Dad.

  5. dirtylittlepretty

    blondebimbo i freaking love you today!
    way better than the posts, which of only the first was funny.

  6. What she is really saying:
    Hey Will,
    Run for your life. Scott said you don’t like me and now I’m going to beat your ass. I’m going to say I’m not to get you to come over and talk to me about it, then I’m going to beat the shit out of you.

  7. Also, parenting over Facebook IS lame. That guy deserves a snotty brat for a child because he’s a tool.

  8. I like women who think they can beat up on men….I’m all for equality *shakes fist*XD

    Kayla’s Dad needs to be reported to the cyber-police for online bullying….

  9. Well David wont be winning ‘Dad of the year’ anytime soon.

  10. Wow, “dad”…. talk about a lowlife freak who needs to be Baker-Acted and lose his daughter for a little while, like maybe 20 years.

  11. Uhh I hope someone called CPS…

  12. I’m called Scott so i enjoyed the first one. That’ll be all. Thank you.

  13. bollywood_rocks83

    I kinda got that maybe David and Kayla’s mum are divorced and he can’t do discipline… If my cousins are any indication or just the one who posted “I like sex” on Facebook right after she first had it, I know some teens put shit on facebook because they think it’s completely anonymous and their parents will never see it. Some also hate me for alerting their parents to their kids’ stupidity.

    Why should someone call CPS? If he posted that online,chances are that’s how he talks to her. Would you go live with them and call child services anytime the girl is a bitch just to get a rise out of the dad? Please! She better be happy that’s all he’s doing. My parents will barge into my room and ACTUALLY knock my teeth out. Where was child services when I was growing up?

  14. Thanks dirtylittlepretty, cause after the pedo post I’ve been feeling a bit pissy, but you brightened my mood!

  15. @Stompeh so YOU’RE the one spreading those nasty lies about that, I’m sure, LOVELY young lady…

  16. Bollywood, how old are you? You come across as a 12 year and a 40 year old simultaneously. It’s weird.

  17. Hmmm, I kinda like David B’s style, his kid got called out in front of all her bratty friends, I mean, yeah, ok, maybe let’s not threaten to knock her teeth out (although my dad usually said the same thing and all I got was a spanking and I’m a decent individual). I think if I was a 12 or 13 year old and my parent called me out on my whiney BS in front of my posse, I would think twice about being such a bee-yotch

  18. David=white trash alert. Who screams fuck at their kid and threatens to knock their teeth out, publicly or privately?

    I would have loved to see the follow up comments to Cory. Especially if there was one stating that claiming to be his girlfriend is no prize to fight over.

  19. Kayla’s dad needs to stop threatening her whiny ass on Facebook and do some actual parenting.

  20. Breanna’s one of those psycho happy bitches that can turn crazy in an instant…Will, you best not tell you the truth.

    Cory, you’re going to have to clear up more than air…enjoy your festering STDs.

    If my parents did some forced relationship, or ended relationship bs, and then threaten to knock out my teeth, they’d have their teeth all over the floor. That’s way too controlling…

    Sounds like shit from other countries where their customs are to pick and choose the husband or wife without any further say, then force a marriage. Not bashing, I just don’t agree with it.

  21. I don’t care about Kayla’s dad….but Emalee’s should be shot for naming her Emalee.

    and sometimes a teenager needs a good smack in the face. I earned mine the hard why by saying “Fuck You” to my mom. Don’t hold it against my dad one bit for smacking that smug assholeness right out of my mouth.

  22. Cory’s would have been sooo much better if it had been 8 hours passed and no one had commented it. Taking the screen cap 4 minutes in, prevents seeing what happens next.


    Also, just because you are sexually active, doesn’t mean you are going to get a bunch of STD’s. He could be using protection.

  23. @historyprof I agree with you, I don’t hold it against my mom for giving a smack if I mouthed off. But to actually knock teeth out (if he DID/ DOES) is going too far. In the same league as leaving welts, bruises, bleeding…even on a teen. Hard enough to scare me and sometimes make me cry was enough for me to learn.

  24. Kayla might indeed deserve a smack in the face… but it’s quite obvious where she learned to talk like that. also, # 20, you are right about “Emalee”… good grief.

    Methinks Cory is given to wishful thinking.

    There you go Will, a Facebook promise she won’t beat you up… which is worse, having your girlfriend demand to know on FB whether you’re into her, or having her imply that she CAN beat you up and you’re scared of it…

  25. Cory’s talking shit. And there was no need for that “like” in there ffs.

    David’s a psycho loser, talking to his child like that.

  26. The real issue here is that David was so upset simply because his daughter wished she was still with her boyfriend. She didn’t even curse at her parents.
    Frankly, if I met David, I’d make his front teeth into wisdom teeth with my fist.
    And I will bash arranged marriages. I don’t give a fuck what kind of ‘ancient cultural heritage’ it is. Eating babies might be someone’s cultural heritage, but that wouldn’t make it right.

  27. When a woman threatens to “beat you up,” it’s not with their fists. They will most likely throw dangerous objects at you or swing your favourite golf club at your head.

  28. haha @blondbimbo – love it!

  29. I wonder if David realizes he can be charged for threatening her?

  30. You know, I cussed at my mother once. ONCE. Then I got back handed across the face, and I didn’t do it again. I back talked my mom a couple of times after that though…met the same results. Took things a little far. Just making a comment or two in retort is fine, but all out backtalking my mom or cursing AT her or my dad=unacceptable. As it should be. Buuut, Kayla wasn’t cursing at her parents…more like about. But in all honesty I bet she’d cuss at them. Not my call to make. He over reacted though.

  31. Blondebimbo, has it ever occurred to you that maybe you were _right_? That maybe your mother deserved to be cursed at? I certainly believe that many times when I as a child disobeyed my mother, I was correct to do so and it was none of her business what I was doing anyway. Fortunately I was good at pretending to be a goody two-shoes in front of her so I was not found out. But why do people assume parents are in the right?
    In this instance, it appears that this poor girl (who sounds to be at least 17) has been totally fucked over by her jackass parents. At the very least, they have been in opposition to her relationship (if not totally causing its collapse). And even the slightest venting is met with this kind of shit from that asstard? I hope that turd gets the shit beat out of him with a lead pipe.

  32. I called my mom a bitch during an argument when I was 18. My 6’6″ father spanked me with his bare hand. It was the only time he EVER physically punished me. I had 5 huge hand prints on my ass for weeks. It worked, though. I never called my mom a bitch again…to her face.

    What makes David a douche is that his kid is clearly a fucking chip off the old fucking block.

  33. Um, twinkle, you were 18. What he did is therefore assault. It is no longer even a question of child-anything, it is just assault. Since he touched your ass, possibly sexual assault.
    If my parents had tried to physically punish once I was 18 I would have cut off all contact with them forever. Assuming I didn’t just go nuts and kill them in their sleep. Seriously, why would you put up with that? Never mind your mom, your dad is a fucking bitch. And being 6.5 ft just makes it easier for me to reach and crush his nuts.
    I’m amazed how many people actually _approve_ of this kind of treatment that they and others have received from abusive parents. Twinkle, no offense to you, but I’d do to your dad exactly what I’d do to David. And I’d do it whether you liked it or not. And I hope he and David both rot.

  34. Also ‘it worked, I never called my mom a bitch again to her face’ – well, what if she deserved it? Maybe you OUGHT to call her a bitch! You should definitely call your dad one.

  35. @ mad2physicist. yes, assault. spanking children’s bottoms sexualizes an abusive physical attack and frankly, disgusting.

  36. ok guys calm down im sure the dad wasnt really gonna knock her teeth out sometimes we men need to force a little fear in order to have authority over our children. but i hate it when parents force their kids to not date because of grades or somethin, i mean datings a part of life and if that is not in your life than your kid is going to be very very screwed up in the head school is important but so is a social life so im gonna day daves a douche and a dumbass for threatning in public but i think kayla will be fine tonight

  37. way to lead by example for your daughter david. You made the right choice in threatening to beat them though, now your women-folk will respect and fear you, now they will tend the crops while you go hang out with the other village drunkards…oops wait it’s not 1100 AD, silly me, you belong in jail.

  38. My husband would have a hell of a fight on his hands if he started talking to our children this way. I seriously doubt it’s going to be an issue here though because that would be entirely out of character for him, which is why I’m having children with him.

    I doubt he is actually going to knock the child’s teeth out. I just think he sounds like an incredibly shitty father.

    I see the point in disallowing dating. I wasted far too much time in high school with dating one particular guy. I would discourage a serious relationship at that age. But it wouldn’t do any good to forbid it. It’s one of those things kids need to figure out for themselves under reasonable guidance. It takes actual work, not just empty, frustrated ranting threats, to raise children.

  39. No, i don’t think threatening to knock you child’s teeth out is good parenting…especially on FB. This guy reeks of the kind that loses it and abuses his children when he is angry…so i would put the call right in to social services. And if I am wrong, well FUCK HIM for posting that stupid shit on facebook- someone can gladly nail my ass is I am ever that stupid/retarded…

  40. @mad No trust me, I was in the wrong. I was being a snotty bitch and deserved it. I knew it even then. I just liked to push things as far as I could. I was always the kid with my toes on that line…and crossed it on occasion. But nah, I can admit when I was wrong, and I was.
    I still maintain this guy WAAAAYYYY overreacted, but sorry, I do believe to a CERTAIN EXTENT it is okay to lay your hands on your own child. I don’t condone beating the living shit out of them, but I deserved to get popped in the mouth, and I learned my lesson to respect my mother.
    Now if bones are broken, teeth missing, severe damage done, belts, or anything like that is involved, I do not approve. I believe I pretty much draw the line at a slap and spanking. Both of which I received very few of. Because in all honesty with some kids sometimes, words and taking away the TV just doesn’t cut it.

  41. lol that will kid is my little brother. they’re only in sixth grade. so I thought it was funny.

  42. Threatening to knock your kids teeth out is wrong, but you gotta teach your kids respect.
    Problem here in Australia is kids don’t have respect.

    Some kids learn by being sent to their room, others need a smack, some need a belt. I was belted as a kid and I learnt respect pretty quick.

    It’s not about parents being right or wrong, it’s about you respecting your parents. You should be able to talk to your parents with respect.

    Being beaten up by your girlfriend after breaking up is funny.
    Will is scared :)

  43. Anyone else here David’s rant in Mel gibson’s voice…the tone he used in those crazy ol’ tapes of his.

  44. Yeah, she should probably give blowjobs before they enter the Jacuzzi…I mean seriously, is that just too much to ask for?

  45. Not sure what you are referring to Blonde, but sounds good to me :)

    “YOU CARE ABOOUTT YOURSELFFF?!?!?!?!??” (that one was my favorite, his tone was just complete surprise and WTF)
    ah mel gibson, what’s next for you? you’ve struck women and jews but there is still so much more out there.

  47. God I hope someday a man will say that to me. It is then I will know 1. I want to have his kids 2. Marriage on the spot and 3. I have found the truest and purest Jew hating love there is…
    Is it sad that I love those tapes? Because I loved that a new one came out every other day…they were magnificent. Not quite as magnificent as the “sugar tits” incident that spawned a Chevy Chase Law and Order SVU episode….god that was magical.

  48. A lot of you are saying Kayla deserved to be threatned publicly, because she’s spoilt and deserves a good smack? What did she do exactly? She vented that she’s upset on HER page. If it’s because she used language in her post, then her dad shouldn’t be using the same language. Unless this is the white-trash case of, ‘Do as i say, not as I do.’ Just because a lot of your dads beat the shit out of you, doesn’t mean everyone else does.

  49. Concerning Kayla and her dad… We don’t know that this is all of the situation. Maybe she mouthed off to them in person and later vented via FB and that is what her dad is referring to. I, like many others, called my mom a bitch when I was 14/15 once. ONCE. I got pulled off the bed by my ankle and smacked across the face. And I never did it again. Most kids these days have no respect for adults and it’s getting really old. My kids were spanked until they were about 7 yrs old. They are taught to respect adults, as I was, and that they are CHILDREN. They are treated as such. /rant

  50. Ah yes. Of course. You teach respect by beating the shit out of your kid. Yeah. I’d totally respect any adult who did that.

  51. I’m not like Breanna, i still visit ALL my ex-girlfriends.

    I leave flowers on their graves every Sunday.

  52. @Mental: There is a HUGE difference between getting spanked/a smack on a face and beating the shit out of a child. Your hyperbole is nauseating.

  53. @Trouty and i suppose threatening to smack your child’s teeth out is the same as a smack on the face?

  54. Considering you’d have to “smack” someone pretty freaking hard to knock out some teeth, of course not. For that much violent effort, I would label it abuse. Like I’ve said, I spanked my kids when it was necessary. Obviously that is subjective, but that’s my call as their mother. I didn’t beat them, leave welts or knock any body parts off. My daughters (ages 10 and 12, almost 13 – dear God) are amazingly respectful young girls. They have manners, say Yes, Ma’am/Sir and call my friends Miss/Mr.(first name). They behave whether I am around or not and I trust them probably more than a normal pair of sisters. (I get phone calls asking if they can watch TV/have a snack/use the computer when I’m out of the house.) You can say wat you want about the issue, but I stand by my decisions as a parent.

  55. Just throwing this out there, I got spanked when I was a kid. I don’t have violent spurts. I spank my two daughters on occasion (they’re 4 & 8), but there is a big long line between spanking a kid and assault. I cussed my mom while getting me a glass of water one time, and ended up under the kitchen sink with a back hand that would do the biggest pimp in Vegas proud. Point is, respect the people who brought you into this world. That being said, telling your kids who they can and cannot date is more than weird. My wife’s Mom said she couldn’t date me. Well guess who’s not a loser but a Marketing Director playing on fb while on salary, and whose still waiting tables.

  56. I got chills from that. David is a mean father. I love how he chews her out for swearing then uses the same word. He’ll get as much respect from her as he deserves.

  57. If Cory’s telling the truth, he’s gross.

    if kayla was talking back and swearing and being a brat to her parents in person before this post, pops should have dealt with that when it was going on, not by losing his shit on facebook when she vents about being unhappy with something.

    it seems to me that kayla is a teenager. teenagers fight with their parents. that’s the way it is, like the sky is blue. david clearly can’t handle that and it seems that this crowd feels that any sort of disagreement with a parent = disrespect and therefore, deserving of a smack.

    my dad used to talk to me the way david is talking to kayla, whether i was being a brat or not (mostly not), and it didn’t make me respect him. it made me angsty, volatile, withdrawn, and resentful towards him, and my mom for not putting a stop to it. This was years ago and I still feel little bits of these feelings around him whether he’s even saying a word to me or not.

  58. Wow, granted this is Britain and things are different here to the US. I recently finished college and am trying to move out and save for university (fuck loans) so I’d say I turned out fine.

    I’d say the only justified physical punishment to me in my youth was a smack accross the face for constantly swearing (even though my mum used to swear around me constantly from a very young age).
    But I’m a big guy and if my dad ever spoke to me like that David guy I would knock HIS teeth out even today.

    I’m 19 and adults today moan too much about kids not respecting them, personally I thought it was because they do nothing to fucking earn it. I often made things rough for myself due to my habit of being a dick to anyone who tried to exert any kind of authority on me I felt was unjustified, so I came close to being kicked out of school countless times.
    I only made it through with good grades because I’ve always been the nerdy type who spent most of his pre-teen years reading out of genuine interest in mainly science, maths and astronomy as well as constantly using computers.

    My parents split when I was fairly young and my mum was a generally very liberal (I get high with her) while my dad tended to try and be over involved in my life and generally annoyed me. Which considering i spent most of my time with my mum conflicted massively with the way I was used to living, so that probably accounts for why I sound like the ultimate nightmare of most parents here.

    mega rant/
    I pretty much raised myself and ended up simply giving my parents and some family a lot of shit at the slightest hint of trying to run my life and generally acted like a stereotypical rebel.

    Bring on the hate.

  59. Trouty and Irish, I LOVE you two! :)

  60. I think Mr. Stepdad should put down the meth pipe and take some classes.

  61. collardgreens4life

    You guys are the reason kids are failures at life. David, keep on putting that bitch in her place.

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