Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marilyn’s Master Plan


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  1. Pwned First!

  2. id hit marilyn

  3. *Waves hands at self to cool down*

    Oof, the fury!

  4. Which is it? Married for ‘over a year’, or ‘eight Goddamn years’?

  5. @ Rdkulsns..
    I’m not sure if that’d be the best idea…chances are if he has herpes, she does too! Unless your into that kinda thing, of course… :0)

  6. +1 jessticles, Just about to say that. Either Marilyn is exaggerating, has bad memory or this is fake.

  7. ‘over a year’ could be ‘eight Goddamn years’…

  8. Lame.

  9. omg….. that’s classy!

  10. I have a feeling that he was married 8 years ago and split with his wife and then married this other woman, while dating Marilyn. Although dating for 3 1/2 years while he is obviously seeing someone else often enough to marry them seems odd. Did they date but only saw each other once or twice per week? He couldn’t have been spending the night there very often, if ever, unless his wife is an idiot.

    People in relationships are dumb.

  11. …or for his poor wife who had to wake up next to that whale every morning maybe ‘over a year’ felt like ‘eight Goddamn years’..:)

  12. Seems fake to me.

  13. good on her, I say.

  14. @10 Looking way to far into this buddy, just laugh at this dudes misfortune!!

  15. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
    This guy got off easy. Someone like me would do much more damage than a picture of him in a thong

  16. This, is totally epic :D

  17. I am confused as well. Does she mean to say this guy is such a pimp he can have her AND his OTHER MISTRESSES, AND his family, AND his friends on his facebook page and go undetected? And what is it about this fat POS that he could sustain a relationship with even 1 person.. she throws out there he is a drug addict and looking at his picture I’m sure it is not his body that get’s people going LOL.. he must be Casa-freaking-nova or something… yeesh… I can’t even feel sorry for someone stupid enough to stay involved with a loser for so long… And if he had herpes.. wouldn’t they all have it too???


  18. Props for Revenge.

  19. It never ceases to amaze me how many women seemingly throw themselves at guys who are complete fucktards.

  20. lostintranslation

    That photo of him in the red banana hammock is pretty special…

  21. Very Nice.

  22. So here is what we know about Marilyn: She dates coked out, fat meth heads (I didn’t even know there was such a thing) with tiny penises who wear leopard print thongs, has a filthy mouth and has the herp. Yes. Broadcast that to everyone, Marilyn.

  23. Fuck me, can’t a man dress up in a thong in his pink bedroom to pose for pictures whilst snorting coke, smoking a spliff, and banging some meth, whilst at the same time pumping his herpes riddled penis in out of several lovers at once without getting a hard time for it anymore.

    This is political correctness gone mad, what’s next?! Criminalising breathing?!

    To be serious for a wee moment, there’s no point mocking this fellow, for despite his poor taste in underwear and ugly bloated body, he’s been fucking a few birds at once, and will be immune to said mockery he’s too busy Living Da Vida Loca!

  24. i think ‘what in the fuck!’ is the new ‘by the fuck!’

  25. Ohh shit son!! Now what?? LOL

  26. Dr. Azizted-Homicide

    marilyn must be a real prize, jumping in the sack with a thoroughbred like tim.

    @ZeusJupiter: how is that any different from dudes going for gong-show chicks?

  27. This is absurd. I’ll bet anyone in the room that Marilyn and the douchebag had a falling out, then she was caught out by the wife and this is how she fixes it.
    Women always know when a man is cheating, some just choose to accept it and ignore it for a time. The problem is, that’s a temporary solution. Sooner or later, they go apeshit and pull, well, this.

  28. Maybe the pic is just too small for me, but I’m not seeing a thong; I’m seeing a vast wall of pubic hair, and I am thoroughly disgusted by it.

  29. @ umari
    Thanks for that sensory journey, now I feel like I have pubes stuck on my tongue.

  30. It reminds me of bit of the whole “Sperminator” case on Facebook.
    And yeah, he’ll delete her posts and block her anyway.

  31. Exxxcellent

  32. @Dr. Azizted-Homicide: It’s not any different, but being a dude, I understand why we do it. I just expect women to have higher standards I guess.

  33. haha I wanna know who this poor guy is!!!! haha but seriously what happens in someones personal life should stay off FB but at the same time this is just too good to not have a laugh at :) i too think its somewhat over the top but hey it happens :)
    oh and FYI just cause he has herpes doesnt mean he has always passed it on to his other sexual partners ( i listened in health class (: )!!!

  34. A pity we’ll never get to see this one play out. I picture Tim posting a Youtube video of Shaggy’s “It Wasn’t Me” in response.

  35. I’m glad my boyfriend shaves. I have a tongue ring and that would be probably kinda bad.

    Although he’s said he’s found my hair wrapped around his balls before, which I’ve still yet to understand how that works.

  36. @chiiro

    Welcome to the room, thanks for sharing


    Fucking Yes!!!!!
    It’s political correctness gone mad! What next? *Invent own misery*

    My favourite part is how she opens with *Ring Ring*, just to be sure he knows she was on a phone

  37. Not nearly enough details for me to feel like I have the whole picture, and if theirs going to be a train wreck, I need the big picture.

  38. Nerdy Nerdenstein

    I’d hit that. In a full body condom.

  39. You know, despite all the jokes about Tiger Woods, the statuses about shit, and posts of people correcting a misspelled word… Lamebook is so worth it, just for these posts. And for this, everyone that works for the site… I thank you.
    Actually, people’s comeuppances being spread around the world like this is one of the… four reasons I love the internet.

    Oh, and if anyone tries to claim it’s fake, I’m gonna stick my fingers in my ears, scrunch my eyes shut and go into denial.

  40. Awesome. Guy looks like a real ‘catch’.

  41. @anonymouse I also love the *ring ring* almost made me feel like i was in the room with her.
    But I hate these kind of posts!! It would be awesome if it didn’t raise the massive question of the over 1 year vs. 8 years. Now its all i can think about and I don’t think there is anyway that someone would describe 8 years of marriage as over a year.

  42. hmm…hard to believe that a meth/coke addict might be sketchy. How on earth could she have known?

  43. Since when do Meth and Cocaine cause people to GAIN weight?! Are they just eating FASTER?!

  44. GrammaticalErrors

    I find it hard to beleive a serious meth/coke addict is carrying that much weight!

  45. Slanderous Princess

    Great tear down, he deserves what is coming to him! lol

  46. One year or eight years? weird. The whole thing is sketchy. But it’s still entertaining and I don’t care =D

  47. I like that despite her apparent rage, she still had the time to make a ‘ring ring’ sound effect.

  48. I’m going to say that maybe they’ve been married for over a year but have been together for 8 years and in the midst of her rage blackout got a few words confused or something…just a theory.

  49. Hmmmm, she seems a bit angry, perhaps she needs to fuck it out.

  50. I’m with #17, how can he have a fb, a wife and all his mistresses :p

  51. bahahahahahaha!!!!!!! and misanthropic4u…may i remind you ron jeremy was a fuckin pimp, he was fat AND hairy, the worst combo. what a dumb ass, i hope his cock falls off from that herps

  52. God, I hope this is real because this is one of the most epic things I’ve ever seen.

  53. I’m with Bucky. I hope this is real. That douchebag deserves everything coming to him.

  54. I couldn’t have said it better @diatribe. You snatched the thought right from my head and put it out there.

  55. If Tim is stupid enough to befriend his mistress on FB while married to or dating other women, he deserves this. But I am skeptical.

  56. i love this… made me laugh so hard!

  57. You go girl!

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