Friday, July 10, 2009

Major WTF


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  1. Wow…

  2. Hold the telephone… he must’ve sent this in himself. (as there’s the option to delete everyone’s comments)

  3. Frank’s right. That’s nuts.

  4. Good call, Frank.

  5. Lamester of the centery!

    Simon ftw.

  6. Now I know exactly what to type when you leave your computer unlocked and logged in.

    It doesn’t make it any less funny that he sent it in himself. Facebook suicide is the next trend.

  7. Wow this is the most disturbing thing I’ve ever read.. EVER.

  8. hai ce :3

  9. lofl

  10. Hai guys! ^_^ I have a huge horse penis!!! @_@

  11. I don’t know if he meant “tight” as in cool or “tight” as in tight-fitting, but both are pretty bad.

    I also love how Paula didn’t comment for a while so it almost looked like her final comment was in response to the original status.

  12. My cock looks so big in their little hands!!!

    There was an unedited photo of this from the guy, Adam, floating around the webbernets yesterday. It was apparently part of some 4chan thing. Anyway, this Adam guy was the one who screen captured it and showed it to I suppose 4chan, which was then taken by someone to Reddit, which was then probably taken to here, not by Adam. So… There’s your context.

  14. anyone know if brad is spam?

  15. no, it’s not.

  16. Wow. That’s the most disturbing thing EVER. Even worse that he submitted it himself. Either he thinks it was funny to see their reactions or he was serious. Either way he’s fucked up.

  17. If its serious then this isn’t that funny, however, people shouldn’t take something so seriously straight off the bat. People have been hung for less, so assuming he’s not actually a paedophile, I don’t see any issue in this kind of humour. It’s just dark. Squid said “Now I know exactly what to type when you leave your computer unlocked and logged in.” above, I cannot wait. (People fuck with my Facebook all the time).

  18. Anyone else notice that he was the who didn’t have any misspellings in the post?

  19. NO Brad’s link is not spam it is a link to the unedited screen capture. Thanks for the link Brad. You actually get to see this guy’s face and he looks exactly like I thought he would. Samantha White better fix her facebook to deny his relationship link pronto.

  20. There is something I noticed with the unedited version.

    You see the options to Edit MY Profile and View Photos of Me… this doesn’t show up unless you are logged into that account. Therefore the person who took the screen capture and put it on Reddit was logged into Adam’s account.

  21. Brad, you just gave us enough information to stalk him, his girlfriend, and the person he was talking to on Facebook chat. Just pointing it out haha. But yeah whether he was joking around or not this guy is a bag of douche.

  22. hahaahaahha i like the way he thinks

  23. WOW Mandy!

    Well spotted! I feel bad for this guy now! That’s not cool at all!

    And pretty damn lame because who knows what kind of damage something like this might have caused in his life…esp being all over the web without people knowing that someone else wrote it!

    To be honest the idiot that logged into his account is the sicko!

  24. And THAT is why never have a FB password that is easy for your friends to guess!

    Either that or he’s fucked in the head. Either or.

  25. haha nice.

  26. account got hijacked, of course.

    as for it being on 4chan, well who else hacks fbooks but anon?

    someone got the password and typed fucked up shit in his profile to get an insane reaction.

  27. Reply to #2: Frank.

    OR someone hacked his account, typed that shit and waited a couple of hours for responses, logged back in and took the screenshot to post on the /b board at 4chan.

    #26 Andrew hit the nail on the head here. The guy was being pranked by “the asshole of the internet”.


    How completely inappropriate to post this on your site. Whether this person was serious/hacked or not, this content is completely inappropriate for a humor site. Reading this person’s post has sickened me and I will never forget it.

    Since you have this person’s full name, you have the obligation to report this information to the local authorities. If this person feels this way, it is likely that they possess child porn which is a CRIME.

    I will never look at your site again.
    Thanks for the fucking trauma.

  29. F*ck you 28…how do you think the guy that obviously got hacked feels about it?

    If he was a paedo, why in the name of almighty f*ck would he broadcast the fact to all and sundry including his girlfriend!

  30. #12, ur an asshole and #29 ur right there’s no way he’d post this himself so I do feel sorry for him but the sick fucker who actually posted it needs to fix their humour that’s just not funny.


  32. this guy needs help

  33. Whoa…

  34. Whoa indeed.

  35. I don’t see the difference between this and talking about fucking your mom. In either case it’s pretty gross but when not taken seriously there’s comedic value, isn’t there?.


  37. There are WAY too many people who seem to think this should “not be taken so seriously” for my comfort! What a bunch of sick fucked up cunts you are!!! And Saul – you ASS WIPE – NO it’s not the same as talking about “fucking your mother”. Just because you are an incestuous fucktard (who deserves to be kicked in the vagina) doesn’t mean we all need to be subjected to your verbal diarrhea!! Maybe your mother likes to fuck you because you are straight trailer trash, but babies are another story so go fuck yourself!

  38. Love Simon’s first comment.

  39. just accept the hilarity that either the guy might have had so much sexual rejection in his life that he decided to hump something that cant say no OR that someone hacked his account and absolutly destroyed his life just for fun… and anyway dyu think if this guy really wanted to hump babies he would talk about it as if everyone would think its normal??…just my opinion, sry if it offends you :S

  40. Simmer, guys, simmer. Adam just tried to make a risque joke but wasn’t clever enough to get it off the ground. He was likely aiming for the shock value in the “dead baby joke” variety but, as he found out, if it’s not funny, it’s just offensive. Stick to knock-knock jokes, Adam.

  41. I love how the people who think it’s funny are real calm, and the people who are offended get REALLY FUCKING ANGRY AND IF YOU THINK IT’S FUNNY YOU DESERVE TO DIE RRRRRGH.

    Weird how that is.

  42. No-one else noticed how there’s the same guy in the friends list? Looks like someone’s trying to set this guy up!

  43. #’s 28 and 31, Pause yourself

  44. Seriously this is the funniest post on this site – it’s fucking hilarious!

  45. Epic trollin’

    Hat’s off to you Simon!

  46. That’s just fucking stupid. I can’t deal with people being obscene just for the sake of it–it’s not funny or clever. I bet this guy runs around yelling “N_GGER” all the time too, just because he’s sooo edgy and offensive.

  47. um…i just searched for this guy’s profile with the profile id shown in the print screen and it came up as “Abdul Hak” but next to it was Adam Davine in brackets. The profile pic looks like a photo of another photo but it’s blurry and appears to be a young topless boy. But here’s the weird part. There is 14 Adam Davines on his friend’s list.


  48. *devine sorry

  49. I’m pretty sure this is a dare from the /b/ board on 4chan. They post a list of numbers and FB statuses next to each number, and whatever number your post ends in, you have to put the corresponding status as your actual status. And then post the pictures as proof.

    I’m not condoning posting shit like that, but for the record: it’s douches trying to be edgy/funny.

  50. WHAT A WANKER!!!!!


  51. only stupid fucks dont get the twisted humour. damn..

  52. There’s an awful smell of internet bully off that..anybody else think there’s a poor bastard in a high school somehwere called Adam who’s had a page set up in his name by a bunch of jocks??

    Either way, not big, not clever.

  53. I love it!

  54. His Facebook was hacked.

  55. Shit like this shouldn’t be posted on any site. Someone call the cops of this motherfucker and any fucker that agrees with his statement!
    Fucking idiots.

  56. I wonder what it would be like to fuck a sick teenage facebooker, just imagine how tight he’d be lol.
    Divine . . .

  57. I actually LAUGHED OUT LOUD on this one. Shit is actually funny. Don’t be so uptight.

  58. what a fucking creep. i hope he lost every single face book friend he had the moment they read his post. that’s fucking disgusting.

  59. sick'ead-dick'ead

    well that’s… forward..

  60. His account was hacked, chill out you fools.

  61. Rules 1&2 fools

  62. Luvinthesecrazybitches

    Adam Devine, and his poor gf Samantha White…she is apparently not cutting it…


  63. Luvinthesecrazybitches

    if it was hacked how come it wasnt deleted? it still on his page..

  64. he better be kidding, what kind of sicko will post that on fbook?

  65. Why do I get the feeling Samantha is younger than 12? Fucking moronic troll.

  66. am i weird now for clicking on that link and searching all those people hoping one has an open profile?… FYI they dont..

  67. are you sure it wasnt a hacker? like. just think about it. who would really put that up?

  68. I don’t think this should be here. Amusing as this entry might be, surely this site is about people making *themselves* look lame, as opposed to stuff like this which is a case of someone breaking into someone elses account and doing impressive amounts of damage to their reputation?

  69. I find his friends’ mangled English more disturbing.
    What does that make me?

  70. hahahaha i really hope this is fb rape, if it is then that’s hilarious but if not then that is the sickest thing i’ve ever seen

  71. I don’t know what is more funny The status or the fact that people are so quick to berate humour as it doesn’t fit their way of thinking.

  72. what the fuck…

    I’m not saying it’s right to fuck a baby, but wow, some people can be defensive. Did they not think maybe it was a joke?

  73. Did you hear about the baby who tried to swim across the ocean?

    It drowned.

    What do you call a baby that likes to sit on the road?


    How many babies does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

    None, they’re dead.

    What happened when the baby tried to blow up the balloon?

    A car hit him.

  74. Yeah so I did a “background check” on this kid….

    Looks like he lost some friends after this. Says 200 on that unedited version but based on what was displayed on his profile it’s down about 5% now. This dude is no older than 14.

    His girlfriend at the time “Sam” White looks no older than my sister so I’d say she’s about 13 and looks like a fucking whore along with her clique in the picture

    Bottom line: This is just one immature kid. I think he’s going to be the next poster boy for pedophiles :) .

    Oh, I sent him a message so we’ll see what he says.

  75. As horrible as that sounds, I really dont think it should have been posted…not on facebook, and again not on lamebook. It’s drop dead hor

  76. HAHAHA I caught that too, frank. what a desperate attention FUCK.

  77. there is not a lot of evidence to suggest that the fb commenters are actually literate.

  78. omg all of you guys are harassing and writing all this ridiculous stuff when hello he was probably hacked?
    I know a fifty year old with a fb who forgot to exit out of her fb and people made her status about big dicks. So excuse me but I think some people should give adam some consideration.

  79. Hacked.

  80. wtf you sick asshole

  81. {0,0} O RLY?


  82. I love how none of those people can spell/type.


  83. McGill represent..

    aaaaaahhhh it was probably just a buddy logged on to his account… poor brute… i hope he kick’s that buddy’s ass….. SARDINE thank you for reviving dead baby jokes…. they make my life better :)

  84. 1.) Rule #1.
    2.) Don’t feed the trolls.

  85. It’s awwwwwwwwright!

  86. wow, some people don’t have a sense of humor obviously, judging from both the comments here and the comments on facebook.

  87. No sense of humor? This isn’t funny. If you think the idea of a baby being raped is funny, you don’t have a highly-developed sense of humor, you have a serious perversion and need psychological help.


  89. Lamebook – You should delete this post.

  90. This is just disgusting. I find no humor in this at all. FAIL

  91. They’re only words, words, words, to get a reaction out of people. Clearly, you utter morons, you UTTER UTTER MORONS, this guy is not a paedophile or has sexual thoughts about children, or he would not dare say it out loud. It would be his closest secret. Paedos don’t go round with “I fuck kids for fun” on their t-shirt do they. Dur.

    He’s just clamouring for attention in the best way he can.

    And for those of you who say he needs psychological help. We ALL need help at one point in our lives or another, those of you who stand on your pedestals pointing at him may at some point in your lives develop a depression, have a break up, lose a family member or whatever which causes great psychogical injury to you. And I hope when you reach out for help in the best way you can, your friends tell you to fuck off.

    Jesus fucking Christ. How many tight arsed stiffs are there in this world who ruin the party for everyone else. He should say thankyou to facebook for getting rid of those wankers off his supposed friends list.

    Still, lmao at the responses. He meant it to be funny and it dropped like a lead balloon. ROFFLEZ, I know the feeling Adam.

  92. What’s the biggest cause of paedophilia in the modern world?

    Sexy kids.

  93. Holy hell, how did he end up with those friends with such an opposiing sense of humour?

  94. simon: Crnt wait 2 see you sick freak im goin to knock fuck out of you

    I don’t know about the rest of you but it sounds like Simon was aroused by this guys status update.

  95. someone must have logged on as him and done it and sent it to make him look like a douche

  96. Fake! No one would post that. Well…I would hope no one would post that. This guy must have pissed off someone who got his password and made him friendless with a single post. Bravo.

  97. @Sem it could easily be real, this joke has been going around forever, if some dumbass heard it he mightve put it as his status

  98. HAHAHAHA. Successful troll was very fucking successful. I’ll have to post this next time a friend leaves their facebook logged in.

  99. That’s actually disturbed me. This guy needs a new sense of humour – baby rape isn’t funny.

  100. Hundred.

  101. doesn’t it depend on how experienced the baby is?

  102. I loooooove that none of his friends give him the benefit of the doubt

  103. @ michael post 99

    U r a fucking retard like Adam. Go lick my ass after taking a shit you stupid piece of shit. why you use jesus’s name in vane you cock sucking fucker? its not funny u sick fucking little bitch
    theres a reason he doesnt have any FB friends left. you think kyou know it all but you dont. i will bash ur face in with a lead pipe u utter moron

  104. i mean post 91

  105. Ladies and Gentlemen, stop the presses. I believe that we now have the first documented case to justify the existence a lethal-does of oral diarrhea.

    Clearly this young man had no ill intentions, he simply was making a statement that came from nowhere near his brain.

    Oh wait a minute… he still said it, didn’t he? Fair enough, have him drawn and quartered in the public square at high noon on live camera. Case closed.

  106. @91 – LoL at the idea that was the OP’s attempt at humour that bombed. Yer not exactly SNL material is it?

    @103 – How did you manage to crawl out of the abortion bucket?

  107. If I hadn’t known it was something done by 4Chan, I still would have guessed it was fake.

    Quite obvious.

  108. He had to be on drugs to post that shit on facebook…I hope they locked his ass up

  109. Somebody surely got into his account and wrote that because why, even he felt that, would he broadcast it on Facebook knowing well what the reaction would be. So the fact that there is a delete option is irrelevant, use your heads people??

  110. A Michael Jackson joke? Eyeroll.

  111. WikidJuggaloPanda

    adam fail. simon WIN

  112. @the whiners
    you people are out of control. lock him up? ever heard of the first amendment? he can talk about fucking babies all day every day but as long as he doesn’t actually fuck a baby, he’s not doing anything illegal. yea i know.. that silly ass constitution of ours right?
    if something bothers you, leave. I bet if i put my finger in your eye, you would move.

    lighten the fuck up you pussies

  113. My ex-husband was arrested for trying to meet a minor whom he met online. The great thing is, it turned out to be a setup.Got 42 months (not long enough). I think this guy should get the same kind of sentence for this hideous comment.

  114. The_Chinese_Fireball

    i found this guy’s facebook. you can check the url and the profile number in brad (no 13)’s link. holy…i wouldn’t be surprised if some 4chan hacker/pedo did this…

  115. Princess Bananahammock

    If he was hacked than why didn’t he come back and defend himself?

  116. just passing through

    i bet he did this on purpose just so he’d have something to submit to lamebook. lamer.

  117. WTF!!!! thats all i hav to say

  118. Whoever submitted this better have /reported.

    I hope someone on his list knows him in person and not just online, and has the good sense to stamp on his head/neck a few dozen times.

  119. i saw the word 4chan in the comments, and i saw the pic where he took this himself, so he was probably playing one of those games: “post ending in ### chooses my facebook status.”

    for those who don’t know, 4chan numbers each post made, and people play post number games, like “post ending in 66 names my cat” or “post ending in ___ chooses my status”.
    they post that phrase in the original post, then everyone posts the worst/weirdest/sickest/etc. phrase they can come up with, and if their post ends in the number the OP chose, he does it, then screencaps or takes a photo to prove he did it.

    so no, he doesn’t need to be reported, he just needs to learn that he doesn’t need to prove himself to a bunch of idiots on the internet when it could ruin friendships.

  120. This was a hi-jacked account by 4chan. 4chan members were handed a list of 100,000 email accounts w/passwords from a christian dating site. They merely connected email/facebook accounts/passwords, since people usually use the same passwords for both, and hi-jacked the accounts. Some people called it hacking, no, don’t give them that much credit.

    This particular incident was mild, and fit the bill for what they were shooting for. Too mild, and it was boring, didn’t get much reaction, not really funny. Too extreme, and people figured it out right away. Family members, etc.

    While this was happening, Facebook suicides were popular, lots of racial pictures, questioning their faith in God, etc. All targeting christians. Just because this christian dating site had weak security.

    I’m on page 242 atm, so if I see any more that I recognize, I’ll point them out.

    What’s important to realize is that the person making the bizarre status message is the hi-jacker, and the re-actions of everyone he knows is all real. But, they also made bizarre comments on normal statuses/pictures of the victim’s friends, which is a little tougher.

  121. “sort ya fukin head out u twat!!!!!”

    Kayleigh ftw

  122. @DocBrown

    Yeah, I was going to guess this was a hijacked profile. If that is indeed the case, I feel really bad for the guy.

  123. Thats a hacker at work. Someone with the least horsesense wouldnt post something like THAT. Sick shit.

  124. What do you call a baby with a broken jaw?

    A wet dream.


  125. the funny thing is…i was the one to hack this many months ago haha and he couldnt defend himself cuz i changed passwords many times, and ya it was from the christian dating site password stealing haha many lolz i got from this

  126. adam devine is his name… he has no shame

  127. :|

  128. If he did send this in himself, he is a sociopath.

  129. It’s a joke. Get over it and quit being so uptight. I give him props. It was funny. :-)

  130. Serial Thriller

    Lol, this dude just so effortlessly created his own “purge friend’s list” button. I’m proud.

    I mean, I’m not sure why everyone’s goin’ ballistic over a li’l, innocuous baby-fucking comment, but yeah, whatever works.

  131. This is why I use a different, randomly generated password for Facebook than for anything else! I like how Paula says she’s going to delete him from her friend list, then shows up three hours later to make another comment.

  132. Anyone have a link to this Adam guy?

  133. You Got Doddified

    It’s funny cos this exact post is now on a ‘Join to see the picture’ group under the name:

    “This Sick Guy Went To Jail For Posting This Sick Status Update!”

    Confirms my belief that group creators now need to advertise with ‘shocking’ titles like that in order to gain members. Not that I needed any more evidence after ‘The photographer shot himself after taking this picture’…

  134. You sick bastard!

  135. @91 – THANK YOU. There is so much lack of brain in this thread. For a start, yeah, it’s not even fucking real.
    Furthermore, I love how everyone goes totally batshit anytime anything remotely relating to paedophilia is mentioned. I’m convinced it makes you morons feel better to not bother to use any thought processes here and just go OMG BURN HIM!!!!!111111

    Good grief.

  136. I’m guessing whoever made up this profile status has a REALLY REALLY small weenie, and has delusions of grandeur.

  137. It’s very obvious this is not real

  138. HAHA.

  139. ah, 4chan. The arsehole of the internet. Hope this guy successfully got his life on track after being comprehensively fucked over by /b/ and their cruel antics. Can’t believe anyone thought Adam would post this himself.

  140. I dont think it matters if it is real or not child rape is nothing to sit around and joke about anywhere………..

  141. Brad is a good guy. You can tell by his bookmarks at the top of the screenshot he posted.

  142. OMG

  143. I found his profile; he’s a Man Utd fan. Case solved.

  144. If he was trying to be clever he would’ve deleted every post except for Paula’s at the end. I’m guessing hacked and decided this wasn’t the best idea.

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