Thursday, July 23, 2009

Machine Gun Wedding

Machine Gun Wedding

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  1. Again, I don’t think this is lame at all. I’m no gun nut, but I think this is a pretty cool photo. At least they didn’t post 100 pictures of their vows, or any of that crap.

  2. guess you have to be american to think this is cool….

  3. I wonder if this was meant to be ironic. A sliver of hope is there…

  4. Laughing Hysterically

    i think its lame cause the dude looks like a fucking moron. Why the hell is he holding his gun like that?

  5. lol americans

  6. Oh dear. Christmas card?

  7. The very definition of class and sophistication.

  8. nothing says ‘i love you’ like a semi-automatic weapon. . .

  9. “You betya?”
    Gun rights?
    Married to a douchebag?

    Is this Sarah Palin?

  10. I hope they post the pictures when they turn those guns on each other.

  11. What does one do with those guns? Are they hunting zombies?

  12. Yeah I definitely read the “You bet ya!” as Sarah Palin.

  13. Gawd bless UhMerika.

  14. Those aren’t machine guns. They’re just rifles that happen to look “scary”.

    I think this is a kind of cool picture.

  15. The only problem I see is a triggerfail on the part of the groom. He should know better, but otherwise I don’t see anything lame at all about this pic.

  16. Are you kidding me? Wow. That’s embarrassing to look at. Idiots.

  17. talk about TACKY!!!
    are we sure they aren’t brother and sister?
    that’s the south for you

  18. you should have seen the priest….

  19. Evan FTW!

    Ben, Katie, & James: please seek psychiatric help (after you finish having sex with your sibling of course).

    For all you non-Southerners; I’m from the South (North Carolina) and not all people here are this ignorant (OK, maybe people from South Carolina).

  20. Just a wild guess, but is this the couple (he’s from TX, she’s from FL) where both the husband and wife have the same name that met on FB?

  21. Heh, well if North Carolina is south, I must be from the deep south… Australia!

    Just sitting here appreciating the fact that Australia doesn’t have rednecks :) phew (wipes brow) :D

  22. Oh LOL and Truff.. I know who you mean… but I’m asuming that there ISN’T a (straight) couple out there who both have the first name Cyndi! LOL Funny if they did though :)

  23. What a shotgun wedding.

    Come on, 22 comments and not one mention?

  24. My first thought was, “I wonder where in America these losers are from?”

  25. Their 12-15 kids are going to be crazy.

  26. Laughing Hysterically

    ahahaha mitchum!!

  27. so laaaaaaaame! that background they chose is so ugly!
    a gun? what gun?
    oh… wait! guns!

  28. i’d so do her

  29. Yeah, Obfuscator, because I don’t think this is lame I must be an inbred southerner.

    The fact that I’m English and still don’t think this picture is lame must blow your mind.

    This picture is awesome in its wonderful tackiness, and you have no sense of humour.

  30. Unseen, off to the left: pile of dead ratcoons

  31. Obfuscator, How does owning guns make one ignorant? Perhaps your comment is the ignorant one, ouch, maybe you aren’t as witty and smart as you thought you were.

  32. Nothing says romance like a deadly weapon.

  33. @Ben: irony much? And from what I have experienced there are plenty of inbred southerners from England just like you.

    @You: First of all I never said owning a gun makes one ignorant although I do believe that, you must be a mind reader. Second, I never said I was witty.

    Thanks for taking the troll bait now off to troll another board.

  34. well, it will make the divorce a whole lot quicker.

  35. [...] [] [...]

  36. I’d really like to see how Americans would react if it were Muslims who did this at their weddings. You “southerners” would probably freak out and wage war on the entire Middle East.

  37. Nancy, I’m american and from the south and I think you buy into stereotypes. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE HAWWWWWWWWW!

  38. lance, stereotypes exist for a reason

  39. Hey Cyndi! Get off the dang roof!

  40. Lily, I ride a horse to the local saloon for crazy water everyday, so yer gonna to have to type slower fer me. Yer tellin’ me stereotypes are good? Now, I may not be a big city scientist, but – BOY HOWDY! That sounds like downright, rootin’- tootin’ ignorance. Tarnation! I bet you eat salsa from … NEW YORK CITY!?

  41. this is great if they did it to be funny. If these people are serious then they are just poser tools. But you can be sure they found their perfect match if so!

  42. Actually, they’re laughing, they obviously did this to make a cool pic, which they did.

  43. only in america.

  44. Klassy.

  45. Matt, I can tell English isn’t your native language, so can I let you in on a secret? Words mean things. A “poser” or “poseur” is “a person who pretends to be what he or she is not, or an affected or insincere person.”

    Therefore, if they did it to be funny, they are literally “posers.” If they are serious, or “sincere,” then they aren’t posers by definition.

    I swear, the asinine comments of people attempting to ridicule the original lamebook posts on this site are often funnier in either a pot/kettle or an ironic way. It’s like watching the Theatre of the Absurd.

  46. I don’t see what is so lame about this picture either (and I’m European). I actually think it looks cool.

  47. I’m really trying to figure out what is so tackey about this picture… If this how they want their wedding to be then o well get over. I think it is pretty cool

  48. Yeah, other than the groom holding his firearm with a finger on the trigger-guard, I see nothing wrong with this picture. These two people love each other, and an appreciation for guns plays into their relationship. I can definitely see how it wound up on lamebook, though. Few people, and even fewer of our blogging bretheren, realize how integral and vital guns are to many sub-cultures and areas of America. People who did not grow up in an area where responsible gun ownership is prevalent often jump to the conclusion perpetuated by the liberal media and Hollywood: guns = ignorance and crime, end of story. If they want to exercise their right to legally bear arms, who is anyone to try to stop them or suggest that their appreciation of firearms makes them lesser, backwards, or inferior people?

    To those who post comments suggesting that the bride and groom are brother and sister or that they are ignorant rednecks from the south (or anything along those lines): what you are doing by posting those comments is analogous to and no different from gay-bashing or playing into the “dangerous minority” mindset. You grabbed hold of a negative stereotype and blindly ran with it.

    I’m happy for them. They each found a soul mate, and hopefully they’re living happily now.

  49. Michael, what do you call a guy who compares two white hetero gun-toting morons to gays and minorities?

    A colossal douchebag, that’s what. It’s Lamebook, lame ass.

  50. “Greetings, From Texas!”

  51. Ah yes, Michael, I still remember when folks from the South weren’t allowed to vote, or to marry. I remember the horrible bombings of Southern churches, the lynchings, the Southern profiling, the multiple beatings and murders that occured to people just because they happened to love guns, pick-up trucks, and chewin’ tobacco. It was JUST LIKE racism and homophobia. Sniffle.

    Get some perspective, jackass.

  52. hopefully they shot each other with those shortly after the picture was taken.

  53. I’ll say it again….American people are dumb.

  54. Blaltymollord

  55. FUUUUCCCKKK. I’m moving to Canada

  56. This photo was taken in Alberta, you dumbass American. Stay in your own country.

  57. you gotta be american to think this is cool :D damn hillbillies

  58. Guns are essentially designed for one purpose – taking lives (be they animal or . They symbolise death (you may argue they symbolise protection, though since that protection is via fear of death it still amounts to a symbol of death) and death is not cool. Though I suppose many Christians see no problem with this, given their religious symbol is also a symbol of death – sounds rather Pagan when put like this doesn’t it?

    So it’s nothing about impressions of gun culture via the “liberal media” (ie. anyone who reports in disagreement with predominantly conservative axioms), rather the disturbing realisation that there are people who find such dissociated joy in symbols of death.

  59. Typical Americans

  60. fucking americans.

  61. if this photo was indeed taken in alberta, this shit is twice as funny

  62. Alberta IS viewed as the Texas of Canada by the rest of the country!

    And this wouldn’t be the first Albertan wedding photo I’ve seen heavily featuring guns.

  63. @Canaduck, I am certain the reference was to the ‘generalization’ of Southern people. Just as some people make a generalization about minorities and such. Your return argument shows an immature twisting of what was originally intended. To say that southerners are being stereotyped is not making a comparison to an actual event, that is why it is called STEREOTYPED. They may not have endured such hardships yet, they are target of STEREOTYPING. I have a feeling you are intelligent enough and already know this. You are just to immature not to twist what was said to meet your agenda.
    To the anti-gunners and stereotypers: Guns, like it or not, are necessary to keep law abiding citizens safe from criminals. It would be wonderful if guns were banned and all criminals also turned in their arms. You and your anti-gun friends are free to live in your delusional world that getting rid of the guns will solve the problem. Just as you are free to choose to be unarmed when a non-law abiding criminal threatens your life or that of your family. (remember: when guns are made criminal only criminals will have guns)
    I am a very compassionate, caring, empathetic individual. I believe in ‘doing unto others as you would have them do unto you’ , I am not illiterate, I do enjoy the sport of target shooting and hunting. I do not have a dissasociated joy in a “symbol of death”. There is no joy in death however, if it had to be that I need to put a bullet in your head because you were threating my life or that of my family. CLICK CLICK PULL BITCH…. you loose.
    I apologize to all, my rant veered from the picture itself.

  64. and yes I have already realized I used the word to instead of too in some places

  65. “If anyone has any objections, speak now or remain in one piece.”

  66. Thats the tackiest thing i’ve seen im my life

  67. To everyone writing about the groom’s trigger-finger fail: neither one of ‘em has their finger on the trigger if you look. Think about it a sec… that’s actually a GOOD thing. lol

  68. Not to mention, both guns are pointed in what appears to be a safe direction. Both of the rifles are more likely than not semi-automatic. Not full auto. It’s so amusing when people that have clearly never actually fired a gun make all sorts of judgements about form and safety. Yeah maybe it’s tacky, but no one is in danger.

  69. Second rule of gun-handling: Never place your finger on the trigger unless you are planning on firing the gun.

  70. Is it possible that either the wife or husband was in the military? Why do people always assume that gun-toting means southern? That is so annoying when people jump to that conclusion.

  71. At least she wasn’t wearing a camo wedding dress.

  72. I like how he has his finger on the trigger and she doesn’t. does that say something?

  73. yeah it tells me that he doesn’t know shit about gun safety..

  74. Not to mention the fact that the composition of this photo is just completely off. Hello, leveling the horizon line anyone? And to think that this was one of their wedding photos… dear, dear.

  75. That backdrop is breathtaking…

  76. @ Obfuscator

    I’m from South Carolina and I still find this tacky and too redneck for words. I also find you stupid.

  77. best photo ever
    so you think only rednecks have guns? you sir are a moron.
    maybe they hunt?
    Now we can hear your liberal bullshit whining about killing Bambi am I right?
    are you not aware people all over the country have guns and gasp take pictures of themselves with them?
    You are a judgemental piece of human garbage.

  78. just a couple of thoughts mr. metalcraze:

    a) she’s going hunting with a semi-automatic? where’s the sport in that? And it’s not liberal bullshit to whine about killing a fawn–that’s illegal. You are welcome to blow Bambi’s mom to hell, just don’t use a semi-automatic.

    b) i think you kinda negated your point about the supposedly judgemental nature of these posts by ending the comment with the oh-so-neutral ‘piece of human garbage’. QFT.

  79. i think it’s pretty sweet.

  80. Oh. Wow. A wedding portrait and a Christmas card. That’s just a double dose of pure classiness right there.

  81. [...] one image, a bride and groom enhance a wedding portrait by each wielding intimidating firearms — heavy, black semiautomatic or automatic rifles. A note [...]

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