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  1. FIRST

  2. One word-or, really, five.

    LOL and GROSS.

  3. hehe his mates will have a field day after reading this , the poor bloke :-)

  4. I was going to say maybe she doesn’t know what it means, but she must know it stands for Mother something, so that’s unlikely… so I agree – gross

  5. eww why would she say that? gross

  6. CLASSIC!!!!!!!!

  7. Maybe she thinks it means “Mother I’ll Love Forever”?

  8. @4 oh_no, I guess that upon asking someone about what it meant, that person probably told her that a MILF is a hot mum, or something like that.
    Still, gross :(

  9. @ (Fake) Boz – No life. The end.

  10. omg this is too funny

  11. You never know, she may be a tasmanian or something…. or just a child molester…

  12. Hysterical!!!!!!

  13. Oedipus me, baby!!

  14. Gutted for the lad, lol

  15. i bet his mum issss fiiiitttt!!

  16. She probably knows that it means “hot mom” or “pretty mom” but doesn’t know EXACTLY what it stands for. I hope junior educates her!

  17. Ewwwww.

  18. oh sweet baby j

  19. Who gives a fuck?

    What the…????

  20. I would share my thoughts on this, but I’m still too busy laughing about it.

  21. Hahaha! I really hope she doesn’t know what it means!

    I wonder if she’s really hot and all of John’s friends fancy her?? Maybe she’s just looking for attention??

    It’s all so wrong.

  22. do you think she thinks MILF= Mom I love forever— awww how sweet. ahem

  23. whoops sorry mol, note to self, read forum before posting.

  24. why is it titled mmilf?

  25. my mum i’d like to fuck?

  26. Spot on Souch13! :-)

  27. eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

  28. She obviously has no clue – my dad still thinks lol means ‘lots of love’

  29. Btw, points to Boz for being first.

  30. LMAO. That is awesome.


  32. Funny.

  33. She must be hot if her son wants to bang her.

  34. No worries, jayjayuf. Should we be disturbed we’re on the same wavelength on this one? ;)

  35. Petestandingalone

    To all the people who are suggesting that the mother thinks MILF means something else: she’s commenting on her son joining a fan page; I’m pretty sure she’d be able to figure out what it means from the link.

  36. I have to say, part of the lameness of the whole debacle is that there is a group (actually several) dedicated to MILFs in the first place. This particular one has a picture of Lois from the Family Guy as its avatar. This ranks up there with the “What sex toy are you?” quizzes, IMHO.

  37. Petestandingalone

    That being said, I’ve learned never to underestimate human stupidity. Or perversion for that matter. So it could go either way I guess.

  38. Don’t you hate it when Mom’s come in and tell everyone you’re all in to her and stuff???

    @Boz, I’ve only been around about a week, and you saying “first” made me spray rockstar out of my nose. Why?

  39. You know kids don’t usually fuck their own moms, right? And if they do, they don’t usually like it.

  40. @prototoast,
    That’s fine, but what if she’s really hot? Frankly she sounds like a lot of fun.

  41. Haha! Bless him. He’s gonna get shit off his mates for this!

  42. I’m more worried what he’s gonna get off his mum!

  43. Aw no! I feel bad for them both. I agree she probably thinks it means ‘hot mum’ or something, without actually knowing precisely what it stands for.

  44. AHAHAHAAA! made me LOL!

    Bet it was an awkward conversation over dinner THAT night!

  45. neal.. i’m sure his mum could teach him a thing or two. dirty slut

  46. what does MILFS mean?

  47. that facebook is a “motherfucker”

  48. I like to think she knows exactly what it means.

  49. J – amen to that

  50. Of course she knows exactly what MILF means. American Pie came out a decade ago when she was most likely in her twenties and this little turd was still in diapers.

  51. That is absolutely brilliant.

  52. I’m willing to bet she knows exactly what this is, and is pulling the “Mom Humiliation Device #23: Using your teenager’s inappropriate behaviour to backfire on them” on her son.


  53. I bet she did this just to put out a feeler to see how John feels about the whole “incest thing”.

    If he comes back and says “mom, that means “mother I’d like to fuck”… and even though you’re attractive, you shouldn’t post that on my facebook page.”

    Then she’ll know that she can make the next move, without him freaking out.

    Diabolical Phyllis, diabolical indeed! Make sure he wears a condom! We don’t need any 3 armed incestual babies walking around!

  54. Soulja Boy Tell 'Em

    That one was good. Lol.

  55. [...] [...]

  56. my sphincter.

  57. :O WTF. Sick mom.

  58. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Fuck you Bottlecap, You can’t talk that way about the woman I love!
    Lois is a total MILF . . .

  59. Don’t be silly, people. MILF stands for Moro Islamic Liberation Front. The mother is obviously an Islamic rights activist and wants to make sure her son still thinks she’s the best one.

  60. I agree with Rebecca.

  61. yeah, who HASN’T heard of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front?!
    c’mon guys and gals, get your heads in the game.

  62. I’d hit my mom, if we weren’t related.

  63. #62 – Barry, let me remind you that you also came out of her vagina and sucked on her tits

  64. @Mixa

    You’re right, I guess it shouldn’t matter that we are related, since I kinda already hit anyways. This christmas is gonna be interesting.

  65. True. Almost all males have had their genitalia inside their mother’s genitalia and sucked on her nipples.

  66. @Ha – I loled.

  67. Omg!! this was so fuckin’ awesome! .. I can’t stop laughing!! LOL !! poor guy . .

  68. Ok, this is why parents should not be on Facebook.

  69. that was good for about 5 minutes of straight laughing! Oh Mom, you goofball you.

  70. does no one else here think it’s even more hilarious because her name is “phyllis”?

  71. wtf

  72. Reminds me of a few years ago, when I was in high school and Bebo was the height of internet communication. There was a sudden increase in the number of 16 year olds getting pregnant and joining groups such as “MILFs unite” and “Pregnant is the new Sexy.”
    The vast majority of them were right mingas; give me Stifler’s mom anyday!

  73. OMG…as a mom, this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in…forever!!

  74. Whoah.. has anyone thought of what exactly is going to happen when she figures out her, presumably, 12/13/14/15 year old son, is a fan of “f*cking mothers” ….. ?????

  75. Me thinks the mom knows exactly what it is. Point is , all of us must have a sense of humour. She was only joking while at the same time saying “I can see what you up to boy”

  76. this is, by far and away, the best thing i have read on the internet for ages, I havent laughed this much out loud for a loooong time.



  79. *shivers while loling*

  80. ahahaha

  81. Funny but disgusting.


  83. That is the funniest shit I have seen in a long time

  84. Fanfuckintastic

  85. ohmygod hahahahahhahahahaha. Funniest ever.

  86. lol. Ofcourse she is just kidding .. .

  87. I don’t understand why it’s so funny. I’m having sex with my mother all the time.. She’s so fucking hot! Big busty tits, Nice, hairy wet pussy, big nice ass and she squirts everytime we fuck

  88. ^

  89. Oh, oh oh!!! OMG I am laffing so much I am crying…

    That is so disgusting and wrong!!! EWWW!!!


  90. ROFL

  91. jeg er kul!

  92. ja, det er du.

  93. Superkul… Med kniv.

  94. Du er en kniv jeg gerne vil bolle innerligt.

  95. Du er ikke kul. Find et andet sted at bolle knive! Keep it in English please!

  96. Who cares about English?

  97. Better be home by 10 pm SHARP, son. It’s French Maid night.

  98. [...] Jay Pinkerton, J. Michael Straczynski, “Still your favourite MILF!” [...]

  99. @70… only if her last name is “Whitcock”

  100. I bet she’s hot.

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