Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Love Hurts

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  1. First?

  2. Super Nintendo Chalmers

    Congratulations, Justin.

  3. katryna has to be fugly… No way a hottie is thrilled about her man playing wow on valentines day

  4. something very serious and worrying is happening to the human race! honestly now!!! the way they write, the things they say, the things put out to the public… it’s sad! and what the f(ingers) are mothers doing on facebook? ok that i may forgive them for, but having your teenage kids as friends??!!? huh?? join some charity to use up your spare time if you’re that bored… to a point that you keep coming back to your kids social network activities!!??!

  5. It’s okay, Katryna. I watched my husband play WoW all day on Valentine’s Day too, but I raided with him to mark the special occasion. :/

  6. Jennifer has a cavernous vagina.

  7. Justin seems to have a bit of a short fuse. Amanda might want to watch her back.

  8. mskandice FTW!

  9. Note to everyone ever who has a Facebook: SHUT THE FUCK UP ABOUT YOUR RELATIONSHIPS. NOBODY BUT YOU GIVES A SHIT.

    As you were.

  10. Not getting #3… except for the spastic name “MaRanda”, what’s funny or unusual?

  11. so naming your child MaRanda or Katryna would equal them growing up to date men with unhealthy computer obsessions?

  12. @10 – It’s funny because she obviously caught him looking at porn (or that is the most obvious assumption at least) but she was trying to speak around it and failed. Also, the fact that she can’t understand it is retarded, but typical of moms.

    My favorite was Justin. Obviously he doesn’t have a great relationship with his mom if the fiance thought she would be pissed about the engagement. Hilarious.

  13. I’m wondering if I should be embarrassed about the fact that James’ Casey Jones explanation really made me want to be his friend.

  14. Casey Jones was the man in TMNT.

  15. Katryna’s husband was playing World of Warcraft?, or did he paint 2 W’S on his butt cheeks and bend over?
    Either way, happy Valentine’s Katryna!

  16. @chip I thought it was her son at first (because I don’t think I’ve ever met an adult Zack, they must cull them when they get to 18) but then it wouldn’t be lame. So I thought maybe her husband?

    Sensible Madness has a good point. Amanda’s gonna get punched in the stomach

  17. Justin must have accepted Amanda’s request to change the relationship status for his name to appear on it. He had time to do that and then get upset about it? Maybe he should have called his mother first :-)

  18. @word

    Shouldnt the chic be the one with W’s on her cheeks? Or maybe shes the strap on type… Hope dude like the croc!!

  19. Justin’s a fucktard.

  20. @ khonas.. You’re a douche lol. Heaven forbid that people are connected to their kids via a NETWORKING site.

    Hell I’m 27 and I have my mother, father, brother, sister, aunts, cousins, nieces, boyfriend and boyfriends mother all connected to mine. Why? So I can tell them all something at the same time. No need for 3,000 phone calls to multiple states and countries that way. Believe it or not, that’s actually what sites like this were intended for.

    You really think peoples lives stop when they get older or that they stop being “cool”? Grow up lol.

    P.s.. I love watching my bf play WoW or Gunz haha.

  21. I know who Casey Jones is. That’s why I want to be James’ friend. His description is fantastic.

  22. I’ll go with her being the strap on type slim, nothing wrong with that!

  23. From the guys perspective there sure is! Um wait, unless she wants to invite chics over and take turns Casey Jones’ing them… Hell yeah!!

  24. Haha James is my idol.

  25. khonas,I take it from your post that you think that us older people have no right to be on facebook and we should all be doing charitable work or lawn bowls or something? Get real idiot! The internet and social networking sites are not exclusively for young people. I have two teenage daughters and one teenage son and all three are my wife’s and my “friends” on facebook. I would wager I was using computers before you were out of primary school.

  26. Casey Jones! ha ha, hell yes! Can I be April?

  27. You sure? I swing a mean bat

  28. Katryna and MaRanda fail. If you were doing your job right, your men wouldn’t have to resort to computer entertainment on Valentine’s Day.

  29. Casey didn’t swing his bat at April;)

  30. That Casey jones shit was the funniest thing ice seen on lamebook for weeks. Cowabunga dude

  31. There are some very adventurous guys out ther slim, up for not only for the giving, but the taking too.
    All good as far as I’m concerned.

  32. @beckyboo Harsh. As if it’s a woman’s responsibility to make sure that her boyfriend is treating her right. Maybe you’ve never had an MMO-crazy boyfriend, but they’ll spout to you all day about the responsibilities of a guild cleric before they feel an ounce of guilt about letting you eat birthday cake alone. Really, it’s best to just avoid the lot altogether.

  33. All I’m saying is, my boyfriend doesn’t need to resort to internet porn or WoW because I find other “activities” to keep him busy! ;)

  34. No, Casey Jones was big black steel drivin’ man! And he beat that steam drill!

  35. My bad, that was John Henry, Casey Jones was a train engineer. “Casey Jones, he died at the throttle,
    With the whistle in his hand.”

  36. Dear Deidre,
    Katryna’s so easy to please. She’d make a great girlfriend! More so than Miranda. But neither girl knows how to spell her own name. What to do?

  37. Oh and beckyboo, give a boy porn.

  38. SeaBea! SeaBea! More! More! That’s funny.

  39. Justin’s an idiot.

  40. PosterformerlyknownasTristan

    Mskandice, I love you.

    My wife refuses to play WoW, so she is epic fail. :(

  41. I am a gamer but even i do not understand the appeal of the evil that is WOW , i watched people destroy their lives over that game …

    Jennifer is either mean or her ex is a royal pain in the ass (maybe the strap on type … to make up for the small penis) and Maranda , god are you really that naive that you

    a) are suprised men watch porn
    b) are convinced that people would not get your poor attempt at masking that it was porn

    Or maybe her dearest was watching some sick animal porn (zoo models anyone ?)

  42. …That’s not how I over compensate for my small penis.

  43. Seebea , i am glad that the oversharing wave has reached you … i could ask how you overcompensate

    But then again i know you hunt down poor deer so that might answer my question.

  44. I’m glad I don’t even know what Wow is…and anyone who says “Guna tear tha pussy up casey jones style” should be castrated. You’re going to say that about your girlfriend? wtf.

  45. casey jones was the motherfuckin’ MAN!!! He was the main reason I watched TMNT movies.

  46. TMNT= Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

  47. MARK YOUR CALENDARS: I am about to say something here I never thought possible. MaRanda did not give me TMI, in fact, I need MORE info. I am curious as h*ll as to what exactly she caught Zack looking at that has her confused. My inquiring mind wants to know. :P

    Oh, and Tiffany, now that you two don’t have to sneak around anymore and YOU are going to be the gf, be prepared. You are now the one being cheated on. Fair warning.

  48. @ yaya

    The poor dude was probably just looking at porn and MaRanda making a huge deal out of it

    And you are 100% correct about Tiffany… I dont know what these gals are thinking… he must casey jones it in the sack

  49. That can’t be all there is to it. I have never, I repeat never, met anyone who found porn, or the men looking at it “confusing”. I am envisioning her unexpectedly coming upon Zack looking at something shocking and dificult to wrap one’s head around. You know, something like “furrie porn” or “waterworks” or “foot fetish porn”. Something that I might find confusing.

  50. @ Beckyboo, Honey, you must be about 12 if you think that men don’t look at p0rn and worse no matter how satisfied they are.

  51. @Jim_diGris

    Facebook was actually created for college students. At first it was only available to college students in New England, and in 2004 it expanded across the country. It wasn’t until 2006 when users could sign up for facebook without a college email address.

    So while facebook is now unfortunately open to the public, it did not begin that way. If parents want to “be cool” they can go create their own network, oldbook or something.

  52. @Father Sha: I actually don’t hunt them. I just don’t like them and I support all those who do hunt them. I feel that if you hunt you should take care of the kill (i.e. eat it or sell it). I live in the subs and neither is easy.

    Oh, I over compensate with a very large Nerf gun.

  53. hehe , thats a hell of a way to overcompensate

  54. slimjayz, you do realize that “chics” is the wrong spelling? spelled that way, it’s pronounced “shiek” and means a person that’s fashionable.

  55. Ok so I’m a chick who play’s wow, and so does my boyfriend, and I would have an awesome time playing WoW with him, even on Valentines day, as long as that wasn’t the only thing we did that day ;) The main people who have a problem with wow are those with portion control issues.

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