Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Love Connection


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  1. Thomas has never seen a girl naked.

  2. i’m not lame so i won’t call first

  3. definitely not. I want to punch people like Thomas in the face.

  4. I agree. Nothing wrong with a girl liking/having sex. Everything wrong with a guy like Thomas acting like a ass bc a girl stooped to possibly have sex with him. He’s pretty much guaranteed that he will never see a naked woman again.

  5. Translation: She wouldn’t let me have sex with her, but I still want to seem like a bad ass.

  6. Oh, Thomas. He didn’t even get laid AND he used a quote from tfln. How incredibly lame.

  7. Unfortunately, “Me”, there are plenty of girls out there with no self-respect that will willingly get down with this loser.

  8. I can only imagine all of the negative comments were made by girls.

  9. Yeah, this will really impress the girls, douchebag. Blowing it on her face = nothing in it for her. Now that you’ve shown your inadequacy in the sack & then posted it on FB, plan on never getting laid again.

  10. He neglected to mention she was asleep at the time, presumably passed out drunk. Also if that’s how he does connect the dot puzzles then I sincereley hope he never has children.

  11. Wanna meet that Facebook guy

  12. Connecting the dots? This guy is perfect. So glad that God created him for our amusement.

  13. @8: I want to see them goddammit

  14. stolen from TFLN … again. *sigh*

  15. What Thomas conveniently doesn’t mention, is the fact that his load-blowing happened the moment Freckles pulled his pants down. Which, I agree, is ridiculouuuuuuus.

  16. What’s TFLN?

    funniest shit ever

  18. @europe_rocks … I think you’re wrong here. I searched “dots” on TFLN and only one submission came up. Check your facts before bitching

  19. @rhonda did you call me a name for asking a question? WTF crawled up your crack, bitch?

  20. That’s not lame at all , that’s pretty funny.

  21. Yeah @rhonda I’m confused why there needed to be a dumbass added at the end of your comment.

  22. you’re right, coolwip. but i could have sworn i’ve seen this before. my bad.

  23. lmbo…this is funny. Who cares who the supposed girl is….It was entertaining enough to try to believe that dude gets ass…..

  24. i just didn’t understand how people don’t know what that is

  25. @rhonda Because they lead normal lives and don’t spend everyday memorising all the acronyms of new websites that spring up overnight. Not everyone needs to know EVERYTHING

  26. @ europe_rocks, I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it on TFLN too. Wonder why it isn’t showing up in the search.

  27. Yeah Rhonda. Easy on the insults. You need to understand how it works round here.

    We come here to take the piss out of the featured lamebook posts, not each other (unless that is you post ‘first’ in which case anything goes).


    @ Sensible Madness: You’ve summed up the situation perfectly in the first post in 7 words. Awesome. Nothing else needs to be said, but I will of course try to add to the debate…

    …I think Thomas probably looks like Milhouse from the Simpsons.

  28. I agree with Rhonda. People who don’t do what she does and who don’t know exactly the same things she knows, must be dumbasses.

    Rhonda, help me to be exactly like you. Help me Rhonda, help help me Rhonda.

  29. ApplyDownloadedUpdate


    You suck massive hairy balls all night long.

  30. @Antarctic Circle

    That was absolutely hilarious.

  31. …yeah I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this on tfln too. If your gonna steal someone else’s quote you should at least make it a good one.

  32. Rhonda is just pissed that Thomas connected the dots on her face!

  33. Vince from purchasing

    Way to teach Rhonda that calling someone a dumbass is rude, guys and gals. Perhaps we could all abuse her for another 100 posts or so? That’s how teachers do it in kindergarten, after all.

    Or perhaps you could all take a deep breath. I’d rather reflect on the masculine perfection that is Thomas.

    @ Mercure – fair call on Milhouse, but I’m picking up an Anthony Michael Hall vibe here. I think Thomas has joined the dots on his own face before.

  34. HAhahaha Rhonda is never going to come back ever again.


  35. Don’t you mean Rhonda is upset because Thomas chose to [pathetically]date rape someone else beside Rhonda?

  36. Thomas, blowing your load on a picture of a chick doesn’t count as getting laid!

  37. posty mcposterson

    @ 28 Antarctic Circle – You crack me up!

    I am thinking that Thomas is probably like 15. He wishes…he hopes but the only action he is getting is from Rosy Palm and maybe her five sisters.

  38. More then likely he got some christmas money early and went out to spend it. And after one look at him that was as close as she was willing to let him get.

  39. Antarctic Circle FTW! Also knowing there are girls that would sleep with Thomas makes me sad.

  40. what’s the points of this? some guy came up with/ripped off a stupid joke?

  41. Thomas is just young and a little naive, if he can get passed the ‘dot to dot’ phase he can progress to ‘word searching’ Freckles boat race or even ‘crosswording’ her.

  42. Rhonda, whatever you do, don’t call any of my mates a douche in my company.

    Ask KennyChen how it goes down. This is Svetlana.

    That’s who?

  43. Rhonda I’m on you’re side!

  44. Prince Mishkin, I left quite a detailed explanation on one of the other threads to let you understand exactly who I am. But, it’s a shame you have decided to go for the underdog, all I am asking, is for you to watch your step… Seen as though you like stirring up trouble so much. Oh, have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year… You know the rest. ;)

  45. @ Prince Mishkin : Perhaps the end of this thread will make it easier for you to comprehend. :)

  46. Maybe Rhonda is pissed because she felt that Thomas connecting the dots on her face would be easier than on anyone else’s?

    @Svetlana: Get ‘em!

  47. @ Insane… Surprisingly, I am in a very gracious mood today!

  48. Haha that’s because you haven’t spoken to a tool like Lorne yet! Patience dear, troll fishing is the same as fishing. You have to wait for the good ones :P . and with that i’m out. have fun!

  49. I’m out – going home now! :) Will see at 12:30 am tomorrow what you guys have been up to! :)

  50. I think Thomas needs to make up a new funny comment. As a freckled person, I have heard that so many times, for many different scenarios. Seriously. Be original. This doesn’t even make sense. LAME

  51. what about ‘diluting the wranger’??

  52. rhonda’s comment made me laugh.

    when did lamebook make people start registering an official username? i miss the days of multiple boz’s and anonisgay’s :(


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