Friday, December 18, 2009

“Let’s Be Racist For Halloween!”


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  1. I don’t even have words for this….wow.

  2. what the fuck?

  3. A nice white couple in white robes and fun pointy hats.

  4. My jaw is on the floor.

  5. OK now I gar-on-fucking-tee ya this one is from the Lone Star State! Could you see this in California? Canada, London, South Efrica? Hell, they haven’t even pulled shit like this in Mississippi for 50yrs! No Place Else But Texas!

  6. Those two were made for each other. I’m sure they’ll live happily ever after in their compound in Montana until they’re both killed in a firefight with the FBI.

  7. #3 best. comment. ever.

  8. lol @ Sensible Madness
    They’re gonna be a copycat!
    She’s got big, delicious tits though.

  9. That was a terrible shade of black…

  10. Whoo-hooo. I can now retire from commenting. :)

  11. my vote is Australian………. can we get a Conick Jnr?

  12. The Scarlet Pimple

    Yeah, even in North Carolina this shit would get you beaten up.

  13. He was telling Jesus Christ how black he was… Pshhh.. Like JC didn’t already know.

  14. Australians don’t understand what the fuss is about…

  15. Geez, this is ridiculous. I can’t believe the prejudices going on here. I don’t know if it’s “racist”, since devils/demons aren’t really a race, but that girl is still being VERY insensitive!

    That black guy looks cool though, I wonder why he didn’t dress up for Halloween. He must be mormon, as they’re afraid of Halloweens.

  16. Oh how I wish that people’s names weren’t blurred out.

    Ignorance is spreading like a plague. I bet if you were to ask them “Why?,” they would not understand what the big deal is.

  17. @McCowles

    WTF are you talking about?

  18. @mcowles don’t be ridiculous, there’s no such thing as a black Mormon.

  19. seriously “me” it made me laugh so much haha

  20. @mcCowles

    the reason some people are calling it racist is because a white guy went to the party as a black guy

  21. @xenomasked

    WTF are you talking about?

  22. One thing is for sure, McCowles definitely wasn’t being intentionally ignorant. Also, I’m definitely not being sarcastic…

  23. #18 has a brain.

    #17 and #20, however, just continue the lame.

  24. mcowles: Your comment and the subsequent confusion/comments that followed was awesome. I seriously got the belly laughs over this. The kids think Ive gone crazy. Im gonna hit refresh and see if its still going.

  25. i did think if he was being sarcastic or just stupid and with the sheer amount of idiots on the internet i decided just another one

  26. @mcowles

    WOW. you must not know any mormons, if you did you would know that mormons do celebrate halloween :)

    and yes there really are black people who are mormon.

    and yes i am mormon

  27. Gangsta mormons anyone?

  28. BTW the chick has two nice big reasons…

  29. A Caucasian painted as a black man. With gold teeth and chains. Wow. And she’s a “white devil” – and talks like one too. Massive costume fail. Perhaps these two should be sent to a “sensitivity camp”. And beaten.

  30. Hmmm, sorry, I must’ve gotten my thoughts crossed.

    So… this black mormon guy IS dressed up for Halloween? Thanks for clearing that up everyone, haha.


    I’m not sure what part you were not being sarcastic about, but I think you smelled what I was stepping in, if you get my drift.

    @Me, you too, haha.

  31. browneyedgirl are all mormons as smart as you?

    mcowles high five!

  32. i love how they blurred his eyes though he’s wearing sunglasses

  33. @ Gripper

    Pretty sure you just got trolled, bitch.

  34. I think this is a great pic it gives me an idea for next year and yes I am from TX. where at our fryday night BBQ we still hang a “painted white man” or two

  35. Is it racist if black people wear “white face”?

  36. thorny264 said:

    “i did think if he was being sarcastic or just stupid and with the sheer amount of idiots on the internet i decided just another one”

    I just did too!

  37. good for you, u want a medal

  38. I would love a medal, thanks!

    Wait a minute…are you being sarcastic or are you actually going to give me a medal?

  39. Can we please stop trolling each other. My brain doesn’t know who to trust.

  40. I give the girl major props for stickin’ to her own race! Maybe he was just testing her. :)

  41. well shoot all out of medals guess your just have to settle for a lifetime of hatred

  42. This makes my heart sad, and on behalf of white people everywhere, I apologize for these two a$$clowns.

  43. Well, with the sheer amount of hatred on the internet i decided just another one.

  44. Her devil costume isn’t even that great. It should be sluttier.

  45. What can I say, somebody from Texas thinks this is a great pic! I don’t see any Aussies chiming in with compliments. They just THINK they’re lame down under!

  46. @LittleBit

    You are completely right. Also, someone needs to tell him that smurfs wear white pants.

  47. Yo yo yo, sup homie?

    I wonder if they still do jazzy hands?

  48. It’s been mentioned before… but she does have some massive tits. I bet they get sloppy though.

  49. and if they’d been in Texas he would have been posing as much shorter and wearing landscaper apparel! A little lighter on the make-up as well.

  50. @Diggler
    I don’t know, she’s pretty young looking I bet they are nice and firm.

  51. O.o that’s a little fucked up.

    Nice white couple?

  52. I’d bet money he dresses like that all the time. He just finished his transformation Halloween night!

  53. Goddamn it, I hate people so fucking much. That’s it, I’m done with the human race. Burn the lot of ‘em, start all over.

  54. Here’s another way she could’ve said it : “Hence why I wasn’t kissing you, because you look BLACK, its so awkward.”

  55. I’ll bet anything that they live in the south. I hope that the guy dressed up in camouflage shot then later on that night. So fucking rascist.

  56. *them

  57. Just a beatiful redneck couple. For more info visit here:

  58. Ugh Randy Newman makes me want to go on a hulk like rampage and smash things. ME SMASH!

  59. Even the REAL Devil winced when he saw that…

  60. Randy Newman makes me glad I live in California. Hoooly shit. If I ever have to move to the south, I’m slitting my wrists.

  61. Wonder what he looks like without the wounderful make-up. I bet, on his part, he looks absolutely horrid compared to the blackface he just pulled off.

    BTW, I love NOT living in the south, thanks to these twats.

  62. This lovely conscientious pair deserve a one-way trip to a pig farm!

  63. I’m white and I was Mr T for halloween last year. It wasn’t racist… I just ran around telling people to “Eat cho greens”, “Brush yo teeth” and “Shut up foo”. Maybe his friends should have told him that black people are not literally black since he hasn’t seen another race before. (they’re kinda brown)

  64. @pnktndr
    I think he’s “black” black because he actually is a racist. This is some kind of White Pride halloween party. It has to be to be in such poor taste. He probably has white palms.

  65. lol racism

  66. after all has been said and done #3 hit the nail on the head. They should just do that and walk with nooses…or better yet he could have put one around his neck. F@king retard!!!!

  67. Fail on the Texas thing. They are both drinking Heineken. Texans don’t drink that.

  68. @continental

    me or sombody else i couldnt really give a shit as long as the point is made

  69. I think she was actually not being racist (per se) not wanting to kiss him, but simply didn’t want all that black makeup shit coming off on her face!

  70. @Mswillow has hit the nail on the head about this chick’s propensity for being shallow.

    @#50 Seabea: I have seen big, young tits and they are not always such a treat to view.

  71. Maybe in USA or wherever most of you come from, that is seen as serious but in NZ we joke about racism all the time, it’s so pathetic it’s funny. Any black kid is called the token black kid and we always kill them first, it’s all in jest, so I just see them as kidding up there, not lame at all.
    I could probably send in hundreds of casual racism jokes every day.

  72. @ Prince Mishkin #5 and #45

    I guess it’s safe to say that people from Canada, the UK, Australia and South “Efrika” are OBVIOUSLY less stupid then those of us who live in Texas. I always thought it was kind of ridiculous that they all pay taxes to support a bunch of inbred German figureheads, but that may just be me. I “gar-on-fucking-tee ya” some people would classify that as lame like yourself!

    @ jacqikill #67
    Good call! I’ll toast to that! Shiner is delicious!

  73. Here in NZ, we make fun of everything. Pākehā make fun of the Māori. The Māori just eat the Pākehā. It’s the circle of life.

  74. I just can’t get past this guy’s mouth. Looks like his teeth have all been punched out and randomly jammed back into his head. And WTF is he doing with his lips? I feel strangely violated just looking at this ugly bastard. Though I’m sure he’s much uglier without the pathetic “costume”.

  75. Wow, remind me not to visit New Zealand. I hate when people take everything as a joke.

  76. @ atx (#72)

    Correct me if I’m off-base, but are you saying that South Africa is governed by a bunch of inbred German figureheads? If so, when was the last time you updated your knowledge of world events…30 years ago?

    And what do German figureheads have to do with Australia?

    Gack, I must have been misreading your comment.

  77. And that’s what I loved about visiting New Zealand. Folks there are able to see the funny, lighter side of things. As opposed to all the anally PC folks in some other places.

  78. Once again, more politically correct bullshit. It blows my mind how one white person being racist is a travesty but black people are allowed to be entirely and completely racist and there’s supposedly nothing wrong with it.

    Lighten up assholes. You’re ruining this country.

  79. This picture shows two republicans dressed up as President Obama and Secretary of State Hilary Clinton.

    Mrs Clinton, I salute your fine jugs, but Mr President you require a little more work.

  80. The Scarlet Pimple

    Ouch, Mercure. Ouch.

  81. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    he wasn’t black so much as he was mottled or charcoal. Or maybe someone set fire to him then changed his mind

  82. @Mercure
    Very funny indeed.

  83. I don’t really see the big deal. He probably went as a rapper for Halloween, and it was a funny costume. Then their banter in the photo comments was clearly in jest.

    Some people just want to see racism in EVERYTHING. Get over it.

  84. Comments #3 and #59 slay me. :) Also to the above (83): what year are you living in? This is one of those things that is absolutely and undeniably racist. Why don’t you google the societal ramifications and interpretations of white people in ‘blackface’ and then get back to me.

  85. Oh, and #78, Constantine? The reason why black people are “allowed” to be “racist” as you so charmingly put it, is because they are not the privileged group. Prejudice is never a virtue, but I think we can agree that racism from whites against blacks is a MUCH bigger problem in society than black-against-white hatred.

    This was posted on Lamebook for a reason. It’s lame. If you disagree, take it up privately with a mod.

  86. I’m well aware of what black face is. But if you’re going as a rapper for Halloween there’s really no other way to do it. The guy dressed in bling and wore rapper slag. He didn’t go as Kunta Kinte. Big deal.

  87. @randomnosity3

    Or he could’ve gone as Eminem.

  88. I hate Coconuts!

  89. So if I put on gold teeth, a big ole gold chain, baggy clothes and crooked hat nobody would know who I am? Mental note to me: “Black face is not offensive if it helps people know who I am or enhances a rapper costume.” Wow its suddenly so clear. Cause there were never any white rappers ever. Its clearly a black guy thing. Would it be overkill if I carry a watermelon or a bucket of chicken? Maybe a afro with a pic in it? I need to know this so I dont look racist just enhance my costume.

  90. And yes I said pic. Im gonna use that afro for carrying shit around. Cause Im just that badass! So dont be getting up in my face for my shitty spelling. Ive been known to cut a bitch!

  91. AMEN brother Me

  92. I do not find the guy dressing up as a black man offensive. What is offensive is that big-breasted girl saying it would be “awkward” kissing him dressed like that.

    Where does it say they are in the South?! They could be anywhere in the world!

    @Iron: On behalf of everyone that lives in the South, we are glad you’re enjoying California, seeing as how you would “slit your wrists” if you had to move here. Are you THAT FUCKING STUPID that you believe all Southerners are racist? I guess so. Stay in California- you wouldn’t last 5 minutes in the South.

  93. Me FTW

  94. Well said deanna (#92).

    All the thin-skinned, righteous contributors to this thread falling over each other to prove to the world that they’re not racists by crying RACISM! at every half-baked opportunity, don’t even realise how bloody judgmental they themselves are.

  95. Thing is, he doesn’t even look black. More like shades of grey.

  96. So its cool then? Alrighty. Im glad I got clearance on that the next time I want to be a asshole. Its not even funny or clever. Its just fucking lazy. Its also the comments like about being a nice white couple that show just how far up their own ass each of them are. Also blackface hasnt never been funny. It wasnt needed to improve or enhance his costume. It wasnt shocking and if I was at that party and given sufficent alcohol Id kick him in the balls and beat the shit out of his skank. Its not only a issue of race its a issue of some shithead thinking this was o.k. If this comes off as me trying to deflect my own racism then so be it. Cause Im definitely not perfect. And who on this planet isnt a little racist? If done right a play on or a joke about racism is godamn funny. Richard Pryor/Dave Chappelle? Absolutely hilarious/brilliant.

  97. LOL – Chappelle and Pryor – both BLACK.

    And I’m not surprised you’re one of those liberal ‘tough guys.’ If they were at your party you wouldn’t say or do anything much less assault the guy and smack a girl around. Riiiiight.

  98. How about George Carlin then? Maybe I forgot Black people can only make fun of Black people. You miss the point. They both made jokes about race and they were funny. This asshat not so much. BTW Im a mean drunk baby. I may not win but Im gonna have a go. Id smack her around bc Im a woman. And if I threw a party there would be a better class of people there then this trash. But no clowns. I hate clowns. So I guess you can’t come either.

  99. Peter is either humble, or just thinks people get scared seeing them together.


    Don’t be trippin’ homies! Sip my .40 an’ toke my J yo!

  101. It’s funny. People need to relax.

  102. Lol! Love it!!

  103. ZZZ. Blacks aren’t privileged? President ring any bells? They are normal people right? So normal treatment, right? So, we can poke fun at them, because they poke fun at us. Not racist, just having fun.

    Silly overly liberal liberals, we gave them human rights, not endangered species status

  104. @Finn
    Actually, now that a black man is President it makes them “the Man” and we are obligated to make fun of them and rebel against them.

  105. I hate racial debates. Here in South Africa you don’t dare talk to the older black people that way (they still have the apartheid mindset.) And the young ones – we get along fine, but their elders (who are now running our beautiful country) are handing it over to illegal immigrants, thieves and ungrateful, uneducated swines. And they are turning us into them 30 years ago.

    I really wasn’t kidding when I said I hate racism. :( South Africa has been ruined by it, and I can tell you now, it’s not a pretty site. :(

  106. @Svetlana
    Mexicans cross your border too? ;-)

  107. @ SeeBea – No love, Zimbabweans :( And a correction on my above post – it’s sight, as opposed to site.

  108. @Svetlana: That’s kind of strange to think about. Africa seems so exotic and cool. You know Toto and all. Though I will let you know I have studied the Boer Wars quite a bit.

    If you cross the Iranian border illegally you get arrested and tortured. If you cross ours you get a drivers license, a place to live, a job, free medical care and an education for your kids. Oh, and you don’t have to pay taxes.

  109. @SeeBea: I wonder if that counts for Australians crossing your borders? :P

  110. Mmm, SeeBea – doesn’t that come from an e-mail? ‘Cause that sounds similar to a joke that’s been passing around here…

  111. @Insane: Sadly it may. However, I happen to have a very old friend who went there, legally, and stayed so I doubt there is a great threat.

    It was, it originated in my state as we have a “son of the state” being held and tortured as we speak by Iran. He “hiked” over the border by “accident”. We also deal with the “wetbacks” here in large numbers as we are one of the leadiing states in wellfare benefits.

  112. #85 whites are the privileged ones? Come on Vapsody! It’s comments like that that make people pause and wonder if YOU are not just a little racist. The world has changed since your family owned the plantation. If you weren’t aware, black people are doing just fine. We don’t need you to defend us, we can defend ourselves. Thanks.

    May the couple in the photo live happily ever after in their mobile home with their six kids living off thier welfare check.

  113. @SeeBea: Do you mean your friend came to Australia? This is a nice country, if you go to the right places. Other places however are the equivalent of Texas. Does your friend enjoy it here?


    how many idiots do we HAVE as members here??

    i cannot BELIEVE the amount of DIMWITS here who could not grasp the fact that McCowles was being facetious!!!

    Oh sorry, you are all morons….McCowles was being SARCASTIC. You freaking idiots.

  115. Facetious and Sarcasm are two different things. By trying to dumb it down you, yourself made a dumb mistake. I personally thing McCowles was being facetious myself.

  116. *think

  117. insert clever name here

    @Maralie How do you know this is the south or even the United Sates?

    Btw I’m from the north but I live in the south and there are stupid and racist people every where. At least in the south EMTs don’t walk away from a dying pregnant women like they did in NY. Incidentally that woman was black and, in case you’re too stupid to keep up on current events, both the woman and her baby are dead now. Yeah, people up north are so much more awesome.

    On behalf of those of who live in the south… GO FUCK YOURSELF! We’re glad you don’t live here.

  118. insert clever name here


  119. insert clever name here

    *those of us

  120. insert clever name here

    ugh… fail

  121. People need to relax. There are Jenny’s and their Jackasses out there who are more twisted. I am more disturbed by the face he’s making. If the ‘blacks’ think ‘whites’ are racist, you should meet Indians. In fact, marry an Indian girl and see how fast her family:
    1. Puts a bounty on her head
    2. Prays the child is at least brown, if not ‘fair’
    3. Breaks all ties and refuses to reconcile

  122. @mashab why did you attempt to put the words blacks and whites in quotes? complete wrong use aaaand you freakin put apostrophes instead……DUMB and you should meet indians?………..DUMB AND RACIST. People like you should no longer be allowed to speak. All the racists comments along with this picture…. epic fail. This world is a sad place

  123. i’ve read most of these comments and i have several things to say…for starters i’m African American and I was born and raised in Texas 1) this picture IS lame for TWO reasons A. the man is painted black to complement his clothing and B. the comment the woman made 2)All southerners are not racist and many people all over the country ARE racist therefore you should not assume they are from Texas or any southern state 3) it is wrong that this man is painted black, not only because he looks a hot mess because NOT all rappers are African American and the one’s who are are definitely not that shade, he was obviously trying to be funny by accentuating the dark shade of his skin color which is bad 4) yes some African Americans can be considered racist but to be honest EVERY race has some animosity for another race and favors their own in some way…i dont really feel like talking about more i think i’ve said enough…oh and i agree, remind me to NOT put new zealand on my traveling list

  124. oh yah nobody seems to mention what he says at the end “nice white couple” ha crazy he IS being racist you lames lol

  125. wots rong wif dressin up as a nigga?

  126. See the TEETH on that guy? She’s way too hot to be with him. He looks like he pulled his trailer to the party with his mouth. “Petey” probably ain’t in no danger of getting lynched, but he’s probably hung. I have no other logical way to interpret this picture.

    Why has he not had his ass kicked?

  127. trytheshoeonfirst

    not surprised… a black man caught with a curvaceous white devil

  128. This is only racist because of their comments at the end, specifically about being ‘a normal white couple’ next year, lol. The actual “costume” is just playing up stereotypes, which is not racist in itself. There’s a difference between bringing up stereotypes and being a racist. Some people need to learn the difference…

  129. Wow.

    There’s also a difference between playing up stereotypes and black face and black face is still considered extremely offensive due to its history.

    And oh yeah, playing up stereotypes to the point of having the costume of “being black” might not be racist, they might not hate black people, but it’s still pretty fucking ridiculous.

  130. AS a black person this is highly offensive…that’s just like me painting myself ghost white and being a “cracker” for halloween. I don’t use that language normally but I had to get back @ Zappo

    January 9th, 2010 at 5:57 pm
    wots rong wif dressin up as a nigga

    And people think racism is out just bc Obama is pres…just read stupid comments like this and you’ll know it’s not gone and never will be just as long as ignorant white ppl exist. (not saying all whites are ignorant, I’m ONLY referring to the ignorant ones)

  131. miidnightrain4590

    I really have no interest in reading all of the comments etc etc but really he could be going as 50 cent or some one legitimately famous … and the halloween facepaint doesn’t stay well and gets all over everything which is probably why she didn’t kiss him just sayin.

  132. I…sigh

  133. Caramel_Princess

    It’s like this joke I remember… If ignorance is bliss these two must be the happiest people – no, COUPLE on earth.

  134. YAY, only 6 years late.

    Well, I can say with my hand on my heart that, 6 years later, it is still a dogs-bollocksing fucking stupid thing to say. Everybody knows there’s no such thing as a “nice white couple”.

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