Thursday, May 27, 2010

Large Format Photography

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  1. Oh my God

  2. Oh my indeed

  3. Yikes.

  4. Buster’s bringing vomit up :-S

  5. BringYourOwnSun

    Oh, hell no. My eyes…!

  6. WOW. . . . Some people should NOT have cameras in their possession. #1′s her excuse for being fat, #2 is just insulting to the fat man in red, #3 is..well, if you call sitting in a purple bathroom with dainty crap all around you real shit and #4…OMG….Busters about to BUST out of something. BLUGH!

  7. BringYourOwnSun

    1. Um, you’re not showing yet.
    2. Santa’s clearly out cold.
    3. I chuckled … a tiny bit, but it was a set up for…
    4. Any sane person’s worst freakin’ nightmare!

  8. I went from “Oh no”… to laughing… to screaming…

  9. No. No no no no no no.

  10. Dear thingy.

    Buster may be bringing sexy back (NB: He isn’t) but do you know what? I do not give a fuck. Maybe you do. Perhaps Buster does. Maybe even some of your other Facebook friends do (NB: They don’t). I however, do not, and would rather not have Buster bring sexy back right in my fucking face.

    Sincerely, somebody who is not on your friends list but oh so most definitely would be posting this on your wall if they were.

  11. make it stop.


  12. No offense to big people, as I am not little, but if you’re big, don’t show belly pics, when you’re pregnant… it takes a lot longer to show, and even when you do, people don’t concentrate on that.

    Also, pictures WHILE defecating are nasty. Why would anyone want a picture in which everyone knows that your rectum is currently wider than usual, due to some evacuating hot pockets?

  13. Jesus titty f*cking Christ !!!

  14. Ha. You don’t show at 10 weeks. That’s 100% white trash spray cheez beer belly.

  15. W…T…F…

  16. Buster, buddy. Is that Pinhead on your hip?

  17. Need wire wool. Must scrub brain clean.

    We should probably thank our lucky stars that Tracy didn’t take a picture of his shit and post that over that caption.

  18. I thought the first photo was a guy :/

  19. @16 I think you’re right… it’s so badly done it’s hard to tell

  20. @fearsarewishes
    it looks like one of the sand people from star wars to me

  21. Someone should have let #1 know not to post that shit on facebook. Have a good feeling Buster is probably her baby daddy.

  22. Hell, I STILL think #1 is a guy.

  23. OH God! My Eyes! My Eyes! Make it go away!

  24. Oh, oh… #1 isn’t pregnant, she’s 10 weeks into her spray cheese and beer diet!

    Still, fucking put it away.

  25. I also thought “69 wit santa” looks more like she is giving birth to him… he deffo looks like he is arriving in to the world instead of just “arriving”

  26. Thanks a lot, Lamebook. My eyes are burning and I can barely see.

  27. oh hai Jabba – loved you in Return of the Jedi.

  28. C’mon people! Have we learned nothing from the likes of Two Girls, One Cup and One Jar, One Guy?


    Santa. Poor Santa.

  29. santa looks like he forgot the safety word and is very afraid…

  30. I do not want to know what One Jar, One Guy is. I’m still pissed off that I was educated on lemon parties thanks to the internets.

  31. WHYYYYYYYYY?!?!?!?!?


  32. Pic #1) What is up with skinny white trash dudes always hooking up with ginormous white trash chicks?

    I beat that fetus is thinking “there is still time to abort me, please don’t make me live with these morons…”

  33. Argh… I have lost about 5 years of life just by seeing THAT. If I were #1 I would go look for tumors. Lots of em. 2º is that an ass or a fucking piano? Third is just lame and, seriously, what the fuck is wrong with the last one? Don’t they have mirrors?

  34. anyone else notice that the mug on #1 reads: ‘GRANDMAS HUGS & KISSES’. lmfao! makes ya wonder….

  35. Oh Bozhe moi

  36. Rule #12: What is seen cannot be unseen…I’m going to go find the nearest bridge…

  37. My eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  38. I actually know or see the couple in picture 1, went to school with her sister. The couples kind of sad, the guy has multiple kids and he spends his days at the small strip mall. I was actually surprised to see she got knocked up and by who.

  39. tangalangadingdong

    @ weeda While I thank you for the info, it does nothing but make me sadder for their child, who will almost certainly be bottle-fed on Mt. Dew.

  40. I know ‘em. They’re not bad people, kind of oblivious. Not rich by any means. I wish ‘em the best. Don’t be mean people, she is pregnant!

  41. @Gigi

    I did not doubt that she was really pregnant, but that doesn’t mean she should post these pictures on facebook. If you’re heavy, then post a 20 week picture, if you really want, or even better, a 30 week picture, but not this.

    Btw, why did you point out that they’re not rich? Does something from that picture make them appear to be rich? Maybe the “Grandma hugs are yummy” coffee mug or the small basketball?

  42. @Punky

    Oh, that’s what the coffee mug says.

  43. Actually, she’s due anytime. She can’t abort.

  44. @34, Punky

    I will take your word for it if that’s what the mug says. I can’t look at that again.

    If that girl is showing belly pics at 10 weeks, I wouldn’t doubt that she’s one of those girls that uses pregnancy as an excuse to eat everything that’s in front of her.

  45. dun u love tha way mmy man eyegoogles my belly @ 10 weeks? awww Squish loves u poo

  46. Here I always thought Santa liked cookies and milk, not peaches and honey? Guess I was wrong. (sorry, I had to go there)

  47. :)

  48. Someone just got put on Santa’s naughty list . . .

  49. Holy fuckballs…

  50. and i was foolish enough to spend ages leafing through the OED for the definition of real nigga shit…

  51. Looking at the size comparison of the first couple, I can’t imagine Tara ever gets to be on top, and for a pregnant woman, she doesn’t have much in the boob department. They’re usually the first things to get bigger. Not in this case.

  52. She can’t be pregnant! Where are the pregnancy boobs??! She has no boobs!

  53. There nees to be a NSFW tag on this one… I almost ralphed up my lunch when Buster’s pic came along

  54. I need some goddamn eye bleach.

  55. I do agree with the first picture. Grandma’s hugs are the best~ Seriously though Buster, you need to shut that effin door…and never open it again.

  56. My eyes!!!

  57. Pass the eyebleach

  58. 10 weeks. . . I’ve taken poops 10 times bigger than a 10 week old embryo.

    And wow- I never knew Kenny Rodgers was into black chicks!

  59. Oh dear.

  60. #1 that guy is totally thinking, “I hit that shit, yo.”

    #2 Definitely gotta agree about it looking like she is giving birth to Santa.

    #3 The definition of ‘real nigga shit’ is African American taking pictures of themselves on the toilet while taking a shit. Douche baggery at it’s finest, and he’s the biggest shit of them all.

    #4 you other bruthas don’t know how to act.

  61. Did anyone else notice the cigarettes, caffeinated pop, tylenol,and wine on the table??? But the prenatal vitamins that are also there will make it all better. Picture of the ideal pregnancy

  62. @rw7879 I don’t think those were cigarettes. The pack is too thin, I’m guessing it’s a pack of playing cards.

  63. @Rizu It’s definitely a pack of smokes, Player’s to be precise.

  64. @Rizu, hate to brake it to you but those are Players Light cigarettes. She does infact smoke while pregnant. Most people in this town do…

  65. in pic #1 there is definitely cigarette smoke wafting up through the picture, that is definitely what made it for me. what a way to start my weekend.

  66. MonkeyCMonkeyDo


  67. How the fuck did y’all even see the pinhead tattoo on Buster? I could not force my eyes to look that far down.

  68. I hate it when people who know (or claim to know) the people in Lamebook posts show up and start giving a backstory. It ruins everything. People featured on Lamebook are anonymous caricatures for us to laugh at, and it’s best if they stay that way.

    Santa looks scared to death.

  69. I think Buster is way past ten weeks.

  70. Santa might be scared, but I still reckon he’s saying Ho Ho Ho.

  71. Crispy_Bandana

    Um, in #1 there’s another person in the bedroom. How discriminatory of you to assume that the glass of wine and cigarettes/card deck are for the pregnant lady. Besides, she’s proud of her baby; why is it okay for a skinny chick to show her belly and not a fat one? Seriously? It’s just skin. Get over yourselves.

    #2 So it’s tacky to “69″ Santa and post the picture of facebook. It’s not tacky to have sex, and be a sexual creature when you’re fat. The “lame” part of this is her lack of tact and not her weight.

    #3 Is just plain wrong. But, AGAIN, the lame part is the tackiness and not the weight.

    #4 Ew.

    So I understand that lamebook MIGHT have just been trying to be funny with the headlining, but, seriously, you guys make it sound like being fat is the reason why all these pictures belong here. I promise you, it isn’t.

  72. Buster’s a Hellraiser in my book.

  73. yourinevitabledemise

    Maaaaybe she just wanted to show the progression of her pregnancy, a picture at 10 weeks just for comparison. Not saying it’s pretty, but I don’t think she was trying to make an excuse to show off her stomach. *shakes head at self for being nice*

  74. As a card-carrying fat person I have to say that hilariously unflattering photos of same do not offend me at all. The Lord invented the digital camera so that secret fat girl angle shots could go on Facebook, and the ones that make you look gross could be deleted without wasting film.

  75. @Crispy_Banana:
    The point of showing a preggo belly is to say “Look how my belly has grown!” If all we see is fat, you’re doing it wrong. Showing at 10 weeks (less than 3 months) is also doing it wrong, as no one shows at that point. Doubly so when they’re fat to start.

    Finally, yes, being grossly overweight IS lame. A little chub is fine, but when you get to the level of #1 and #4, it’s time to stop being offended when people are turned off by your size.

  76. Crispy_Bandana is a fatty.

    I’m sorry to break it to you chubster, but these pictures are all lame.

    #1 is a hambeast who won’t show signs of being pregnant even when she’s being rushed to the hospital to give birth.
    #2 is awful because that ass belongs to an elephant, a hippo or some kind of giant, and not to a human being.
    #3 is lame for reasons that are obvious. I’ll agree that the weight doesn’t play a big part here.
    #4 is gross, and his big ass belly contributes to that a great deal.

    And get on your high horse as much as you like, but being that fat IS REALLY BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH, not only disgusting to see.

  77. @Sensible Madness, you’re an idiot. I do know her and her boyfriend [Serge, who is tagged in the pictures which I submitted, because the person who submitted this didn't get the hilarious comments people left on said picture]. Believe me, shes not someone you’d want to claim to know if you didn’t. You seem intelligent.

  78. If that’s the 10 week mark, then brace yourselves for the 30 week one.

  79. @weedabix:
    No, you don’t. I know because I am every person in these pictures. Can you not tell? I mean, it’s not like the internet is anonymous, allowing anybody to claim to be anybody else. If you dare doubt me, I will give something unverifiable as proof that I am who I say and I will be most indignant. Obviously, you have no choice but to accept my claims as truth.

    P.S. I’m also Chuck Norris.

  80. @weedabix: My point is I don’t care if you know her or not. Lamebook posts are anonymized for a reason and I don’t give a damn who might know these people in real life. Yes, everyone in these pictures has a real life with real friends and a real family. None of that has any relevance to the purpose of this site, which is to make fun of the posts.

    Bringing in all the backstory and shredding the veil of anonymity is, in my opinion, not cool. People featured on this site still are anonymous because their faces and names are obscured, and removing that anonymity is a dick thing to do. If the purpose was to find out all about these peoples’ lives they wouldn’t be blurred out in the first place.

  81. @Sensible Madness, then don’t read my post. If you don’t care that I know her then you shouldn’t even be defending your stupid remark :) I HATE it when people can’t accept the fact that people on this site are real and people are going to recognize them and point it out and maybe even talk about it. I especially hate it when said people don’t know how to just ignore the post that is supposedly irrelevant and move on to the next one. Have a superb day.

  82. yourinevitabledemise

    That’s why he’s sensible!

  83. Ok, I’m sick of being all PC. I’m been behaving lately, and not being true to myself. Well I’m done with that shit.

    The woman in the first picture is a fat cow. I don’t care if she’s pregnant. So Crispy, you can rationalise all you like, she’s disgusting.

    I feel better now.

  84. Nice, word :p

    In frightening news, Laquineesha appears to be back on Lamebook. :|

  85. That was an amused nice, not a sarcastic ‘that was mean’ nice, btw :P

  86. yourinevitabledemise

    And I have seen faaaaar fatter people wear far less clothing just to go grocery shopping, and yup, living pretty close to Kentucky is the reason why. What’s weird about this woman seems to be that the fat has been sculpted into geometric figures that jut out in strange angles. Also, her ass is still in tact. WEIRD!

  87. I’ve been a peruser of Lamebook for quite some time, but I’ve always been scared to post comments because there’s such an established culture on here already. O_o It’s like going up to a clique in a new school and bustin’ in on the conversation.

    That aside, lawl, fat people.

  88. yourinevitabledemise

    ^^Tabiko – Right?? I had the same feeling starting to post on here. Today, I got brave. Glad you did too.

  89. @tabiko just ignore all the banter between the regulars and post whatever you want. I think what you say is a lot more important than your username…I barely even notice the username on top of a post most of the time. I pretty much always read the post first, and the username second and judge based on what’s posted, not who posted it. At the end of the day, everyone here is anonymous pixels on a screen to everyone else.

    Every site has its regulars, and every site develops a sort of culture over time, but that shouldn’t stop you from posting there. As long as you obey the basic rules of netiquette (primarily “don’t be a jerk”), you’ll be fine.

  90. Buster looks further along in his pregnancy than #1 does

  91. YorkshirebornNBread

    Am I the only one who thinks Buster has left his Harley parked outside, his leather’s in the closet and is posing for his boyf?

  92. Haha, and that’s why you’re Sensible. Don’t worry, I’m not particularly intimidated. I’z a big grl. :D

    Glad I could be of help, yourinevitabledemise. Though why I would want to help my demise is a matter of some consideration….

  93. 1) I honestly thought that was a dude until I read the ultrasound. That’s just messed up.

    2) Whatever gets her off….

    3) At least he didn’t take a picture of his actual shit.

    4) Why? Like……why?

  94. yourinevitabledemise

    Wow, we both made the same bad joke about his name, too. I guess we’re awesome like that. And it makes me wonder how I’ve never seen it before. Missed it in the skimming or an incredible coincidence??

  95. DazedandAmazed

    I don’t know about sexy back, but Buster is bringing my breakfast back… up.

  96. I think it’s hilarious that someone accused me of taking away the anonymity of this post, people name names on occasion, I didn’t give a last name, did I? Either way, it’s sad that so many people are insulting her in the same way over and over. Do you all think she doesn’t see all the extra skin on herself? At least she has the confidence to post this picture. If you don’t like it, don’t look at it. Simple.

  97. yourinevitabledemise

    I think it’s hilarious Sensible Madness was all “Yes, everyone in these pictures has a real life with real friends and a real family.”

    Than weedabix was all “I HATE it when people can’t accept the fact that people on this site are real and people are going to recognize them” blah blah blah.

    People insulted her and a million other people in all the same way over and over. Seems like now, since you know this chick, you’re just getting arbitrarily offended. Don’t like it, don’t look at it. Simple.

    Ah, I’ve posted an awful lot today.

  98. yourinevitabledemise


    I fixed it!

  99. #1 – That baby will be bottle fed on liquefied McDonalds Chicken McNuggets. Poor, poor kid.

    #2 – Santa looks like he’s already died from asphyxiation.

    #3 – Really, Tracy? Lame.

    I don’t know who this Buster is you people keep referring to, as I scrolled down past picture #3, and immediately went blind.

    By the way, weedabix – fuck yourself. If you HATE it so badly when someone disagrees with or comments negatively on one of your posts, then don’t post. Not everyone wants the backstory.

  100. #1 – That’s cigarette smoke in the pic, and those smokes are closest to her…That can’t be good.

    #2 & #3 – Lame

    #4 – AAAAHAHAHHAHA Pinhead tattoo on his leg!

  101. It’s about time Word! You go!

    1) You might be a redneck…
    2) Don’t knock it until you try it. I guess.
    3) He just “Keepin it real”.
    4) Is that a closet door?

  102. Okay, I’m not picking on the heavy preggo because I hate fat people. I’m fat myself. And while I agree it’s fairly pointless for someone with a large belly to be taking “pregnant belly” pics (especially this early on) I’ve gotta say I’m sick to death of ANY women taking and posting these pictures. Yes, it’s a natural state for the female of the species. Nothing wrong with it. But that doesn’t mean the world wants to SEE it. Hell, my tits are headed south and that’s completely natural. Should I start documenting their voyage to the floor? “Here they are at 45. Look how they seem to be checking the floor for spare change!” and “Here they are at fifty! Ooooh, seems like only yesterday I didn’t realize you could get your nipple caught in your pants zipper….” No more belly shots, fat or thin. I’m sick of them!

  103. @weedabix:
    There is a fine line between confidence and stupidity. #1 didn’t just cross the line, she erased it, dug up the ground it had been painted on, and launched that pile of dirt into the sun. Then she crossed it.

  104. CommentsAtLarge

    Jesus Hyperventilating Christ – this is proof there should be an embarassment filter on FB image posting. I say take whatever photos you and yours wish; it’s your happiness, run with it. This does not mean, however, that the REST of the world would be as enthused. In the Venn Diagram of life, beer bellies and leather thongs don’t overlap for everyone. I, being one of those people, don’t need to see the opening to whatever unholy events Buster is about to usher in.

    And if word is misbehaving, well look out ;)

  105. Omg that last one… Wow D:

  106. rebarbativebecc

    Maybe she’s joking about being pregnant…?


  108. Pretty considerate of Buster to try and bring sexy back since I’m fairly sure he’s what scared it off in the first place.

  109. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Yikes. Some of the more disturbing pictures on here in a while.

    I’m just wondering.. who took that picture of her on Santa? Why did they think it was ok? Where did she get that idea in the first place? Too many questions!

    Christmas will never be the same.

  110. As always with Lamebook, I would be very interested to know what the thought process was, this time for deciding to take a picture of you ’69ing wit santa’

  111. Hobes, I have to be honest, the Santa one doesn’t bother me in the slightest, well the whole posting it on facebook thing is weird, but as for mock screwing inanimate objects, eh, I think we’ve all mocked screwed something.

  112. But Santa? :| Won’t somebody think of the children?

  113. Just don’t tell them, they won’t know any better. I’d probably stop them from giving him a kiss though.

  114. Paranoid Android

    Sweet baby Jebus, take me now, my eyes have melted.

    Buster – Fuck you buddy, not cool.

  115. I am a keen follower of Lamebook comments and never felt the urge to comment that is until today….
    Weedabix and crispy_bandana. These two are the classic reason why bullying still exists they appear to be the kind of people who call cops to tip them off about parties especially when people are having fun!

  116. I’d be very very surprised if even Santa were able to empty his sack whilst stuck in that position.

  117. that last one…my eyes…

  118. Buster completely terrifies me!

    And lawl at #4, thinking he’s a hard ass with his purple walls and fancy soap bottles XD

  119. ParanormalRomance

    I have to point out, as wrong as the whole practice of taking FB photos of yourself in the head–it is refreshing to see there are people out there that still believe in CLEANING their bathrooms…

  120. I think taking pictures while your pregnant is fine. Congrats, good on ya. But what girls like #1 should realize is that most people get offended/disgusted by that stuff. Sorry but it’s true. Rebel all you want, but people will comment harshly and critique you!
    #4…I don’t care what you do in your spare time, Buster. I just don’t want to see it in my livefeed.

  121. KittyKatastrophik

    UGH .. pregnant with a food baby :x

  122. And BUSTER FTW with his broke ass Hellraiser tattoo! God that is amazing!

  123. Ahh daym. You wanna bet Tara’s hubby’s a feeeeeeedeeeeeeer??

  124. Worst Pinhead tattoo I have ever seen.

  125. @Crispy Bandana
    1)I’m pretty sure there are 2 glasses of wine there on the table. And they happen to be really close to her. So is the box of smokes. It’s not too much of a stretch to think they could possibly be hers. I think it’s tacky for any girl (skinny or fat) to post monthly belly pictures.
    2)Wtf was she thinking when she decided this would be a good idea? The fact that she’s fat and gross looking just makes it worse.
    3) Never take pictures of yourself while on the toilet. Ever.
    4) Buster is revolting.

    The fact that they’re all fat just ties all the pictures together in a logical manner. It’s gross that we’re subjected to it, but it’s on lamebook because all 4 are tacky.

    Just stop. We don’t care about these people’s lives. If you know them, a simple “Ha I know them.” will suffice. And why did you feel the need to post #96? You’re not winning anyone over by making more posts, and you’re making yourself sound more and more like attention whoring white trash.

  126. “I’m not fat- I’m 10 weeks pregnant!”

    Idk, guys- looks like Santa’s gettin ready to caress those sweet cottage cheese thighs.

    And yeah, DA, these are all grouped together because all those people are fat.

  127. 4.) where in the world is Kinky Kelly!??!! i believe we found the Sexy Stud though :)

  128. regarding #3…um, i like the wall color but it’s too dark for such a small room.
    regarding #4, i like to think that this was a personal pic that his partner took when they were being silly-sexual together, and then that jerky partner thought it would be funny to post on facebook just to embarrass the poor guy.

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