Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Lamebooker Challenge: Caption Contest

Think of a caption for the following picture and write it in the comments below:

Find out the winner after the jump!

Votes have been tallied! Congratulations manbearpig318!
You won the Lamebooker Challenge: Caption Contest with the caption “Sometimes there just isn’t enough peanut butter”


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  1. Sometimes there just isn’t enough peanut butter

  2. Presenting the winner of the 2012 World’s Ugliest Dog contest … and his dog.

  3. Some men just want to watch the world burn.

  4. Brian “I hate my life”
    Peter “Shut your mouth and get back down there”

  5. Bob and Fluffy were both very happy with the couples full body waxing deal they got through Groupon.

  6. After dipping the bottom half of his dog in chocolate, Captain Fats carefully holds his pedigree snack by the neck in order to slowly manoeuvre it into his pie hole. Delicious, he later commented.

  7. overdressed again.fml.

  8. “I want a kennel on the beach after this you fucker”

  9. My facial hair wasn’t always white…

  10. Hi guys, it’s Misanthrope!

  11. FIND YOUR PENIS!!! FIND YOUR PENIS!! Hey dog, get back in my pants, you’re my penis today

  12. Dog to cameraman: “So what fee did we agree again?”

  13. When the last cheeseburger went missing…reinforcements had to be called in. Later, after failing to find the cheeseburger, the dog was eaten

  14. Even having a mixed bitch in his bed wasn’t enough to wake Jerry’s dingy-doo from it’s coke nap.

  15. FML

  16. The dog wants to know why the man ate all his food.

  17. I… just…. jesus.

  18. Directv: This guy can afford it.

  19. “Send. Help.”

  20. If you listen closely, you can hear the dog muttering, “I didn’t choose this life.”

  21. What? It’s not what it looks like. He is just a friend. Please tell them, I don’t want the other dogs to know.

  22. FML… in doggy years that’s FMLx7

  23. im sexy and i know… :p

  24. im sexy and i know it .. i dog work’s-out

  25. It puts the lotion on its skin, or else it gets the hose again.

  26. “I love the smell of my palm in the morning”

  27. Lisbeth Salander: “Hold still. I’ve never done this before, and there will be blood”

  28. ” Help Me “

  29. “Don’t worry dog, everyone knows the camera adds on 300 pounds!”

  30. “This is my life. Don’t judge me.”

  31. Bald, fat and ugly. The perfect pair.

  32. Ren and Stimpy, the movie.

  33. I have to go to orlando in the morning, but I might try and come up with something later….How much swag can I trade in 5 internetz for? Or, rather, what’s the exchange rate? “Sarah? You look nothing like your picture from okcupid!” “Love is blind”…fuck it, bbl, gotta go drop some mail off to my uncle..

  34. ^FAIL

  35. Surprisingly, Chris Christie and Rover were not particularly enthused when they were told that the Governor would be the keynote speaker at the RNC.

  36. “It’s a living”

  37. FatMan “THIS…IS…AMERICAAAA!!!”
    Dog “ugh..he fail.”

  38. And you thought the kids in Michael Jackson’s bedroom had it bad!

  39. Jersey Shore: Kickin’ it with Snooki and Jwow.

  40. Victoria secret for men; be comfortable

  41. Poor dog is probably wondered when he will be next. This guy must be able to detach his jaw, looks like he ate the other dog whole

  42. Gillette Body Gel for that clean and smooth shave. Works great for dogs too.

  43. “Ahhhh my Master Mr. Jigglypuff is almost asleep…the beer is wroking. Once he is, his belly button is MINE…. MINE!!! I know it’s wrong, but it feels so right. I even shaved for the occasion, so don’t judge me!”

  44. Like this if you cry every time.

  45. As if being skinned and blanched wasn’t bad enough…

  46. “Call the police” (a la Ren and Stimpy)

  47. fuck this shit, lamebook. don’t we normally write captions and shit? why is this fat cunt with the ugly mutt so special?

  48. Plug his blowhole and take me with you

  49. Don’t ask how i lost my hair

  50. Guess where he hides the dog treats

  51. Boxers or briefs? – now we know what whales would choose

  52. XXXXXXXXX-Factor

  53. This remote is making me seasick

  54. Beanbaggin’ FTW

  55. Old McDonald ate a farm

  56. …….I swear the baby isn’t mine.

  57. Reincarnated as a dog? ” brilliant!” I thought….

  58. Despite loving the taste of peanut butter, sparky hated nuts.

  59. “blame it on the ah-ah-alcohol”
    Damn!! WTF did i drink last night”
    dont pick up chicks with excessive makeup …
    i think he needs a morning after pill

  60. I’m not going to dance for you -.-

  61. It is exactly what it looks like…

  62. I’ll do this shit my way.


  64. yourfavoriteroseann

    Shouldn’t Sarah MacLaughlan’s “…In The Arms of the Angels…” be playing somewhere right about now?

  65. Help me, it’s day 146 already. I don’t know how
    Much longer I can survive. I can hear his stomach growling.

  66. new twist on doggy style

    I know what you’re thinking.. but it’s me who makes fat boy lick the cream off my belly… he my bitch

  67. “Bastard ate all my biscuits!”

  68. Yes I fucked that fat bastard, so what!

  69. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  70. I would leave, but he did pay for the full hour.

  71. This is just like the Star Wars scene with Luke and the ton ton on Hoth. But in reverse.

  72. Where’s that Sarah McLachlan song when you need it?

  73. “I’d vomit, but I know I’d just eat it again.”

  74. “I’m gonna be fucking sick.”

  75. No, really; I’m gonna be fucking sick now. Sick bastards at lamebook.

  76. Ooh, I got another one:
    “Hello, my name is timmoo.”

  77. ” Dog, a man’s best friend. No matter what. “

  78. princesscuppycake

    “Another EHarmony Success Story.”

  79. Fearing for his life we watch as the frightened pup – pictured here beside the final resting place of his twin brother, awaits his fate.

  80. Hide and seek my ass I know my brother is in there…

  81. Kill me, kill me now!!!

  82. I can’t, it’s just to gross except for the dog!

  83. Just so we’re clear, this is NOT an entry into the Lamebooker Challenge.

    I just wanted to say, about 9 years ago I saw the result of a train suicide. A young guy had jumped on the tracks near Narangba station in front of an express train, and his poor broken body ended up in about 80 pieces, spread over a distance of about 150 metres. Bits of skin, hair and bone as far as the eye could see. The undertakers were attempting to collect all of his parts to throw into the bodybag, so that he could be transported to the morgue. You know, for his autopsy o_O

    And even that was nowhere near as horrific as most of these caption entries have been.

  84. got hips like cinderella

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

  85. “Oh, sweet God… he ate Marmaduke!”

  86. Is anyone else amazed by how many lurkers have come out of the woodwork for this “challenge”?

  87. eh, ‘amazed’, ‘repulsed’, ‘bored‘…whatevskis.

  88. My life has not got any better since my mum was nailed by a Staffy

  89. Damn….. he forgot the peanut butter!

  90. TRUST me you don’t wanna know where the peanut butter is…..

  91. When he asked me if I wanted a bone…this is not what I expected.

  92. Once you go black….

  93. Someone tell him… I AM NOT A SWISS CAKE ROLL!!!!!

  94. “Only in America…”

  95. make this trainwreck fucking stop. it’s fucking ghastly in here, lamebook.

  96. “Say hi to my dog, Duke, the best gerbil retriever I’ve ever had!!”

  97. Why do I have to be THIS man’s best friend?

  98. What a bitch will do for crack money…

  99. “You will not enjoy this. I am not your king.”

  100. Ren and Stimpy; 10 years on..

  101. “Humans.”

  102. Please donate to the A.S.P.C.A.

  103. utter carnage.

    also; tripe.

  104. Mr McWoofykins was doing his best to think about just how much peanut butter he was making out of this deal.

  105. I’ll make it stop.


  106. ♥♥♥

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