Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Lame Ones

Lame Ones 1

Lame Ones 2

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  1. FIRST

  2. Some people are a) stupid, and b) pretty fucking wrong.
    RESPECT. People. FFS

  3. Wow to dampen a friends mood!

  4. Strictly speaking it is 11/11/(11-2) – Liz almost had it right. No big deal.

  5. Nor’n monkey c) idiots that put first in their comments

  6. Way to lighten the mood there, Kat. Good work.

  7. Thanks Anny, I would have added that, but at that point it wasn’t showing up!

  8. The comments section of Lamebook certainly contains a wacky demographic; your all a bunch of pedantic misanthropes…

    I’m only fuckin with yiz to prove a point, I know it’s “You’re.”
    Here yiz go again; “You’re.”

  9. Kat is desperate for attention, lol. Molly says: Make a wish! And yet, Kat’s response is, “I wish my dad hadn’t…” AKA it’s already happened anyways, and you just want to write it on a public forum. I promise, Kat, that writing that for everyone to see isn’t going to help your parents’ marriage too much either, m’dear.

  10. Also, when I wrote that comment, it was 11:11PM (over here in Ireland green…) 11/11, which is significant, because it means I must make for the pub soon…

  11. OMG – never knew it is actually “Oh My Geezie”. What was I thinking before? Will try to keep up with all the latest abbreviations from now on.

  12. #8 LAME

  13. First

  14. Fail, my parents would be so disapointed

  15. #8
    “The comments section of Lamebook certainly contains a wacky demographic; your all a bunch of pedantic misanthropes…”

    You had that all in your head and just wanted desperately to say it didn’t you? Except it was pretty fucking irrelevant in this thread at that point since no-one had made any comments like that.

    Try reading. It normally helps.

  16. ??? = Spastic…
    The special olympics is comin up soon, my spastic friend… But then, they don’t let you Hawkings Boys compete now do they? Hhhhmmm, you should stick with the academics and stop pluggin in that one-button keyboard of yours to Lamebook…

  17. Who peed on Aylodedalus’ battery?

  18. @Jester

  19. Nor’n me lad, it did indeed occur to me while reading some older posts here, yes my boy. But I posted it here, figuring trhe message would reach more of you chaps. Also, would you rather I blasted you with an onslaught of spontaneous prose like I did with thon “???” cunt? To be honest I too am a helpless pedant… but more importantly, I am the vilest of misantrhropes… For instead of seeking solace and acceptance here amongst my fellow dick-heads, I sought to ridicule…

  20. ^ *chuckles* now, get off and have a pint or five.

  21. lol @ Alicia.

  22. @30

    Stop breathing, you infidel.

  23. Kat: Dumps personal emotional baggage on everyone’s fairies and rainbows time.
    *Crickets sound*

  24. Marrisa is probably the least funny person alive.

  25. 11th hour, of the 11th day, of the 11th month …. idiots

  26. Umm, yes, James, that was pretty obvious. Though you really wouldn’t write it like that.
    By that standard I’d be writing 11/08/12/11/09 right now.

    My own comment was more towards the disrespectful idiots in the second posting – since when is armistice day a time for making wishes?

  27. you dont write it like that so actually you’re the idiot

  28. BLIM BLIM – who were you bashing there?!

  29. Am I missing something what’s with the 11/11?

  30. Really? Of all the things that are wrong with these posts you guys are focussing on the fact that there were some odd wishes? The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month isn’t some random day once a year where you get to make a wish. It is the time of year where for just 2 minutes, you take the time to respect the people who have given their lives in combat so that you can make such idiotic comments…

  31. @kiwi
    11th November is Armistice Day, when we remember those who gave their lives in WWI. It is why people wear poppies at this time.

    On the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month there is a one minute silence for respect.

  32. Oh right. But I know that ,as far as I know it has nothing to do with lame wishes. These girls made sound like that 06/06/06 joke.

  33. This is the first I have heard of it being a wishing day too!
    I don’t really know if I want to ask what the 06/06/06 joke was… presumably something devillish on 6 june ’06

  34. Yeah something like that ,bad luck they say. People are getting dumber by the day. I worry about that.

  35. I think Liz was referring to the fact that if you add up 2+0+0+9, it equals 11, which is why it would be 11/11/11.

  36. @Val: I think you’re giving her way too much credit.

  37. At least Kat knows where to put her apostrophes…unlike her dad, and his penis.

  38. @MrSmoketoomuch

    You are my Hero.
    That comment had me in tears.
    I would have your babies if you didn’t mind an awkward 3 way relationship between men.
    I applaud you.

  39. akward…

  40. @MrSmoketoomuch

  41. I find it odd that people are like “Omfg make a wish it’s 11/11!” when it’s remembrance day… lol.

  42. No one ever makes wishes on 11:11? I grew up my whole life doing this, and at my high school, the teacher would acknowledge that everyone had to hold their breath, touch something red, and make a wish. For one minute. Which of course when then make any other measurement of time having to do with several 11′s special as well.

    I told my boyfriend if he were ever going to propose to me, he better do it in exactly two years . . . at 11:11.

    But now that I know it’s a remembrance day (I apologize for my ignorance), it’s not so romantic.

  43. at 11:11* is what I meant in the first sentence.

  44. @Quitit
    Seriously?! Shame on that teacher!
    Have you never wondered about what ‘Lest we forget’ was about? Or about the poppies (In Flanders fields the poppies grow, etc.)’. This is genuine curiosity by the way.

  45. nor’n monkey

    Quit it is referring to the time of day, I believe, not the 11th day of the 11th month in this case. I make wishes at 11:11 when I can, not so much on 11/11.

  46. YOWZA, yall

  47. Molly:It’s thanksgiving what are you thankful for?

    Kat: I’m thankful that my dad didn’t fuck the turkey like he did that whore!

    Molly: Merry Christmas, hope everyone gets nice gifts!


    Molly: Going out for ice cream, who wants to come?

    Kat: I bet that WHORE likes ice cream, and…..came….or ….something….MY DAD’S AN ASS!

    (Debbie Downer, anyone?)

  48. Yeah, I meant we wished at 11:11 AM (and PM, but that would be outside of school). But because this was such a common magical time, therefore the day is considered magical too for many people.

    Oh. Huh. Veterans day. I love how I couldn’t put two and two together, you know, considering the campus is closed today . . . I feel ridiculously silly. But come on, I’ve never heard “Armistice” day!

    But, when I think of that many 11′s, until now, my first thought has easily been “ooh, wishing time!” rather than honoring veterans. Shame on me!

    I still want a proposal in two years.

    (I honestly feel really really dumb right now. Jeez.)

  49. You honestly need the campus to be open to know that the 11th November is Remembrance day?

  50. What?

    No, my point was, even if I wasn’t aware of the date OR the day, knowing that there were no classes today should have prompted me to go: oh, right, Veterans day. Because instead of sitting in class, I was on Lamebook, stating I had no idea that November 11th was a remembrance day.


  51. OMGeezie?

    now THAT is some excellent Lamebook.

  52. does it matter what the lame people think?
    this should have been for the fallen heroes who gave their life to make yours better!!!

  53. @Quitit
    Gotcha now. I was having quite a chuckle reading all that!
    I never heard of the wishing at 11:11 thing. Hence my own confusion!

  54. ^ hmmmm. how weird – must check user name when using someone else’s computer.

  55. FIRST!!!

  56. Damn, and I missed it? Someone remind me when it’s 12/12 please!

    In the meantime, it’s 2:14am – Friday the 13th (as I type this). So make a wish that you won’t have a very unlucky shitty day.

  57. OMGeezie? Are you fucking serious!?

  58. Ok 11/11 is rememberance day where we remember who faught for our country not for some dumbasses to make wishes that boys who don’t like them will ask them out. These people need to go to school facking idiots

  59. **fought
    … just saying…

  60. I hate how that fucking skank is putting a major strain on the family relationship.

  61. I’m surprised there aren’t any other Australians on this site…

    It isn’t uncommon for us to say “11/11/11″ Or less common “11/11/11/11″ for this day as World War II ‘officially’ ended at 11:11 on the 11th of November (for us, at least).

    Australia hold a minute silence at 11:11 for the ANZACs (Australian New Zealand Army Corp)

  62. To the Aussie – likewise with us Brits. Just to point out though it actually signifies the end of WWI (otherwise called Armistice day) not the end of WWII…

  63. What’s even lamer is this is fucking Remembrance Day (Vets day in the U.S.) I wish ingrateful punks would start observing it instead of wishing for high-heeled shoes.

  64. There’s a game that when ever the time is a triple of something you make a wish. They obviously did it with the date instead. There’s even a quote from a song by Juliana theory “The time is 2:22, I hope your wish comes true.”

  65. i agree with RL……people did make a wish… and it came true ww1 ended… dumb cunt… lets remember what veterans day is… its not about heels or someone asking someone else out… and she should be shot for saying OMGeezie… WTF BITCH.

  66. oh wow.. was that really appropriate ‘>.’? young punks these days.

  67. did you celebrate the minute of “jackass” on veterans day?

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