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Krazy Kathy

Krazy Kathy

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  1. epic. Go MOM!

  2. This is the most amazing piece of work I have ever read!

  3. OMFG!!!! Poor, poor “real” Gregory! I can totally see why he is avoiding his mom. Team Gregory!!!

  4. Absolutely brilliant.

  5. best. lamebook. ever

  6. Wow. That family needs therapy.

    And that mom needs a clue.

  7. So so so EPIC!!

  8. I think the wrong Greg handled it rather graciously!

  9. Calling fake on this one

  10. This is fu©king amazing!

  11. This just screams fake….

  12. agreeing with stc on this

  13. This was submitted by the Dean Koontz of lamebook. Please do not take that as a compliment.

  14. This is HYSTERICAL

  15. this is too good to be true. definatly a fake. but good thinking btw

  16. If I was this guy, I would message the other Greg and let him know what lies ahead.

  17. That’s fake, I’m sure.

  18. If it’s a fake, it’s a hilarious fake.

    If it’s real, pretty stupid of Gregory to add some random mother-aged woman who added him.

  19. tony, this was a message thread. You don’t have to be friends with someone to send them a message. And I thought it was fake too, but now I kinda think it’s real. Greg sent this in to lamebook so i’d like to hear him back it up.

  20. Regardless of whether it is fake, it serves as a warning to those of us who have their family members on facebook. And its pretty damn funny.

  21. This was posted on 3 or 4 days ago. You can even see the pics there – if that tickles your, ummm….geina.

  22. I have an oedipus complex. Just thought I would share that.

  23. I’m seconding Geina. Did you just take this from College Humor and put your watermark on it, or did the article writer send it to you as well?

    Oh, shenanigans!

  24. sent in.


  26. I am Flip…fake Flip try being original!! Boz help…u know i’m me

  27. So, the premise behind this fake is that a woman can’t look at a photograph and recognize it’s not her son?

  28. Moreover fake Flip who I suspect is Mel from the previous post, the person you wish to imitate is or maybe that’s already you trying to imitate me…
    Either way, get your own darn name!

  29. Stop it, Flip. We all know I was the original Flip.

  30. Is it just me or would anyone else have pretended to be the real son and pissed her off a lot more?

  31. @22 and 29, Wow, I’m this important you had to steal my identity. Sorry no prize for you faker, back to your lame not going anywhere probably about to be over life! NEEEXT!!

  32. SO FUNNI

  33. I like the way Alex thinks.

  34. Total frenzy dude!

  35. Favorite. Post. Ever.

    And I’m also with Alex.

  36. Damn it, you are a faker.
    Boz, please get him for me!

  37. The commenter formerly known as Flip

    @22,29 and 36 Get a life and if u really wanted someone to get rid of me, you’d call sixkiller,leave my Bozzy wozzy alone.
    You’re such a parasite, urgggh

  38. What’s with all you fake Flips! Stop it! I’m the one! God, I’m so freaking MAD right now I just punched a hole through my bedroom wall! And now I’m grounded! I HATE YOU ALL!!

  39. Fuck it, i aint changing my name for nobody.
    @22,29,36 and whatever, Officially IGNORED!!

  40. The commenter formerly known as Flip

    Screw it, Im back to being me!! @22,29 and 36, you’re officially ignored!!
    Meanwhile, what kind of a mother didn’t recognize her own son from his pictures…unless this is all edited piece of Junk like the Flip wanabe whom I’m no longer wasting my sweet precious time on

  41. I’m such a celebrity….
    Only on lamebook.
    Please carry on clones

  42. Gawd

    @30 and 33 that’s just evil…ROFL

  43. Alex rules!!

  44. @Flip (the real one)

    I’ve had people posting as Boz pretending to be me also. They get bored eventually and wander off. I was rather gratified that a) anyone noticed me at all and b) they thought enough of me to want to make people think they were me.

    As for this lamebook entry, even if it is faked, it’s still a wonderful (if predictable) piece of scripted comedy.

  45. Hey ppl sup?

  46. it’s also possible that his profile pic isn’t visible to people who aren’t his friend (but since he screenshotted/submitted it himself, we can see his photo).

    I call fake on the mom’s part, but it’s still funny.

  47. I was joking before, no one has ever noticed me, in any way/shape/form.

  48. I think if this was fake, there would’ve been more “back-and-forth” and less “mom being ignored”.

    Greg waited almost 2 full days before making his final reply and if I was this Greg, I would’ve sent this in to many different websites, as it’s pretty hilarious.

    It’s good he didn’t do what Alex suggested, he probably could’ve gotten the real Greg’s tuition taken away by a pissed off mom.

  49. Only the mom is fake.

  50. I’d pretend not to be her son too…

    You’re probably right @mcowles.

  51. Wow, that was just…beautiful!

  52. @ Boz, I totaly feel you, but that just means we’re 1 (or is it 2) of a kind….let them fake clones @22,29,36,45 have their moment of glory basking in MY genious limelight

  53. oh and 38 too….my husband doesn’t ground me, unless you’re talking about……(giggle giggle) Please get back to your GED prep

  54. Please please please let this be real.

  55. I have a different take on this.

    I think this is real, but not exactly what it seems.

    I think Kathy is really Greg’s mom.

    I think Greg (the one she contacted) is really Kathy’s son.

    I think Greg is sick of his crazy mom’s shit and wants her to leave him alone, so he pretended she had the wrong person in the hope that she would stop bothering him.

    She mentioned voice mail. I suspect she has been calling him multiple times daily and leaving crazy messages. I had a friend in college whose mother was like that. She once left a 45 minute message on his answering machine in which she repeated, “Joey? Are you there? Pick up, Joey! I know you’re there! Pick up? Maybe you’re not there. Joey! Joey!” On and on it went, one message that filled up the entire side of the tape. I might have thought he was exaggerating if he hadn’t played it for me. The poor guy had to shut her out to be able to get any peace in his life.

    If we had had Facebook back then, and Joey’s mom had discovered it, his Facebook page would have become completely worthless to him as she filled it up daily with her insanity. Having witnessed that, this post rings true to me.

  56. Yikes, Sparky – I’m a mother and I know lots of others but I’ve never heard of the type you describe. I believe you but I’m horrified that mothers like that can exist. I hope my son reads this and appreciates what a great mother I am lol.

  57. @53 – what have you done with my husband?

  58. I know a mom just like this, her kids can’t stand her.

    It would appear that she kept drinking and kept posting, the later it got, the further she got into the bottle, the crazier her posts got.

    Poor Greg.

  59. nintento. ’nuff said

  60. Couldn’t she tell from the photo it wasn’t him?

    Secondly, the father might be a piece of garbage but you don’t involve your kids in that stuff. If you try to turn kids against the other parent, it usually backfires and they start hating you. Looks like that’s what happened here.

  61. [...] Facebook is dangerous for parents. I’ve covered that before. It’s bad enough when you’re not spared the gory details of nappy changing… but it’s worse when the parents in question are middle aged, trying to check up on their children, and not quite au fait with the technology… like this mother. [...]

  62. totally fake.
    why would he not block her after the first few posts?
    it was still amazingly epic !

  63. @ Boz (the fake one)

    The correct phrasing is “HAHAHA DISREGARD THAT, I SUCK COCKS”

    Get it right, or don’t do it at all.

  64. “why would he not block her after the first few posts?”

    Because that wouldn’t have been nearly as entertaining.

    I had a nut harassing me on a message board for a while through private message. I didn’t block him because his messages became progressively hysterical, in both senses of the word. This is the kind of comedy blessing you try to prolong, not avoid.

  65. That woman aired enough dirty laundry for 6 clotheslines.

  66. This MUST be the best Lamebook post of all time!!! XD Hahahaha!!!

  67. GENIUS!!

  68. HILARIOUS. holy shit

  69. LMAO Hilarious

  70. i really like seeing how everyones ignored this flip dudes and stuck to the topic, usually it doesn’t take much effort to deviate a public forum.

  71. I think the lameness of the Flip(s) overshadowed the lameness of this post…eventually. I mean it’s still funny as hell, but wtf guys. So, it’s annoying that some douchebag stole your name. It’s not like it’s your social security number, just tell him he’s an asshole and let it GO.

  72. You’re the one still talking about it…

  73. Yeah, right after I posted that I saw rohubhai’s comment. I stand corrected.

    Anyways, I’d bet he really is her son but he made up an alternate FB page just to deal with her crazy elsewhere.

  74. i feel bad for this mum/mom. i as a mother know how frustrating it is to always be the parent carrying all the weight and responsibility of raising children while dad refuses to grow up and take good proper care of his family. always the cool parent who gets the recognition, and mum isn’t cool becasue mum is feeding, shelteting and keeping the kids alive, while Dad buys their love with shiny presants.
    Give her a break I say. Shes obviously made a lot of sacrifices that typical boys don’t understand!

  75. ok I need to type at a slower pace, too many spelling errors. ARGH!

  76. Probably fake because what mother wouldn’t see that the guy in the DP isn’t actually her son. If FB didn’t have photos however I could totally see how this could happen. I once searched myself on FB, and was appalled at the number of people throughout the world sharing my name :(

  77. It is possible he’s profile was private and that the default pic was set to friends only.

  78. Haha, how stupid can you get when you don’t even see that the picture of your son is different than the real one and thinks he’s the only one in the world with that name!

  79. I looked at the link someone up above supplied showing this screencap with the photo of Greg visible. I can easily see how Mom wouldn’t be able to tell if it was him. The photo is a dimly lit profile of his face. And one thing to consider – older folks need EXTRA BIG TYPE…they wouldn’t be able to read most of this page, for example. Just a factor of aging. The mistaken identity is totally possible.

    Plus, older computer newbies don’t really grasp how much information is out there, and they are inexperienced using search tools, etc. The only thing I noticed that might lead it to be a fake is that her profile pic looks pretty good for a facebook newbie (well cropped and positioned). Probably more to do with FB defaults though.

    I am a mom, I have seen moms like this and I can get behind the idea that it is real. Nothing is more crazy-making than being blocked out by unsympathetic children who favor the ‘easy way out’ fun parent, leaving you to be the one to say ‘no’ and work with limited resources. That describes many a family scenario.

  80. I LOVE OLD PEOPLE! They completely rock.

  81. @Boz(the real one) You’re my favourite lamebooker but i’m not sure if all the posts you make are really you. never the less, you are my favourite. People, stop pretending to be other people. It really is very confusing. Stick to your own names.

    As for this post, I love Greg whether this is his mother or not.

  82. You guys need to stop flippin out. Why don’t you go back to your jobs flippin burgers. Your sense of identity just did a backflip.

  83. I just lost my shit. Hilarious!

  84. @naaaice

    Agreed. Stop stealing my screen name! I’m the real flip.

  85. stolen from

    wake up, lamebook editors

  86. @naaaice

    Thank you.


    The real Flip spells his name with a capital F.

  87. lol. even if this is fake it was hilarious to read before i the fake theory was brought up.

  88. OMG no way this is fake! My mom pulls this same pity shit in my life, RIGHT DOWN TO THE NINTENDO DETAIL, and the inept use of facebook. 1998: “It’s my N64 mom, I’ll take it to dad’s house it I want!” Kathy and my mom would get along great (if they were people more capable of affection). Brofist real-Greg, brofist. This made me feel better about crazy parents.


  89. flipping in my grave.

  90. [...] 3:55 PM on September 14, 2009 Reply via [...]

  91. I would think it was fake if I didn’t have a mother who would do that and worse.

  92. This is soooooooo fake

  93. I like sucking dick!

  94. LOL, that’s freaking amazing!
    Hahaa :P
    poor mother :D
    But man she’s kickass! (Y)

  95. BEST EVER! so good hahahhahahahaha

  96. FAKE. CollegeHumor article. Do the people that run this website not keep up with other websites? Lame, Lamebook.

  97. hahaha!!!
    mom is never give up!!
    but, did she already forget how her son’s face??

  98. O my god!
    This could be the beginning of a psychothriller or horror movie.
    I love you”
    why don’t you answer?”

    I love slicing up your throat.”

    btw: I hate parents that are divorced and talk like “I’m better than your mother/father blabla,…”

  99. what a wack job mom she need to go from penn state to the state pen

  100. Guys… get a life!


  102. My favourite bit was when she said ‘nintentos’

  103. I believe it. My mother did the same thing to someone else on facebook. The poor girl sent a message to all the FB users with our name and asked if the person harassing her was their mom.
    It was MY mom, though.

    I ended up sending my mom and message telling her that she was bugging the wrong girl, but she got all pissed off and accused us of doing it on purpose.

  104. Edac is fucking sex god and this page is a load of bull shit i feal soome what dumber for clicking and reading ….

  105. If you have a crazy mom, you know that this is real.

  106. some woman did that to me before :|

  107. madcow69 is the woman in question in this blerb hahahahahaha

    get fucked mad cow and get fucked sarah boo
    rumor has it i fucked you both….

  108. Kathy: the next “Mommie Dearest”?

  109. AMAZING.

  110. HAHAHA jesus H christ that is one hell of a needy mother. no wonder they got a divorce. insecure whore

  111. [...] admin posted at 2009-9-15 Category: Funny | Tags: [...]

  112. My favourite part is when people pretended to be Flip.

  113. hahahahahahaha LMAO


  115. One of the best.

  116. hahah this is the best one ive seen!!!!

  117. I don’t doubt this at all. My mom does the same stuff to me all the time, calling a couple times an hour and leaving 5 minute voice mails each time and constantly bad-mouthing my dad. For some reason people like her and Kathy believe that the only way to make yourself look better is to put down others, even though it has the exact opposite effect since my dad has never said a single bad thing about her.

    Like my mom, Kathy also tries to guilt trip her son into loving her. Notice how Kathy’s posts go from normal to insane while bringing up things like “you like your dad because you are materialistic… you are a bad person since you don’t like me… your grandmother is sick… I sacrificed this and that for you…” People like Kathy need to get it through their thick skulls that people avoid them because they are nasty and self-centered, not because they have been enchanted away by nintendos.

  118. (y)

  119. this is either fake or the woman is an alcoholic.

  120. fail

  121. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA i loved this :)

  122. Awesome. xD


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