Thursday, September 1, 2011

Killer Conundrums

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  1. worst

  2. I hate when people try to defend ignorence. Mispeling words is only *common* amongst dumasses, you dammed idiot.

  3. damned*, idiot.

  4. come to think if it… ignorance*, misspelling*, dumbasses*. I really hope he did that on purpose…

  5. Regardless of spelling..
    Why is his tat in Disney font?

  6. I registered JUST to comment on Walter Sobchak’s comment. Are you serious?

    *ignorance, *misspelling, *dumbasses, *damned

    You damned idiot.

  7. Dumbasses?! No, I’m not talking about stupid fish.

  8. You dickheads need to get a life, man. Who cares about a few mispelled words?! You want me to get my dictionary out all the time? Fuck that. It’s not my fault English is a messed up languadge.

  9. *misspelled

  10. It should be *mispelled* anyway. *Misspelled* looks retarted, like miss-pelled.

  11. Objective achieved Walter lol

  12. Cheeers to Walter. I have nothing else to say; continue on.

  13. So johnstb3 registered JUST to respond to Walter? Epic troll is epic.

  14. Obvious troll is not as obvious to everyone…

  15. My Maiden name was Miss Pelled…

  16. Walter is either an obvious troll, or in his own words, a “common dumass”

  17. Its over ok??????? Stop talking about me or I’ll email lamebook and have you all band. This is suppose to be a positive environment, so fuckin stop it.

  18. What is Tex Mex rape suppose to be anyway?

  19. Rape is a type of plant. Canola (used to make Canola oil) is part of the Rape family.

  20. It’s not Walter’s fault English is a “messed up language”. He’s just not that bright and in a hurry about it.

    I hope he doesn’t have us hair band or garage band or big band. That wouldn’t be a very positive environment.

    And there is a spell-checker built into this comment section. The wiggly red line doesn’t mean you got extra points. It means that people will rip on you for awhile if you ignored it.

  21. I said that’s e-fuckin-enuff, ok? Now settle down!!

    FranklinOR death? Death please.

  22. Oh, PLEASE don’t ask Lamebook to ban us for observing that you misspelled a word in a sentence saying those who misspell words are dumbasses, therefore causing you to post like 14599234 rants on the subject. After all the Admins’ first priority is to make sure that hilarious gaffes are never called out.

    In any case I agree with Walter’s sentiment.

  23. Oh, PLEASE don’t ask L@mebook to ban us for observing that you misspelled a word in a sentence saying those who misspell words are dumb@sses, therefore causing you to post like 14599234 rants on the subject. After all the @dm!ns’ first priority is to make sure that hilarious gaffes are never called out.

    In any case I agree with Walter’s sentiment.

  24. Well thank you mad2. I appreciate it. You haven’t agreed with any of my sentiments since that time when I commented on how great it would be if you dissappeared from the lamebook comments section for a very, very long time.

  25. Hahahaha, Walter and Physicist!! that is awesome!!

  26. Can’t tell if trolling or…

  27. I felt suicidal after reading some of the bullying that has been going on as part of this thread, but don’t worry I feel better now

  28. Aw poor Walter.

    Tom, I think posting it on Facebook ensures that you won’t live it down.

  29. successful troll is successful.

  30. But seriously… Disney?

  31. Oh how I’ve missed this.

  32. Brow is a douchebag. And there are funny humanoids posting on this thread.

  33. comparethemeerkat

    And the irony troll wins yet again.

    Good work Walt.

  34. vaginalroundhouse

    I believe a Tex Mex rape is a 3 way, in which you are repeatedly raped by a Mexican and Texan. Whether is can be vaginal/oral, vaginal/anal double vag, double anal, double oral, etc. Use your imagination.

  35. @Walter, I’m pretty sure the irony of your statement was the funniest part of this LB post. Besides the misspellings, you talked about how the “dumasses” try to defend their “ignorence”. And yet.. when you get called out for not spelling correctly, you prove your dumbass ignorance while trying to defend yourself.

    Get over it.

    (and yes, misspelled is spelling with 2 s’s)
    (and yes, I did take an extra large bitch pill today and you’re the receiving end!!)

  36. ktandl313, it’s been pointed out more than once that he was trolling. So he misspelled his words on purpose to attract the negativity of self-righteous blockheads like you. Did you wash your extra large bitch pill down with a glass of moron?

    I agree, Walter, you were one of the funniest parts of this post because you carried your joke through.

    I also chuckled to myself when I saw that iconic Disney font above a tattoo.

  37. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    ktandl313 is a fucking idiot.

  38. How is kt a self-righteous blockhead? For observing the irony that Walter deliberately inserted? Heaven forfend that a person who makes a deliberately ironic post should have their post called ironic!
    Also I have concluded Walter is a hipster.

  39. Here everyone,have a can of chinga tu madre and a smile.

  40. I’ve always liked Mexican chicks, varoho.

  41. mad2physicist – kt thought that walter’s intentionally ironic post was unintentionally ironic. that’s why dcatherine called her a self-righteous blockhead. you really need to work on your reading comprehension. retrospectively, it’s no wonder you made such a twat of yourself trying to talk about philosophy – you can’t even understand the lamebook comments section!

    i can’t really agree with the acclaim for walter’s “successful troll”. it was one of the least subtle and unimaginative attempts at trolling i have ever witnessed. considering the fact that trolling the moronic peasants of lamebook is akin to shooting fish in a barrel, you might at least have tried to inject your effort with a bit of humour. must try harder, hipster.

  42. NSS.
    Heidegger sucks.

  43. Miss you too, buttercup.

  44. I smell gayness,is that you vincent ?

  45. I agree that it was lacking in technical skill, but he carried it through multiple comments and convinced several grammar-philes that he was serious. I guess I don’t see enough trolling, because I thought it was well received and therefore deserving of at least a 9.3.

    Minus 2 points if you actually trolled in your lensless Ray-Bans/American Apparel deep V-neck. 😐

  46. Are these guys new or something? Of course that was a troll. Do they not know the marvelous curse-fest that is usually Walter? Also, have I been on Lamebook for that long?

  47. dcatherine – you don’t get points for trolling provincial grammarians. you get points for eliciting a full-on meltdown from a fat bitch claiming to be an underwear model. or if you get one of the regulars really really angry, and they threaten never to talk to you again. or if you get someone to commit suicide on webcam.

    enjoy the memories:

  48. wow, there,s a lot of new commenters if they can’t tell if Walter’s trolling or not.
    Well done, IMO. It was entertaining to watch you spin it.

    Ah, I see Lex had pretty much the same thought. Great minds…

  49. I think those of you praising Walter’s trolling may well have missed the fact that the responses from grammar policepersons may or may not have been metatrolling, i.e. deliberately feeding the troll.

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