Monday, January 11, 2010

Keep it to Yourself, Ladies




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  1. Post the color of your vein-ladened meat pipe for awareness.

  2. Eeewwww, at the second. Pretty sure you’re not supposed to share anal cream…

  3. i find it deliciously ironic that olivia lent her ass-rash cream to ‘destiny’.

  4. My favorite “color” posting was “hirsute.”

  5. Mark Lee, Eeeewwww at hirsute…

  6. Jackie S must of not got the memo, your suppose to post the color to “make the guys wonder whats going on” not post telling why everyone other female on Facebook had a color for their status. Some things can fly right over a jackass…

    And the 3rd post wasn’t even funny, “sausage” wow… I guess it was lame but in a “shouldn’t of wasted our time” kinda way….

  7. lol grandma

  8. GrammaticalErrors

    ok I hate when people correct grammar and shit on the net, when you get the idea and you know what they are saying but you’re just being pedantic. Seriously though, I know my grammar is not perfect by any means but wtf is “I borrowed you that” that’s beyond what even I can handle!

    And yes, I really don’t think people should be sharing their anal treatments! I really hope these people are infertile!

  9. if they’re not infertile now they soon will be once the clamydia kicks in.

  10. If Paco keeps hitting the back door, that’s at least one we don’t have to worry about procreating.

  11. Yep officially the dirtiest thing I’ve ever heard. Am I the only one that wouldn’t even tell someone about this kind of situation LET ALONE F’IN SHARE MY BUTT CREAM. I don’t know…

  12. Huh huh, 2RedNeck4U uses butt cream.

  13. The whole bra color posting thing is stupid. You’re not raising breast cancer awareness, you’re raising awareness for the color of your underwear.

    Might as well confess that your white granny panties have skidmarks on them for colon cancer awareness.

  14. @Ro: Agreed.

  15. The first post was great! hahaha, grandma

  16. @Ro Agreed. I personally reckon the whole bra colour thing was started by some dirty old man with a fetish for dumb women’s bras and is jacking off every time he sees one of these status postings.

  17. Grandma FTW!

    I would love my Grandma for doing this. Haha.

  18. I also agree with RollTideRoll, 3rd post was lame, even for lamebook.

  19. Ro: The bra thing was something for girls to do “for fun” and to build awareness for breast-cancer. There was more to it then just the status colors but it wasn’t for guys so it was kinda kept quite. I guess the moms and the foundation didnt think bout how immature kids (Jackie S, Joe) would react to such a small thing.

  20. Nerdy Nerdenstein

    At first, I thought Ashlynn was a bitch for calling Olivia out. But she apparently had no shame. In fact, she probably posted it on Ashlynn’s wall first.

  21. I wonder why Jackie and grandma had already had conversation about “this.”

  22. @ 10 & 16


  23. Oddly enough I’m more offended over the borrowed/lent issue than the sharing of cream. I’m with the others – let them carry on that way, at least there won’t be any procreation.

  24. I was disturbed when I found out (curiosity got the best of me) what the whole color thing was about. Going around school knowing your friends bra color made the whole day…weird. For the lack of a better word.

    My friends and I, of course, had fun with it, and started posting “our colors”. Glow in the dark ftw!

  25. That whole bra thing was so stupid! I was hoping it would end up here. Nobody cares what colour your bra is except for all the pervs that were probably fapping away that day.

    If you want to help cure cancer actually go out and do something. Donate money or go volunteer at a hospital. Don’t pretend like you’re helping anyone with your stupid Facebook posts! I think crap like that hurts the cause because it gives people a false sense of accomplishment. They feel they have done their good deed for the day but they haven’t done anything at all!

    And that is my rant.

  26. TMI TMI! Hahaha but its so funny

  27. Also, I think it’s obvious that Ashlynn and Olivia were just joking. Paco? Come on.

  28. @ Walter – I think Grandma has posted more embarrasing stuff on her wall before… that is why they have had this talk before…

    As for sharing rash cream – I think they are bound to share some STD’s too sooner or later… XD

  29. The first one has obviously been set up.

  30. I must have missed the whole multi-coloured tit thing, but then any sensible lady who knows me in the slightest would not engage me in any kind of underwear banter of any sort.

    I worry that sophia is flouncing around without being properly strapped up, her saddlebags will be flapping in the wind by now I bet.

    As for the Arse Attack girls, I’m betting it’s not the first load of cream they’ve swapped.

  31. I eat Turtles!

  32. I borrowed you? I’m sorry but huh? Do they know what they sound like other than slightly thick?

  33. @ Imamofo

    Multi-coloured tit thing
    That made my day thanks

  34. Paco FTW

  35. Andrew thinks it’s “so hot” knowing that someone he knows is wearing a black bra? Andrew needs to get a life.

  36. haha love the granny , still sharp as a razor at her age.

    Btw been away for a while and seem to be missing the Kaoss, Seabea and Svetlana connection , where have they gone 2 ?

  37. I like turtles.

  38. Am I the only one slightly aroused by the 2nd post!???

  39. Ashlynn “borrowed” the anal cream to destiny, who was subsequently seen “flaunting it around at some party”.

    I’ll bet destiny was the life of that particular shindig.

  40. I think 1 and 2 are fake. 3 FTW.

  41. hootie the blowfish

    People in pretty much every English-speaking country besides America use “borrowed” the way it is used in these comments. Just because someone doesn’t speak the way you do, it doesn’t mean they are retarded. I love the irony in posters claiming that makes those people seem stupid, when the ignorance and judgmental attitude of the posters themselves is the problem.

  42. Hootie, “i need that cream i borrowed you a week ago back” is completely and totally grammatically incorrect, regardless of where you are from or your background. The opposite of “Borrow” is “Leant”, which is what Olivia should have said. Using the opposite of the word you actually mean to use IS retarded.

  43. I’m going to disagree with you Hootie the Troll.
    I’m from Canada. I’ve never heard or read, anyone use the term “borrowed” that way.

    “I need that cream I borrowed FROM you,”
    “Almost positive you LENT that cream”

    quit ragging on Americans, You sound like a douche. Eh.

  44. P.s re: “every English-speaking country besides America…”: I don’t know where you are from, but I’m in the UK and have several friends from Aus, NZ and SA and I have never heard an intelligent, educated person use this phrase. Only morons.

  45. @41
    “People in pretty much every English-speaking country besides America use “borrowed” the way it is used in these comments.”

    Can someone confirm or deny this? The only people I have heard use this turn of phrase are they same type of people who might use “axe” for “ask”.

    Also, if you come here looking for non-judgmental and supportive comment, you’ve come to the wrong place my friend.

  46. hootie the blowfish

    “I’m from Canada. I’ve never heard or read, anyone use the term “borrowed” that way.”

    OK, everywhere but America and Canada.

    “quit ragging on Americans, You sound like a douche. Eh.”

    I’m American. I live in Colorado. Douches are the ones calling people “thick” and saying they shouldn’t reproduce because they speak differently.

    “P.s re: “every English-speaking country besides America…”: I don’t know where you are from, but I’m in the UK and have several friends from Aus, NZ and SA and I have never heard an intelligent, educated person use this phrase. Only morons.”

    Well … you need to get out more. I lived in England then Ireland for about six years and EVERYONE spoke that way. So do the Aussie and Kiwi friends I have.

  47. The Susan G. Komen for the Cure organization was among those asked if it was responsible. Andrea Rader, a spokeswoman for the group, said it did not launch the effort but called it “a terrific tool for raising awareness.”

    “We just hope people act on it,” Rader said. “Get educated. Get a mammogram.”

    Well, the Susan G. Komen org. didn’t think it was a stupid idea. What is so different than a “Save the Ta Ta’s” bumper sticker?

  48. I should have refreshed… (or, to appeal to Hooties sense of the English language – “…should of refreshed”.

    Thanks Lizzle and ApplesauceBitch.

  49. “Well … you need to get out more.”

    …And associate with idiots and imbeciles with no grasp of basic English? No thanks.

  50. P.S and “EVERYONE” spoke that way? I call bullshit, you are lying out of your ass. None of my friends speak like that. Except for, as I said, ill-educated chavs.

    People can’t help it if they are badly educated and don’t have a good grasp of grammar. But what they don’t need is bleeding-heart liberals like yourself saying that their glaring errors are acceptable. If everyone thought like you, no one would ever get an education and we’d still be living in huts, grunting at each other and clubbing each other over the head.

  51. I’ve spent my whole life in England and Wales and only ever met one person use the phrase ‘can you borrow me that?’. She was in primary school. She now says it properly.

    So make it everywhere except America, Canada, England and Wales (just need Scotland and we got all of Britain)…

  52. So the whole, post-the-color-of-your-bra thing was confusing at first, but then I saw that my wife had posted “black with gold sparkles” and I was like…”oohhh… that’s dumb”. That doesn’t raise awareness of breast cancer! Every STRAIGHT guy who finally understood what it meant thought about the same thing… BOOBS! Yes, it raises awareness of breasts among women, but guys, seriously… ask yourself this question- “Am I not thinking about breasts enough without having every woman I know post the color of their boob-holders..err, bra?”. That, in itself, was lame… And women think we bring it on ourselves… psh! ;)

  53. Breast-awareness is NOT my problem. :D

  54. MNic, I’m female and I agree with you 100%, the whole thing was pointless and did not raise awareness at all. Hence why I didn’t participate in it.

  55. Yeah, I’m pretty sure the only reason why my wife did it was to bug me:) That and she was wearing her favorite one at the time.

  56. Sorry Hootie but you’re quite wrong.

    I’m British, having grown up in London but taught in schools in both the north and south of the country. I also have friends and colleagues from all over the U.K. and a handful of Ozzies and Kiwis I worked with in London, too. Anyway, “qualifications” aside: it seems to me that you’re getting confused. This “borrowed” thing is quite peculiar and not used by “EVERYONE” as you are suggesting.

    Sure, a kid in Liverpool might ask his teacher, “Miss, can I lend a pencil?” However, he would never say “The teacher borrowed me a pencil”. He just wouldn’t use the word borrow at all, really.

    I’ve heard Irish people talk about “getting a lend” (instead of a loan).

    But using the word “borrow” to mean “lend”? Never heard it, ever. The above 2 examples are the only similar ones I’ve heard, and I’ve been about. If this strange usage of “borrow” exists at all (outside of the above Facebook comment), then it’s certainly not as widespread as you suggested.

    So please, Hootie, stop pulling this crap out of your arse.

    Oh, and I agree with Lizzle. It’s kind of silly the way you a) think no one should correct anyone’s grammatical mistakes and b) call people “ignorant” just because they aren’t aware of some obscure aspect of a certain dialect in a country far away from them. Stop trying to represent the people you have nothing to do with. We don’t talk the way you say we do, and if we did, we could survive a small handful of Lamebook commentators making fun of our accents.

  57. I was born and raised in the UK, never once heard the word ‘borrowed’ used in that context. It sounds completely fucking ridiculous.

    “So make it everywhere except America, Canada, England and Wales (just need Scotland and we got all of Britain)…”

    I’m from Scotland so you can add Scotland to the list too. Not even heard the neds using borrowed in that way.

  58. I hear it all the time in the US. Constantly.

    The fact of the matter is that it’s improper English, US or otherwise.

  59. I have NEVER heard ‘borrowed’ in that context. It is ridiculous. It’s the same thing when people say they ”itched’ a ‘scratch”! It drives me nuts. You scratch itches… not the other way around.

  60. @MNic: I’m inclined to think that people “itching a scratch” just misspoke. The words are sort of similar… not very, but easy enough to transpose.

    Borrowing a thing to someone, though? That means you’re an idiot.

  61. I love when people raise awareness! Why do anything useful, like also post a link to a cancer site or somewhere to educate people? How the hell does it help anything when all the ladies on your friends list post a color? This doesn’t help research or funding. It’s just annoying. Really, who is not aware of CANCER? I’d like to take this moment to make you aware of underwear. Did you know that people wear them? Did you know that some people don’t? Did you know they come in different styles? Did you know some people call them “knickers.” I call mine panties. I don’t want you do anything with this info. I just wanted you to be aware.

  62. @Chinchillazilla -Alas, this is not the case. I can’t even tell you the amount of times I’ve heard people say something similar to this, “I had to itch my back”. But yes, anyone that ‘borrows’ someone something… needs to be poked in the eye with a big toe rotting with athlete’s foot.

  63. I always think these lamebook discussions about spelling and grammar are a bit lame in themselves so don’t tend to join in, however, as a Brit now living in America I can confirm that I have heard “borrow” used in the context of “can you borrow me that..” and indeed often those people also “axe” questions, not yet in America, but I’m sure given time…. In my experience (a dozen + schools during training and employment in the UK: SW and East Anglia) the persons concerned were under 18 and of Afro Caribbean descent (I’m guessing all were British born.) This is quite a distinct dialect, and although this phrase is grammatically incorrect, within its cultural context I feel it should be allowed to go unchallenged (mho anyway.) It’s no more annoying or incorrect than “can I have a lend of…” which others have pointed out is also in common usage certainly in parts of the UK if not elsewhere (another one I’ve heard a lot over the years.) By all means answer people who ask these questions in this way with the correct language, and I’d hate to see it start appearing in print and on news reports etc. but let’s not be too snooty about it (particularly if there are going to be other errors in those criticism filled posts!)

    ..and yes MNic people that “itch scratches” irritate me to.

    To the people who keep commenting on the grammar issues, just join “For Every Time You Misuse an Apostrophe, I’m Going to Remove a Finger” on Facebook where you will find many like minded souls.

  64. AAAgh you see there’s a typo in there too, who’ll be the first to spot it

  65. I frequently hear people swapping “borrow” and “lend”.

    He borrowed me a tenner… (LENT!)
    Can I lend that book off you… (BORROW! FROM!)

    I’m from Wales, since we’re comparing geographical dialects. Is someone going to draw us a map?

    I don’t correct my friends, since some of them are genuinely unaware that there’s a difference, and it’s not worth the social awkwardness. I just twitch slightly inside, just like when they say “I seen him” (SAW!) or “She text me yesterday”. (TEXTED! If you’re going to use “text” as a verb, then at least do it properly!)

    Thank you for reading, I’m sure it’s been as therapeutic for you as it has for me.

  66. So if we’re swapping around “borrow” and “lend” now, does that mean I can do it with other stuff as well? Like, whenever I read a book can I now say I wrote it?

  67. GrammaticalErrors

    @hootie the blowfish…I am from Australia and no educated, even uneducated, person I have ever met here has used “borrowed” in that way! I’m sorry but I have to say it’s simply incorrect.

    You say we shouldn’t say things about people just because they speak differently, well this isn’t a case of using a phrase in a different context such as “i was pissed” meaning either I was angry, or I was drunk, or spelling something with a Z not an S, this is just WRONG! They are obviously speaking English, (well trying to) and the English language just doesn’t use “borrowed” in that way. I’m certainly not perfect when it comes to grammar but thats just glaring.

    @50 Lizzle you hit the nail on the head….with a club lol.

  68. How ridiculous. Borrow and lend are opposites like black and white. Anyone who thinks they are interchangeable doesn’t know how to talk properly. I remember kids having trouble with this when I was in grade two.

  69. he whole Bra coloUr thing was lame in itself, not to mention obvious.

  70. bra color, who cares.

    Slightly disturbed that Ashlynn, Olivia and Destiny are sharing the same tube of butthole inflamation ointment. *shudder*

    Makes me wonder since they share the cure whether they are also sharing the cause.

  71. 1. Only people who use the word “borrowed” incorrectly would get so defensive about it. Just a thought. I have an acquaintance who used it in an email, and I tried to correct her to no avail… Moron. “Can I have the book back that I borrowed to you?” WTF?

    2. I’m inclined to believe that the “ass cream” these girls are talking about is something like the stuff they sell at passion parties? I can’t imagine flaunting Prep H at a party or something… but I can imagine some dumb slut flaunting her jar of “Booty Ease” at a party for attention. Glad I missed that party.

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