Friday, November 6, 2009

It’s the Weekend. Get Durnk.


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  1. I like where her head is at.

  2. It is my opinion that those who text/post/twitter drunk are not really drunk or planned to do so well before actually getting drunk.

  3. NICE. short, sweet, to the point. I’m going to get drunk!

  4. No shti.

  5. What’s wrong with being drunk?

    Ask a glass of water.

  6. Actually, that’s the sound of her forehead hitting the desk as she passes out.

  7. oh rly?

  8. im drnku too!

  9. Closing one eye can stiil see letters not durnk.

  10. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Stone clod sobre here.

  11. Stone clod sobre, eh?

  12. Just the name said it all.

  13. Durnk could probably pass as a last name, actually.

  14. SLUTT!!!

  15. When i want to sound drunk on facebook i always misspell my words. like, who is going to believe you if you just put ‘drunk’. obviously you can spell, so you cant be very drunk. LAME.

  16. Yeah, this isn’t at all funny. Who has mistyped the order of letters before?

  17. You are all twats.

  18. Lamest lamebook evar!

  19. ok.

  20. Oh noes, I know her.
    Nothing says sophisticated like being underage and broadcasting illegal activities for everyone to see.

  21. I'm canadian also

    I feel like if I saw this as my friends status I would not send it in. kinda week.

  22. I’m canadian also thinks this is weak because she can’t spell either!

  23. Not funny. Not lame.

  24. God who cares if you don’t find it funny or lame. STFU.

  25. Insightful Pauly, thank you.

  26. thats so fake. everyone knows when you typo drunk when your drunk its actually “drubk” at least with a not keyboard phone.

  27. um milena, this is lamebook. not TFLN. they’d be using a computer, not a phone.

  28. Jennie, you know that people can access Facebook from their phones, right? And that one is far more likely to be near a phone than near a computer while drunk?

  29. Phone or computer, it’s still lame. And it seems like she’s just saying it to sound like a cool 16 year old.

  30. Bro whatever. There is a bitch in a previous post giving birth to a baby in a kiddy pool.

  31. all the peopel hatin on this obviously cant get drunk on a friday night. adly i only have a buzz. where is parisa (only if she’s a hot chick. then we’ll see if i’d tap)

  32. Geonardo DiMetrio

    @lauren and milena: pretty sure when someone updates Facebook from their phone, it says “sent via mobile” or something like that underneath. So this WAS likely written on a computer.

  33. She gotta durnk. She gotta durnk.

  34. Parisa.


  35. ParisaHilton

  36. bump

  37. @28…

    if it was via phone, it would have a phone icon next to where it says “15 minutes ago”…

  38. “Ossifer! Ossifer! I’m not as think as you drunk I am!”

  39. “I think somebody’s had tee many martoonies!”

  40. this is really not that funny

  41. It’s simple, effective, and made me laugh when I read it.

  42. How on earth did this make the site? It’s about as funny as aids.

  43. Aids can be funny, if you got it from a clown.

  44. …And why on earth would you want to tell people you’re drunk, when you aren’t? Is that some sort of crap self-validation shit you’ve got going on there?

  45. UGH @15

  46. @Anna & Rik

    How many HIV-positive people does it take to change a lightbulb?

    A: One!

  47. “AID’s is a state of mind, not a disease”- Actress Jenna Elfman

  48. How many people does it take to screw in a light bulb?

    A: Two, but how did they get inside the light bulb in the first place????

  49. hahahaha that is SO PATHETIC. IMAGINE she put up a picture of her SUCKING BLACK MONSTER COCK. that would be so good to suck some COCK that is MONSTER AND BLACK

  50. The lameness here is just posting this on lamebook..

  51. why did you write AID’s???

    doesn’t make sense

  52. It’s only funny when you read the headline Lamebook gave it. Other than that, hardly worth noting. I see this all the time otherwise.

    And to those who say there would be a phone icon on the post if it was made by phone, I say, “Photoshop.” It’s a possibility, no?

    That is all

  53. yeah, the only funny part is the title by lamebook.
    there’s nothing funny/special about the status. that’s pretty darn common…

  54. Jessica has no sense of humour.

  55. I just realised that this is it for this week ,I have to wait until monday. Now that’s lame .

  56. Real men get drunk every day.

  57. lamebook is lame.

    if first one doesnt work.

  58. Oh gosh, 57. From just reading her status + the comments I thought Kole was in the hospital with 3 years to live.

    Didn’t realise he was in a prison with 3 years left of his term.

    Oh, society.

  59. Really, what more can be expected from a girl whose name is a single letter away from being Paris?

    Although generally I find texts/updates written while severely inebriated are reasonably well spelt, it’s more the meaning that gets a little lost along the way…

    @Iaow – Jenna Elfman’s a scientologist right?

  60. Does one (drunk, even!) typo seriously get you on lamebook? This is pretty worthless.

    Please storp sucking.

  61. lamebook is lame.

    lol. “i know about his other charge” that one got me. it’s like wtf was his other charge.

  62. her parents were also drunk when they named her

  63. @jelly – Indeed she is.

  64. Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Impressive really – when I’m too drunk to spell, my capitalisation and punctuation go out the window too . . .

    Durnka Durnka Jihad!

  65. fcuking gay

  66. @lamebook is lame.
    Your post is so much better than lamebooks! Hahaha.
    Why Does She Start Every Word With A Capital Letter? It Is Much More Time Consuming And Fucking Annoying. Though, maybe she has a lot of time to kill over the next three years…


  67. I drink..therefore I am durnk

  68. if she wasnt drunk then you’d maybe call this lame but i’ve seen worse drunk spelling so yeah this ent lame

  69. damn this is a pretty funny post, whos the sexy ass who posted it? ;)

  70. you are the sexy ass you posted it afdf. you are.

  71. :D

  72. I wish Parisa could see this site and the number of people who are impressed by her ~durnkeness~

  73. She was so drunk she remembered her username and password to log herself in…

  74. ^ to be fair Anna, I can remember my email address and password no matter how drunk I am. But, I’m permanently logged in on my laptop anyway (I get bored of logging in to stuff) so it wouldn’t be an issue anyway.

  75. get durnk don’t cur about spellin.

  76. got to get a life, I’ve come on lamebook maybe 8 times hoping for a new post and its the same. now that’s lame

  77. I don’t think they update on the weekend

  78. theyre too busy gettin durrnk.

  79. purple durnk.

  80. I suck cock for fun

  81. The higher lame rating means it’s better?

  82. “When i want to sound drunk on facebook i always misspell my words. like, who is going to believe you if you just put ‘drunk’. obviously you can spell, so you cant be very drunk. LAME.”

    I can still spell, no matter how drunk I am. I don’t even have trouble walking, either. It’s kind of weird. I just become more happy, outgoing, and confused.

  83. @82

    ironically i know a guy who gets better at puncuation, grammar, and spelling the more drunk he is.

  84. I’m nissed as a pewt! :)

  85. Drunk girls rock. End of statement.

  86. Drunk chicks are statistically 97.3% more likely to take it up the shitter. Yep.

  87. i can only speak foreign languages when durnk.

  88. i love loaded girls with porn star names on a friday night

  89. you can tell she’s underage too. Her profile pic looks like a homecoming shot.

  90. @flips

    Are you in any way related to username flip, who used to live with me three months ago but then just disappeared?

  91. @Boz
    ‘fraid not Boz! Was the disappearance suspicious?

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