Friday, February 5, 2010

It’s Shocking

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  1. I don’t get the first one.

  2. #2 is awesome. That’s definitely the behaviour of someone who “dONt KaRe”

  3. I dont get the first one either?

  4. #1 and #3 me either.

  5. ??????????????? sad lamebook… REALLY.SAD.

  6. #3 Is kinda freaking me out, and I really want to know what today is…

  7. The shocker – 2 in the pink, one in the stink.

  8. how do you people not get what is going on… the chick in the first one IS HOLDING UP THE SHOCKER!

    Read the titles. Jesus Christ.

  9. I STILL don’t get the first one though. And #3, I thought it was the pink/stink thing, but then what’s on their faces? Too confusing!

  10. #8 sorry, I guess we’re all not “cool” enough to know what “The Shocker” is.

  11. Oh wait, ok, I get the first one now. That’s rubbish (and I’ve never heard it called “the shocker” before)

  12. Beau, ask your Mom. Then you will be “cool.”

  13. He put a ring on Amy’s finger, now Amy wants him to put his finger up her ring (and two in her clopper).

  14. Wow. Making an insulting photoshop (or whatever that is) picture to show that you’re upset at an incestuous relationship. Now that’s classy.

  15. I don’t get it either.

  16. I don’t find it that shocking to put a finger up someones ass while having intercourse. It is sexually stimulating.

  17. Beau, do the shocker on your Mom. Then you will be more shocking than Riiiccckkkyyy in #2

  18. And I still don’t completely know what’s going on in 2. They’re holding up the shocker sign, I know, but what’s with the creepy matching tee shirts? And the brown substance on their mouths? And why do they all look like they’re about 14 years old? Creepy!

  19. Oops, I meant 3.

  20. The shocker is a common American term. I’m sure other countries have some term for the same thing. In England they call it the “Slow Win”, in Turkey they call it “The Filler”, in Thailand they call it “Sensing Danger” and in certain parts of Canada they call it “Please don’t shit on my pinky”

    But they all involve “two in the pink, one in the stink.”

    - You NEVER go ass to mouth…. ok, you sometimes go ass to mouth.

  21. i thought the chick in number 1 had no finger?

  22. @Anonanus: It’s shocking because the recipient is actually only expecting a little tickle on her clopper, but you gain forceful entry with two fingers in the front door, and as an even more unexpected bonus the little finger kicks in the back door too. You should see the look on her face…

  23. Matty, i think most people know what the shocker is. what we don’t get is why #1 is even on Lamebook. it’s not funny. look to #3 for a (somewhat) funny shocker picture.

  24. “incest ass” – quote of the day.

  25. @mcowles: Ass to mouth egh?

    I’m loving the “Sensing Danger”, amazing!

  26. @Katt

    No one knows what #3 really is… I’m assuming it was some sort of “pie eating contest” or maybe an ice cream eating contest or something weird. The t-shirts make it seem like they were on a team of some sort and the fact that their faces are all messy makes me think they were eating without their hands. After the contest, they wiped their mouths off a LITTLE and thus, their hands are brown due to some sort of chocolate.

    Or maybe they’re pledging a sorority (matching shirts to show solidarity and to show that they’re not members yet) and one of the “hazing” things was to do something messy like that. Either situation could warrant her “jealous” comment. I’m sure her shocker hands were for something else… maybe 21? Who knows?

    But the main point is that she has brown on her hands and is doing an inadvertant shocker symbol, so let’s all concentrate on that, and maybe someone can buy me an ice cream cone.

  27. @sarayve

    When’s the time in someone’s life that an accidental shocker sign is the most out of place? When showing off a wedding ring. The only other time would be if a mother was giving birth and was accidentally showing the shocker sign.

    It’s so out of place, that it works (somewhat) for Lamebook. I agree it’s not great, though, haha.

  28. Um… just… what the fuck?

    #2 especially.

    Not as in ‘explain it to me’, cos I’m pretty sure I’ve picked up whatever the fuck ‘The Shocker’ is. But… wow.

  29. i dunno, mcowles. i think the most ironic part about it is the friend’s comment underneath it. “i bet you were shocked…” but, i still couldn’t muster a laugh or even a chuckle. womp womp.

  30. Pretty much you have to be under the age of 30 to get “the shocker” or think it’s funny. It was all the rage among teenagers in the 90s… before then, I’d never heard of it.

  31. @ scd

    I dont find the shocker itself funny… Its actually useful… But I find it funny when people give the sign and dont understand the meaning

  32. lostintranslation

    @Mercure: your comment (#13) had me in a fit of giggles. Far more humorous than the actual post!

  33. I didn’t get the shocker thing either until I read the comments. Who runs this website? 16 year olds? Once again, I find myself…feeling old! lol

    People who are in their 30′s WERE teenagers in the 90′s…I’m 31…I turned 13 in 1991. I turned 19 in 1997.

    I find the entire engagement ring silly. Though! I do find it hilarious, the implication that now that there is a ring on her finger she’s ok with a finger up her ass. There was an episode of Sex and the City like that.

  34. I think I am in love with Penny Lane and Mcowles. I keep coming back to read their comments. (Comments Stalker? huh!)
    @BritishHobo: If any one of them fade away in obscurity, you are next in line for promotion.

  35. #1 The shocker is that he suprised her with a ring (the real question remains: Did he go to Jared’s?

    #2 Shocking that they cousins are right out there with there inbreeding

    #3 I do not know what the shocker is in this photo other than the girls are covered in what is probably chocolate icing but does resemble poo. Which was all the naughty @mcowles needs to start leaving us with lusty imagery of digital manipulations ;)

  36. If its REALLY choclate then I am ready to lick them clean… Dont get me wrong, I am not pervert. Just trying to help the damsels in distress.

  37. *not a pervert
    (Better correct it before the grammar police read me my rights and then go on to take them away)

  38. oops there = their, lol. Cut me some slack kids, I’m working here.

  39. yaya…you Jared’s joke made me laugh DAMN YOU!

    Also, is it possible that this thumb to ring finger also means (in the more virginated parts of our population) engaged?

    Oh and anyone who is a fan of my brothers yet, here is another one. My brothers would have my mom make that hand gesture (though it was a bit different, no spreading of fingers) for photos! My mom had a photo of herself with her sons for YEARS all three making that gesture. CLASSY world I come from.

  40. Penny Lane I told you you were old! But I agree with Mr TP.

  41. About reading your comments, not licking underage girls, that is.

  42. I had never heard that maneuver called “the shocker” – I just call that saturday nite.

  43. How many brothers do you have, Penny Lane? I want to meet them all – they sound hilarious!

  44. I think the grammar police have become a grammar Gestapo. People are shaking in their stiefels.

  45. lol @PennyLane your brothers sounds like something else. Your family seems fun like mine :)

  46. I only have two brothers, but they have very full personalities.

  47. I didnt realize they were underage… being a real Gentleman, I apologize to them, to you and to my fans.
    I swear in front of you all here today that I will wait for them to be adults before I lick them…
    Or on second thoughts, choclate may not taste that good after so many years.
    *Re-thinking the whole offer*

  48. #3 is probably someone’s birthday (thus the t-shirts) and they have cake all over them.

  49. Ok, I take back my thumbs down for this, after much thought. The first picture, the more I look at it the more I giggle.

  50. Penny Lane -

    Yeah, you’re right. I keep forgetting that I’m in my 40s now! :(

  51. Awww! YAY! You’re older than me! lol

  52. whY dO PeOpLe TyPe LiKe ThIs…it’s so annoying!

  53. @Penny Lane: I am 33 (if that gives you more happiness) :-)

  54. Mr TP, you know what made me feel old for the first time in my entire life? When my husband pointed out that next year, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” will be TWENTY YEARS OLD.

  55. “Three Sorority Girls, One Cup”

  56. HAGGIE FTW!!!

  57. Wow, all older than me (not by much, though, haha)

    Yaya, is Jared’s that big throughout the USA? I thought it was only a midwest thing. I was about to ask if you were near me (as I’m flooded with those damn commercials daily, it seems), but then Penny Lane said she knew of it also so now I’m just confused.

    I bet they’re all on a girl’s soccer team. Notice the matching red shirts underneath? Maybe jerseys? The oversized shirts on top of them? Lots of pony tails and excitement? I bet they just won something and this was a victory party that turned into a food fight/bra exchanging giggle-fest.

    Girls do that, right? Exchange bras and giggle a lot?

    @Mr. TP… I can’t say that I love you until you buy me dinner. It’s a rule I have as a lil ol’ midwestern girl. I mean boy.

  58. Haggie ftw! But yuck.

  59. I know what today is!!!
    Is it a 2g1c reinactment competition!?

  60. @mcowles Jareds is a big deal only because they have a massive add campaign going on right now with these commercials that give men the impression that if they haven’t gotten their woman’s jewels from Jareds they are somehow running the risk that the woman will reject it as not good enough.

    yeah, cause every woman I know will only accept jewelry that was purchased at Jareds NOT.

    As far as what girls do, you fellas should all know that myself, @PennyLane, @eenerbl and several others get together all the time and have pillow fights wearing nothing but tiny tees and skimpy panties. Furthermore, all the action takes place in super slow motion, with much bouncing.

  61. Hey Yaya, can I get a ticket to one of those “tiny tees and skimpy panties” events?

  62. the first one is the shocker, similar to that of the third one.

    if you don’t know what the shocker is, you’re missing out on fun.

  63. you don’t know what the shocker is??? psshhh what now you’re going to say you don’t know what raw-dog is either??? I can show you. Give me a call at 1-800-BIG-BANG ask for D. Sanchez

  64. This is hilarious! check out this site… It’s about the ASU track team trickin George Dubyah into showing the shocker sign! hahaha

  65. Sure @MrTP the cost of admission to the panty party is a trip to . . .Jareds!

  66. I didn’t understand any of these. Perhaps I’m just an idiot, but what the hell is a shocker?

  67. @yaya: You are correct. As a matter of fact, my coworkers and I are currently wearing white skin tight tees and panties, no bras (of coarse) and we are throwing pillows (that we keep at work, duh!) at each other. Doesn’t every girl do that? I think yes!

  68. Ok the first one isn’t even remotly funny, the second one is gross and the third one is a bit weird. None of these are funny at all

  69. i get that they’re holding up ‘the shocker’ but i dont get what today is!!! lol

  70. Lady Dane, I felt that way in the beginning, but the first one grew on me. This picture could have so many hilarious captions…like, “He went here, so I’ll go there.” Or something like, “Now I AM that kind of girl.” Or maybe, “Look what I got on my finger…guess what he’ll get on his finger!”

  71. I didn’t even know what a “shocker” was nor that there was an international sign for it. Lamebook has educated me once again!

  72. @Leebo Hooray for the internets!

  73. @Gives you the Angry Dragon.

    That’s my favorite one, even if it doesn’t actually happen in the bedroom.

  74. Nothing says “I’m over you” like editing the crap out of a picture and posting it on facebook to show just how much you don’t care….

  75. hahahahaha nice one #13 (mercure), love it!

    and i can’t believe how many ppl commented they don’t get it _after_ it was explained. pix 1 + 3 fkn rule mun, pic#1 ftw deffo!

  76. I’m not sure what the worst part of number 2 is.

    The spelling? The fonts?
    I’m gonna have to go with the border.

  77. That’s some pretty garish colouring, there.

  78. BritishHobo…what about using Paint for graphic design? LOL!

  79. #3 looks like those girls’ faces have been all up in the stink

  80. @Penny Lane: :P I’ve given it thought and I have to say that the worst thing of all is hOw ShE kEepS TyPiNg LiKe ThIs.
    That’s gotta take an absolute age.

  81. @Penny Lane: I just had a flash back to 1998, I used to love paint! I have since, moved on to bigger and better things, like Paint “Pro”!

  82. mcowles. loved your ” two in the pink…etc ” line, haven’t heard it before, and it’s the only thing that’s done anything for me on this post, so props fella

  83. The only thing more boring than this post was all the above commentors feeling the need to share their life stories and courting each other. It’s lamebook not a fucking dating site! Bring back the funny comments

  84. the women in #3 aren’t even doing the shocker, they’re doing the Version 1, pitchfork, whatever sign.

  85. Why would people not like this? I understand this site less every day.

  86. lol now there is my giggles, funny pictures and even funnier comments. I would like to give a special thanks to: 20.mcowles sensing danger, love it.

  87. HAHAHAHAHA! OMG @ the Riiiccckkkyyy!

    The third one is just gross. They have brown shit all over their faces! *GAG*

  88. I am about 95% sure that number 3 has nothing to do with the shocker.

    These girls most likely go to the University of Houston and that hand sign is not the shocker, it is the Cougar hand sign. Their red shirts underneath the white ones is a pretty big give away. Plus the shocker faces towards the person, the Coog hand sign faces outwards. And also, for the record, this handsign is over 60 years old, much older than the shocker.

  89. and i am 100% sure number 3 has everything to do with the shocker. read the photo caption?

  90. the lamest people on lamebook are you commenters. i love how you don’t understand the funnys, and you are all like, lameass lamebook commenting friends? and what, no “first” or zombie stupid shit this time?

    i’m pretty sure that all these idiot entries come from you fine losers.

  91. @ katethecurst – feed the trolls, for your rage and holier than thou attitude is like candy.

  92. wow! I can’t believe some of you guys, I thought the first one was the funniest, bitch is completely oblivious to the way she’s holding her hand and comment underneath says ‘I bet you were shocked’ you can’t make up this shit.

  93. YES! Justbeingmiley!!!! I have actually giggle out loud a few times thinking about that picture the last few days. That was either planned in such a subtle way that they are brilliant, OR they are just oblivious. Either way=funnay

  94. @lawlz: Thanks, I logged in to make the same comment, but you beat me to it. #3 isn’t the shocker.

  95. To everyone:
    I am the girl in picture #3 and since you all have absolutely gone mad with these crazy assumptions let me tell you the story behind this picture:
    I am on a club volleyball team and we made t-shirts for our coach who’s birthday was that day which is why we all have them on. We went out to dinner and had chocolate cake for her birthday and got into a food fight AND about the shocker sign? Well, we were just acting immature I guess… and of course I know what it means to you all who claim I don’t. “Two in the goo, one in the poo,” “Two in the pink, one in the stink.”

  96. thanks @maddieSHOCKER for filling us in. The pic was certainly enough to give us all something to laugh, joke and talk about for days, hats off.

  97. hahah well in that case you’re welcome!

  98. Maddie FTW! :)

  99. ROFL!!! 2 in the goo, 1 in the poo!!!!!!

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