Tuesday, August 18, 2009

It’s Complicated



Lamester Review:


It definitely wasn’t complicated to figure out who today’s lamester award goes to. Sierra, we congratulate you! It sounds like you have had a pretty rough year, while ol’ Gary has been livin’ it up. So here is your award. Go shove it in Gary’s face. Who knows? He just might take you back.


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  1. sweet jesus complicated don’t even come close.get a fucking grip woman.

  2. jesus. ‘Fatal Attraction’ much?!

  3. This is absolutely pathetic.

  4. Blimey. Lets hope this is some teenage drama and not actual adults eh?

  5. Without a doubt, hands down the best post of all time. Good freaking lord. That was awesome.

  6. Niggers?

  7. i’m betting sierra and gary are still at it though. such a heartwarming love story to tell the grandkiddies.

  8. Best ending ever to the lamest lamebook day ever! Very nice!

    Best. Post. Ever. I am sitting across from my boss and started laughing out loud at least 5 times during that!

  9. As amazing is this is, I think it’s even more amazing that someone went to the trouble of screen capturing all that. I hope there wasn’t too much in between to fillet out!

  10. Fuck.

  11. Baby, I’m sorry.

  12. no joke fterklang, this post was on going for over a year and a half. I choose to believe that no one posted a single thing for 20 months, even if there’s very little chance that’s true.

  13. BAHA @ Gary ^

  14. This is emotionally exhausting.

  15. [Doug: "I choose to believe that no one posted a single thing for 20 months, even if there’s very little chance that’s true."

    'Could be true... I mean, does a person as desperate as this have many friends? Or...

    To me, it seems that this was taking place for a significant amount of time, prior to what we can see above, and an observant friend of Sierra's, in spite of Sierra's excessive desperation and gullibility, decided to keep track by taking one or several screenshots of relevent postings during each of their Facebook visits or over a span of time to expose this horrendous stupidity to the world, once and for all.

    Either way, Watafag. [Sierra]

    To my friend who has subjected me to this website’s material, thank you. I’ll enjoy it.

  16. This is what lamebook was made for!

  17. My love for the internet is rekindled.

  18. Haha, well…
    Perhaps I’ll devise some entries of my own.

    That was fun.

  19. Jonas is an idiot

    wow…who takes the time to post this..pretty good tho

  20. I’m nauseous from this digital emotional roller coaster ride.

  21. It just wouldn’t stop!! I’d like to meet Sierra so I can punch her in the face. What an idiot.

  22. HOLY

    At first I didn’t see the “Read the rest of this entry” part, and I was thinking “woow” already. Then I opened it fully..

  23. my very good friend is gary
    gary i think actually has a lot of problems

  24. OMG

    I don’t even know what to say, that’s just really pathetic and I feel really embarrassed for her

  25. went from being “single” to “schizophrenic”.

  26. tl;dr

  27. lol at Sierra ^

  28. omg

  29. Give me my password.

  30. This reminds me of the plot for a little movie I like to call “Annie Hall”.

  31. I hate this post!
    no wait I love it!
    …no, i can’t stand it
    …WAIT it’s funny!!!
    I don’t think she’s confused, I think she’s a tad bit Bipolar!

  32. you know what you get when you combine the names sierra and gary?


    which is pretty close to what this endless chain of complications is.

  33. at #25: LOL!

  34. god.
    this is why teenagers with actual relationships arent taken seriously.

    i was exhausted just reading this.

  35. I love this post more than life itself. I’m getting a tattoo of this.

  36. June 2, 2008: Sierra “is emotionally unstable.” Ha!

  37. I dunno. If it weren’t for girls like Sierra with absolutely no self-esteem, some of us would never get laid.

  38. That’s not true though, is it Sparky? ‘coz girls like Sierra spend all their time with GARY.

  39. @#6 WTF?

    i pooped a little

  41. #25. Ha!
    #29. Ha!
    #37. True dat.

    I love it at Feburary 25 when everybody is telling that bitch to grow the fuck up and to stop that mess and she’s like oh yes! And then right below it. Klassic.

  42. She’ll end up with everything she deserves. Unreal. People are stupid :\

  43. Facebook made the option of “It’s Complicated” for this very reason.

  44. He must have a really big penis.

    That’s the only explanation.

  45. Wait, a sec.. Why are the newest posts at the bottom? On facebook, newer posts are at the top.

    This must be fake.

  46. @ #44: Yep..she’s completely dickmatized.


  48. [...] Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting different results [...]

  49. Fuck my fucking life. Speechless.
    The only thing that could possibly have made this lamer would be if someone “liked” on Sienna being in a relationship. Again.

  50. And secondly, does it count as making it a whole year if you were split up for roughly six months of it?

  51. I know girls who live their lives like this. I think maybe if they were in a stable relationship, they wouldn’t know what to do.

  52. To #45: This obviously isn’t a direct screenprint off Facebook (hence there being not a single other post about anything other than the relationship). The editors at Lamebook, or alternatively the person that posted this entry, are able to reorder the many screenprints of it so that it is in the order in which we would want to read it. Use your common sense.

    Second thing, if I ever met Sierra I would have to refrain myself from smacking her for being such a complete and utter idiot. She is possibly the most pathetic excuse for a human being I have ever come across. She will probably die alone. If anyone knows this girl, please show her this and show her all the comments it’s received so that maybe she might realise what a complete and utter obsessive freak she is.

    This post has genuinely made me angry

  53. holy CRAP. This bipolar-love addict is freaking making the world crazy. she must’ve had a wee bit too much of hook-up’s and break-ups.

  54. dumbass

  55. “Sierra is SO excited, we made it a YEAR baby!” is probably the best thing I’ve ever read on the internet. It makes all those goatses seem worthwhile.

  56. I love the ending: “Sierra ain’t even tripping.”

  57. 6 months and 12 relationships.

    What a S.L.U.T. !

  58. Bah these are looking more fake every day (people aiming to get a shout on here I mean, not that it’s a ‘shop)

  59. What is the whole “BirD” thing all about?

  60. @#58 – YEA, I totally agree. This girl totally has been fucking up her FB since January last year to get on this website. I’ve had enough of this shit! Damn fakers.

  61. @#60. If she’s put that much work into looking retarded in front of all her friends, then maybe she deserves a shout on Lamebook.

  62. Tingaling you moron, it was the SAME person!

  63. fucking up her facebook for a year and a half, thats damn dedication though ;)
    and the bird thing is a quote from the notebook

  64. The “bird” thing is a quote from The Notebook which he probably slept through. My question is, doesn’t he have to accept or approve every time she puts that she’s “in a relationship” with him again???

  65. Carmen Rocks.
    No she doesnt..
    Ok she does…
    This rekindles my live for Lamester..
    No it doesnt,
    Well maybe just a little.
    Ok, I someone has my lamester password

  66. wait…..this cannot be for real. no way. seriously. wow. but no, no way. this is mind blowing.

  67. Arf The Crime Dog


  68. I don’t get it, I need Stephen Hawking to break it down for me. It’s like having Bipolar, ADHD and OCD all at the same time. Or maybe not, I’m not sure.

  69. HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAAAAA. haha. hahaha. ahem…hahahahahhaha.

  70. The best part… this is probably still going on.

  71. Malia & Kathryn, it took two of you to create that scintillating comment? ;)

  72. yep!

  73. ha ha that is hilarious

  74. I believe this is real just because I practically see this from a guy I know who is dating my friend who has been cheating on him for over 7 months. It is just stupid. At least she gets to go to Disneyland and all this stuff AND gets to cheat on him.
    The difference is my friend still has up that she is engaged to him all this time, they never changed their relationship status, he just talks smack sometimes in his status and complains to me.
    I would have to say Gary seems sane, cuz he probably is just messing with her and not actually dating her.
    Maybe I should post of this guys status’ too. If you guys enjoy this post.

  75. That chick is fucking crazy.

  76. God damn! She needs psychiatric help.

    Of course, it is pretty distressing when your boyfriend dares to talk to another human being. He should stay home and wait for her to summon him. Bastard!

  77. So epically lame I’ve developed a limp just from reading it – when the film rights go on sale, I’ll be bidding…

  78. 16 times they broke up, wow! Lame!

  79. they break up more than the shits i take. I know plenty of people like this..

  80. I heard that Sparky

  81. holy shit..

  82. Just another proof that attraction is’nt a choice

  83. Die. …Fucking Die.

  84. this is so funny. me and my GF were browsing through this and she was like look at this one its really funny! so i did and i was like wait…that sounds familar! and sure enough she is one of my friends from school!! it was even funnier seeing it daily on facebook!

  85. haha and everyone that thinks its fake…sadly enough it isnt :-/

  86. Luvinthesecrazybitches

    Jesus christ, yeah ok I know its hard to let someone go when your inlove…But after 12 fucken months of on and off, on and off, I’d be sick of it and would most likely either kill myself for taking this crazy bitch back or even dating her in the first place or delete my FB!!! Nothing says Facebook like KNOWING EVERY SINGLE THING THAT IS HAPPENING AT THE TIME ALL THE TIME!!! Who even changes there relationship status THAT MUCH??!?!??!!?!

  87. Holy crap…something is just wrong with this girl. I wouldn’t be surprised if she ended up doing this on and off crap to another guy as well.

  88. Wow. That is just weird. My sister Theresa had a baby she named Ryland 7 days after this was posted :/

  89. holy mother of god

  90. ive seen and done this for 3 years, its true u cant help who ur in love with. thats how upstanding females can stay in physically abusive relationships….HOWEVER what u CAN help is not putting eery break up on fb for theworld to see. ithink as soonas me n my ex started down that onagain off again road i just took the whole relationship option off mypage.

  91. btw, its amazing how only 1 person noticed #6…”niggers?” i highly doubt that. most black females have a low bullshit tolerance whenit comes to males and for the ones that do take the bullshit they dont usually put their shit on blast like that…and if they did the rest of their black friends instead of being look good for u gary is an asshole theyd be like bitch wtf is wrong with u drop his dumbass cuz we’re not gonna sit n cry withu after the 3rd time u take him back thats all on u.

  92. OH. EM. GEE. Did she seriously quote a Fergie song?

  93. wow, i just read a load of shit i couldn’t really care less about.

  94. oh sierra honey…we’ve all been there, we just don’t announce it via facebook

  95. This person needs to die

  96. I’ve heard of off-again on-again, but Jesus Christ.

    Also, I’m pretty sure I know these people. There’s this crazy girl in my town named Sierra, and she dated a Gary awhile back AND his nickname was Baby Gary. That would be hilarious.

  97. That was a journey.
    It had its ups and downs. And ups. And downs. And ups. And downs. And…you get the pitcure.

  98. Oh, and @Meghan, #6? Seriously?

  99. I’d like to see an update since this was originally posted… Just because…

  100. I have a “friend” on fb that I only keep on my list in order to watch her continuous relationship drama… It gives me such pleasure I worry about myself sometimes… Then I come to lamebook and realize I shouldn’t worry about me, humanity has so many more whack chromosomes out there…

  101. Apparently some women love abuse. Sierra and Jade need to link up methinks.

    One loves to get emotionally abused , the other likes a thumb in her ass.

    Sounds like a sitcom!

  102. wow I have a few of thoes crazy dumb people that need to cut the rope from their relationships ……… do they not care that people see how fucked they are I sometimes just wanna post shit on their walls saying fuck enough!

  103. hahaha what a PSYCHO!

    garry FTW!

  104. I am about 3 times as old as Sierra, to take an educated guess. To say that she has went from being single to “in a relationship” about 560 times more than I already have, would also be an educated guess.

    (Of course, by the end of this month, it could be 600 times more.)

  105. *she has gone from…

  106. Holy wtf!!! This is gold! Love it!

  107. Really…?
    This is probably the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. Honestly, I wouldn’t have even bothered changing my status anymore. That would just get annoying. Geez woman, learn to let go.

  108. I love this crap. Sierra is an idiot. Great example of some of the idiot trash we have in this world

  109. Grillfrang, get it together.

  110. Absolutely hopeless.

  111. Sierra used to be indecisive. Now she’s not sure…

  112. people are retarded

  113. @Tingaling its way over that, its like 16 months that are recorded on here alone

  114. why 9 year olds shouldnt be allowed facebook

  115. lmfao. I couldn’t stop laughing. god what a psycho pathetic clingy girl. was anyone else waiting, near the end, for it to say “Sierra went from being single to sexist lesbian.” (I know that obviously isn’t a change that can be made, but yeah)

  116. 8-O

  117. I think Gary had a lot of funny days! ;o)

  118. OMG. Sierra = double personality??? probably.

  119. “Sierra: is starting the new year off right… with no complications…”
    “Sierra has gone from being ‘single’ to ‘in a relationship with Garry’.

    I think that these two status updates combined make one of the greatest things I have ever read anywhere… but only in this post. So… the post is the greatest thing I have read anywhere.
    *shuffles out*

  120. WikidJuggaloPanda

    my ex and i broke up and got back together four times over a year and three months, and i used to think that was the stupidest relationship ever. thanks to lame book, i now know that there are even more stupid teenage relationships.

  121. lmao. this is hilarious. amazing things happen on facebook.

  122. WOW.

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