Monday, October 12, 2009

It’s a Jungle Down There!


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  1. Really not sure if that’s supposed to be good or bad…

  2. Thanks for that, Tony.

  3. Hahahahah the girls got crazy jungle things coming out of her nether regions.

  4. i wonder if he found this:

  5. wow, that’s inappropriate

  6. He obviously hasn’t seen Jumanji.

  7. So her vagina looks like Robin Williams? Damn, that’s really hairy…

  8. Maybe he means wild? OR….maybe he means hairy like Robin William’s knuckles.


  9. does anybody remember me?


  10. It’s sad & disgusting to read some of these responses. Guys please go to another site if you want to be this filthy! You’re ruining this fun site to the rest of us… admin, can’t you just remove or block them?

  11. @ Heli

    Those type comments make it funny, get a sense of humor or just stop reading at first fucking curse word!

  12. @heli

    fuck off cliff richard

  13. I’m thinking jumanji means you have to finish or your life starts getting all messed up and your little brother turns into a monkey.

  14. Heli, are you serious? I’m amazed you’re a fan of the site yet so easily offended by the “filthy” comments. Go fuck yourself.

    Tony Romo & Miles Austin 4 Life

  15. Someone give Heli a shoulder to cry on.×300.jpg

  16. Ladies, shave it off, or at least keep it trim. We don’t want to pull down your panties only to find Buckweat has taken up residence in your crotch.

  17. Same goes for guys – TRIM THAT BUSH. No girl likes to go down on a guy and get stabbed in the eye with a wiry hair or 5. We also don’t like your hairy sac smacking against our butt & giving us rug burn. Besides, it makes your junk look bigger; what’s not to love?

  18. I can’t do anything that’s not shaved or waxed. I don’t care how you do it, just get it done.

  19. Colin, get out of there. You do not belong there. You do not even have any trimmers.

  20. @Heli

    em me a pic of your cunt please

  21. @milkproof

    SO TRUE.

  22. LOL It’s so true. My vulva is just like that movie.

  23. Watch Japanese porn
    And you will see that Jap girls
    Are like Andrea

  24. EVERYONE should have the decency to trim for their partners, but I have no patience for guys who expect women to deal with the fun of constant ingrown hairs and infections of the shaved/waxed crotch. If you’ve got relatively sensitive skin, it cannot be done.

  25. Colin, you re an arse.your friend says he had a great night with this chick. dont be jealous and shut the fuck up . hope you break your penis :p

  26. I agree with Milk Proof, why the hell do we always have to be perfect, take a look at yourselves guys, we dont find your beer guts or unshaved nether regions attractive either, and maybe chicks would be more inclined to give you, your beloved head if we knew we didnt have to get a mouth full of hair whilst we at it!

  27. Oh and Don your comment to heli was uncalled for and just plain disgusting!

  28. @Muwawawawa

    I’m sure most women love to floss when they go down on a man too – may be men could learn a few grooming tips and then they wouldn’t have to moan about lack of action in *that* department.

  29. Right with ya Rick’s sister!

  30. @Boz – why don’t you start waxing? See what we women have to put up with!

  31. me like a full bush

  32. I’m sorry… but a razor….or any sharp/pointy object for that matter….is NEVER going near my junk. Ever.

  33. @big wiggly style – electric trimmers with an attachment. set the “length” to 2. or whatever. you don’t have to shave skin smooth, just tame the jungle a bit. let me tell you, the ladies do appreciate it.

  34. Damn. The only way this post could get better is if Andrea commented on it.

  35. @ living with Balls – No no, all the women commenting guys shaving their junk, and people starting to get sensitive, made this waaaaay better then if Andrea commented. Hell, I don’t even care about the post now, the defensive nature that arose is well worth looking for updates on this one.

  36. Why do all the chicks here assume guys don’t manscape? I get waxed regularly and I like it. So does my fiancee.

  37. @Bingo
    I can imagine your fiancee is one very happy lady.
    @Mr Haiku
    I have heard rumours to that effect.

    Personally I think either sex could do with a little trimming. At least. Cover your ears Heli, cuz I’m about to get crude here but…
    69 gives you probably the least flattering view of someone’s ass you will ever see. The less hair in there the better.

  38. every guy here sports an assbeard just admit it. and if you shave your sack you are a pansy. shaved women are slaves to the cocks of douchebags. Get wild motherfuckers.

  39. as long as she isnt like Robin Williams down there. that shit must look like a wool sweater holding a polish sausage

  40. “and if you shave your sack you are a pansy”

    Yeh, that’s why I wax.

  41. jumanji… intense haha

  42. Too true Beardsley “Get wild motherfuckers!!!!!!”
    @ Bingo: u’re still a pansy

  43. ^ Yeh? Why don’t you get down on your knees in front of me and say that?

  44. george bush would more than likely get on his knees….

  45. Her pussys a board game?

  46. I’ve played that game before

  47. In the jungle you must wait, until the dice read five or eight.

  48. Colin’s such a shithead liar -completely jealous and pissed he aint gettin any!

  49. colin obviously understands the value of a good shave ^_^

  50. genital topiary can be an amusing parlour game,not unlike russian roulette,nothing compares to the nauseating panic as one finds his nutsack jammed in the reciprocating blades of an electric trimmer.

  51. i lol’d at how everyone said jumanji is robin williams…that wasn’t his character’s name just so you know.
    Jumanji is a board game.

    She’s like a board game down there ;)

  52. @51 – But that’s not a bad thing. . right?

    Also, this is like the third time I’ve seen mention of a slutty Andrea on Lamebook so far.
    Makin’ us all look bad. ;[

  53. @52 – I agree, those whores are ruining our reputation!

  54. Maybe she’s gotten some work done since then?

  55. Get wild Motherfuckers!! Haha! I’d prefer a Man, who does not shave/wax/epilate etc… But seriously Beardsley you rock! I am woman, hear me roar reoow

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