Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Irony: Become a Fan

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  1. Ben!

  2. Paige’s post- I’m missing the irony.

  3. I don’t understand the obsession with getting women to make sandwiches. Sandwich making is a deeply personal art form, and great care must be taken to make sure the ratio of ingredients, the evenness of the condiments, and the moisture levels between the layers are all properly balanced according to your own individual preferences. Leaving such a task for someone else to do is bound to result in a disappointing sandwich-eating experience.

    In short, make your own damn sandwiches.

  4. the fate of intelligence

    Bravo, dcrearview! I’m proud of you!

  5. GUCCIIII!!!

  6. Bucky Fellini

    Who has the time to flip through Paige’s pages?

  7. Bucky Fellini

    It would take ages!

  8. my wife makes my sandwiches… they just taste better when a woman makes them… just like beer tastes better from a glass… i cant explain the science behind it, i just know its true

  9. @the fate of intelligence, thanks. i haven’t been first in a while and today i made it twice!

  10. it would help to have pics of charly… without them its tough to comment

  11. MsBuzzkillington

    There’s one girl on my facebook page who does nothing but become a fan of pages… I really need to get rid of her.

    I saw a guy the other day who was a fan of over 200 things.

  12. i make the fiance grilled cheese sandwiches but only because he’ll burn the place down if he does it himself. the last time he did it, he almost burned the sandwich and then when he took the pan off the burner, he scooped up one of them and proceeded to drop it on the hot burner (accidentally). any other sandwich he’s on his own. mayo and mustard make me gag.

  13. The only sandwiches I make for a man include me, him and another person.

  14. wordpervert became a fan of ” I love trolls on lamebook”

    wordpervert became a fan of “I want Alenoo2 to die a slow death”

  15. Oh Alen002 what kind of sandwiches do you like

  16. the fate of intelligence

    @dcrearview, that must be a great feeling! Maybe I should try it too.
    And I’m a girl and I’ve never made a sandwich yet! I wonder if there’s something wrong with me…

  17. sensible, you make an excellent point on the science of sandwich making, but I’m terrible at that particular skill set. Sooo, I’m gonna have to go with slim on this one, but I have a feeling Cupid makes the best sammiches, I’ll take one of those any day of the week.

  18. nuff I’ll make you a sandwich any day of the week

  19. I let Jersey Mikes make my sandwiches. They tend to make a darn good sandwich!

  20. nothing wrong with you fate… just a handy skill for a woman to have… kind of like a guy thats handy around the house… is it a deal breaker if a guy cant fix a leak? Depends on the guy im guessing… same with the gal… its not a deal breaker, especially if you got skillz to make up the difference… kind of like the sandwiches cupid makes

  21. Who's That Girl?

    I know people get tired of them, but I LOVE the sandwich/kitchen jokes! Silly men. Our boobs have more power and persuasion that you’ll ever realize.

  22. Charly with a ‘y’? Honestly?
    @wordpervert: win.

  23. @Who’s That Girl?

    Your man must have a good job to be able to give you internet access in the kitchen, to be able to post here.

  24. the fate of intelligence

    thanks slim, its good to hear that. actually I’ve never tried out making one of them either but I totally should

  25. eeeverything tastes better when someone else does it for you.
    Beer in a glass taste so much better when somebody else has poured it for you, and if that person happen to be a woman then all the better!

    We all like to be looked after by women. Even if you’re a woman.

  26. wtg… your boobs have now power over me… now if you got a pretty face and a nice booty, hubba hubba hubba

  27. Who's That Girl?

    @mcowles – Keep in coming. One look at my boobs and you’ll be tattooing “Property of WTG” on your ass! Enjoy your sandwich baby!

  28. why do women have shorter feet than guys?

    so they can slide right up against the sink when washing dishes

  29. Who's That Girl?

    @Slim – You’re welcome to imagine me any way you like, you’d never know if I was lying ;-)

  30. Why do women have legs?

    so they dont leave a trail of ooze like a slug

  31. @WTG, sorry to disappoint, but WTG would not go after “Property of” on this ass.

    I don’t really even like sandwiches that much. I guess if you whipped up a PB&J&C, I’d say thank you… but it’s not really a hard sandwich to make.

    Now if someone wants to make me some polenta and a juicy beef roast, I’ll … well, you know.

  32. slim that joke made me do two things …one laugh my ass off and two makes me want to take you in the bedroom and show you why we have shorter feet and I can tell you washing dishes has nothing to do with it

  33. Who's That Girl?

    @mcowles – Is “Property of State Correctional Facility” more to your standard? I hear they have the juiciest beef in the area. :-)

    Okay – I’m out. Time to make dinner and do the dishes. Spouse has already told me once…*nursing a black eye*

  34. MsBuzzkillington – you saw a guy who was a fan of 200 things? One of my facebook friends was approaching the 2000 mark last time I looked!

  35. I had to replace the window in front of the sink with a wall so my wife wouldn’t get distracted by the things outside while doing the dishes.

  36. Why sandwhiches? Like, of all the things you could use to create the worst joke in the fucking world, why ‘women making sandwiches’?

    On another note, no matter how many times these lame jokes turn up on Facebook, I will never, not EVER, remember how to fucking spell ‘sandwich’. Is that right?

    Also Lamebook, me and you need to have a little chat concerning your use of the word ‘Irony’. Don’t worry, you’re not in any trouble.

  37. CommentsAtLarge


    Oh, we realize, believe me. These black eye/sandwich jokes are just our way of trying to feel like we have the upper hand. In reality we know we’re powerless to the siren call of the mammary.

    On that note, how’s about a sandwich Cupid?…

  38. manybellsdown

    @ MsBuzzKillington: Oh, you know my cousin Ariel too? I feel like telling her “every random thought you’ve ever had does not need its own Facebook group”.

    Also, my husband is gluten-intolerant. So I do not make sandwiches. I will bring him a drink in a French Maid outfit, though, so I think that makes up for it.

  39. sillymerricat

    Exactly, BritishHobo. Only the last one is ironic. I blame Alanis Morisette for this.

  40. I don’t get the “GUCCI, BURR, OKAAY, etc,” one. Little help?

  41. i <3 boobs

  42. I have nothing…..

    Little help someone?

  43. @ MsBuzz: That is nothing, I have seen well over 1500 on an easy day. I’m pretty sure I have even seen 2300.

  44. WTG?, I’ll put some ice on that eye for you darlin’, come on over, and then we’ll make a sandwich together. I’ll let you choose who or what we put in the middle of it.

    HeSaid, really?, people are joining thousands of groups on facebook?
    I’m a little stunned, and that don’t happen often.

  45. Paranoid Android

    Women make sandwiches – FACT
    Men make jokes about women making sandwiches – FACT
    Theses jokes are the very epitome of lame – FACT

    Ending a statement with ‘fact’ neither makes it funny or a fact – FACT

  46. Who's That Girl?

    @Word – You sure do know how to make a girl forget about a black eye *blushes*. You, me, and a ’nuff sandwich with a bowl of Soup on the side sounds like my kind of night!

  47. As far as I can tell from the fan page, Gucci is some sort of musician who sang a song called Burr. The page is full of kids saying, “BURRR OMG I LUV GUCCI!” and “Free Gucci!!” So I guess he is incarcerated? This is all the info I could gather there. *shrug*

  48. Gucci Mane is a rapper. Yes, he is in prison. For probation violation. Will be out in six months or so.

    He has a song called Burr. A lot of people can’t understand a damn word he says so they can only sing along to the “yeah” and “hot damn” parts of songs.

    Really isn’t that interesting or funny.

  49. And by “that” I mean “remotely”

  50. gucci = gucci mane, a rapper

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  52. lol

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