Thursday, October 8, 2009

Iron and Whine


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  1. What a dick.

  2. But at least she got a nice tattoo.

  3. Am I supposed to be seeing Jesus or Abe Lincoln?

  4. you are living proof of stupid.

  5. Why would you start at that point? The mind boggles!

  6. As we say in my part of the world … what a doos!

  7. I’d put it in her butt…

  8. What. a fucking. idiot.

  9. I don’t know what makes her more stupid: Burning herself with the iron like that, or posting it as if she is proud of her stupidity.

  10. Please don’t procreate.

  11. I bet if her face was showing she’d be making the “duckface”.

  12. If only there was a baby in there…

  13. psssh. what a dumbass.

  14. Is it me or does her hand look really… old?

  15. Now I’m pretty sure I mastered the concept of hot and cold when I was about 3 years old. Perhaps, though, I’m being judgmental and I was instead an early learner.

  16. Stop. She did that on purpose. Does she jump in the washing machine w/ her clothes on to?

  17. Deliberate for sure!

  18. Is she being serious? She tried to iron something while she was wearing it?

    I just thought it was a lame heart shaped tattoo before I read the caption.

    Has she got dodgy lines on her body? What are they, stretch marks?

  19. Nobody irons a wool cardigan. Completely unnecessary.

  20. I think it looks like a little heart. Maybe the iron loves her.

  21. really? who does that?

  22. She deserved to get burn if she really did that.

  23. pffff… how stupid do you have to be to make such a moronic thing as to iron your clothes while wearing them, AND proudly tell everyone about it!

  24. @Goldenfry: It’s because the image quality is shitty. You’ve seriously never seen a photo with lines and a lack of blending between color gradients like that? How long have you been on the internet?

  25. love the sam beam reference

  26. @ boz
    yeah i thought it was a (wonky) heart too

  27. At the count of 3 church..1..2..3 “YOU ARE AN IDIOT! HA HAHA HAAA HA HA HA HAAAA HAHA HAHA HAAAAAAAA!”

  28. at least the burn turned out pretty!

  29. She’s a fourteen year old LG, and I assume the night went as follows:
    She got drunk with a few LBs (one and a half to two beers each should have done them in).
    The LBs were generic hipsters who talked about how much they like the generic alternative girls who have vintage iron-ons, LG took the hint and attempted to give herself one. After failing miserably she said, and I quote; “Hahaha oops! Silly me, awe that really hurts, who wants to kiss it better?” (and yes the made the duckface post dialogue). As this was her first ‘romantic’ encounter with the male sub-species LG wears her battle wound with pride.

    Keep pushing the bar higher LG, perhaps one day you may be able to handle THREE beer.

  30. ‘@Goldenfry: It’s because the image quality is shitty. You’ve seriously never seen a photo with lines and a lack of blending between color gradients like that? How long have you been on the internet?’

    I can’t say that I have to be honest. Looking now I can see it’s the photo, but at a glance it actually looked like lines on her body.

  31. @ golden fry i think the lines are the pattern in the sweater from when she got burnt

  32. Seriously @strubisatoaster … Usually when there are lines indicating a poor-quality photo, they cover the entire image, not just the flesh portions. Oh yeah, and they usually aren’t wavy and pink. Those are stretch marks, jackass. “how long have you been on the Internet?” or, more appropriately, how long have you been a complete idiot?

  33. The lines are all over ALL of the flesh tones (notice her hands) and stretch marks don’t look like that. You can also see the lines on her shirt, particularly the arm and her on boobs, and on othe carpet in the background.

  34. Seriously, those are stretch marks. I am a professional photographer, opened the photo in Photoshop, and I *assure* you … Stretch marks.

  35. those aren’t stretch marks.

  36. Sooo… you’re a professional photographer.. Do the clothes have stretch marks then? Can you not see the image quality is bad? The shades aren’t right, her fingers have stretch marks? Are you sure you’re a photographer?

  37. @ Who? Me?

    I love you, you just made my evening.

    Imagine if you were here parent

    “Have you been attacked?”
    “No mother don’t be silly I was just ironing and I needed to know if the creases had gone so I thought I could save time by wearing the shirt at the same time, Lols silly me”(I picture her as the kinda girl who uses lol as an actual word, you know the type)

  38. Yeah I’m sure. That’s definitely a poor photo. Doesn’t take away the fact that those are stretch marks.

  39. LOL, i burnt myself the same way when i was 14 years old. the mark is still visible 13 years later.

  40. @Nit, wow, what the hell did I do to aggravate the stick that’s obviously jammed up your ass?

    Professional photographer, eh? Did you even look at the rest of the photo? It clearly has the same kinds of lines throughout. LOOK at the carpeting in the background. LOOK closely at her hand. You may know Photoshop (so does everyone else on the damn internet, it’s not like that makes you special or something) but you clearly don’t know what stretch marks look like. Anyway, who the fuck even cares whether or not she has stretch marks. I was just pointing out a thing and being snarky about it. Get off your high horse, asshole.

  41. Nit, photoshop doesn’t add information into an image that isn’t there – photoshop sees what the rest of us see. This effect is normal banding and dithering from saving a photo using a lower colour depth. This is an 8-bit image and it’s creating the lines you’re confusing with stretch marks.

  42. @ Mini

    Bingo. You beat me to it. That is exacty what’s going on in this picture. These lines look nothing like stretch marks.

  43. Simple household chores
    Probably should not be done
    By fucking retards

  44. Gross, there’s something up with her hand

  45. Epic iron fail

  46. @Mini

    Nit is obviously a troll.

  47. Whats lame is people having a conversation in this lamebook comment box. Idiots. Go use your FACEbooks

  48. Hahaha. So many times I’ve considered doing this. Thankfully never been dumb enough to actually do it.

  49. @ Nit

    You are clearly not female

  50. ROFL @Nit


  51. It is shopped …… Her stretch marks have been edited out..

    Not only is she/he (God only knows) Stupid as hell.. She/He is also worried about showing off her/his stretch marks.

  52. What you call shopped stretch marks, I call poor photo quality color contours. Just sayin’. Regardless, how do people like this survive on a daily basis?

  53. the whole photoshop vs stretch marks is ridiculous you would have to be on something to think they look like stretchmarks. apart from that how idiotic do you have to be to iron yourself like that … ON PURPOSE?

  54. Technically, it isn’t a tattoo, it is a brand.

  55. Do people really need to be told not to iron themselves? Okay internet, here’s some more advice:

    1: Don’t stick your head in a fire.
    2: Don’t chew razor blades.
    3: Don’t punch windows.
    4: A shark is not a urinal.
    5: Don’t stick poison up your butt.
    6: Don’t park your car in a lake.
    7: Don’t suck on a vacuum cleaner.
    8: A lion is not a loving oral sex partner.
    9: Don’t lick live electric sockets.
    10: Take your clothes off before you put the in the washing machine….

    Really, the list of obvious safety advice is pretty much inexhaustable.

    28694: Don’t bathe in concentrated acid.

  56. Okay so its obvious that shes put slight effects on this pic to enhance her iron ‘burns’ or whatever, but if you look to the right of the heart, does it look like shes tried airbrushing that area? Possibly because of stretchmarks since you all have been talking about them.

  57. I very much appreciate the title of this post. Funniest one yet, by far!!

  58. Silly girl, irons are burny hot while on! You need to wait until they’re cool to iron the clothing your wearing!

  59. My type of woman!! I’m sporting some serious wood right now… white, dumb as a sack full of asparagus, fake tits, and likes to mutilate herself for negative attention!

    A+ to the uploader you sexyy stud you :-)


  60. If those tits are fake she got ripped off.

  61. Whaoh, just a minute… hang on….

    So Duncan, you are saying DON’T chew razor blades? Just want to be sure.

  62. Do we really require “living” proof of an iron burning someone WHILE they are wearing the article of clothing they are ironing? Really….living proof…..

  63. The unfortunate part of that is the word ‘living’

  64. I bet it’s a birth mark.

  65. @Ernie (#5) “why would you start at that point?”??!! are you being serious? WHY WOULD YOU START AT ANY DAMN POINT?! you wouldn’t you’d take the damn thing off… I thought this girl was the be all and end all of stupidity… however you have proved me wrong.. YOU are the be all and end all… FREAK.

  66. and to everyone commenting on the lines and her hand… its just the image… seriously ppl

  67. Looks like a heart to me!

  68. I wanna give her a mouth baby

  69. She’s lucky the phone wasnt ringing, she probably would have burnt her ear when trying to answer the iron :-)

  70. OH…MY….GOD!!! no no no no…this is too stupid for just my god…..OH EVERYBODY’S GODS!!!!!!! how has someone this stupid survived this long????

  71. I imagine she would be the sort who would flip a frying egg in the pan by sliding her fingers under the egg, just to save time

    it just coincidentially looks like a heart?

  73. I’m pretty sure I can’t stand another Rick Roll’d comment.


  75. You have to be a complete IDIOT to not think you’d get burned…

  76. If I were that stupid that I would iron a shirt whilst wearing it, I’d be too embarassed to post about it on facebook. Let alone have a facebook; I’d be embarassed to show my face.

  77. Even though she must be retarded, she has an awesome burn.

  78. vanemo…that was lame…apparently just like you

  79. Before I read her caption, I thought it was a cliche heart tattoo *shrug*

  80. doos soos pap en vleis @ jax

    i think it looks good the heart shape at least it’s free, and she seems to be proud of it so if it scares she ehould be happy with it

  81. wow. you are….an idiot.

  82. C. Proseedcake KSC

    The burn might hurt, its origin might be dumb, but whatever else happens that is an awesome scar.

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