Tuesday, September 22, 2009

I’d Like to Buy a Vow

I'd Like to Buy a Vow

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  1. Took a minute…….

  2. One demanding bitch uh!?

  3. At least they kept their bowels to themselves.

  4. Ah, mawaige. Mawaige is what bwings us together today.

  5. hehehehehe brilliant!

  6. I’ll give you A in exchange for two O’s…

  7. People who annoy you.

  8. Donald Trump's Comb-Over

    Don’t forget the “y”….sometimes.

  9. Dont see why a simple spelling mistake deserves to make it on here….

  10. @owen, I din’t believe you can call that a spelling mistake
    he added 3 extra letters.
    Vows is the correct term.
    I don’t think he was exchanging letters.

  11. Clearly it wasn’t special enough to warrant proof-reading.

  12. *don’t

  13. Maybe they’re on Wheel of Fortune….

  14. HAHA!!! Unreal! And even more unreal is Owen who thinks this was just a simple mis-spelling and not just an idiot who doesn’t know the difference between a vow and a vowel. I love “double lames”

  15. “Can I buy a *you*?”

  16. “If I could rearrange the alphabet I would put U and I together”

    Taking aim at lousy advertising

  17. I submitted this :D I can’t believe they put it on here :D :D :D

  18. @Els
    lmfao, I know !
    Owen made me laugh.
    same with Jax.

  19. Thanks JD!!!

    Gee, it’s nice to get a chance to thank the people who provide us with a laugh.

  20. also funny that she is presumably wearing an orange dress to her own wedding.

    isn’t there only one real reason why brides don’t wear white? I’ll be going with ivory, personally.

  21. @20
    “isn’t there only one real reason why brides don’t wear white?”


    It’s after Labor Day.

  22. They may need to exchange consonants too.

  23. i lol’d.

  24. I bet he wants to exchange her for someone who knows the difference between vows and vowels.

  25. That is amazing.

  26. @ Stella

    Haha, giving people shit for not getting the joke when you can’t even count. Vows to vowels is two extra letters, not three. Or do you think people “exchange vow”? Triple lame.

  27. She means that her maiden name is Bernas but her husband’s surname is Barnes. She just has to exchange the vowels and they’ll be married.

  28. I wonder if they had a guy playing the harpoon? And I bet the groom was really happy to get her on the podium so he could do his proposes…

  29. Hopefully my special day will come soon. I’ll get married on the beach and throw together an ill-fitting shirt/tie combo, my beautiful bride as bright as a peach. Oh, I can imagine it now. Everything will be perfect. And I won’t mind spending a fortune. Such a special day. Ooh, better get a photographer to capture all 7 of the amazing moments on that special day.

  30. And maybe we’ve all got it wrong. It’s not meant to be vows, nor is it vowels. In some caribbean countries it is tradition to swap the two families’ favourite pet. It just so happens that they are both fans of small rodents ergo ‘exchanging voles’! I’ll get my coat.

  31. “A.”





  32. uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…im shocked (sarcastic font)

  33. I too one day would like to read vowels to the woman I love

  34. @tc: I exchanged vowels, and then I LAL’d.

  35. Priceless. I hope it says “vowels” in their scrapbook too. Years of laughter.

  36. @ the count.
    So I made a mistake or two, calm the hell down.
    I’m not perfect.
    Clearly, you aren’t either.
    The question mark belongs inside the quotation marks. Unless of course you’re British?

  37. @Stella:
    What’s the relevance of “Unless of course you’re British?”
    The question mark in the count’s comment is in the correct place regardless of one’s nationaility as the sentence is the question not the text in quotation marks. Not that it really matters to me. Honestly.

  38. @ Too Soon?

    Thanks for saving me the trouble, but you really should have included some insults.

    @ Stella

    Go back to school, retard. And although it’s irrelevant, I’m Australian.

  39. @ The count and Too Soon?
    Uhm it is relevant, thank you very much.
    In England, the question marl/period or whatever is placed outside the quotation marks.
    In Canada, it is placed inside.
    Therefore, it’s relevant.
    @The Count I’m in school,idiot.
    You on the other hand need to learn how to be less of an asshole.
    This argument is pointless.
    Have a lovely day.

  40. *mark

  41. @ Stella
    1. You’re in school? Then get off the internet and concentrate.
    2. So is it Britain or England? They are different. You’re obviously not a geography or history student.
    3. The question mark was mine, the bit inside the quotation marks was not. The question mark belongs outside and any country that says otherwise needs to give up on English and stick to French.
    4. I’m pefectly capable of not being an “asshole”, but I choose to be one on Lamebook. It’s hard to troll for ‘tards by being nice, but apparently very easy when you are an arsehole. That’s how we spell it down under, drongo.

  42. Stella, you’re wrong.

    3. When a question mark follows a quoted text, put it before the closing quotation mark if it applies just to the quoted text. Put the question mark outside the closing quotation mark if it applies to the entire sentence.
    Do you think it would be better in this case to stick to the attitude of “what’s in it for me” ?
    [entire sentence in question]

    I really do not like her attitude of “what’s in it for me?”
    [only quoted text is in question, no extra period after a question mark]

    This is from http://www.whitesmoke.com/punctuation-question-mark.html

    It has nothing to do with being Canadian or British.

  43. @ the count. Uhm. That was rude, Different countries & cultures have different rules and customs. It’s also known as Social Science -> anthropology.
    Additionally, I do concentrate in school. I’m not there now, which means I can do whatever I please.
    BTW, I realise the difference between Britain and England. Half of my family lives in England.
    Therefore, I am familiar with the British slang and Aussie slang as well, Seeing as they are similar. So, I am quite aware that you say arsehole.
    Clearly we do not in Canada.
    Well thanks for the grammar lesson. I think.

  44. @ Stella
    You *know* different countries have diffrent rules, yet you criticise me when I am not wrong.

    You say you are in school now, then you say you are not in school now.

    You claim you know the difference between English and Britsh, yet you confuse them.

    You persist in rebuttal even though I have already pointed out that I am trolling.

    You claim to be familiar with Australian slang. Bullshit. While there may be some similarities, they are very different.

    You’re a bona fide fucking genius, Stella.

  45. @ the count,
    You are a complete fucking idiot. I am in school, but there’s also a set time of the day when school is OVER, everyday.
    Do you get it now?
    Uhm, No, I don’t confuse them thank you very much, England is one country. Britian is all of them: Scotland, England & Wales.
    & Additionally to you being an idiot, you must not have a life either, if this is what you do in your spare time.
    Thanks! & I never claimed I was.
    People make mistakes. get the fuck over it.

  46. @ Stella

    Stella – “I am familiar with the British slang and Aussie slang as well”

    TC – “You claim to be familiar with Australian slang. Bullshit. While there may be some similarities, they are very different”

    Stella – “I never claimed I was”

    You’re such a moron. I give in to your incredible stupidity, I will never check this page again.

  47. @ the count!
    That sounds super!
    I hope you do something productive too!
    Have a nice life.

  48. wtf kind of name is Saysha…man these blacks and their f’ed up names

  49. 2HATER lmfao! I just realised that, ohhhman

  50. I followed the hole argument with interest and I gotta ask who u talking to Stella? the count said he wasn’t coming back but u are still talking to him. Hahaha, the count is right, u ARE a retard. The whole argumnet started with u pointing out someone elses error while making an error urself. the count called u on it so u accuse him of making an error, which he didn’t!!! You then hypocritically tell him “People make mistakes, get the fuck over it”!!! U seem like a precious little bitch to me as well as a retard. I think count decided not to come back because it is already so obvous to everyone that u are retard. Hahaha.

  51. @Canuck, how about you shut the fuck up? kay thanks.
    I’m not a retard, and using that word is offensive to people who are.
    You’re a fine example of a human being, now aren’t you?
    && If you are Canadian, I’m really ashamed to be from the same country as you.
    For you, clearly have no consideration for anyone.
    Get over it and shut up.
    It wasn’t even your argument.
    && Sorry I’m not some fat lazy 30 year old person who “trolls” and has nothing better to do with their time than bitch at other people, whom they do not know.
    BTW, I was taught to put periods/ question marks inside the quotation marks.

  52. Yep, she’s a precious little bitch alright.

  53. @Stella

    “I’m not a retard, and using that word is offensive to people who are.”

    So.. you found it offensive I take it?

    “BTW, I was taught to put periods/ question marks inside the quotation marks.”

    No, unless your teacher was an idiot, you were TAUGHT the proper way to do it, but LEARNED the wrong way. There is a difference, and it results from you being a retard.

    Even here you were SHOWN how it is done properly and yet you STILL insist that your ignorant error is actually the right way. That makes you a certified Grade F retard.

    Have a nice day and remember to swallow the drool before you lie down – we wouldn’t want you to drown.

  54. @Karmakaze
    LOL they should have an “i like” button for comments. that was hilarious.

  55. I'm canadian, too

    Stella, honey, you’re trying really hard, and I get the whole Canadians do some things differently than the Brits, the Aussies, and, the Americans. But, they are all right. The ? goes outside in that particular sentence. Even in Canada.

  56. I'm canadian also

    - question marks and quotation marks outside quote (unless they are being quoted).

    - commas and periods go on the inside of quotes.

    says my Canadian English prof. Ph.D

  57. In the US, it’d be put inside, regardless of the quotation or not. We’re a backwards fucking country.

  58. Hah! Wheel of Fortune…

    Let’s hope this was not the riddle:

    G _ F _ CK
    Y _ _ RS _ LF

  59. Maybe she was spelling vows phoenetically… maybe that’s how she pronounces vows… v o w e l s

  60. @Waffley Your Princess Bride reference makes this even better.

  61. Hahaha… I didn’t plan on making a comment, just coming to read them, but below the comment box is an ad for GRAMMAR CORRECTION hahaha… You can’t beat irony :)

  62. Maybe it was like, “Ay, I Love You.” “Oh!” “EEEEEE”

    Not sure sometimes why I am the way I am.

  63. LOL Darrell

  64. #57 Haha.

    Are you sure? I think regardless of what english speaking country you a from, in this case, the question mark sits OUTSIDE of the quotation marks. This is because, the question was the entire sentence, not just the two words he was quoting. People don’t ‘exchange vow?’, then again, people don’t ‘exchange vow’ either, but that was the point he was making.

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