Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I Said No!

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  1. Seriously?

  2. the picture is even focused on the penis

  3. I think he regrets it already.

  4. auto focus with motion blur from hand movement,
    but it’s still dumb.

  5. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    It occurs to me that 2/3rds of the pictures we see on Lamebook would be improved if they had cocks in their background.

  6. that shit just fucking burns me up.
    Kay’s pointless use of diacritics in her three-letter one-syllable name…yet she is too fucking inept to put any punctuation where, legally, she should be compelled to.

  7. ^ I had to dictionary half your words , who are you trying to impress here ? Unless rocket scientists frequent this site, you have a chance at giving someone a laugh.

  8. “Legally”? “Compelled”? That makes no fucking sense; are you stupid? Oh,wait, that’s right, you just ended a sentence with a preposition. Practice what you preach, bitch. I’m sorry I thought this was a place where we tried to insult nameless, faceless losers with name calling.

  9. @7 ……So, you are saying you are stupid? Epic win there.

  10. If that’s what you got out of that, who am I to argue ? I think it was a smart choice to use a dictionary, so if using my resources is considered stupid. Rock on. Epic observation there.

  11. @ToTheFlames, what words did you have to “dictionary” exactly? Those are all pretty standard words in a person’s vocabulary.

  12. Who the fuck uses diacritics in their day to day routine? Fact is, she’s trying way too hard. But that’s the word I looked up, diacritic

  13. Actually, to delve further into pointless pedantry, if you look closely (and Jesus what has my life come to that I find myself doing this) it looks like “Kay” is not actually her full first name – the rest of it is blurred.

    Thus, #6, your rage about her name is unjustified.

  14. If I had a simple plain name like Kay, I’d also try fancy it up some. In this case though I think her full name in Kaylin… could be someone else but she reminded me of one of my facebook friends.

    #7 please tell me English isn’t your first language

  15. @#8, It is commonly accepted to end sentences with prepositions in even very formal writing. A little research will show that rule was simply made up by someone who didn’t like the sound of it and wrote a book on grammar saying so. The rule spread widely even though it had no basis.

    To quote Winston Churchill (supposedly) “This is the sort of English up with which I will not put.”

    Also, legally compelled makes perfect sense. Are you a moron? Or do you think she meant that there was actually a law in place compelling people to use punctuation? Oh wait, those are the same thing. :D

  16. #12 You claimed you “dictionaried” half the words. That made you sound dumb. Are you too dumb to figure that out as well? Oh dear.

  17. My favourite one was comment #8,parker37. The poor girl seemed to get personally offended, like it matters what she thinks.
    Like it matters to me what she thinks.

  18. The ring looks cheap, forget the supposedly phallic image in the background.

  19. someone = MAT. That or boyfriends.

  20. With Hawkbit filming their gay porn during weekends.

  21. I guess my point is, does she really talk like that in real life ? Probably not. But let’s keep this going , its getting heeeeaatted

    Let’s take note, that blur looks kind of big and hangs low, no wonder she said yes

  22. ^no one gives a fuck what your retarded ‘point’ is.
    because you’d need a dictionary to find your ass, you window-licking bitch.

  23. All I’ve got to say is speak in little tiny words… I’m not very smart but I can lift heavy things!

  24. Oh, you keep saying you don’t care, but you keep showing that you care, hunny.

  25. ^don’t put that dictionary away yet.

  26. stomabeutel v1.1 with added empathic capabilities

    A dictionary is a lethal weapon, when put in the wrong hands.

  27. “All morons hate it when you call them a moron.” -Holden Caulfield-

    If the morons who are bashing MsAnneThrope were half as clever as her, this site would be far more enjoyable.

  28. Paranoid Android72

    @ MsAnneThrope – If I wasn’t already married, I would proposition you on the strength of this comment section, fuck it, I’m going for bigotry.

  29. Bigamy, surely.

  30. Dakhead, MrAndrewThrope has the education level of a high school student. Any retard can use a thesaurus.
    He thinks it makes him sound smart, but it only makes him look like he is trying too hard to impress a bunch of strangers.

  31. ^haha. ‘impress’. Oh yeah. Insulting the short-bus riders is how I ‘impress’ the plebs.
    Nice one.

  32. @grammernutzi Seriously? Really? *Cartman voice, “Weak” “Lame”

  33. Oh my, I made a typo. I must remember to proof read my comments so I can look as educated as you.
    Short-bus riders? I have no idea what that is supposed to mean.
    Maybe your thesausus can help me.

  34. Special kids’ bus. You know, the window lickers?

  35. Ah I see. The blue bus. Ouch.

  36. @#27: half as clever as she

    sorry, since we’re all being nit-picky here…

  37. I don’t even get any of this. Sure any idiot can use a thesaurus, but what exactly do you think she looked up to get “diacritic?” It’s actually the correct term where none other would suffice. Or do you think she had to look up the word “compel?” Jeeeezus.

    The thing about word choice is that a thesaurus doesn’t help you say what you want to say. Supposed synonyms have slightly differing meanings, so an idiot is always given away. If Ms. Thrope “thesaurused” her words, then she is at least smart enough to make sure that the nuances of meaning of the words fit with the point she was trying to make. That still makes her more intelligent than any of her detractors.

  38. @#36 With all the grammatical atrocities in this string of comments, that’s the one that bothers you? I’m not sure if I should be flattered or commit the rest of my life to finding you and leave you mostly dead in a shallow grave behind a Denny’s.

  39. @#30 Does your comment section come with sound? Does each of us have a different voice?

  40. There is a difference between true intelligence and just being an annoying show off.

  41. For the record guys, I’m pretty sure MsAnneThrope is a dude.
    Also, wow, when did we turn into a bunch of raging grammar assholes? Holy fuck you guys got ridiculous while my back was turned.

  42. ^you should never turn your back whilst fuctardedry abounds. Shit can go south real quick.
    Also, I’m pretty sure that raging pointlessly about grammatical clusterfucks is a big part of the trolling-facebook-by-proxy gig we got going on here.

  43. @#38 you should feel flattered. that’s actually one of the ones that always stands out to me. besides, leaving me mostly dead means i’ll still be slightly alive… ;)

  44. ^Flattered it is then! I’ll return my atlas and shovel to their proper places. Class, please note how LadyA and I were able to work out our differences peacefully and respectfully. May our harmony inspire you!

  45. I remember the time when, upon encountering an unknown word in any written piece, a reader would simply look it up in the dictionary and consider themselves edified. Now, when people encounter a word they don’t understand, they complain that the writer is at fault for not writing at their level.

    The dark side of universal (semi-)literacy.

  46. The fact is, I’m certain he doesn’t use these words on a day-to-day basis. But feels the need to use them on internet threads

  47. ^How can you be certain of this? Not trying to add to the drama or what have you, really just curious. Because I use words like that on a daily basis, in real life, in real time, with real people. It’s usually not even something I register until someone points out to me that they have no idea what a certain word means. Considering the fact that I usually run with a pretty intellectual crowd, that’s saying something. And then, instead of yelling at each other about maybe lowering our vocabulary level so everyone can understand all the simple mono- and disyllabic words, the word they didn’t understand is explained to them, they learn something, and the world moves on.

    So, yeah, some people really do use big words in real life.

  48. there’s ‘real life’ and then there is the burger-flipping joyous existence in which flames and his toothless buddies communicate to each other with a series of grunts and howls.

    But they probably know sports.

  49. ^Oh God, normally I would have jumped into devil’s advocate mode and started harping about how burger flipping =/= lack of intelligence, but I just keep lolling at the scene I’m imagining of them now. Grunts and howls indeed.

  50. @#36: “half as clever as he…”

    Thrope’s a dude, which makes his comments even better.

  51. You guys are still on about this ? Who won the argument?

    Happy New year ya’ll

  52. 1) Miss is a dood
    2) Your first mistake, hapless Flames and other newbs was pointing out the obvious to one of the resident bottom dwellers on boards here. Trolls have very little to live for in life so they must protect their pathetic tiny corner of the interwebs with a ferocity usually reserved for pedos and their candy stash.
    3) Miss and you guys defending him saying “Me and my buddies we so smart we look up words from our SAT vocab book like diacrtitics everday! Y U guys no smart like us?” Jebus what a bunch of pretentious fuckwads. TotheFlames original observation is correct and thats what normal non douchey people who dont live on the comments pages of a LULZ website think.
    4) I think Miss was purposely using “high brow syntax” as part of the satire of his comment. “Diacritics” “legally compelled” etc were used exactly bc they are NOT everday speech. The atttempt at humor seem to have gone over everyones heads, including his sycophants. Jokes on you beechnuts!!

  53. ^ I know what genitalia I’m sitting on here, and frankly the contents of my undercrackers has never been subject to such completely erroneous speculation. I would be flattered if it wasn’t a bit fucking creepy. Like it even matters to anyone but me?
    Or are you all so deeply ingrained in your pathetic middle-class sexism that you simply *must* know a person’s gender before your poor cerebellums can formulate an adequate response to my stimuli?
    And, punkinchunkin, what makes you think I was fucking joking? For the record – and I know stupid fucks like you have a hard time trying to get your heads around this concept – Me. not. from. your. country. Me. no. have. ‘SAT vocab book’. Stupid ethnocentric seppo cunt.

  54. ^ well what are you packing, a ham wallet, or a lap rocket ?

  55. ^your poor, poor cerebellum =(
    what was it? foetal alcohol syndrome?

  56. No, I have a nice looking face. Let’s keep guessing

  57. Seriously, before I have to go and dictionary stuff, can we just get back to talking about cock?

  58. MsAnneThrope, I can’t speak for everybody, but when I fantasize about you whispering sharp somethings to me while I nervously try to shove my half-erect button mushroom into your fairy ring, it would be nice to know if I would have to look you in the eyes while I apologize.

  59. I don’t know whether to be astonished because someone actually used the term ‘fairy hole’ whilst not-at-all-propositioning me online, or to be astounded that they somehow thought themselves worthy of eye-contact(!) or to just be flat-out fucking gob-smacked about size of the pair of testicles you must be swinging around to dare even dream of penetration with me, Walter Sobchak.

    It would never work.

  60. …but we could go camping? You’d get to hang out with some nature and wildlife and stuff, it’d be great.

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