Wednesday, May 26, 2010


The submitter linked us to this video as a reference for David…

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  1. AnonymousBastard


  2. Back from the football, it pissed down, and my team lost. Get to see the 1st lamebook post of the day early for once, and it’s this garbage. To bed, stat.

  3. rockinghorsefly

    “Even though teen wolf has parkinsons now, he could still kick your ass” made me smile. But only a little tiny bit.

  4. Oh geez, what is this world coming to..

  5. “We’re not a gang. Gangs are posers, they just want attention”
    These kids do a better job at mocking themselves than I ever could.

  6. why is it always the kids with average intelligence think they’re ‘different’.

    they’re just about clever enough to grasp logic, but not quite clever enough to understand what a logical fallacy is.

    i’m off to go and eat a pot noodle and watch the shakira ‘she-wolf’ video.

  7. Eh, like most teenagers, they’re searching for an identity. Half of that process is defining yourself by all the things you’re not. That more they can make themselves stand out and feel “different”, the more they can blame their standard teenage unhappiness on a society that “doesn’t understand” them.
    95% of these kids will look back in 10 years and think “Jesus, I was a moron in high school”. I’m only worried about that last 5%.

  8. Walter Sobchak

    Chicks with tails are hot.

  9. You idiots are niave jerks like andy. we dont judge you for your gangs or how you dress, our packs are no different from a frat or football team.

  10. dietpillpyramidscheme

    Well said, XS.

    What a massive bunch of tools.

  11. Paranoid Android

    Fuck me static.

    That is all.

  12. What the shit?

  13. Whatever happened to normal kids?

  14. @LupusIIX When we see phi-delta-kappa or the chicago bulls wearing tails and keeping the skull of their neighbours dead dog in their bedroom, we will throw up our hands and admit your ‘packs’ are no different.

  15. They’ll grow out of it. Teens are so stupid. Yeah like they’re not trying to get attention-PLEASE! They all just copy one another. Been there, done that.

  16. po·seur (pō-zɶr’, pō’zər)
    n. One who affects a particular attribute, attitude, or identity to impress or influence others.
    ’nuff said

  17. Tazinijif – nice stereotypes you mentioned, yeh thats wat we all do, i bet you have no friends or any group, at least we do.

  18. rockinghorsefly

    Pretending to be a wolf = beyond lame.

  19. My mouth actually hung wide open when watching this clip. WHAT THE FUCK????!!

  20. Lupus, I wore a lot of weird ass shit in my punk rocks days in high school. In retrospect of course I think it was all very silly. But even at my weirdest I would have mocked the hell out of anybody who wore fangs or a tail.

    Uh? Ok?

  22. Dancinganimal256

    What the hell is this shit? Didn’t we had a post a few weeks back about some weird looking clown people and now this? I pray everyday that these fads don’t pass the border.

  23. Also, why are you making such a big deal out of belonging to a group. Believe it or not some people are secure individuals.

  24. rockinghorsefly

    well said, XS

  25. Lol you guys are funny!
    I’m at work & can’t watch this video & I’m not so sure I want to after reading some of the comments on here.

  26. @LupusIIX – I can speak for myself…I don’t have friends, I do have 2 children that I will desperately keep sheltered from the likes of you teen wolves. My dog doesn’t need any competition in my house and at some point, my son will need a well paying job to take care of me in my elder years. I don’t think a tail would land him the career of his dreams but I have been wrong before.

  27. The big difference between punker, jock and gangster rap cliques and these werewolf and vampire deals is that they come from something real. People in your usual cliques can actually play music or sports. These guys can’t be werewolves, no matter how hard they wish it. So really, who’s the posers?

  28. When does Teen Werewolves Hunting Season Open ????

  29. @krasivaya_devushka it’s just a bunch of insecure teens that pretend they are wolves. I have actually seen some specials on feral children and none of them wore tails or chains. They did run around on all fours, bark, and pant though.

  30. I think it’s good, it’s just emo kidz who wear a tail instead of cutting themselves :)

  31. Oh, Lamebook, you just may have redeemed yourself with this one!

    (@11 — You made me LOL!)

  32. WTF? Teens acting like wolves? I must be getting old, cuz this is a new one to me. Whatever happened to the old days when we just sat in a room, ate Twizzlers, drank some Dew, and played D&D for a few hours?

  33. I don’t know whether I am becoming desensitised to the weird and wonderful people in the world, or whether Lamebook is getting boring. I suspect it is the latter.

  34. Sabre if you bring the Mt. Dew, I can supply the D&D. Well, if you don’t mind 3.5 or 4th, anyway.

  35. @LupusIIX O.K…. lets phrase this differently, when footballers and fraternities try and tell people that they are mythical creatures we will all hold our hands up and agree that you are no different.

    And I am old enough to not give a damn whether you have a ‘group’, beyond 14 people tend to realise that the world doesn’t give a shit how many ‘friends’ you think you have, they give a shit whether you dress like a freak and have to leave work before 4 so you don’t get ‘caught by the moon’.

  36. I would think acting like a wolf is pretty much being a poseur of some sort. But wait, I forgot, they are all part wolf. Wow, there must have been some extreme cases of beastiality in their parent’s generation.

    If I were a wolf I would hang out in a cave or something, not at the mall.

    And also, isn’t killing a dog like killing one your own if you are wolf?

    I would love to see these kids 10 years down the road.

  37. I was once a wolf, running free through the tundra (mall). Soon enough I became a domesticated dog living in a crate (cubicle). Now I when I mark my territory (troll dolls), the only howling is laughter.

  38. I’m calling Walter Sobchak out for being a Furry.

  39. So mall goth otherkin made it on the news? Slow news day in San Antonio I take it.

  40. I can’t wait for the Frankenstein clique to start up. I am so in for that.

  41. @XS Zombies would be cool, too. Chasing people to eat their brains all through the day.

  42. lol irl.

  43. Oooh. I’m in XS. I can totally do my hair like Elsa Lanchester.

  44. Feral children have actually been RAISED by wolves though…

  45. If they weren’t doing it for attention, they wouldn’t wear tails. If you want to be a family and pretend to be werewolves, then go for it, fine, whatever, do whatever you want, stop touching me there!!

    However, if you wear a tail (a BLATANT disconnect from the “true werewolves”), then you’re doing it to signal to the world that you are a part of the werewolf pack. Isn’t that the definition of attention seeking?

  46. Only the hardcore packs hang out in front of the local mall.

  47. Doesn’t Justin Beiber wear a tail too?

  48. @ckent1 LOLing at the thought of there being ‘hardcore’ emo werewolves

  49. My 7 year old’s friends like to pretend they are vampires. I just ignore it. Eventually they outgrow these phases, thankfully. Some do it by 8, others maybe 21. I remember these same kids from when I was in high school. Only difference is they didn’t wear tails. It’s cute how they think they are all being unique together.

  50. Stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.

    I have successfully managed a group of friends without sticking a tail to my arse and hanging out with boys who paint their nails.

  51. The whole idea of things like this is to get attention by shocking your parents. When I was in high school, we just drank and smoked and went around wearing torn jeans and flannel shirts that were never washed and got our ears pierced multiple times (but never more in the right ear than the left, that would be gay). I assume the kids that went all the way to the goth stuff with the heavy black makeup and constant brooding had particularly emotionally distant parents so they had to go that extra mile.

    Of course, now all that stuff is old hat so the kids have to come up with something new to shock the “normals” so their parents will pay attention to them. The news media, knowing that a lot of parents secretly fear their teenagers are crazy and will end up utter failures at life, eat this shit up because fear sells. Of course, this just gives the kids the attention they’re so desperately seeking, and even more kids jump on the bandwagon.

    If you really wanted to stop crap like this, all you need to do is get these kids’ parents to start wearing tails. Once people over 30 start wearing a particular style, it’s instantly uncool.

  52. Heh. I don’t quite get the concept that you have to play dress-up and pretend play as a teenager to maintain a group of friends. I had friends in high school, and we didn’t require any theatrics.

  53. It took me a while to realize this was true. I just thought someone had made this whole story up. Honestly, werewolves? To me their future seems pretty hopeless.

  54. Oh. That explains my wardrobe. :-P

  55. @GeezMom

    I didn’t have any friends in high school, but I DID wear a tail… so I guess that shoots YOUR theory out of the water, or something.

    …. so lonely :(

  56. There’s a she wolf in your closet..

    Great, now I have Shakira stuck in my head :(

  57. Meh. Most of the kids I knew from high school who behaved this way (minus the tails) are realatively normal adults now. This particular trend I find annoying, but more or less harmless.

  58. i would love to see a couple of these kids stranded in the middle of the rockies somewhere confronted by a hungry pack of wolves.

    it’d be a dream come true for all parties concerned.

  59. I am trying to understand this from a psychological standpoint and I think it has to do with control. If you can’t control people into accepting you by being yourself, you can certainly control people into not accepted you by dressing as weird and freakish as you can. Maybe it’s their way of trying to regain some control.

  60. @alordslums LMFAO! Hell yes. We should organise it.

  61. Well when I was in high school, which wasn’t really all that long ago, we had the regular cliques that you see everywhere else. We had the emo kids, the preps, the geeks, etc…but these teen werewolves are something I’ve never heard of until now.

    And I always thought it was spelled “warewolves”. Oops me! I guess I learned something from Lamebook today. :D

  62. I think they want an excuse to just do it doggy style. Not having to look at each other when getting your rocks off would be appealing to insecure teens.

  63. rockinghorsefly

    @alordslums – you made me laugh!

  64. @ shex

    wouldn’t the tail get in the way?

  65. not when it’s a clip-on lol

  66. rockinghorsefly

    @shexylex – who needs an excuse to do it doggy style??

  67. What a bunch of f*cking douchebags. This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen.

  68. Meh. If you just ignore kids like this, it really pisses ‘em off.

    I will say, though, that the first teen wolf that tries to bite me is getting put to sleep like a rabid dog.

    *carry on my wayward son*

  69. @horsefly – kids who’ve just come through puberty and found they aren’t as hairy as they wanna be

  70. Dancinganimal256

    @alordslums: I’ll gather the wolves while you get the ‘werewolves’ =)

  71. I hope their parents tape this and embarrass them with it to them much later. Like one of them returns home from college years later with a girlfriend he wants to introduce to his folks, and they say, “Oh, I know. Let’s watch the video of Jimmy when he was a little werewolf with all his friends! Do you still have your tail, Jimmy?”

  72. No way. Ignoring these kids just makes them come back with something stupid and weirder. Next thing you know they’ll be attaching cones to their foreheads and saying they’re a bunch of unicorns.

  73. I feel a bit sorry for these kids, although they are misguided.
    This is their attempt to dodge the mass consumer, look like this not like that barrage they are subconsciously and consciously subjected to day after day, by advertising, media, tv, music and the rest.

    As adults it’s easier to drop that shit – like fuck off tv advert I don’t want a ford fiesta and you’re not going to make me feel like there’s something wrong with me for that.
    But when you’re a kid, you’re not so secure so you have to react by creating some other kind of identity for yourself, backed by others, that shows you shun the unsolicited shit shoved down your collective throats.

    Unfortunately, this reaction has manifested itself in vampires, werewolves and other made up shit with no substance to it.

  74. rockinghorsefly

    @shexylex – at least they’re not actually doing it with dogs. We hope.

  75. Dancinganimal256

    *there’ll be peace when you are done*

  76. someone should tell these kids about the grand high wolf that lives in an underwater lair at the bottom of that flooded quarry with the really steep sides.
    it’s true – if you go to see him on a full moon (actually, any night, or day, will do), he can give you magical powers and transform you into a pack leader. then everyone will respect you and stop leaving tampons by your locker.

  77. When I was in high school we had the jocks and everyone else… I guess there was a slight nerd grouping, but that was really it. There were no emo kids, no grunge kids, no wallers, no tailspins, no jinglers, no preps, no werewolves, no anything.

    In retrospect, it was pretty boring. Even the jock group didn’t really hang out together.

  78. I was more entertained by all the comments than I was by the post. Retodd you are a genius and someone get Lupus back on here.

  79. There’s actually a proper medical term for the wearing of artificial wolf tails: “anus lupus”… ass any doctor, they’ll tell you howl to treat it.

  80. The full moon rises and the forest is awash with light. Pack leader Danny Danner leads his pack of highly skilled hunters as they follow the scent of their prey. The transformation would have normally ripped his clothes to shreds, so it’s a good thing he thought ahead and wore oversized pants and a super baggy t-shirt. The chains linking his collar to his wallet, to his belt was a precaution that didn’t end up needing to be done.

    Just as they corner their victim and their howling is at its apex, the sound of the werewolves only true predator rings through the realm. A car horn from a 1994 Dodge Caravan sends them fleeing. Sadly, for these noble beasts, the siren call of this particular horn brings the werewolf pack into the teeth of this creature, instead of away. Of course, when I say teeth, I mean the open side door to the mini-van.

    Wow, I’m bored, time for lunch!

  81. I would have no problem with these kids if it wasn’t for the timing, really you just so happened to decide you were a “werewolf” right after a movie with werewolves came out. Sorry I don’t buy it, yet again just a desperate attempt to fit in, wish kids would realize that they look like idiots. Oh well , as long as this fad fades quickly and hopefully does not cross the border.

  82. Considering that I just woke up to my sister’s baby crying, this has got to be the most irritating shit I read.

  83. This is just another fad. i guess it was a slow newsday.

  84. mcowles takes the winribbon!

  85. I wonder if they come out with something with cats, how that will go down.

  86. Another observation – why is it that the majority these “oppressed and misunderstood” teen groups are always a bunch of spoiled white kids from the suburbs? Nothing says “F**k da MAN” like acting like a mythical creature…

  87. rockinghorsefly

    LOL @ sabretooth.

  88. because being middle-class and white and living in the suburbs is the most banal and mundane existence imaginable. obviously.

  89. they aren’t “werewolves”, they’re furries.

  90. @ nerual

    is that like furbies, but gayer?

  91. I wish he could be aborted.

  92. Oh lord!

  93. Gotta give them respect for having the balls to actually show their faces on the news.

    Not to insult them or anything, but you know how high school kids are. Show even one thing that makes you different from other people and you’re screwed. So I’ve gotta respect them for having that courage.

    Wait, what they killed someone’s dog?
    Okay, fuck ‘em.


  95. I also think Teen Wolf was a pretty awesome movie for it’s time! Come on, they van surf!

  96. Teen Wolf kicked ass. How could anyone hate a movie where a kid turns into a werewolf, and the major consequences are that he becomes a better basketball player and gets the girl? It’s like it was written by a teenage Robin Williams insecure about his body hair.

  97. I think this about sums it up.

  98. Actually… this is an interesting concept. While I find the hair and stuff silly looking, but it really does seem like a group of kids looking to identify with something and with a group, and hey, at least they’re straightforward about it.

    And, well, the tails are cute.

    Of course, the kids with the dog skull… wth? Please tell me he just found the dog already dead, otherwise he needs some serious fucking therapy and a beating or two.

  99. I didn’t watch this video but I remember these kids. One of them, a girl named Wolfie, killed someone in the neighborhood’s dog, beheaded it, took pictures, and let them get out on the internet. Poor dog. These kids need their parents to kick them in the ass and force them to be productive members of society before they turn into the next generation of furries on welfare.

  100. “I don’t believe anyone is just human…everyone has got something else mixed in with them.”
    Fuck off, kid. Maybe if you actually paid attention in your biology class instead of daydreaming about pissing on a fire hydrant, you’d actually understand what bullshit this statement is.

  101. wtf wolfie blackheart

    Gotta love the whiny suburban white kids.

  102. The cursed lovechild of goths and furrys. Good god, what has the world come to? It’s also abit ironic how they talk about everyone has to be in a group N’ stuff, especially wolves. I guess they have never heard of a ”Lone” wolf.

  103. I was a punk rocker in school with a hidious haircut tinted blue. I DID NOT kill someones pet. That leads to killing other things. Lets just hope they grow out of that.

  104. So.. if they think they’re werewolves, I guess that means we should deal with them the same way we would deal with real werewolves. i.e. shooting them with silver bullets. (seeing as they’re impostors, regular bullets will suffice. Wouldn’t want to waste good silver)

  105. I think it’s cool. People can do whatever they want and it will just mold them into something cool and different when they’re older. All of my friends now, while back in highschool, dressed differently, acted differently, and did their own thing. Now, we still do it, even though most of us are covered from head to toe in tattoos. We’re all successful, have great opinions about life and have a great group of friends. In highschool, things are more black and white. I’m 24 now and I don’t regret any of the odd choices of outfits I would wear, the facial piercings, or the spikey hair. I’ve learned who I am and I have fun. Just thought you people spouting off “THIS IS SO DUMB AND STUPID ZOMG” comments might want to hear from someone who was “different”.

    Regardless if they fall under a clique, it still takes guts to do this! These kids probably get a lot of guff from everyone.

    I used to get barked at btw, but it was by the jocks or the cool kids…

  106. So… Does the alpha male just get to fuck any bitch he wants?

  107. Teenagers being teenagers. Except for the mentalist who killed his neighbour’s dog. If he wets the bed and starts fires the local female populace are in trouble.

  108. I imagine a lot of these kids are being raised by their mothers in homes with no fathers.

    I say that because I’m sure that as soon as that news segment aired a whole bunch of dads shot themselves in shame.

  109. nuff, you pose an excellent question! Now I’m curious.

  110. Ok, so these kids think they’re werewolves.
    What happens when they grow up, get kicked out of the house, and need jobs? Nobody will hire ‘tards with tails. Straight to the welfare office for them.

  111. This did make me giggle. I mean who under 30 knows about Teenwolf? Teenwolf was fucking awesome, they just don’t make good movies like that anymore. Who knows anything about Can’t Buy Me Love? Fuck Mcdreamy I want Ronald!!!111!

  112. the first video response to this video is hilarious

    I think this kid is serious, which makes it funnier

  113. dietpillpyramidscheme

    It’s like the emo kids have had a child with the warcraft nerds.. it’s horrible!

    I finished school last year. This is not ANY more acceptable to me, than it is to you, of older generations.
    If anything, I am probably MORE pissed off about this, because lobotomy-patients like those above serve as a reflection upon my age group, meaning it’s pretty fucking difficult to get taken seriously.

    This is why I feel my smug sense of superiority is well justified.

  114. MsBuzzkillington

    Wait… wtf….

    A dog went missing and the dead dogs SKULL was found in this kid’s room/house?

    How is that okay? How is he not in jail? How is he not being monitored by a therapist? Isn’t he on the path of becoming psycho?

  115. MsBuzzkillington, there was no proof that SHE (yes, Wolfie is female) actually killed the dog. And you think that finding the skull was bad? That isn’t all. There are also pictures of the dog’s freshly severed head with the skin still on it and its eyes still shiny that she and her friends took before reducing the poor thing to a skull.

  116. So curiosity got the better of me, and I just had to see this damn video.
    How ridiculous are they? I soooo would love to slap one of them, especially that girl that says “gangs are posers, and we are not” or something along those lines.

  117. I like the video kbizzle posted. Mostly because of the comments on this “werewolve’s” page. lol

  118. PraetorianXVIII

    I’m glad my regularly kicked my ass when I did dumb shit. It never progressed to anything this bad, thank God. I’d deserve a good assbeating if I frolicked around like some furry douchebag.

  119. Oh God, Taylor Lautner what have you done?

  120. This is obviously just some craze over the Twilight series. Give it a couple of years when the movies are all done and they’ll move on to something different. Sad little kids are like that they do it because they want to feel connected with other people and get upset when the others don’t accept how fucking weird they are. Seriously, pull your heads out of your asses and you’ll see that in the real world this is just a pathetic cry for attention. Probably because mommy and daddy didn’t give you the attention that you craved 24/7 so this is your way of getting back to them even though their asses are the ones buying all this stupid shit (tails, fake contacts, etc.) for you.

  121. #57 was right on the money!

    I’d laugh if someone took that werewolf kid, banded his nuts and sent him home to Mommy wearing an E collar.

    Doesn’t anyone beat the stupid out of their kids anymore? No? Damn

  122. @Trag and Kal – welfare, really? The “weird kids” in the 80s (punks, goths) that you woulda said this about are now 40-somethings working in every industry imaginable. Some are high up corporates with loads of tats and piercings under those suits.

    Yeah, I think its a bit ridiculous…but its nothing new. And, its really not any worse than teens demanding they wear Hollister or Ambercrombie labels or whatever sports team gear. Kids want to define their identity and think they can find acceptance and real relationships through how they dress. Haven’t teens been claiming counter-cultural sub-groups for like the past 50 years? Whats the issue and the threats of wanting them beat…I’m sure most of you did this some way or another (maybe sans tail).

  123. @fangora – high up corporates? I’m sorry, but the vast majority of the “headbanger/grunge/underground” hipsters I knew growing up all have jobs with their name on their polyester shirt…

  124. Remember guys, You are Special! Just like everyone else!

    I don’t care if a bunch of kids want to wear fangs and tails and hang out at the mall, but killing dogs? That spells “serial killer” not “corporate executive”. I love quotation marks.

  125. Actually, I think it would be pretty fun!

    But only if the alpha male didn’t look like a girl and he fucked all the girls in the pack.

    …or however that works.


  126. Might want to get your rabies vaccinations first there faonette.

    Would anyone else laugh to see these kids running through the forest, howling at the moon and suddenly trip on a porcupine? I would. A lot.

  127. am I the only one who doesn’t seem to see it as the apocolypse if a few kids decide they want to wear a tail?

  128. My favorite part is the mother.


  129. The more I see, the more I’m glad I grew up when I did.

    Its hard to be original now when everything cool has already been done.

    All teens have that feeling that they are different from everyone else and they can’t be what their parents want them to be…

    I would let my kid dress like a punk rock poser, a rap poser, or any of the other posers to let them get their identity, but I would not allow my child to affix a fake tail, have fangs implanted or purchase special contacts to make believe that they are werewolves.

    I’m all for individuality, but not for them living in a world of fantasy.

    Also, its one thing to go with a “pack” and have the sense of family that they all seem to crave, but to abuse, and kill an animal and keep its skull as a trophy is a very very sick thing to do… and something more akin to cult behavior than anything.

    @Hotdate there is a difference between being different and setting aside from the crowd… but as explained this world of fantasy is not good. I would also like to state, while I do have tattoos I still managed to land myself a successful well paying job that does not require me to wear polyester or a nametag. I can’t say that they would have hired me with fangs.
    At the age of 24 I did not regret my tattoos or the decisions I made in my teenage years. At 32 I’m starting to. Only time can tell.

    These parents need to snap their kids back into the real world and out of this world of fantasy and take some control.

  130. they never actually said he killed the animal, he may have found the skull on an already dead animal. We don’t know the full story here, for example I have a sheep’s skull in my bedroom, but its because I’m a biologist and find it interesting, and most certainly did not kill the animal to obtain it.

  131. ok… i watched the video… first the chic calls gangs posers… From someone crying for attention to say that gangs tag for attention, lol… then the chubby squat dude says they arent trying to be intimidating, hahaha

  132. Future furries. Also, I can’t help but think of The Hangover.

  133. Chinchillazilla

    The tails are a little much, but at least these kids aren’t juggalos.

  134. Whatever.

  135. Snorky

    There was bragging online when it first happened. Then the internet freaked and starting making her life difficult and she recanted. No proof, but she totally did it.

  136. “Gangs just want attention” – Yeah, cuz you don’t want to draw any attention to yourself wearing a fucking TAIL. I hope one of those “poser” gang members she was talking about comes and beats her trust fund ass.

  137. I don’t see anything particularly dangerous about this kind of subculture. What pisses me off about it is that they keep going on about being different and about how people are only persecuting them because they’re different.

    People aren’t persecuting you because you’re different, sweetheart. In fact, you’re really not all that different from countless other subcultures found in every suburban mall in the Western world. They’re not ‘persecuting’ you at all. They’re laughing at you because you’re spouting bullshit like ‘everyone is human mixed with something else’.

    Being a teenager is a difficult process of finding out what the world is and who you are as a person. Being laughed at when you pull stupid shit like this is a valuable part of that process.

  138. ryennocerousrex

    I wonder if she’ll still believe people in gangs are attention craved posers once they kill her family and rape her.

  139. I’m not even going to bother reading the comments on this senseless shit.
    All I have to say is I understand expression. The “wolf tails” are pushing it a little bit. But when you kidnap the neighbor’s dog, chop it’s head off,(Not to mention what else went down.) and keep it in your pocket, that is not expression, That is Jeffery Dahmer shit!

    I was the geek freshman year,stoner for sophmore, then jock for the next two years. I know about “finding” yourself. It wasn’t until I submitted to drug test for sports and got all the bong drippings cleaned from my brain in Varsity Football, that I realized I didn’t have to be like anybody but myself.

    When you realize that people will accept you for who you are, that is when you have found yourself. If they don’t, then they haven’t found themselves so they have to be judgemental about you to make them feel better.

    I could go on but I’m not. Don’t need to get anything started.

  140. This makes me rage.
    Not because they are being hypocritical idiots, but because they’re being hypocritical idiots while ruining one of my favorite things ever.

    I’m glad this shit hasn’t reached the East Coast yet, because I draw werewolves pretty regularly and if I were ever asked if I was one of these twats I think I might slay someone :I
    Am I the only one who can love werewolves (and vampires to a lesser extent) and NOT think I’m one of them?
    Dammit, Twilight ruins everything.

    PS: You can buy real coyote skulls for $20 on the internet that looks more like a wolf skull than a dog skull ever will.
    OH and you don’t have to kill anything to get it :|

  141. These fucking furries need to knock it the fuck off before someone has sex with a dog or decapitates a dog. OH WAIT THAT HAPPENED.

    News flash: You’re not a goddamn werewolf. People are going to laugh at you not because you’re expressing yourself, but because you’re saying crap like “everyone is human mixed with something else.” Get a damn grip.

    I’m all for people being individuals, but I wish you the best of luck in getting jobs outside of the Ren Faire if you’re going to keep up with this load of horse-pucky.

  142. Do these people think they will ever get a good job? Not to be a cynic, but you’re going to have to buy into the system at some point in your life like it or not. What’s sad is they are going to look back and realize that they weren’t individuals. They’ll look back and be so embarrassed. How do I know? I did stupid crap like this in High School, not even to this degree and I hope to God that everybody I knew experiences the same selective memory that I do.

  143. I second that motion Kitt.

  144. I noticed one really odd thing about high school. The more you try to distance yourself, the more people try to pull you in. At least at my school, people were unable to place me into a category and it scared them shitless. I didn’t identify with any subculture in a definitive way, I was just me. Incidentally, they finally decided on “future serial killer”. That was actually a lot of fun… they weren’t so much worried about what I had done, but rather what they thought me capable of. Really, the thought never even crossed my mind. There WAS another dude they weren’t watching who actually acted as if he’d do something drastic, but the general consensus was that I’d blow up the school in some elaborate scheme. Ah, high school.

    Other than that, to each his own. Though their behavior and ideas smack of another existing subculture known as Otherkin, so there goes the originality.

  145. Coming soon–electric tails!

  146. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    I got so annoyed with these people. Stop whining about a family.. you can be friends WITHOUT wearing tails and killing dogs. Are normal teenagers nonexistent?

  147. To all wolves: I am from the tribe of the cougars. We are seeking single males.


    What a psycho….

  149. ‘like omg i hate my family even though they earn like a decent wage, put like a nice roof over my head and treat me like extremely well, and like even though i have a like better life than most of the world’s population ever will, i’m like still gonna go around wearing a fake tail and claiming that these douchetards wearing fangs and stupid contact lenses are my real family… like’

    get a job you losers.

  150. PeanutButtercup

    @Jack we do exist! Some of us are normal!


    …I promise.

  151. I’m gonna give mad props to that reporter for not laughing at any point through the presentation. I was laughing the whole way through. Also : “I don’t believe anyone is completely human, I think we all have something mixed in”. Ah, deep, deep words. I just wish I could get my hands on some of his poetry. I bet it’s incredibly profound.

    What a tosser.

  152. Avenged Sevenfold? REALLY NOW? “No, we’re not posers.”
    I’ll just bet they WERE(caps for emphasis) inspired by the Twilight series. Hardly anyone gave 2 shits about vampires or werewolves(besides a few million, although anyone who claims liking anything before it gets big these days gets called a liar) before the whole Twilight “phenomena”.
    Wow, these kids are out of control. They’re going to fuck some shit up. Go on a mass, mass murder or something. Damn.

  153. Yeah why the hell are they torturing dogs? That’s terrible. Watch over your fucking kids and teach them to respect living beings!

    They’re just goth kids with tails. It’s nothing new. They are trying to be “unique” yet they all look about the same.


    Goth 2.0: whinier and stupider than the original

  155. Its a full moon tonight, do you know where YOUR kids are?

    haha this shits rediculous. brings tears to my eyes.

  156. Boys becoming men,
    Men becoming wolves!
    Spooky, scary
    Werewolf bar mitzvah!

  157. The only Teen Wolf is and forever will be MICHAEL J. FOX!

  158. I can not FUCKING believe that this is going on at my old high school. Absolutely SPEECHLESS!!

  159. This is ridiculous. I thought the Vampires and emos were bad……

  160. These kids are wearing TAILS. And fangs. And calling themselves a pack. And killing neighborhood dogs (isn’t that Mike Meyer’s career get started?). Everything else is fine. Not a single one of them has any individuality, but hey if dressing like that makes them happy, whatever. But if you’re going to deliberately flout convention stop being a bitch and don’t cry when you get made fun of. You bring it on yourself. Yea kids are mean and make fun of anyone who is different. It’s sad but true. I’m just sick of the kids who dress like that and then cry about getting made fun od and how no one “understands” or likes them. Newsflash: YOU’RE IRRITATING.

  161. hahahahaha it’s like a male version of Ebony Dark’ness Dementia Raven Way came to life in male form with a group of clones to match omg now way!!

    seriously…you kids need a good kick in the twat!

  162. Shit the Bed, furries are everywhere.

    I guess this is another group of kids to add to my list of
    “People with Uncles they’d rather forget.”

  163. I’m part penguin.

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