Monday, April 19, 2010

How I Meat Your Mother

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  1. Ben.

  2. Oh, that tender young meat.

    “It rubs the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again.”

  3. Omg, Lorri FTW!

  4. i love that Mom played along and didn’t get all uptight and pissed off about it.
    @cynic – agreed, Lorri FTW.

  5. I would totally destroy lorri… :hot:

  6. Hahha, defo Lorri FTW. She has totally embarrassed Nick, but now she’s either a) a complete MILF, or b) completely scared his friends away. Win-win.


  7. This is like a 2010 version of “The Graduate”, and Lorri is the Anne Bancroft character, and the boys are Dustin Hoffman.

    I’ve just broken into a rendition of “Mrs Robinson”.

    And here’s to you Lorri.

  8. Yeah, I’m sure Nick is mortified now…and so are his friends. Good way to guarantee it won’t happen again. Haha, Lorri rocks.

  9. Mom FTW!

  10. I’m with slim, that is hot. She has to be a milp. They are the only moms that would respond like that.

    This is a tribute to Lorri!

  11. Why MILP? Lorri did the awesome thing. All of Nick’s friends (and Nick) were using her as a dig, and she swooped in and one-upped them all.

    +1 Lorri.

  12. Mom I’d Like to Poke.

  13. poke? fuck that… she a milf

  14. LOL

  15. wow. MOM burn!

  16. Totally awesome.
    Lorri FTW, for sure.

    I wish she was my mom.

  17. Oh, and this ‘Ben’ shit is getting kinda lame ):

  18. I want to see the rest of the posts, this is only 6 of the 16. Mom FTW!!

  19. oh yeah! well Ben is Frodo. so there.

  20. chicky, don’t mess with dcrearview’s obsession with Ben, Frodo, and Herpes.

    I tried it once, and he called me gay.

    I can live with that though, it’s kinda true. I did go to pussy town once. It was a fun place to visit, but I wouldn’t want to live there.

  21. :-)
    Thanks wordpervert. and for the record i didn’t bring up Ben until he was dissed. the first offender here was Mememe !

  22. What’s MILP and FTW ?

  23. mother i love to bang

  24. Sonal,

    Mum I’d like to punch.

    Fuck the whales.

  25. WhyNotTheWhales

    Who’s Ben?
    No I’m kidding..

    But awesome mom win! That actually makes me want to become a mom!
    Kidding again..

  26. WhyNotTheWhales

    Save the whales for supper!!

  27. Holy shit I just pissed myself word, and not just a little bit.

  28. @ Wordperv

    What has the screwing of whales got anything to do with this ?
    Or were you trying to be funny with me ?

  29. someone get me Lorri’s facebook

  30. haha ive never seen a single child own their parents the way parents own their kids

  31. I wonder if Lorri got “a few” friend requests in the hours following her comment.

  32. @HeSaidWhat:
    MILF is what you’re looking for. MILP = Punch. :-/

  33. Sonal,

    The screwing of whales can be brought into any conversation if you try.

    Yes, I was fucking with you.

    I just thought it was a kinda dumb question you asked.
    Forgive for thinking that me if you want, but I don’t really care either way.

    Back on point, go Lorri!

  34. I would love to meat Lorri… I mean meet. Nahh, I’d still rather meat her.

  35. Super Nintendo Chalmers


  36. @ Zoo: Check out the link in my first post. It’s in there somewhere.

  37. mmmm. whale. tasty on rye with tomato and lettuce!

  38. Haha love the screwing of whales subject but couldn’t you also use a porpoise or a dolphin? one blowholes the same as the next to me!

  39. @word

    We were all once naive and inexperienced. I didn’t know what FTW meant until about a year or two ago.


    You might have been joking before, but MILP means Mother I’d Like to Poke. It’s a variation of MILF (F = F*ck). There’s also GILF (G = Grandmother) and TMNTILF (Obvious… mine is Donatello).

    FTW = For The Win. It’s often used to denote a feeling of appreciation and warmth that one feels when viewing an “Internet victory” by someone else. In other areas the same feeling can be conveyed with the ever-growing term “gratz”, short for congratulations.

    I hope this helps.

  40. I think HeSaidWhat said MILP because that is what it says in the song in the link he posted. Just a guess

  41. Thank you, mcowles knows what I mean.

    Here you go Zoo, I found it on lamebook also.

  42. Damn I forgot to refresh after watching that video and reading the comments before I wrote that. Oh well

  43. I thought milp was kinda funny … I thought the ‘p’ was going to be ‘plow’… wrong. But yeah, Lorri a milaf for sure.

  44. There’s a new one for me.

    I like it.

  45. Lori did have a good comeback. But I agree that this is a too obviously edited post! I want to know what the other comments were too!

  46. mc, I hear what you’re saying, but like I said, I was joking.

    If I can be called both Frodo and gay (thanks dc) for saying some time ago that I was over the whole thing Frodo shit, someone else can take a little jibe from me.

    People on here can and do, lay into each other much more harshly.

    Back on point, I think I’ll watch “The Graduate” tonight in honour of my new hero Lorri.

  47. Please excuse any missing letters or added words on my comments.
    I’m very tired after my weekend workout.

    But my team won this weekend, such sweet relief, and that has sparked me up somewhat.

    Have a good day.

  48. I guess I’m going to have to rent that movie to see what it is about.

  49. mom i’d like to pwn

  50. @ HeSaidWhat

    you should, it’s a great classic film with awesome music.

    simon and garfunkel FTW

  51. Now I have to check it out.

  52. CommentsAtLarge

    Mrs. E, you’re trying to seduce me. Aren’t you?


    If you dabble in playing for both teams, doesn’t that mean your team ALWAYS wins? ;)

  53. I never thought of it that way but you are right Large.

  54. Don’t talk to Strangers by Hedley started playing in my head when I read that post…..

  55. Comments, you could be right, but my head is a little clouded at the moment, and I can’t quite get your reasoning to sit straight.

    I think I just punned.

  56. @39 mcowles TMNTILF! Ahahahaaa :D By the way, when does that ever come up in a conversation?

  57. i love malteaser too

    I prefer fresh flesh to mamma meat.

  58. I pick Michaelangelo. I have a thing for orange bondage strips and double wooden phallic symbols connected by a 2 link chain. *disappears into reverie*

  59. The Salmon Mousse

    Is it bad that I find this strangely erotic?

  60. So, so bad.. ;-)

  61. Mom FTW. Unsane, this one goes in the hall of fame.

  62. Here’s a good one

  63. CommentsAtLarge


    Just making a “goes both ways” joke based off your earlier post. I’m a bit foggy myself, otherwise there would be a joke about you taming my reasoning right [here].

  64. What are the other 10 comments, I wonder?

  65. I loved that episode. Dick in a box was a good one too!

  66. hahahahahahahaha * breathes* hahaha. Oh goodness.

    -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

  67. .

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