Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hot Mama!

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  1. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    His name is Wolf. Last on the list of items on his therapists’ agenda.

    What top? If you have THAT then hide it…

  2. Wolf? His name is wolf?

  3. Woof, ders not ny fin wrong with posting pics on fb.

    lov, xx, bucky

  4. The tattoo tops it all off!

  5. I wouldn’t mind licking chocolate sauce off of that rack.

  6. I’ve lost my appetite :(

  7. I’d hit it.

  8. His name is Dan.

  9. Eck. Think of your own Mum’s, and put yourself in Wolf’s shoes.

    @justbeingmiley – I don’t think I’ll eat this brownie now.

  10. Poor Wolf. It seems he’s already surpassed his own mother in both maturity and typing/spelling. I had an old high school friend who’s mother was divorced after spending her entire adult life married, and it turned her into a 50 year old teenager. It was a sad thing to witness.

  11. Mom can’t spell, type, name her kid or take a sexy picture.
    Going to go wash my eyes out now …gross

  12. OMFG!!!

  13. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    “You ahaahahahahahahahaha look ahahahahhahahahaaahahahhaaaa good hahahah for ahahah 55 hahaha hahaha ha ha” I laughed too.

    Jessica says that Kim’s SON laughs because: “[t]hey wnt them… as tey wanna hold them lol”-weird right?

    Lamebook pixelated the wrong part of the photo, and before the femdamentalists get jiggy on their keyboards I’m all for older women maintaining sexuality past what the patriarch deems their prime, but if my 55 year old mother put that on the net, I’d disown her and her flabby chicken wings… Looks like many a young pup has suckled on the wolf cub mother’s teets…
    Wolf has every right to be howling mad- sorry, this is really a lacklustre gag, but it’s hard to type while vomiting.

  14. hahahaha. gross! you can totally find her if you look up that andooga guy!

  15. Had to be Tyrone…

  16. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    twasadream: Really? You went looking for more? Dude… I dare’n't

  17. I’m all for maintaining sexuality, even if most people might not find you attractive. Some people certainly will. Hell there are people out there who get off watching people sneeze. Whatever floats your boat.

    But if you are going to post on facebook with your family, especially your kids, save the porn shots for somewhere else. It’s awkward and embarrassing to see your mom like that.

  18. I knew a Wolf once…

  19. im jealous

  20. poor kid. and gross.

  21. In Kim’s defence, my mum types like that on the internet and so do all her friends. She thinks you’re supposed to type like that, she also overuses exclamation marks but that’s a different kettle of fish. Saying that, if you have your child opn facebook, have a bit of respect and don’t post pictures like that!

  22. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    I’m a dreamer, and in a perfect world it would’ve read:

    “one word CLOTHES mom, I’m paying for your clothes”

  23. I also felt bad for “Wolf” but now. knowing that his real name is Daniel and he chooses to go by Wolf, well, enough said, really.

  24. Christina.Willemina

    Seriously, it would take me longer to type out that shitty grammar and spelling than it would to type properly. I can’t stand that stupidity.

  25. i dont know… its not attractive, but whatever… i think a lot of over reaction from the crowd here… the way she types upsets my stomach more than the pic

  26. Now I really hate old people, they sometimes make me want to kill myself before reaching such a disgusting stage

  27. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Slim, for reals, I get that. But I’m dramatic by nature and there’s nothing on tv.
    But who are you jealous of?

  28. From “wolfs” Face book photos…

    Dan: *blinks “mom i knew you were tiny but……”
    (under cartoon of boy looking at a snail)
    Kim Davies
    daniel, how funny do u fink u r???? if ur not careful i,l tell tina all biut u den ul b fukd wont u little boy lol xxxx
    23 minutes ago · Report

    Daniel Houldcroft
    abt me…..
    23 minutes ago · Report

  29. Rach, your mum is an idiot. At least set her straight.

  30. Christina…I am with you. Maybe she thinks that showing those watermelons, people won’t notice about her lame spelling and punctuation!

  31. @msjessiemeghan, don’t think I haven’t tried haha.

  32. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    Tyrone FTW!

  33. I don’t know, it’s a bit hard to tell, but her face looks in pretty good shape for 55. She could lose a few pounds yes, but I’m ok with this one.
    I’m feeling all warm and fuzzy this morning, what the fuck is wrong is me?

  34. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    ‘pervert- if I wake up warm and fuzzy it normally means I’m still drunk. Does it necessarily indicate something being wrong?

    I just can’t believe some people looked her up. Proof there are people on the planet that are more bored than I am right now.

  35. Divine, don’t get me started on the losers who go looking for these people, my feelings about this are well established.
    I was a little drunk last night, but that’s not it, I think I’m just in a good mood for some reason, so I’ll just roll with it.

  36. lol

  37. word – maybe cuz you were thinking about rolling with me… that’d put a warm and fuzzy mood :)

  38. SomeRandomChick

    All I can say is that if you have to ANNOUNCE that you have a top on, your top probably needs to have more material.

  39. I think his name is actually ‘dan’ from one of his mom’s comments, and he nicknamed himself Wolf. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse. Makes the mum look just that LITTLE bit better, though.

  40. I’m a loser then. :) I look people up all the time because the shit on their actual pages are oh so much funnier than the ones posted here. Lamebook is like a gateway drug to the good shit.

    But if being pro-active in finding my daily lameness makes me a loser, then what does it make those of you who spend half the day on Lamebook waiting for them to dole out your fix of mediocre at best lameness?

    In the interest of fairness and full disclosure, I have spent a good majority of the last few years in chunks of months at a time stuck in a hospital bed waiting to either die or be cured, so I do honestly have way to much internet time to fill, but I advocate Lame sourcing and would if I didn’t spend the majority of my time trying to pass/waste time.

  41. This is made funnier by the fact that “My overweight mom dresses too sexy” is the topic of the episode of Maury I’m watching.

  42. Hell yeah! Let’s kick this pig in the nuts.

  43. slim, my mood today was the result of a dream I’m sure I had last night involving you, ee, Soup, Divine Monkey, and myself.
    We weren’t playing scrabble.

  44. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    For real. I was invited? Hot damn, I must’ve said something right…

  45. @Random Chick – Rules to live by!

  46. Well, if she is wearing a top it doesn’t look very substantial or practical, I hope Wolf (seriously?!) gets his mum some new clothes for mothers day!

  47. Actually I think the kid’s name is Dan (“dan i am your mom and you should be proud of me…”) it’s probably a pseudonym. I have a friend on fb who used to call himself “Flea…” as his actual FB name- a lot of people just know him by that name and not his real name. But it doesn’t mean that “Wolf” is necessarily this guy’s real name…

    Eish. I’m with Tyrone with this one. I can safely say I’m not jealous…

  48. @13 Divine :D

    @14 Twasadream
    You say “gross” but mean….”yum”? I mean, why else would you go looking for more?!

  49. Wow, 55 year olds say “lol” as often as teenagers. Who knew.

  50. Am I hallucinating, or is one of those people named Andooga?

  51. Andooga is probably Wolf’s sister =P

  52. *claws at her eyes* omg that wallpaper ….. Kim is tasteless!!

  53. @rockerchick88

    so what you’re actually suggesting is that he called HIMSELF wolf?
    bloody hell.

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