Friday, November 20, 2009

Hot Dog It’s the Weekend Again!


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  1. *retarted

  2. Has anyone looked them up on FB and try to add them?

  3. This is the best thing I’ve ever read.

    Come to my house Andrew when you’re free 😉

    Stacey, go put peanut butter on your vag coz I hear you need a Bone

  4. I sure as hell was on here Uh…and I don’t appreciate all these people trying to copy me and pretend to be me when wer’re really upset and trying to make a fucking serious point about abusing other people when they’re going through though times! I didnt know my comments could end up on such a pathetic site and now im disgusted. ALL of you need to grow up and move on, assholes.

    And to all of you sad fucks making fun of gay men you are realy pathetic, theyr human beings too and yeh he’s gay but i didnt turn my husband gay thankyou n i dont look like a man, he was born gay and i will stick by him as his friend. Get a life people you are all the lame pricks so fuck you and stop pretending to be me

  5. If that was really her, she would have said piss at least 6 times.

  6. Did you really just post the exact same thing again? You’re poorly-spelled arguments didn’t even come close to convincing anyone the first time. What makes you think the second time would be any different?

    And for the record, people were originally laughing WITH you. Now they’re just laughing AT you.

  7. Guh, and by “you’re”, I mean “your”. Muphry’s Law strikes again.

  8. @ Julie
    “Muphry’s Law strikes again.”

    Do you mean Murphys Law?


  9. @ Jen

    There is no such word as retarted, look it up.

  10. Stacy, did it ever concern you that Andrew was feeling so much shame everytime he stuck it in you?

  11. I love it when people find their stuff on lamebook. They have interesting reactions.

  12. @ Brit

    Haha, thanks for that!

  13. @ Julie


  14. Fucking hell. All the bullshit, the back and forth of real and fake comments, insults, the advice and ridicule… Awesome.

  15. #182 is the best comment here, easily.

  16. @ Oh Dear

    Sorry, just vying to be the biggest asshole on here. Flexo was the biggest asshole, but now I am. 🙂

  17. Stacey, you’s a ho

  18. @Oh Dear: Haha, it’s fine. Most people usually don’t get the joke. I was massacred on here one time for it. You were much more pleasant about it. I just think most Lamebook posters should be quite familiar with the law, because it is eerily accurate.

  19. I think Oh Dear might be a reverse troll.

  20. spics

  21. It’s the new Jasons Monster Fail!

  22. i love that Stacey says “piss” after every fourth word.
    stacey, honey, the angrier you get the harder we’re going to laugh. we really are a childish bunch. you should probably quit now while you’re ahead. and by by “ahead” i mean making a big ass out of yourself as opposed to a HUGE ass out of yourself.

    back to pissing then. carry on.

  23. Oh shit, does anyone know how to get a gerbil out of an arsehole?


  25. Stacy, Hayley, and Andrew.

    Stacy: Guys please stop talking about us. leave me and hayley to ourselves so we can scissor the shit out of eachother. Hayley: Like oh my god i love pissing on my best friends face! so grow up! geeeeze. Andrew: Male/Single/Gay….any guy that is dtf (down to fuck) let me know. i like to get double stuffed so gang bangs are fine with me. THANKS GUYS.

  26. If everyone who posted on lamebook comments was rounded up and shot, the world would be a better place.

    Goodbye cruel world.

  27. 228 is right. i saw this a few days ago then i read the last comment and all of a sudden everyone involved is gay and pissing on each other. thats lamer than anything the site could find.

  28. just a general comment: this stacyO lady is evidently a trashy british or irish bitch, because in britain and ireland they use the word “piss” to indicate two things: making fun of someone or a situation or being really drunk. she isn’t actually concerned with urine or micturition on any level. not that the comments aren’t amusing on some base level, but still.

    the more you know!!

  29. 226 knows what up lmao.

  30. Burn the Battymen

  31. It’s quite funny how gullible you all are. I just thought you should know I am both StaceyO and Hayley and have had quite a bit of fun with you guys over the weekend. Until next time I’m off to bed.

  32. ^ you staged the entire thing? LOL
    LAME. Irony!

  33. 233, I think most people with intelligence figured that out after the 5th comment or so.

  34. @funny
    You’re not Stacey O coz I am…

  35. I would just like to stick up for all homosexual males rights, it’s not cool to make fun of people like Andy and say he likes to have sex with his dog

    You people are all as bad as each other

  36. Lamebook, here you are. The classic example why you should please update ASAP before everyone goes nuts over the weekend.

  37. are you kidding me…this shit is still the here and there haven’t been any updates all weekend?!?!? Can someone please post something lame so we can move on

  38. Lakadase ,Lamebook doesn’t post during weekends.

  39. Seriously gays are cool too

  40. A good 90% of this thread consist of ‘conversations’ between trolls and folks who fell for it.

    The real Andrew and Stacey are probably still blissfully unaware of this rubbish, and if they are, would hardly see any sense in engaging with kids who think using rude words make them funny.

    Kudos to the 6 or 7 posters who were witty/intelligent.

    (To follow: more troll posts.)

  41. * Last

  42. ‘She won’t let me’ shouldn’t be in any Male’s vocabulary, ever. It should be, bitch, I’m taking the fucking dog, you got a problem, you can come see me and my dog about it.

  43. @No Way – Fabulous. Have fun defending those rape charges.

  44. Woah! Go away for the weekend with no internets, come back and the world (according to Lamebook) has gawn mad!

    Great comments on here everyone and “props” to all those who fed the trolls to keep this post interesting.

    “Retart” is a perfectly legitimate word. Any naysayers should check the Lamebook Rules Video (any version from 1.43 includes it) – link in my username.

    P.S. By the fuck.

  45. @StaceyO

    You’re dumb. If it’s that big a deal (which it really isn’t…nobody really cares about you) and you don’t want this post on here, you can email Lamebook and ask them to take it off. I’m sure you somehow have to validate that it is actually you and not some troll, but hey, surely that’s not too much of a problem?


  46. Wow! I only post ont his site when I am at work, so I haven’t been on over the weekend…….some of you really don’t have a life do you? Yes flexo, I am talking to you. You are the biggest loser here.

    Regarding the topic, Stacy and Andrew O, you both are pretty pathetic. I don’t beliee it is the REAL Stacy and Andrew, but a troll, or several trolls. I don’t think flexo is a troll though, I just think he really is that dumb.

  47. Woof woof! Doesn’t anybody care what I want? GRRRRRRRR!

  48. When this was on the feed I was pretty stunned that it had warranted almost 250 comments. Now I understand. Epic. @Stacey0 – you’re a twat for posting this on your Facebook, and you’re a twat for feeding the flames on Lamebook. Now be quiet.

  49. Hahaha. This is epic. I love when I have to leave for a while. I get to come back and veiw the aftermath of yet another net-ocalyspe.
    The OP wasn’t nearly as good as this hilariously messy comments section.

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