Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Home Work It!


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  1. lol. I get the first comment!

  2. The Scarlet Pimple

    Hmm, this seems fake.

  3. The Scarlet Pimple


  4. This is unfortunate, but oh-so funny.

  5. The pic is funny, but the “detailed description” is lame!

  6. This is stupid. This picture is famous:

    A shame that somebody posted it on their facebook as their own.

  7. Fake.

  8. I’ve seen the picture before, so I think it’s fake, but the explanation seems so plausible!

  9. LOL I remember this pic! It’s been around for years.. never thought it was a shovel. I never even thought a kid really drew that and it was just a joke. But I guess this could be fake anyways.. still funny either way.

  10. lostintranslation

    Is it just me, or does L’Shane sound suspiciously like a stripper name?

  11. learn to google.

  12. Learn to google? WTF?
    You typing in all those words, which can be found in half of them, and YOU’RE telling people ‘learn to google’?? Wow.

  13. and i don’t think l’shane ever claimed this as her own….think she just thought it was humorous and posted it.

  14. This is lame in a bad way. This stupid picture is internet famous.

  15. L’Shane????


  16. Not even lame. Just dumb. And not funny.

  17. ha, i had never seen this. good one.

  18. Old joke, but worth it just to learn there’s a person named L’Shane.
    Like lostintranslation says, she’s probably a stripper – or if she’s not, her mother was.

  19. I don’t think I would want L’Shane checking my child’s homework. Not if she is going to spell “your” as “ur.”

  20. What they draw is probably NOTHING in comparison to what they SAY to the teacher.

  21. Totally fake. Drawn by an adult, and a made up story.
    That pisses me off.

  22. I agree with “Yes” above who says she probably did not intend to say this was her own. L’Shane obviously posted it so that she could share something funny with her friends – just like how everyone forwards millions of funny emails every day. In fact, I think I’ve seen this as an email forward before with the accompanying description. Anyway. The only “lame” thing about this is that it actually made it to lamebook in the first place. The lamebook people need to wake up over there! :P

  23. I’m pretty sure I saw this on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno and it was a fake.

  24. Does no one notice it’s under “WALL PHOTOS”? Obviously someone posted that on her wall, and its now under that album. I doubt she’s trying to claim it as her own.

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  26. Vince from purchasing

    The above just links to a blog which links back to this post.

    Lame way to get a few clicks.

  27. WOW. If my mum did that i would A) be sick to my stomach and B) would be a homosexual.

    Still it is funny as fuck!

  28. That just hurts… a hilarious way

  29. Bet that kid got an A+

  30. The funny thing for me is, I saw this only two days ago on

  31. This picture was around for years before someone decided to add the “explanation”.

  32. The story is copied as well. I received it in an email a couple years ago.

    And BTW, I’m sure the person that posted this knew it was popular and wasn’t trying to claim it as hers. She/He probably just thought it was funny and wanted to show their friends. Nothing wrong with that. So this, isn’t really lame to me.
    It would be lame if the person was actually trying to claim the picture and story as being theirs. But, I see nothing like that happening.

  33. I have seen this picture everywhere before :/

  34. *yawns*

  35. Lemme get this straight… so somebody with a name like L’Shane is trying to convince me that they don’t shake that ass for money?? Hmm..

  36. @ Kal, it is a neat little function called copy and paste!!! works really well to write something that is really long with only a few key strokes.

  37. lol

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  41. @everyone: Do you think #’s 38 – 40 are spammers? or have i been visiting too many of ‘mommy’s’ place of business?

  42. I think they’re just Track Backs. They get posted when one blog links to another blog’s content.

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  45. Why would anyone post a link to this page, on this page?

    Lamebook wants to moderate comments and filter out the trolls I say great work, but what about the spammers??? Seriously Lamebook, these spammers are fucking lame and should be filtered out! They’re counter-productive to the funnies!!!

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  47. Gotta be fake, do kids even know what an ellipsis is let alone how to use it??

  48. @jewis, i’m pretty sure the teacher wrote on the board or assignment page the phrase “when I grow up…” and told the kids to finish it.

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  50. @#’s 46 & 49: Please fuck off and die now! Thanks.

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  52. This is NOT fake, this happened at Brisbane Elementry in Erin Ont

  53. 52: Proof?

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  56. ya shes no stripper if you look at the picture you’ll see the chick has no boobs and i have never heard of a female stripper with no boobs

  57. I won’t call it fake but IT IS A FAMOUS DRAWING! :P

  58. LOL Its a win win

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