Monday, December 14, 2009

Home Sweet House Arrest


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  1. 1st

  2. Someone tell me WTF the foot says. I can’t make it out at all.

  3. Well, I mean what the tattoo says. The foot says “Hi, my big toe is really huge and my other toes are weird and stubby!”

  4. Wow. I can only imagine. I’m guessing she probably kicked someone’s ass, that’s why her toes are all the same length…

  5. Hazzard County has upgraded its image, I see..!

  6. damn you sticklebrick i was going for my 3rd first of the day…
    lol together for the holidays….they both have super duper ugly toes!

  7. How romantic.

  8. It could have been more disturbing, there could have been an even smaller foot with an ankle bracelet on it.

  9. this is sweet, in a twisted way.

    and i would call them rednecks or bottom dwellers, but that looks like a nice leather coach. quite possibly a sectional

  10. I think an interesting research project could focus on the ugliness of toes and the propensity to:-
    a) crime
    b) stupid fb photos
    c) illegible tattoos

  11. how about:
    d) inbreeding

  12. @DZ: It might be a sectional sure. But I bet they only own the one piece.

  13. ROFL @ anonymouse

    PS: Her tattoo says “filthy whore” in White Trashian.

  14. @ Me…they probably don’t even own it. They probably rent it.

  15. I think the tattoo says “beautiful”
    I’m wondering how they both are in the same household together, people on house arrest are on parole or probation, right? and I’m pretty sure you always have to report an address that you’re living at under either circumstance, and correct me if I’m wrong, but don’t they frown on you living with other criminals? And by frown on, I mean, not allow it?

  16. @ peaceenz … hahah!

  17. Gofigure, maybe they’re conjoined twins?

  18. @anonymouse: A geneticist could do a research project on how many levels of inbreeding are required to end up with toes like that. Those things will haunt my dreams.

  19. How would there be a need for two ankle bracelets on a single entity, whether it be one or more persons?

  20. That tattoo has been on here before – it was on a women’s waist towards the groin – not so original afterall!

  21. That tattoo is an ambigram – meaning that it says ‘Beautiful’ in one way and something else when turned 180° – the thing is, I’ve drawn a few of these but I can’t figure out the other meaning, it’s so badly done.

  22. They’re married. I wonder what sort of crime they committed together to both be on house arrest….

  23. Scratch that – after the 180° it says ‘Disaster’ – still, horribly done.

  24. @Cox, upside down, it says “disaster” (I know someone with the same tattoo) I think it’s a dumb idea, because you can’t, at least I can’t, tell what it says upside down, you can barely tell what it says as is, unless someone tells you what it is.

  25. I registered on this site just to say that she has the ugliest feet I have ever seen. If mine looked like that I would wear socks all the time so no one would see them. I’d even wear socks while taking a shower and at the beach.

  26. Even after being told what the tattoo says, I still can’t make it out. I can sort of see “beautiful” going one way, but I can’t see “disaster” at all. Maybe the word itself isn’t there, it’s just that the tattoo itself is a disaster?

  27. Sensible Madness, I can’t either. I’ve been trying to see it, but maybe it says something else or there are small lines connecting that we can’t see. Whatever the case is, the tattoo artist should be shot.

  28. That ambigram is supposed to say ‘Beautiful/Disaster’?!?!?!?!?!?!

    1) Beauty is subjective…. perhaps I can let this one go…

    2) Disaster… How else would you describe that sketchy tattoo, elegantly framed by your ankle tag??????? Spot on sweetheart!

  29. Hang on, scratch the subjectivity

    I just scrolled back to the top and remembered how squat her toes are

  30. to be fair.. it looks like her index n middle toe are kinda bent a lil… thatd probley be why they all look the same size

  31. HAHA, lamebook is no place to be subjective!

  32. This is the most romantic thing I’ve ever seen. “Together for the Holidays” indeed. A family that pays together stays together.

  33. I love this site! What an incredible picture.

    They say that people in great relationships have something in common…

    I just didn’t think that something was recidivism.

  34. a sex change gone wrong?

  35. Posting pictures of your feet on facebook is just gross!

    I am soo creeped out by her toes! Blech! :(

    And his are just nasty looking.

    I just don’t like feet in general!

  36. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the Little Mermaid sticker on his anklet!

  37. I’ve been thinking a lot about the earlier comment regarding people with ugly feet = criminals. I think there needs to be a scientific study done on this. Everyone I know with ugly feet also has a criminal record. People with nice feet, no criminal record. Things that make you go “hmmmm”.

  38. @Ugh: Didn’t the Naziz do this? This is SeeBea

  39. I meant to do that.

  40. @ AirmansWife I never would have noticed the Little Mermaid if you wouldn’t have mentioned it. Good eyes!

  41. It looks like Michelle has had someone come along and cut her toes off to roughly the same length. Just one swift ‘snip’ and she had ugly toes that were all too short and the same size. Someone get this woman a toe transplant!

    A good friend will bail you out of jail, where as a true friend will be sitting beside you saying ‘damn! that was fun’!

  42. @ Ugh: I have ugly feet. Im not gonna even lie. My husband says I have monkey toes. It doesn’t help that I pick things off the floor with my toes but anyhow. Im not bending over to pick the 50,000 things the kids have strewn across the floor. Also years of stuffing my feet into steel toe boots and working at a damp, nasty brewery have also made my feet worse. LIke that one time I stood in a puddle of the caustic cleaner (they use it to clean the bottles) and ended up with a chemical burn on the soles of my feet. :O That was the night my husband almost kicked me out of bed for scratching my feet. He bought me new boots that weekend. No more bread bags in my boots for me after that. And yes I was too cheap to buy new ones, cause the company was supposed to buy me new ones. Anyhow as ugly as my feet are Ive never ever commited a crime. No petty stealing as kid either. So Im the ugly footed exception to that rule.

  43. Seriously? She has awesome sexy toes :-)

  44. Thats pretty funny. But whats with all the foot lovers on here?! she has ugly feet? feet are feet, they’re for walking and kicking, cant say i’ve ever met a chick and thought “she’s hot but i better check her feet to be sure”…

  45. Cox, I’m not really up on the laws dealing with conjoined twins (do they get two birth certificates, 2 social security numbers, etc). I would think they do since they have separate brains and personalities. Plus I remember a Siamese uh, pair that got married to two different girls (imagine that honeymoon). Would that be bigamy? I’m pretty sure the people in the picture are not conjoined twins (I think conjoined twins are always of the same sex anyway), but supposing they were, I would think it would unfair to only put the bracelet on one of them. I realize it wouldn’t be necessary and it’s not like one would get very far without the other, but since when does the law make sense?

    I don’t think the “consorting with a known felon” rule applys if they were already married, and I didn’t think that many felonies could land you on house arrest (unless you’re a celebrity of course), and if that’s their house and they both ened up on house arrest I don’t see how the law could require them to be separated. Where would the other go?

  46. ended**

  47. Match made in heaven!!!

  48. Oi, this is lame. I don’t know which is worse – the fact that they are both wearing house arrest bracelets, or that they are proud of it.

    And, catching a man? You’re doing it wrong. Sit up, pay attention, and take notes!

    That’s who?

  49. @Insane I think she already got a toe transplant. They couldn’t find a big toe that was more appropriate in terms of size as compared to the other toes. That’s why her foot looks like it’s doing a “thumbs up”!

  50. OMG… i have been waiting for them to make stupidity a crime, can it be true? *sigh* apparently they still are allowed on facebook despite not being allowed in public. :(

  51. Secret_Squirrel FTW!

    That is a fantastic choice of words… :)

  52. hitmewithyourrhythmvic

    I have a foot tattoo. It doesn’t look like shit though. I think this photo’s lovely. I’m going to go out, find a criminal boyfriend with a creepy affection for The Little Mermaid, commit a crime (Bonnie & Clyde styleeee), get put under house arrest and take a picture to show all you jealous haters. Then when we finally get the tags taken off, I’m going to ask if I can keep one, to use either as my baby’s christening bracelet, or as a cock ring. Haven’t decided which yet.

  53. #’ 49, 50, 52: LMFAO! I just regurgitated a bit of my dinner. Bravo!!!

    Seriously after looking at her foot again I am starting to get a little aroused. Thanks Lamebook! You have made me learn that I have a foot fetish! Now who’s got some unwanted Tin-ea? I’m hungry!!!

  54. @ 51 & 53 ~ Thank you! *Hands out free cookies in celebration of the good times* :)

  55. I like the cookie!

    thank you very much for the tasty treat secret_squirrel! may your chosen entity smile upon you with great fortune!

  56. If you cast back a few weeks, you can see a clearer version of this ‘beautiful / disaster’ ambigram tattoo – written large across some girl’s flabby gut.
    And you thought the feet were digusting . . .

  57. Heres that big momma and her beautiful (barf) disaster tat.

  58. hahahaha betcha families are sooo proud of you two, showing the world wot outstanding pillars of your community you are.
    next time try _buying_ your ankle bracelets, the ones jewellers’ sell a lot sexier than those plastic electronic ones you get from the home office..

  59. An ambigram tattoo is about as lame as it gets, b/c the cleverness of it wears off in about 5 seconds

  60. WallOfMountingStuff

    Apparently everyone posting on Lamebook is a foot model. *rolls eyes*

  61. If I headdesked any harder the damn table would split.

  62. A family that commits crime together STAYS together….by court order it appears! hehe

  63. Christmas is so much better when the State pays for the jewelry presents

  64. @WallOfMountingStuff – It doesn’t take much to confuse me this time of the morning, but congrats, you did it. I think “Me” actually admitted that she has ugly feet. I don’t have ugly feet, but they aren’t “foot model” material.

    To you sir, I roll my eyes. *rolls eyes*

  65. omg ma sista an er boyf both ad tagz and dey av a piccy lik dis.
    am neva gona get a tag cos i am cleva than ma sis, she as 2kidz alredy an sh iz 16.
    am gona av 4 kidz but wen am 18 n olda

  66. @Svetlana: LMFAO!!!

    @Princessbabe13: Um What!?

  67. Princessbabe13 is a n00b troll.

  68. Her feet look lovely to me, I don’t get why you think her toes look strange. I think they look much more conventionally beautiful than those women who have toes all different lengths with the one after the big toe being super long. She’s bracing her foot on his, also, so that is why it looks curved and the toes are a little tensed.

    There is something sweet about this. Until, you know, I found out that the crime they committed together was raping a horse or something.

  69. @57 “Me” ——- OMG! I wasn’t sure what was on the pic…A blob with black hole door in fancy writting or huge artistic canvas!
    But it is only a fat chick with a tattoo…My Bad!

    I better be careful not to get fat like that or someone will post my pics on lamebook…got a tattoo on my hip as well…

    thx for the motivation to stay fit :)

  70. Lidz- r u stupid or wat? its a normal foot. theres something wrong with ur computer or u…. i think its u

  71. @Lidz… Note their pretty anklets ; )

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