Tuesday, April 20, 2010

High Times

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  1. BEN!!!!!

  2. Ooh! Drugs! There’s a topic the Hobo can rant about! Maybe he’ll be funny again, like in the old days, before he sold out and became a lame douche! :D

    Uh. Don’t do drugs?

  3. Damit, i missed it!

  4. nobodycaresbutyou

    First time she hasn’t been incarcerated or pregnant in five years?? And she is bummed that she can’t get high?


  5. Weed is awesome, but when the G4 channel has some sort of stoner movie marathon, you know the party’s over.

  6. SomeRandomChick

    Everyday is like 4/20 at my house so meh….

    Hitler jokes…..those never get old.

  7. Wow, *speaks like rastafarian* we be smoking dem herbz mon

    lol, just couldn’t resist

  8. Brandy Alexander

    Should I know what 4/20 is supposed to mean?

  9. I don’t know what 4/20 is either? guessing its something to do with smoking pot?

  10. SomeRandomChick

    I’m completely stunned that I have to do this, but, hey we can’t all be stoners huh? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/420_(cannabis_culture)

  11. 20th April – It’s international dope smoking day….. But the international part hasn’t caught on so well.

  12. SomeRandomChick

    Not international? I’d click that link up there, but only if I wanted to be schooled.

  13. People are willing to make a comment here and look ignorant, but too lazy to look something up beforehand and save themselves the embarrassment? Oh wait, I forgot, it’s the Lamebook commenters. And they call stoners lazy.

  14. 4/20 = 0.2

  15. Well it’s not exactly ignorance is it, the reason I didn’t look it up was because I wasn’t all that bothered and thought as someone had already asked I might as well say they’re not the only one who didn’t know and give it my best gues. I’m in england and it seems like it’s more of an american thing so thats why I didn’t know.

    And if your a proper stoner isn’t it just like any other day anyway?

  16. Happy 4/20 to all!

    I am a heavy user of weed, my understanding is that ’420′ is a Police code for someone seen smoking weed. It evolved from there ..like some of us here have …omg he dident.

  17. To most of the world, 4/20 isn’t immediately recognisable as a date, because we go Day/Month/Year, not Month/Day/Year. So curious people wouldn’t even know what they’re looking up.

  18. ppssh, a .2? You need at least a .7 to have an adequate 4/20

  19. @stat … I am not here to quibble … but .7? I am thinking maybe you meant 7?

    I am surprised/disappointed slimjayz hasn’t chimed in on this subject of 4/20?

  20. 4/20 is not only American. For some reformed pot-smokers, it might be the “one day” they’ll light up a year, if they’re feeling nostalgic.

    Otherwise, it’s an excuse to get baked, advertise it, and not have any consequences. In my city a whole ton of people gather at the Legislative Building (which is where all the PMs and politicians work) and smoke all day.

  21. Sorry Statuatory, I just realized juddmudd was doing math and not ‘business’.

  22. I really don’t care if people smoke weed. The people I want to punch in the face are the stoner idiots who can’t shut the fuck up about smoking.

  23. Toadette is the winner

    ummm at the risk of having my ass handed to me like those who asked questions before…what does the jewish baker one mean?

  24. hey bry … no one needs to be a ‘reformed’ pot smoker …drinker, yes.

  25. Toadette, it’s also Hitler’s birthday, so it was a really tasteless joke.

  26. I didn’t mean it was only American but as far as I know it’s not very well known in England. Also as someone pointed out I would’t instantly recognise 4/20 as a date as here it would be 20/04.

    One of my exes who I still speak to quite often smokes pot every day and he never mentioned anything to me about it so i’m assuming it’s not very widely celebrated here.

  27. SomeRandomChick

    @Toadette Hitler’s birthday happens to be 4/20….. No ass handing but refer to my comment #6. :D Have a happy day! (I’ve started celebrating…..)

  28. SomeRandomChick

    @ Jaycee – (couldn’t resist)-
    I smoke two joints in the morning,
    I smoke two joints at night.
    I smoke two joints in the afternoon,
    It makes me feel all right.
    I smoke two joints in time of peace,
    And two in time of war.
    I smoke two joints before I smoke two joints,
    And then I smoke two more.

  29. Where is Slimjayz?? He knows everything there is to know about subject XD

  30. @SomeRandomChick

    In honor of such a day, I played that song to and from work today, pumps me up for my later activities.:)

  31. Toadette is the winner

    oh my god. i’m so sorry i asked.

  32. Toadette is the winner

    thanks though!

  33. God dang it why didn’t I know about this?!…damn Ireland!!!

    @jaycee7 sounds like you need a j

  34. What’s the 6-letter baker thing?

    Oh, and check it:

  35. H.I.T.L.E.R.

  36. That’s what I thought. But it’s never been confirmed as truth that he had Jewish ancestry, so I wasn’t sure. Thanks.

  37. he bakes jews…
    like a Danish pastry maker…isn’t Danish :S

  38. *may not be Danish
    I’m sure there are lots of Danish Danish pastry makers…my god i just broke my brain

  39. @jukaswo. well because he didn’t. the joke is grammatically questionable in order to be funny. wich is also isn’t. just lame.

  40. *which

  41. I want to hit Jennie. Oh yes, let’s celebrate mass murder. What a lovely day to remember. :/

  42. slimjayz is pulling a malteaser …minus the ‘lol’

  43. slimjayz is most likely in a bit of a haze at the moment!

  44. it’s also my kid’s birthday. last time i got fucked up on 4/20 was when i was doped up in the hospital giving birth to her. i do remember finding it quite amusing, however.

  45. I’m with powerstance. Jennie’s a fucking dickweed (*cough*).

  46. yeah I am assuming that slimjayz is taking full advantage of the 4/20 :D

  47. Anyone have any idea what “chick fil” is???

  48. Hey Vandelay, Chick Fil A is a fast food chain that serves chicken only – in the U.S.

  49. p.s. – <3 your name!

  50. @vandeley they mean ‘chick fil a’ which is a restaurant chain in the states

  51. crap i really need to start refreshing the page before i post

  52. Goodness, they have the best fries! Alright, now I’m hungry. Great.

  53. @SomeRandomChick and eenerbl

    Afroman was here in concert about a week ago, lol.

  54. hmm… I didn’t know about this 4/20 business…but then again I’ve never done drugs… i forgot what my point was.. * sighs *

  55. Im a heavy smoking Australian and I have NEVER heard of this either.

  56. I feel so bad for the girl in #1.

  57. RollerGirl, that is amazing!

    Sure MonkeyCMonkeyDo, and why did that thought just excape ya?! :)

  58. First of all, the hitler “joke” doesn’t mean he was Jewish and a baker, it means he baked Jews.

    Second of all, the dumb bitch gets stoned and passes out while driving. If I was the manager of taco bell I would have had the cops tap on her window.

  59. Dear Jennie,

    Whoever you are, please don’t reproduce.


  60. @Denim Vest

    Ah, okay. Guess we don’t have those in Canada.

    And thank you :) I’m an architect. /importer/exporter.

  61. @ eenerbl I think all this talk made me a bit hazy… :O

  62. lol Monkey, I’m sure! Enjoy that haze, bask in it if need be. Cheers to you and that ‘haze’!

  63. I’ve never heard of 4/20! How interesting. Do you know what else is interesting? Not making fun of Jews.
    Just saying.

  64. mmmmmmk drugs are bad mmmmk

  65. did anybody say hazy?

  66. lol

  67. @55, that’s coz it’s 20/4 here =P

    All that’s missing is a tasteless Columbine joke…

  68. My American lovelies,

    Firstly, I’ve never heard of international dope smoking day.

    Secondly, the way you guys date stamp!
    We go the other way, a la 20/4, so I was bamboozled for a minute.

    Forgive my ignorance re this very important occasion, but nevertheless, make sure you all have a few hits for me ok.

  69. I’m drinking beer right now instead.

  70. Yeah I can’t believe that international dope smokers day has escaped us down in the land of Oz. We have a very big and very well known annual Marijuana festival where thousands of baked potatoes descend on a small hippy town to hail those green smelly buds like they’re gods. Even the police stay away for this day and everyone smokes on the streets and introduces themselves to each other over and over again.

    For the rest of the year this town is famous for being the pot capital of Australia and they have a pot museum with a combi van lodged in the front of the shop like some old stoner forgot how to park and drove right through the shop wall. The locals see many tourists pass through all year and stand on the streets flogging their wares like it’s a thai market. “Buds here, get your buds here” “Marijuana cookies, who wants cookies” “Finest skunk right here” It really is amazing. I hope they know about “four-twenny”.

  71. @ word (and several others who mentioned dates and intl. dope smoking day in the same vein) – I hear you. I think it may only be the States that celebrates this sacred day and writes their calendar days “backwards”. We sure as heck haven’t got a day like that in S. Africa, and by the sounds of it, it isn’t celbrated much anywhere else either. Hitler’s birthday, on the other hand, gives us all good reason to watch Inglourious Basterds again.

  72. *celebrated

  73. @emma royds 9 (ew, I just read that out loud in my head!), I have heard stories from this town recently about this cannabis festival. Sounds like fun, might have to drive there as an epic road trip from Perth!

    On the subject of 420, I only knew about it as an Aussie from my wasted lunchtimes and programming classes at school, reading about cannabis culture on the net, much of it American. I did observe, but I had no idea I was doing it! :D

  74. On a slightly related note, the worst thing the cops ever did to stoners in New South Wales was send drug dogs to a performance by Cheech & Chong. They arrested 4 people with small amounts of cannabis.

    The words “fish” and “barrel” spring to mind. I mean, aw, jeez! Far out, man.

  75. Not wanting to make anyone jealous or something but where i am from it is legal to have a plant and a small quantity of cannabis

    So every day is our 20/04 day … Europe FTW :p

  76. God I miss the old days.

  77. @dare2clair
    Nein! Nein! Nein! Nein!

  78. @Benningtons I passed through a few years ago on a giant road trip from Perth to Sydney and I recommend it, even if you’re not a pot smoker, purely for the entertainment value!

    @Father Sha where are you? Some parts of Australia have one plant and small quantities decriminalised, but still far from legalised. I didn’t realise anywhere in Europe had legalised, please enlighten me.

  79. @dare2claire
    SA NEEDS a day like that. Can’t wait to see what the cops are going to do during the soccer world cup they can’t stop every body. hahahahah

    JHB Rule!!!!!

  80. Hmm, now I feel like a road trip from Perth to Sydney… when petrol prices are cheaper =P

  81. …in a fried out combie…on a hippie trail, head full of zombie.

  82. @ RSA – I totally hear you! Cop: “You over there, sir! What can you like to be smoking?” Tourist: “It’s only pot, dude…” Cop: “Ag, that are ok. So lonk as you is not smoking cigarettes”.

  83. I am from tiny Belgium and it is legal over here (with a lot of restrictions but still) to smoke in your own house (if there are no minors present off course), to have a plant and carry a small quantity.

    In the Netherlands they have even more freedom and official shops, over here we can not sell or buy the stuff. Only growing and smoking is allowed.

    i believe the swiss have a system similar to ours.

  84. But maybe decriminalised is a more fitting description all though it has been officialy declared by the federal government as a directive so not a real law yet (but have to look that last part up)

  85. @ Father Sha – So does Denmark (or so I hear).

  86. @dare2claire …. i repeat Europe FTW ! :-)

  87. @ Benningtons – I remember that Cheech and Chong incident! The entire smoking community was outraged! Pigs.

  88. Fucksticks! I am ex-patting in the wrong country. Europe is next, you just sold me on it.

  89. Now, I’ve been warned not to assume anything’s “American” so I won’t, but I’d never heard of this before. Granted I’m not nor have I ever been a huge stoner, but how international can it really be if only Americans have heard of it?

    And @85 dare2claire Nope, it’s not by any means legal in Denmark.
    And I’ve never heard that it should be in Schweiz. But then again I wasn’t aware that it was legal in Belgium. I thought it was just in Holland. Thanks for the lesson, Father Sha.

  90. I know that there are parts of Germany where it has been decriminalised which is not the same thing as legal.

    In Belgium we are one step further but not on the same page as the Netherlands yet.

  91. ParanormalRomance

    Being a native Northern Californian, I can let all you native Europeans in on a little secret…the ‘International’ part of ’4/20 International Weed Smoking Day’ is actually tongue in cheek. I think, if you were to get to know any, you’d find American pot-smokers tend to be the least American-centric folks you could ever meet. Just sayin’…

  92. @88 Emma Royds

    Europe isn’t a country.

  93. Well…It’s pretty popular in Canada.

  94. @Emma Royds, wait wait wait….what’s the name of this town? I haven’t heard of this festival! I’m shocked…

    Also I too have never heard of 4/20.
    These things I don’t know about! Gah!

  95. hey SomeRandomChick…you sound like my kind of girl!
    And thanks for putting the old Sublime lyrics up – a while since I heard that
    Got on to the 4/20 thing while in Whistler toking on BC buds, still the finest ever come across, with Canadian friends.
    Never heard of it before then but promptly spread it back to the UK and still pleased whenever my consumption coincides with the sacred time..
    Big love to all the stoners..!..

  96. oh and while I’m at it @casstasstic, I think the town referred to is Nimbim – been there and what the lady says is true!

  97. 4/20? But it’s not the fourth of Twentember for 16 months!

  98. Im in Australia and have heard of 4/20 day.
    Maybe I just spend too much time online.

  99. @ h4yleyg – Hehe!!

  100. 420 is celebrated for several reasons that I read last year. Something about tradition and it supposidly gets you higher to smoke on 4/20 or at 4:20.

    And the police code is wrong, considering each code is different from state to state.

    sorry if my spelling is wrong just woke up

  101. suckmebeautiful

    @famaf best times I ever had high were in Whistler. I miss it </3

    But you guys are right… If you're a stoner, everyday is 4/20. I just get extra high on that day ;)

  102. -Gods investment in you (His son!) was SO great, he could never abandon you!-

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