Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Hey Steven, what’s in this folder?

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  1. and by first I mean fist…

  2. and by first mean fist

  3. and by first I mean fist.

  4. Ain’t nothing like a mean fist

  5. that’s funny

  6. and by funny I mean stupid

  7. JennySlade, I got it the second time.


  9. You only had 30GB a month to begin with? Wow.

  10. nothing like getting first and the page don’t refresh to show it. doesn’t matter still got first, and oh haiiii steverrrrrr!

  11. ^you’re such an accomplished cunt, aren’t ya?.
    what giddy heights will you be scaling next? hopefully a rickety ladder.

  12. Sex on legs

  13. ^^ boom tish *

  14. 😀

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