Monday, May 17, 2010

Hey Baby

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  1. Madrid on fire


    first pic is disgusting!

  2. 3rd pic, MILF.

  3. Third one made me laugh, not sure why. Last one is a bit yuck. First one is horrifying!

  4. the first one is pretty funny. i could see one of my friends jokingly making a cake like that for me down the road when i have a baby shower.

    wtf is in picture 4? is that after birth crap on the bed behind the daddy/man holding baby?

  5. Madrid on fire

    Last one is utterly disgusting. So “mom” is taking a shower after delivered in the bed, so why dont take a pic with the new born and the bloody bed? AND, also, post it on FBK… what a t**t!

  6. Yeah, the crowning baby cake is pretty yucky. You gotta admire the creativity of chocolate-sprinkle pubes, however.

  7. the children in 2 and 4 are destined for the trailer park.

  8. #2 – if you were going to go to the effort of doing that, you’d think you’d at least make sure you had a black pen.

  9. I’m pretty sure after I had my baby there were a few pics with an accidental bit of afterbirth in the background… we just had the good common sense to double check and not post those ones on Facebook

  10. OMG, #1 is not made of cake; it is made of awesome!

    #2 and #3 shatter my hopes for our future, but #4 isn’t that bad. It’s accidental and not totally in your face, like the placenta-chowers we’ve seen, so I could totally let that slide. A little cropping would have been nice, though.

  11. I seriously LIKE the first pic! I wouldn’t eat it, but it’s funny! I think the expression on the cake mommies face is quite accurate too. 3 and 4 just make me wonder why there are so many fertile whores on the planet. The last one…for the love of all that is holy! CROP YOUR PICTURES! *shudder*

  12. Num-baa 3. Yummy mummy.

  13. Holy Fuck.

  14. The third one is really freaking me out, No wait , the first two are also really creepy …

    Selective sterilisation FTW

  15. call me stupid, but I don’t get what’s wrong in the second pic.

  16. @bulbasaur

    Hitler Baby

    When you see what’s going on in pic 5 – you’ll shit bricks or maybe shit out a baby. LOL

  17. No 1 is the best thing since iced cake.

  18. Did lamebook add a picture late? Everyone is mentioned things about “#4″, but it’s really the fifth one. Am I crazy? There ARE 5 pictures, right?

    The only thing disturbing about #3 (the “I’m sexy” picture) is the headless baby on the floor behind her.

    The baby in front of the wall of sayings is kind of lame, since the person taking the picture obviously wanted to get all of it in there.

    Also, would I be the only one that would be very hesitant while cutting the birth cake? Idk why, but I’d go very slowly through that baby’s head… saying to myself “pretend it’s real, ignore the calories.”

  19. @bulbasuar – the mustache? the arm? the baby is obviously seeking Kyle…

  20. @SharkBait Ha ha, “fertile whores”! That is a fine phrase.

  21. krasivaya_devushka

    This is disturbing…

  22. Gross things happen after as well as during. She could have had a accident after ahw had the baby. Seriouly learn to crop your photo’s though. Unless this was taken right after while Mom was in the shower. Still nasty.

  23. *She. Must have had a wee stroke/seizure cause that ones way off.

  24. My fragile Monday-morning pre-coffee state cannot bear a simultaneous attack on vaginas AND cake in one image. Is there no God?

    It is a dark time, my friends, a dark time indeed.

  25. thanks, Crimm and sabretooth, guess I’m just a bit slow today :)

  26. Look at the head of hair on that kid in the first pic!

  27. Does nobody else look at the body of picture 1 and just see a slightly angry mustached man sucking on a… okay, I don’t want to think about what he’s sucking on.
    But it’s there.

  28. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    I sometimes call my girl “babycakes”. Now every time I do I’m going to think of that…
    Who is that cake for? Mother? Baby? For Goodness sake?

  29. yeah… nope. no clue what you’re on about, Hobo…

  30. #3 mostly makes my eyes roll because she got all dolled up but didn’t bother to pick up her floor. That takes away from that look she was going for more so than the baby.

  31. Hobo, it could be a guy sticking out his blue tongue. No clue why his tongue would be blue.

  32. The blue mustache is historically accurate. Hitler dyed his mustache blue during his brief career as the lead singer for the punk rock band “Jew Killaz”.

    Interestingly, the Beer Hall Putsch started when a heavily inebriated crowd attempted to start a mosh pit at one of his shows. Hitler himself tried to crowd surf but, since it was 1923, nobody in the crowd new what he was attempting to do and he fell to the ground. The security detail at the show tried to pull him out of the crowd, one thing led to another, and, as usually happens when punk rock and alcohol are combined, they ended up trying to overthrow the government and got themselves thrown in jail. The rest, as they say, is history.

  33. please lamebook, add a new post so i don’t have to look at that cake anymore.

  34. @Hobo, I see the mustached man… sucking on a broccoli? Don’t know what you think he’s sucking on, clearly my mind is too pure :-)

  35. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    ok it took me a while. I ate some acid, poked myself in the eye, put the monitor on the other side of the room and squinted a bit but I see the profile of an otherwise featureless man sucking on what appears to be a cigarette down to the butt. Insomnia blows is the point.

  36. The cake is awesome.

  37. That cake is awesome, if I had any creative talent I would attempt to recreate this for my friends baby shower this week.

  38. I think I just vomited a little.

  39. Hobo, I totally see it. The boobs are the eyes people.. the boobs are the eyes.

  40. Hobo – When I first looked at the cake, I thought it WAS a moutachioed man. Took me a couple of seconds to realise. I’m a bit slow sometimes.

  41. lol

  42. That cake needs to shave.

  43. Pic #3 makes me angry, if you must dress yourself up and take self-whoring pictures for Facebook, at least do it after you have put your baby to bed – she seems pretty oblivious.

    #42, nah the cake does not need to shave, it’s an awesome touch.

  44. That baby’s graffiti = priceless.

  45. Pic 1, The necklace on the birthing mother is a nice touch.
    Glamour in the labour ward is something you don’t see that often.

  46. I want to eat summa dat cake.
    Particularly the baby.

  47. Honestly, the baby in #3 looks like a rag doll tossed onto the floor.
    #1 made me want to vomit when I realized that was a head. Disgusting!…and still no comparison to #5. That guy is practically sitting in it! ewwwwwwww

  48. Broccoli makes sense. An angry mustached man sucking on some… bloody broccoli.

  49. #3 Sell your flat screen and buy the kid some pants, while your at it clean that fuckin place!

    #4 WTF!? “Reasons why Mikey is hot: Because he is…”
    “Reasons why you should have aborted that child: Because you should have…”

  50. msjessiemeghan

    3rd one… trashy. At least clean your room before taking a picture. Same goes for the 4th and 5th. There is no hope for those kids. The cake is funny in a very low-brow way.

  51. @Hobo – I think if you remove the mother’s head, arms and legs, then painted it green you’d have Kermit the Frog smoking a cig.

  52. #3. Hot girl, if only a Photoshop clipping path could be used for reality.

  53. Ok, in all honesty, I have a picture of myself as a baby just like #2. It isn’t because I grew up in the south and my parents are white supremacists, I grew up in the north and we aren’t. When I was younger I had Hitler’s side-swept black hair, like the child in the picture, and my uncle took a black comb and held it under my nose at my 3rd birthday party as a joke.

  54. pearls-before-swine

    @ wordpervert – I was thinking the same thing when I saw that…

    I can’t help but love the creativity of that cake. It is so overwhelmingly detailed, from the chocolate pube sprinkles from the speckles of sugar crystals to represent blood on the crowning baby’s neck…

  55. mymomruinedfacebook

    The cake is very craftily mastered.

  56. THAT. CAKE. IS. AWESOME!!!!!

  57. Number one looks like an albino frog with a hat on, eating a head. Just saying.

  58. @nonnieyrissa:i love you.

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