Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hey Baby Hey

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  1. Scarlett The Harlot

    Not first.

  2. Scarlett The Harlot

    Also, Tammy can’t even spell her CURSE WORDS? Any good douche(tte) can spell “fuck” and damn”. On the bright side, she did get “ass.”

  3. Physco

  4. Scarlett The Harlot

    @EmKitteh, or Physo, or phyco.

  5. “Phycword”? “Bypolar”? Man, that Tammy is a Ritard.

  6. These are the kind of posts that people regret later on in life…kinda funny though :)

  7. “fake sis”?? Maybe he is the one with the mental disorder…

  8. I’m not really comfortable with “Oh my God, she has bipolar disorder. What a bitch!”

    Hey, lets all stigmatise mental illness. After all, it’s her fault, isn’t it?

  9. Natural selection fail…

  10. Scarlett The Harlot


    It’s incredible how many stupid humans survive.

  11. FFS

    Somebody call the phycword, I’ve gone physo from that ‘retarted’ post.

    Ugh, she’s living proof the you don’t need to be the smartest or strongest sperm to survive. You just need to dazzle everyone at the starting line with confusion and then keep bouncing off walls till you get there…

  12. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    yes @Scarlett The Harlot we humans have eliminated evolution in both the good situations and the bad. The bad being stupid people. And you realize stupid people will eventually rule this world.

  13. All you physos out there take notice–I’m a physic!

  14. MonkeyCMonkeyDo

    @Dukey Smoothy Buns I thought stupid people were already ruling this world…

  15. Let’s get physcol, physcol. I wanna get physcol. Let me hear your body talk…

  16. dietpillpyramidscheme

    @EmKitteh, I agree; and trying to not stigmatise it myself; Tammy sounds psychotic.

  17. i used to be physco, 2 weeks on penicillin clears that up.

  18. lmao at the first one

  19. I’m about 70% sure Clara is ugly. The other 30% comes from the stupid I caught from Tammy.

  20. I like how the u’s on the pretend swear words are blurred out.

    That made me giggle. Thank you, Lamebook! :)

  21. I know the last girl is clearly fucked up, but the first one is probably the saddest thing I ‘ve seen in a long time. “Sorry guys, not mine”?? WTF?? poor guy. He would be better if he changed his name and moved to Alaska, or something.

  22. Some people just shouldn’t be allowed to procreate.

  23. Camil, are you kidding? That guy should be a goddamn superhero with the way he can dodge bullets.

  24. scarlett the harlot: great name buddy, maiden fan much?

  25. Shit, there’s another Anna. And she’s a bitch too.

  26. Dukey Smoothy Buns

    @MonkeyCMonkeyDo thats right they do, but we aint seen nothing yet cos it only gets worse from here.

    @anna #25, I agree, people who add “… much?” at the end of their sentences strike me as “valley girl”- ish and I instantly ignore whatever they said.

  27. @26, Yeah, that’s really not my style, the “…much!” I’m learning to get better at ignoring people though. Using my hands as blinders when I walked past them has helped tremendously.

  28. OK that first one was great. But it turned to shit after that. BORING

  29. damn, i hate when people go physco. and the physco ward is full of physcos!

    i was gonna put something here about “physco ed class” but i couldn’t think of anything clever. damn.

  30. Wow, just wow.

  31. @29, If you’re pregnant, so the fuck wat dumb ass? At least you can sit out in physco ed class! Bitch!

  32. Shouldn’t Clara and Heidi be insulted that their exes’ new girlfriends are ugly? They say “you are the company you keep” so, for example, if your ex’s other partners are all ugly what does that say about you?

  33. haha Anna, that was funny!

  34. @ee – which Anna? Maybe she caught that bypolar thingy. Maybe we should put her in the phycword.

    Oh shit, I think I caught dumb off that last one. Or is it, THT LAS WON BITCH. CUZ YO DONT NO WHT I GOT.

  35. I would have liked to see Evan take back that “forever and always” bullshit.

  36. Hell yeah. Let’s kick this pig in the nuts.

  37. Hey, what can I say? She look hold of that ‘physco ed class’ and made that her bitch!

  38. JacksSmirkingRevenge

    All I want is for someone to explain what a fake sis is.

  39. If Evan’s 2 status updates are within 27 minutes of each other, I’m trying to work out how he found out the news so fast.
    Maybe he was updating at Maury’s show, with before and after postings.
    I can’t think of how, any other way.

  40. It really is amazing how many of you spelt ‘psycho’ wrong.

  41. ^^ *facepalm*

  42. Haha ooops… I really wasn’t reading the posts properly. *embarrassed*

  43. @wordpervert

    My guess is that the baby mama saw the post and sent him a text or something to correct him.

  44. You’re probably right EmKitteh, but the Maury scenario sounded like more fun.

  45. DivineMonkeyTrigger

    Evan’s like a doormat the way he took that. Evan = paternal gimp. He’s either the most zen dude on the face of the planet, or the pussy whipped equivalent of Jesus in the Passion of the Christ.

    Clara really does a bang up job at convincing me that she “doesn’t care”, I’m sure everyone else feels it too.

    Tammy’s in the middle of an episode. One I don’t want to watch so I hit fast forward.

  46. Evan – lucky break….

    Clara – sees being replaced with a minger as a win? I’ll never understand a womans logic

    Tammy – forgot to take her medications

  47. Evan sounds like he’s going to freak out and kill people in a few years.

  48. The first one makes me really sad , i laughed at it the first time and then made the mistake imagining how it must feel …

    Now i am just sad

    Some might argue he caught a lucky break but to me it just seems like public humiliation combined with possible heartache and std

    Glad i am an asshole that makes people suffer in stead of the other way around , the americans call that pre emptive strike.

  49. Clara : Single mother
    Her ex : left her for a minger

    who’s the loser here ?

    can’t really decide who comes up short in this modern fairytale , my money is on the poor kid.

    Man i am sentimental today , need to find me a nudie bar and fast.

  50. @ Father Sha – I said “Lucky Break” as she’d had clearly been cheating on him, better to find out before he bonded with the kid in my view :)

  51. Ugh, what is it with girls always getting all smug about how their ex’s new girlfriends are “ugly” and saying they’ve “downgraded”… even if this is true, though they’re no doubt exaggerating, does it never cross their minds that maybe their ex’s downgraded in looks but upgraded in personality? Like to someone who isn’t shallow, jealous, immature and catty? :)

    But seriously, girls, can you stop making my gender look bad? Thanks.

  52. I’m so happy for Clara that she feels good about herself when she looks at her moron ex’s new girlfriend and thinks “wow, she’s really ugly”.

    I wonder how great she must feel about herself when she looks at the kid she shat out and thinks “I made this baby with a fucktard and now I have to live with it, alone, for the rest of my life”.

    Karma what now?

  53. Evan sounds like a fake post. What guy would put a “heart” in his status???

  54. Belle

    The kind of guy that likes snuggies , twilight and skank ass hoes running all over him

  55. Lol father sha. That´s a Mc Combo!!

  56. And Michelle, you are trully great!!

  57. @FarQ: I think that when a girl’s ex starts dating someone new she likes to think of the new girl as ugly (whether this really is the case or not) so she can try and convince herself that he’s now “suffering” because he’ll never get anyone as good as her… I’m not saying this is a good way of thinking, I’m not saying it’s morale… I’m not even saying it makes sense! (If the guy decides to date the new girl in the first place rather than crawling back to the “pretty” ex there must be a good reason!!)… I’m just stating the logic that goes through a lot of women’s heads when these things happen…

    @Michelle: Definitely agree. Makes a hell of a lot more sense to just get over it and not be catty! But a lot of girls are catty. And that’s just how they deal with their anger issues, i guess.

  58. Haha i love how calm evan is.

  59. @Scarlett The Harlot
    one day, when I grow up to rule the world with an iron fist, the first thing I’ll do, will be to enforce compulsory sterilization for all the stupid…the second will be to make you General Scarlett The Harlot and give you Belgium as your own personal fiefdom…

  60. So Clara and Heidi both got dumped for girls they think are uglier than themselves and they think it’s karma? that’s funny.

  61. Karla

    Please let the Belgians be , we have been suffering from foreign rulers all through history

    Been to Brussels and got mugged or something ?

  62. Poor Evan. He was all excited and happy then his sunshine was stolen. :-(

    Clara, I’d leave your crazy ass too, you passive-aggressive BITCH!

    Tammy, you’re the psycho ranting in all caps on Facebook with poor grammar and spelling. You should not have kids.

  63. @Father Sha

    I didn’t get mugged, but I did spend a week getting yelled at by angry Belgians, either for speaking to them in the wrong language or by having the audacity to ask at the information desk at the train station for…well, information. On top of that, the SNCB takes the price for being the absolutely most unreliable railway operator in Europe and if you’ve ever had the misfortune to take the SNCF in France you would know the weight of that statement…at least when the French decide to cancel all trains including the ones to the airport, they give you a fair warning….AND, they don’t alternately yell and grunt at you for asking questions.

  64. seriously…I usually mock people who generalize like this so I’m very much aware of the idiocy of my rambling. I just need some time to process the God-awful encounter I had with Belgian public transportation…
    Great beer though..

  65. lol

  66. malteaser-sucks

    WTF?! again? this guy ^ With the “lol” comment. I mean, yes its funny, and sure its good to ridicule others, but how about something inventive/witty/funny/constructive here??

  67. Actually, I am bipolar, which I’m sure is a total shocker. But I don’t generally just make fun of people or even laugh at their misfortunes. Anna #24 needs a swift kick in her good good.

  68. Karla

    Did they tell you why the railroads were a disaster ? We had a terrible traincrash that killed twenty people that day …

  69. @malteaser-sucks – lol

  70. @69… hahaha beautiful.

  71. @ Father Sha

    I know, that was awful, but that happened on a Monday and I arrived the following Thursday. I don’t think I’ll be able to let go of my resentment towards the SNCB just yet but I’ll reconsider giving away Belgium as a fiefdom, truce?

  72. Karla , no worries i have to commute on a daily basis and hate the SNCB more then anything else.

    But i must say , the railways in the UK are the worst i have ever seen …

  73. @ malteaser-sucks
    I wwas beginning to think I was the only one that noticed that!

  74. @malteaser-sucks, you did manage to get two more words out of him. I was beginning to think his parents had neglected to teach him any other words…

  75. JesusOnADinosaur

    malteaser, you win.

  76. spammers suck

  77. xxxgothikangelxxx

    and retards. Thank you lamebook for making me dumber just by reading other people’s stupidity. =]

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