Monday, October 26, 2009

“Hello Lamebook”


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  1. Win.

  2. Bec is quite the bitch. However, I like her.

  3. This affends the retarts

  4. I would have to agree with Charl.

  5. And with Jonas.

  6. Has Tash had his wisdom teeth out too ?

    Looks like he’s on the same meds as Jessica.

  7. I was rooting for Bec the Lamester Slayer (despite a few punctuation glitches) until the overt reference to Lamebook made it feel like a try-hard attempt to get on this site.

  8. Wow, honestly… fuck Bec for being an uptight bitch.

  9. Bec, take it easy on the guy. I mean he is a retart

  10. Careful calling Bec a bitch, you may affend her. Also, it’s clearly more effective calling her a retart.

  11. saying “hello lamebook” is not cool

    Bec is clearly a bit retarted

  12. Petestandingalone

    All of these people should be sterilised. Bec’s not funny (nor particularly smart). The other two are mongoloids.

  13. retart.

  14. I have to agree with Petestandingalone.

  15. It’s funny how those who can’t spell (Bec) insist on correcting others.

  16. haha, even though Bec’s a hypocritical bitch, she knows right where this shit goes. xD and that’s a win in itself.

  17. Retart… is that what you get when you let a tart get cold, so you put it back in the oven or something?

  18. This was destined for lamebook before she said anything about it. You can hardly fault Bec for not wanting Tash to know what she is doing Saturday night. But they all deserve each other.

  19. Bec FTW.

  20. I think that Bec saying “Hello Lamebook” is the lamest part of this. Wow.

  21. at least she tried?

    I can’t believe no one’s called Bec out for falsely attributing the property of “noun” to “Saturday.” It’s clearly the adjective in the sentence, modifying the noun “day.” My goodness, what do they teach in schools these days?

  22. i’m not so sure how clear it is that “saturday” is the adjective in that sentence. when i read it “saturday” is the noun being modified by descriptives such as “night” or “day”. the thing they are talking about is “saturday”. we understand which part of “saturday” they are talking about by their modifiers. had they been talking about “day” and needed to differentiate it from “monday” or “sunday”, then perhaps “saturday” could be classified as an adjective.

  23. bec
    posting inane status updates
    “what is saturday night?”
    grasp of the english language
    i am better than you

  24. Haha, I think the ‘Hello lamebook’ is the best part of this. Bec ftw :)

  25. Bec is a bitch. And she’s really not funny.

  26. Are you kidding me?! Bec is hilarious! You actually have to be intellectual to get her jokes.

  27. Hmmmm… I am Bec – what Lamebook forgot to show is there is actually 2 Bec’s posting. Bec V made the original status update… I (Bec P)commented. As for posting on Lamebook – it shut her up didn’t it…

  28. Yeah, I kinda like Bec for her comments. She should however use the delete friend button a bit more often, but that doesn’t make her a retart.

    But thanks to the lamebook reference, we know that she’ll be reading these comments, has no one picked up on that?

    So I ask… Bec… what are/were you doing that particular Saturday night?

  29. i disagree with the whole “saturday day” thing…that’s like saying “atm machine”

  30. #26 are you serious!?! Sarcasm really not all that difficult to grasp nor deliver.

    I agree with #20 & #7. The nod to lamebook makes this uber lame. Tryhard Bec you fail.

  31. Go Bec Go!!!!

  32. They’re both pathetic. When someone posts “I can’t wait ’til Saturday night,” of course people are going to ask what they have going on then, and Bec would have annoyed the crap out of me too with her lame non-answers.

  33. That’s so sad. Bec must have thought ‘oh, I’m so funny, my replies are so brilliant, I’ll send it to Lamebook.’

    And she was wrong :(

  34. I don’t care if she put this on her she is stupid adn RETARDED. people can be so emmature some times.

  35. I really hope that’s the real Tash. It would line up since the dumb bitch can’t spell ‘immature.’ Awesome.

  36. This whole thing is FAIL.
    Bec is probably one of those people who thinks she’s really cute and witty but really she’s just annoying. And everyone hates her.
    Even her mom.

  37. It’s funny how Bec started using correct grammar as soon as calling Tash a retard. We all see your grammar mistakes above, missy!

  38. “That dark time that comes right after Saturday day”?

    …That’s got to be the stupidest comment I’ve ever heard. Why even bother? What was Bec hoping to get out of this? I mean, best case scenario, it might be followed up with a “lol but srsly wut is happning sat night???” Picking fights with people and then insulting their grammar is ridiculous. Leave Lamebook out of your egotrip.

  39. perfidious_albion

    @failbot: I thought it was a rather mild way of poking fun, exactly how is she picking a fight? This comment is as lame as the original post

  40. The only way Bec could have posted this herself is if she got on someone else’s Facebook account and done a screen capture, since the “delete” option is not visible. If so, that’s even lamer.

  41. yeah since lamebook emerged I’ve noticed a lot of contrived ‘extra-witty-pointing-out-how-stupid-people-are’ stuff all over facebook.

  42. @Tootsie

    Nope. Look at their pictures. It’s two different Becs.

  43. “You also misspelt “retard” amongst other things.”

    You misspelled “misspelt” haha.

  44. @gratys

    Actually, she’s British. British people do spell misspelled “misspelt.” Kind of like how they use “burnt” for burned.

  45. She could be Australian or South African or New Zealander etc. I’d put my money on English though. Either way I hope she had a pleasant Saturday night.

  46. @tmike

    …it’s still spelled wrong, regardless of whether you are british or not.

  47. “misspelt” is not misspelled.


  49. ^thanks

  50. Bec is my hero.

  51. Trying to be witty in anticipation of being on Lamebook is lame.

    Bec just looks like an unfunny, stuck up bitch.

  52. “Trying to be witty in anticipation of being on Lamebook is lame.”


  53. #46 “…it’s still spelled wrong, regardless of whether you are british or not.”

    Errr how do you figure that..?

    Might I remind you that the British invented the English language, simply because it does not fit your ‘American’ version does in no way make it incorrect.

    Heaven forbid we seek to universalise language, and if that were to be the case I wouldn’t be betting that the American version would be the favoured one given that British English is used in more countries, as has been previously pointed out. However it’s not a competition ;)

  54. Factoid is right. Language is merely a way of conveying ideas. If the ideas are conveyed why does it matter how they were spelled? This is especially true for an informal networking tool. As mentioned, everyone’s grammar was fairly horrible in this conversation. So, they’re both retarts.

  55. And Craig is still a cunt.

  56. How can an American possibly try to lecture a Brit on how to spell… You can’t even spell “Colour”! And really, think about it… it’s called English becuase it’s the same language, how can there be different versions? Because someone fucked up and tried to cover up by saying “Well that’s how we spell it in our version” doesn’t that a bit like spelling retard as “retart”? And yet you were quick to point out the misstake there!

  57. *isn’t (not doesn’t) I changed my rant along the way, and I’m sure that people will pick up on that instead of the actual points made.

  58. What makes this post even more lame is the fact that Bec #2 thinks she is incredibly brilliant for posting a “witty response” on a comment meant for Bec #1.

    On another note.. does anyone else thing Bec#1 and Tash are meant for each other?

  59. #56 “How can an American possibly try to lecture a Brit on how to spell”

    Must admit I found that rather amusing to say the least.. :)

    I’m neither British nor American though I can respect the diversity of the respective lineages and linguistics. I’m not in favour of universalising language and I don’t agree with you JohnBob that the American spelling came about via error, if history serves me right I believe it was a conscious choice by the ‘newly formed America’ to distance itself from Mother England.

    As an Australian in support of a Republic for my country I can’t criticise that – though as mentioned I’d rather keep the British English.

    It may be worth noting as well that English itself is a combination of various other dialects and languages, misspelled and mistaken, reinterpreted and rephrased throughout the ages.

    Embrace diversity people. It won’t kill you! Well not in most cases.. ;)

  60. She also says “humour”, so is definately speaking the Queens English.

  61. “Actually, she’s British. British people do spell misspelled “misspelt.” Kind of like how they use “burnt” for burned.”

    Actually British people SAY ‘misspelt’ sometimes instead of ‘misspelled’. I believe it’s principally a Scottish variant; I certainly do it. The t/ed past tense division is only partially resolved in contemporary English. Misspelt is one of the few variants deemed ‘acceptable’ but if you listen to Scottish colloquial (esp. Glaswegian) dialogue it will routinely include things like ‘callt’.

    Think of ‘meaned’ (not a word) vs ‘meant’, or ‘leaned’ vs ‘lent’. But these aren’t variant spellings, these are variant words – they are differentially pronounced as well as differentially spelt.

    @Factoid – I support a Republic for your country too. And for mine. There’s footage I was watching recently of a British comedian at the Melbourne festival saying “you know, we only keep her because we think you guys really like her” and that seems to be the fact of the matter. There was a debate in parliament not long ago over amending the rules of succession to allow Catholics to inherit (simply because having anti-Catholicism in your statutes is pretty embarrassing) and the counterargument given was ‘well… we’d have to ask the Australians and the Canadians. And they might say no.’ I think we can all agree then this one’s done, and she’s a pretty good note to end it on, the whole thing’s over. The Britain doesn’t need a King Charles III.

  62. *That sentence started off as ‘The world…’ and… didn’t fully recover. Woops.

  63. Lets be honest here, bec is clearly just being a prick here over misspelling and bad grammar, purely for the sake of getting in lamebook and lamebook is actually lame for letting her get away with it.

  64. I wouldn’t say she was being a prick. She started off trying to be funny and Tash flew off the handle a little. Plus is too dumb to see the difference between Saturday and day, deserves what he/she got.

    And as for people arguing over English and American English don’t get me started. It’s English and Americans destroyed most of it. But each to their own. Just shows how the same language can evolve differently in different countries. Also including Australia in here too

  65. to all the brits on this thread – you are aware that our education system in america is off-the-grid awful, right? half the kids in this country can’t even find america on a map, much less england or any other country. it’s actually fantastic that everyone commenting on this is literate enough to understand what’s going on. so, cheers ameritards.

  66. And yet you control the world. We’re all doomed, DOOMED I say!!!

  67. agreed. ever seen the movie idiocracy? that’s what we have to look forward to.

  68. ‘sat night’ you know, whats wrong with typing fully…looks dumb.

  69. I think Bec just started replying like this to get it submitted on Lamebook.. Now THAT’s lame!

  70. Cheers Duncan :)

    I think most Aussies would support a Republic, provided of course we get to keep the Queen’s birthday public holiday or substitute another in its place ;)

  71. I like Bec #2. It was a funny and it seems like she wasn’t going to go further with the initial joke until Tash decided to escalate things. If I posted a joking response and someone replied with “im not a fucking retart” and they made fun of my correct usage of “Saturday day”, I would make fun of them also.


    Your atm machine comment was the stupidest comment I’ve ever seen on this site. ATM machine is a completely different scenario, as it’s an Automated Teller Machine… Saturday day isn’t redundant since it’s not Satur day and Satur night.

  72. Oh great, now Lamebook is going to meet the same self-referencing fate as any other site that allows you to submit quotes. Way to ruin the magic, Bec.

  73. I’m the Bf of Bec #2 and laughing my ass off at the comments more than the post *muffled giggle*.

    BTW “Tash” is a chick

  74. @mcowles

    hmmm…still seems a bit redundant to me, especially since there are other time-descriptive words like “morning” or “afternoon” that you could so easily utilize. what about christmas eve day? you use that too?

  75. I have been known to use christmas eve day (especially when organising drinking). May sound a bit disjointed but still works

  76. Christmas Eve Day

    I’ve definitely used Christmas Eve Day before, too. And I’ve heard other people use it. It’s not that uncommon.

  77. “And as for people arguing over English and American English don’t get me started. It’s English and Americans destroyed most of it. But each to their own.”

    I love when people say things like this. I’m quite sure that you’d be saying this regardless of what era or country you lived in because you have zero concept of how your own language evolved.

  78. Ah, idiots. How we love to shame them.

  79. ‘Actually, she’s British. British people do spell misspelled “misspelt.” Kind of like how they use “burnt” for burned.’

    I would say, for example, ‘I just burned my toast’, and then I would say ‘my toast is burnt’.

    But I would always write ‘burned’, even though both are acceptable.

    Irregular verbs are funny.

    How about input/inputted? Knelt/kneeled? Sneaked/snuck? Sped/speeded?

  80. Yes. They have a different form of English in America. Not a wrong one, just a different one.

    The general consensus among linguistics boffins is that you cannot be corrected on your spoken native language. At all. It’s not possible.

  81. THANK you, Boz. Finally, someone realizes that American English isn’t incorrect.

    Americans who try to correct non-American English spellings get on my last nerve, but so do people who say that American spellings are wrong.

  82. For some reason I thought Tash was a female this whole time…

  83. isn’t it short for tasha or natasha? i can’t think of a male name that tash would be short for

  84. @80
    Thank you Boz!

  85. Look at it this way

    There are far more worthy criticisms of yanks than their very small linguistic differences. Like their failure to adopt the metric system. Retards.

  86. #85 Look at it this way – where are you from then?

  87. Look at it this way


  88. There are far more worthy criticisms of Ozzies than their very small linguistic differences. Like their ability to emulate snobbish Brits and American Liberals. Retards.

  89. Epic Fail!

  90. Kinda sad to shout hello lamebook etc. etc. in the end. Spoils the fun and makes you look like a douche.

  91. It’s funny when British people say Americans ruined the English language, even though they butcher it every time they speak.

  92. No, we say Americans ruined the English language *because* they butcher it every time they speak.

  93. “No, we say Americans ruined the English language *because* they butcher it every time they speak.”

    Seen the forums for The Sun lately? I don’t think British people have any room to talk about American English.

  94. @sarah :
    Forums on THE SUN? That’s hardly the best place to start looking!

  95. Look at it this way

    @ Moke “their ability to emulate snobbish Brits and American Liberals. Retards.”


    How does the ability to mimic make you a retard?

    Never mind that, let’s look at your flawed logic:
    A. Some Australians emulate snobbish Brits
    B. All people that emulate snobbish Brits are retards

    From which you derive:

    C. All Australians are retards

    Classic example of the Fallacy of Accident, but thanks for playing. And thanks for establishng that regardless of your natonality, you are a retard.

    And if acting liking an American Liberal makes you a retard, does that mean American Liberals are retards? In that case, there would still be a lot more retards in America than Australia. Thanks again for helping me to establish your retardedness.

  96. This is great fun, loving all the comments :) The comments are soooo much better than the original post!
    Let me clarify:
    1. There is TWO Becs – one who updated her status; and I commented. I find it so annoying when people make status updates like “I’m excited” or “Can’t wait for the weekend” but don’t explain why they’ve said it, they’re just fishing for someone to post back
    2. I had no intention of continuing until dumb ass Tash carried on like a “retart”. She left it way open and I couldn’t resist. She shouldn’t have been so ridiculously defensive. She obviously has no understanding of sarcasm. Bec #1 does
    3. Tash is a chick as far as I am aware. She’s not on my friends list
    4. I am Australian – we use the words misspelt (not misspelled) & humour (with a U)
    5. I am not a bitch but was feeling a bit bitchy when some dumb ass has a go for no reason other than her own lack of comprehension. It was lots of fun getting a rise out of her (ok, so that’s being bitchy I guess)
    6. As for “Hello Lamebook” – 1) It shut her up; & 2) it was suggested to me to shut her up with it. We were kind of in awe that someone could be so dumb as to use the word “affensive” when “defensive” was spelt (yes spelt not spelled) out in the above comment for her; let alone call Craig a cunt when he was obviously defending her
    7. I didn’t send this in to Lamebook. Nor would I have. See (6). I know who did and think it’s hilarious that it got published
    8. Craig is not a cunt :)
    9. Comment (34) is Tash… you’d think she would be more careful of her spelling before posting somewhere again
    10. Thanks for the comments. You’ve all kept me, my friends and BF very entertained with your opinions of my bitchiness! Will be fun to see what this provokes….

  97. it aint rocket science

    nawwww the comments used to be the funniest part. but this has all got out of hand. its not cool when the actual lamesters spill over into the comments section.

  98. Suck it, Bec.

  99. lame

  100. “spelt” wtf?!?!?!?!

  101. Misspelt is not actually a misspelling.

  102. I think sat night is the dark time before sunday, actually. So that makes Bec a dumb bitch too.

  103. @Saturday…Saturday night comes both after Saturday day and Sunday…so, no, Bec didn’t turn out to be a dumb bitch. You, on the other hand…

  104. sorry forgot to add *before* (Sunday) :)

  105. It really bothers me when people say “misspelt” it’s MISSPELLED. Spelt is a hardy wheat grown for livestock feed .


    You can spell it MISSPELT or MISSPELLED. Depends if you are American or British.

    Check your facts before you rant for fucks sake! is just one of MANY reliable dictionaries that will list both spellings.

    Counting to 10 now…

  107. @flips I think you’re supposed to count to 10 first….

  108. The average age of you all must be 13-25. It sure as hell sounds like it. GROW UP or get a life !

  109. Misspelled MISSPELT you little shit.

  110. @109

    hey, you can spell “misspelt” either way. it’s in the dictionary.

    just sayin’

  111. Dood yall are spellin rong itz MISSPELT duh


  113. Bec’s not a bitch, haha. I’d react in the quite the same way if some absolute “retart” was posting that rubbish on one of my statuses.

  114. ‘Misspelled’ is American. As is ‘learned’.

    In England, we say ‘misspelt’ and ‘learnt’. Unless we’re saying “learn-ned” of course ;)

  115. Though, I’m certain one of you said it with a hint of sarcasm, saying “Saturday day” isn’t redundant, but not completely incorrect if you mean “time of daylight” when you say “day.” Affixing morning or afternoon sounds better than “Saturday day”, but she felt compelled to say day because it is the opposite of night.

    With that being said, it’s nothing like ATM Machine, I don’t know how any of you know she’s British (Unless she’s a regular around here), I wish we DID adopt the metric system, and correcting grammar/spelling/punctuation over the internets is lame. The purpose of language is to communicate. If you say “wats sat night,” you’re asking a specific question and you got a specific answer; Bec told you exactly what Saturday night is. On the other hand, considering the context, you knew exactly what the hell she meant when she said “retart.”

    Lastly, I can excuse not knowing how to say a word, but how do you switch defensive to affensive? It’s like you’re trying to be a retart…

  116. John Players Standard

    Oh Noes Not Lamebook! They only censor out your face and last names so you still remain anonymous. Shouldn’t have been accepted based from the lame lamebook reference.

  117. I would like Bec (who I’m assuming is female) to be my wife.

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