Friday, September 25, 2009

Have Fun Tonight Guys

Have Fun Tonight Guys

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  1. everyone has a different sense of fun


  3. Fail @ Lamebook. I see how this could be funny to a kid, but to anyone with a developed sense of humor, this isn’t really lame. Who gives a shit what anyone’s doing on Friday anyway? Everyone wants you to be a conformist.

    That being said, I’m gonna go party tonight. :) Taste the peer pressure!!!

  4. How is Sean any better?

  5. I feel pretty lame, considering everything that guy said may as well be written in Chinese.

  6. and i thought i knew the secret to a good time…

  7. what the bag is he using batch files for anyways…just use vbs

  8. These must be the dudes of Smart Electronix, the creators of great free VST instruments and effects.

  9. Well, maybe he should ask someone from 1989, the last time anyone cared about MS-DOS batch files. God. I remember having to manually re-arrange the memory banks just to get Syndicate to run.

    I remember when MTV used to play music videos.

  10. Um, this guy’s name is “Magnus.”

  11. @ Boz

    I remember when MTV came on the air! LOL
    Music videos were all they would play. Same with VH1.

    Both channels blow, now.

  12. @boz, they still do… only little pieces, though.
    Besides most MTV shows are shitty.

  13. && I agree with Brandi, what the hell is he even talking about?
    Additionally, I rarely do anything exciting on a friday.

  14. Oh I get it, Sean is the cool one because he’s screwing around on Facebook on a Friday night.

  15. Adventurehero McDangerpants

    I’d take a night of playing Commander Keen anyday.

  16. How badly does Magnus need a friend like Sean?
    Between them they could almost make a whole person.

  17. When your name is Magnus, every night is a one man extravaganza that the Seans of the world will never experience…

  18. Take pity on the poor guy. He’s obviously a computer nerd whose only other hobby is medieval reenactment. I’d date him if I was obese and wore crushed velvet emo gear.

    Lamebook, time to up your game. This is lame.

  19. It’s called sleep.exe

  20. Never mind. Just give up & go slay some dragons.

  21. C:\
    C:\Spot Run
    Run Spot Run

  22. Did he hashtag MS-DOS? On Facebook? Social network fail!

  23. So I don’t get it. He date raped a dead girl? How is that lame…..

  24. Lame Lamebook…I fail to see the humor here.

  25. yea I dunno, I guess cause most of us are heavy pc users to begin with, I wouldnt consider this lame. Is it written that you must go out EVERY weekend? Shit gets expensive real fast.

  26. I think the only fail here is the fact he tried to do anything with Microsoft.
    Linux is the way to go!

  27. The real WTF is…oh wait, wrong site.

  28. id kind of expect this from a guy called magnus

  29. sudo make me a sandwich.

  30. I can’t adam and eve it either.

  31. haha kilgore, he probably uses a twitter app on facebook.

  32. #14: took the words out of my mouth.

    #21: haha

  33. -_-. It’s a friday night. Sean just happened to think that Magnus is wasting his weekend. well maybe magnus is a geek or he likes doing what he does. so. WHERE THE HELL IS THE HUMOUR?!!?

  34. I had to make sure this wasn’t my hubby — his name is Magnus and is a computer geek. Just seemed like something he would have said!

  35. Tickled me anyway!

  36. If you name your child Magnus, you’re setting him up for fail.

  37. Magnus…didn’t Burger King come up with something named that?

    ‘Member to view my website.

  38. The guy’s a dick because XP deserves to die.

  39. Linux > Windows 7 > XP > Macs


  40. Patrik: CONFIRM

  41. Patrik, you’re an idiot.

  42. Sweet God in Heaven. Some people commenting on here seem to have no fucking sense of humour.

  43. Dew, batch files still have a purpose. Just because you learned a lil VBS while getting your certificate at ITT Tech doesn’t mean it’s for every situation on a Windows machine. Either that or you work at Best Buy. :-/

    p.s. The dude [Magnus] is technically somewhat wrong. Kinda freaks me out that people have jobs in the computer industry who don’t know shit, yet it took me forever even with my degree to find a good job. *sigh*

  44. @Patrik

    sudo make me a sandwich is one of the best comics of all time.

    UNIX/LINUX is the only way to go. However, if someone wants to pay me to code in Windows, I’ll change my mind in a heartbeat.

  45. btw, I have a friend that leaves comments like this all the time. He works late some nights, including Friday. He still parties and has fun. I’m sure Magnus is the same way. He was probably just trying to finish up a project at work before the weekend. In frustration, he leaves a comment on facebook about how he wasted hours of his Friday Night trying to find a batch sleep. Then he went out and partied, or watched Fermat’s Room with some friends (great movie). Lameness level = 1-4/10, tops. Magnus, call me!

  46. I like the name Magnus. It doesn’t sound nerdy at all! I also like nerds… so Magnus, please call me.

  47. just took a data dump on this post!

  48. Why is everyone ranting on the name magnus? It’s one of the most common scandinavian male names.

  49. pinging the computer

    press start
    go to run
    type cmd
    type ipconfig
    then ping 192
    or your ip address
    TGIF hhahah

  50. I think his computer is not the only thing that has to ping itself at his place.

  51. Fantastic!

  52. Two losers with nothing worthwile to do on a Friday night…WHO CARES LAMEBOOK?

  53. @ 53 and everyone else who says this guy’s a loser:

    You say loser, nerd, geek, etc…I say “potential boyfriend”.
    Any guy who knows his way around computers is very attractive to me.

  54. @Carrie:

    Have you considered that you may be a loser, as well?

  55. I love my Friday nights at home. This is probably because most of my Friday nights are spent working concerts and raves.

  56. Is it bad that i actually understand where hes coming from?

  57. Hahahahahhahahaaaaaaa Excellent – what a boring shitbag – who would even be interested in replying to that?

    And also ha ha ha @56 begging someone to say how cool they are for working ‘raves’ .

  58. echo wscript.sleep (time to delay in ms) > fucksocks.vbs
    call fucksocks.vbs

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