Friday, October 30, 2009

Have a Rum Weekend!

Have a Rum Weekend!

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  2. i’m a member of that group (:

  3. Jesus Christ. When will people learn to use spell check before they get tattoos. Better yet, all tattoo artists should know proper spelling and grammar.
    I know a girl who went to get “strength” on her wrist… the guy left out the ‘g’…
    She was extremely pissed and had to get it fixed, obviously.

  4. Scollar, huh? Is that a disease, like scurvy?

  5. Awwwww the photo´s been taken out of the group! Ironically I joined that group a few hours ago lol!

  6. Was he drunk or was the tattoo artist drunk? Really, tattoos are an area where spelling errors are probably important…

  7. Wait, and is he in a bullet proof vest?

  8. I am just amazed at the amount of people that use English as their first language and cannot spell most of the words in their feeble vocabulary. Having the ubiquitous “you’re, your” mistake etched into your body permanently in large letters in a highly visible spot is akin to walking around with an “I’m with stupid” shirt everyday of your life with the arrow pointing up to yourself.

  9. I’m surprised they don’t just change the English language. FUCK IT, AMIRITE?

  10. Great, making us southerners look more unintelligent with your radical misconception of how the English language works.

    GG, Timmy boy.

  11. I have literally *no idea* what Timothy’s response was supposed to mean. Nor do I know if his garbled nonsense was supposed to be ironic, or if he’s got…. issues.

  12. MY having rum?

  13. He must view pirate humor as a lifelong interest.
    Sarah is the lame one, does the guy look like he cares about spelling. I doubt any his challenged friends realized.

  14. Timothy is a fucking retard. Shame on the artist who tattooed it, also.

  15. I haven’t got any Havin Rum, Timothy, and I never even had any. So why do you want it? Oh. You’re a mean pirate. Here, have mine then.

    And what kind of flies are Time Flies? That tattoo just doesn’t make any sense at all. Does he mean that the Havin Rum he collects from other people attract flies?

    Or maybe the deeper meaning of it all is just flying way over my head.

  16. Jaco,
    What you can’t see is the lower part of his arm.. and the rest of the tattoo. It is in fact:
    “Time Flies When Your Having Rum Becomes Regular”
    i.e. if you need to kill time, become an alcoholic.
    That must be the deeper meaning, surely?!

  17. @ Razz
    Yes, that’s it! I thought there was something suspiciously incomplete regarding his tattoo, but not being a “scollar” I couldn’t quite work it out myself.
    And maybe I’ll follow Timothy’s advice then, but I’m not so sure about the whole killing time thing. I could never kill anything really.
    Guess I won’t be a good pirate then.
    But I heard I could join another group: the vampires of Twilight!

  18. i cant wait for the day when he regrets this tattoo, he writes something lame on facebook about how his wench left him and his pirate ship house is sinkin in davy jones locker or some shit. Then this post will be truly lame

  19. “Daddy, what’s rum?”

    “Well son, if we just refer to my tattoo you will find that rum is something that causes time to fly, which means its fun, so drink lots of it!”

    Ahh the joys of parenthood, and the regret of getting a stupid immature tattoo the next year when you actually REALISE its immature and you’ll have to live with it the rest of your life…

  20. Yea, pirates didnent go to school.. I dident mind! Cuz when it happens to you., it’s tragedy.. But when it happens to others., it’s fuckin comedy.! LOL.! Savvy.?

  21. Unfortunately, a lot of Tim’s gems were left out of this post.

    “i didentget it for you i got it cuz i liked it… and i payed forit myself , soo instead of wasting your time critiqing my grammer and art have mommy go buy you the new iphone with a pretty pink case to go with it”

    “foxtrot uniform charlie kilo yankee oscar uniform!”

    “thank u i drew it (bone font, and rifle) and the rest of my tattoos”
    - hopefully this means that he has EVEN MORE permanently misspelled creations on his person.

  22. @ BLIM BLIM: I hear ya, but unfortunately, I don’t think this guy is going to regret the tattoo as soon as he has kids. Doesn’t have the brains. You don’t need to be a scollar to be a pirate, you know, ass face.

  23. …Is anyone else wondering what’s with the bulletproof vest?

  24. probably a precaution because of all the people who will want to shoot him upon seeing that stupid tattoo

  25. seriously, i like to think i’m not a grammar nazi, but lately every incorrect “your” i see brings me one step closer to justifying the distribution of arm bands.

  26. Who else thinks that if he had gone with “yer” he could have pulled it off? It would have seemed like he was trying to write in pirate-ese instead of looking like an uneducated dimwit.

  27. I have a “w” tattooed on each bum check so when I bend over..

  28. What a dumbshit. Timothy and his tattoo ‘artist’ both suck balls.

  29. makes sense if HAVIN is noun and RUM is verb

  30. As a (Halloween) pirate, I am ashamed.

  31. The real crime here is that it should clearly have been “yer” rather than “your.” I mean, come on.

  32. Dammit, I like it!! But why wasn’t it yer?

  33. This pirate crap is getting really freakin’ old…like a dropkick murphys song played more than one time. Same thing with this vampire crap, but anyways…to hell with pirates.

  34. Oh yeah, and time flies when Y O U f-ing apostrophe R E gurgling down salty man juice to stave off scurvy…YARRRRR!

  35. Is it just me or...

    …is he wearing a bulletproof vest? …While sporting a gun tattoo?

  36. So just to get this straight… he got this tattoo just to show it off on some facebook group he joined??!

  37. what confuses me is why he paired that statement with a rifle… pirate use swords, not guns…

  38. My friend has spotted several badly done Chinese ones: upside down, wrong meaning (my favourite being someone who thought it said Angel but it said Fat Girl) etc. But the English is just a bit too obvious.

  39. WOW.

  40. does timothy mean “scholar”, perhaps?

  41. This guy has just made my day!!!

  42. I’m honestly wondering why there’s a picture of a gun when he’s wearing what seems to be a bulletproof vest. Maybe he just got the tat while he was in a rum-induced stupor?

  43. Hey Dee, another De here. The gun is an old tattoo, only the letters are new. So that shows us this dude was dumb enough to get a stupid tattoo ot once… but twice.

  44. It’s overalls, not a bulletproof vest.

  45. Hell, maybe I’m wrong. Someone dumb enough to get this tattooed might be wearing a bulletproof vest, seems equally likely.

  46. @Hamboner It’s clearly a vest, look at the straps on his torso.

  47. Thats a vest, look on the left side of it

  48. good god, please tell me this douche isn’t a police officer. i do not feel safe.

  49. can’t…stop…laughing…arrrrrrr…

  50. LOL ….. Wrong spelling, now it doesn’t make any sense

  51. Dear Tim,
    I realize that pirates were not schollars and didn’t go to school, but they also did not use riffles they used muskets. Since you’re already attempting to cover up the fact that you have a riffle, you should probably try and change that to a musket. That is, if you’re a REAL pirate.

  52. *scholar *rifle

    Nice job on the correcting. But you’re just as stupid as he is.

  53. Tattoo is kewl.

  54. T’ Davy Jones wit’ it!

  55. has everyone looked over the fact that even if the the words on the tattoo were spelled correctly…it would still be the gayist tattoo in all the land!

  56. That tattoo looks pretty sore..

  57. @buddy

    No, everyone has not.

    Dear Diary,
    I went to the market today to buy some powdered chocolate for a cake I am making. It’s in the oven as speak! Anyways, while I was looking through the aisle for the powdered chocolate, I noticed a stand at the end which usually holds books. I noticed there was an addition to the stand that held some t-shirts, and some sandals. I was a little disturbed by the sight of the sandals standing so close to food, but then I noticed a handsome pair of Birkenstock shoes. They were in my size, and were a bargain for only $12.99, so I left the market with the powdered chocolate and a new pair of sandals! Isn’t that the funniest thing?

    P. S. = I still don’t have a costume, and Halloween is already here! What will I do!?

  58. sometimes i think i have no life. and then i read this. and then i remember that i do have a life. lol

  59. lol… except you don’t though

  60. Wow, one of my friends just joined that group.

  61. Why didn’t he misspell all the other words if pirates don’t care?

  62. If he’s so into pirate accuracy, maybe he should go live in Somaliarrrr

  63. If he’s so into pirate accuracy maybe he should start a new life in Somaliaarrrrr!

  64. HAVING…not havin

  65. I’m a SCOLLAR

  66. Great site for old rednecks. good to see the tradition is being carried on.

  67. Knifey McFivehead

    Time flies when you drop out of school to become an illiterate pirate.

  68. Nothing worse for the gene pool than a grown adult who can’t even spell. He spells EVERYTHING phonetically. Way to go, douchebag.

  69. If he’s going for illiterate appeal, “yer” or some other variation would have been a better option. :)

  70. Looks like Timothy dident go to school either.

  71. Looks like you didn’t either.

  72. Shut up, you fucking scollar.

  73. ok, am i missing something here? since when did good spelling and grammar become really cool? it’s a funny tattoo, why all the hatin’?

  74. @ren,

    About the same time humans stopped using rocks a tools, I should think.

  75. @ Bottlecap: *hug*

  76. And you’ve got a shit arm, and that’s a bad tattoo.

  77. Unlame.

  78. Johnny Shitsniffer

    Time flies when you snack on used butt plugs.

  79. Cool Fail

  80. I can’t wait to smell Adam’s fear on my dick.

  81. obviously “your” is spelled wrong on purpose as a metaphor for pirates dont have to listen to any rules, even the rules of the english language

    snarf snarf

  82. spelling errors aside (what a tool), why is there a musket on there? surely some bottles of rum or something would have been better

  83. @snarf. spelt, not spelled.

  84. ^ You can use ‘spelt’ or ‘spelled’. One is the American version. See also ‘dreamed’ and ‘dreamt’.

  85. @wayne
    im a pirate too so i those rules dont apply to me

    snarf snarf

  86. And when he’s 40 years old and no woman will come near him, he’ll actually wonder why.

  87. @Jaye

    Shut up.

  88. Thesaurapist 13(F)


    Did Jaye touch a raw nerve there troll boy?

  89. @ Thesaurapist 13(F)

    Shut up.

  90. The guy has a point. Just change the English language to suit your own poor spelling.

    You’re -> your : now OK
    Know -> no : now OK
    colour -> color : even better


    if you see what I’m getting at, USA


  91. USA! USA! USA!

  92. Haha a Belgian football player got a tattoo last year that said: vini vidi vici :D . Too funny.

  93. Look at it this way

    I have a tattoo. I have “I REALLY LOVE LAMEBOOK” in inch high letters?

  94. #96 Where’s your tattoo?

  95. Look at it this way

    # 97 On my cock!

    Thank you, I’ll be here all week.

  96. Look at it this way

    Which reminds me… my dog has no nose.

    Any takers?

  97. This guy has a point, though. Pirates didn’t go to school. Apparently, Tim didn’t either. He probably wrote it down as “your” and the artist put it on that way.


  98. Soooo, what does the gun have to do with drinking rum anyway? One would think he’d have a bottle of…oh..say…RUM on the tattoo?

    And do all of his fb friends already know he’s a pirate? Because otherwise, I don’t think I’d make that assumption based on his tattoo. Dumbass, yes. Pirate? Not so much.

  99. Pirates are from Africa.

  100. Thesaurapist 13(F)


    Except the ones in the south China seas.
    And historically, the ones from Europe and various colonies.

    Incidentally, we prefer the term ‘buccaneer’.
    Arrr, etc.

  101. Pirates didn’t go to school, and, apparently, neither did Timothy.

  102. @ Remo

    well tattoo artists usually put a blueprint on the skin before they actually do the tattoo so the person can see if they like it or not, so if she didn’t notice then that it wasn’t spelled correctly, it’s her own damn fault really isn’t it?

  103. but why is there a musket?

  104. Billy Joe Bob McGee

    Timothy is a complete moron.

  105. I mean, WTF? Tim and his tattoo artist are both retards!

  106. @ Fred :I think he insisted it to be that way

  107. This reminds me of a girl I met who had the phrase “Geto Love” tattooed in 4 inch letters across the bottom of her back. She said she wasn’t sure how to spell “Ghetto”.

  108. Got a better one… an old roommate got a four leaf clover on her lower back and it says “lucky you” how dumb is that.. she says she is so religious and that she doesn’t do kinky crazy things yet she has that tattooed on her back…

  109. um thats a slogan from lucky jeans

  110. All of you are wrong. Maybe time flies for him when other people are drinking?

  111. 1 million people joined . . .
    And his house is NOT , in any way , shape , or form , a pirate ship :(

  112. I genuinely love this and compliment the bad ass. If it were me the spelling error would be intentional.

  113. who cares how it’s spelt.
    havin & your, are not MAJOR spelling mistakes.

  114. kristy is a dumbass

    havin might not be but there is a big difference between “your” (possessive) and “you’re” which is the conjunctive for “you are”. so either way he looks like a fucking moron and so do you for thinking that.

  115. This usage of “your” is not a major spelling mistake? Wow. Yeah, dumbasses all over the internet mix them up all the time, but that just means they’re dumbasses. It’s a completely different word that makes the tattoo make no sense. My having rum?

  116. I’d like some rum

  117. I know this guys….lawl….anywho it’s a back brace if anybody cares

  118. wow, i like that he then tries to back up his bad spelling, by even more terrible spelling…dident?? scollar??…. someone needs to go back to school

  119. Haha, I like his justification, it’s pretty clever but I agree that it’s pretty lame… would not be worth it to have to explain to everyone that “pirates didn’t go to school!”
    Also I like the group addition. You can tell where his mind is at.

  120. Shouldn’t it be “yar” in that case?

  121. Haha good call Peach. I actually like this tattoo. I wouldn’t get it, but it’s not lame by any means.

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