Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Hakeem OlajuGone


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  1. “Literally.”

  2. Sad!

  3. How is this “lame”? It’s sad…

  4. Yeah this is more depressing if anything.

  5. there’s nothing lame about this, it’s just depressing. Julian’s comment could be funny in a different scenario.

  6. It’s kind of sad, but I think it’s also somewhat lame for Bob to air his family’s dirty laundry on facebook. It’s also equally lame that his friends mock his “pain” (but still funny).

  7. Maybe the friends’ comments were seen as lame? I agree, though. Depressing, not lame. Poor kid.

  8. Lamebook is becoming as lame as some of the submissions they post.

  9. FIRST!

  10. NINTH! Retard.

  11. So many comments saying how “lame” or “sad” this is, but for me, Julian’s comment was just plain funny and had me spilling my coffee all over my keyboard. (Funny in an acidic way though! And serves Bob right for trying to diss his stepfather in that way.)

  12. I feel really sorry for Bob. Not only because he seems to have a proper grasp on the English language, but he sounds sincere in his sadness.

    As a side note, I think viewers of Lamebook should relax on saying ‘this isn’t lame!’ or ‘this isn’t funny!’. To me, Lamebook is moreso a voyeuristic look into the tragic, funny and lame side of other people in the world.


  13. Do people still say diss? I thought they quit that when I was still a child…

    Sounds like he’s just unhappy that the stepfather is a drunk asshat.

  14. i like how people continue to come to this website only expecting to see lame things, when the motto of the website is FUNNIEST and LAMEST.

    people can’t read.

  15. Once, we were at a restaurant and we overheard this chick at the next table say “After I ate that pepper, my face was literally on fire for like an hour.”

    We literally had to leave because we were literally laughing like hyenas.

  16. This isn’t lame OR funny. The admin suck today.

  17. It’s the step-dad. He probably doesn’t give a crap

  18. Start furiously masturbating while on the bench. He’ll be there within the hour.

  19. Petestandingalone

    CT beat me to it. Misusing the word “literally” makes every tear Bob sheds into his pillow at night well-deserved. No amount of ass-splinters and alcoholic, absentee parenting is sufficient punishment.

  20. Pauly: If he had a proper grasp on the English language, he’d know the difference between “literally” and “figuratively”.

  21. @JoJo: Awesome!

  22. Why does he give a shit about his step father?

  23. Abundance of Stupid

    Uh…yeah. I’m with everyone else. Not lame at all. Just sad. :(

  24. It’s not as sad as parents who can’t afford health care for their children but smoke cigarettes constantly. I know these people.

  25. @Ben: True, I guess my expectations have sunk so low after reading this site. When you read enough status updates ‘tht luk l!ke ths’ – it’s incredible to witness someone type out a full sentence with proper spelling.

  26. Why is no one mentioning Allie’s comment? Do you guys understand what she’s implying?

  27. Is anyone else confused by the title of this post? Some please explain, thanks.

  28. Oh and Capt Lou, in answer to your question, some people do actually manage to forge relationships with people other than blood relatives. Maybe he’s been brought up by his stepfather, so he’d care in the same way someone would care about a parent who has adopted them. DNA doesn’t always have to come into it.

  29. someone^^
    (I’m bracing myself for the grammar/spelling backlash)

  30. hmmm wrote: “Is anyone else confused by the title of this post? Some please explain, thanks.”

    It’s a play on the name of Hakeem Olajuwon, a former NBA basketball player.

  31. Step Dad’s are always like that though

  32. This kid is probably being dramatic like all of us were in high school. The kid should focus on the court not on the stands. World doesn’t revolve around you and your basketball game, Bob.

  33. Someone buy that kid a dictionary.

  34. I have to agree with fake Boz, I it’s Allie’s reply what makes this post Lamebook material. Not for being lame, but just for what she’s implying.

  35. Spike – thank you!

  36. Maybe Lamebook is getting subtle. His post isn’t lame, his situation is lame though

  37. @ hmmmmmm
    clearly they do not have that kind of relationship, I guess his step just wants to bang his mom

  38. @Capt Lou

    We don’t know enough to determine their relationship. The kid could have wrote this when annoyed but doesn’t feel like this normally and the step could be stuck in a work shift that happens during the games.

  39. Seriously kid, I didn’t marry YOU. I don’t give a shit about you, but you came with the package. Just fuck off and let me stick my dick your mom. And drink.

  40. Did you all miss why this is funny? Re-read Allie’s post

  41. Look at it this way

    Yeh Robdog, paedophiles are hilarious.

  42. I’m definitely in agreement that Allie’s comment seems to be the key to unlocking the humor, but I’m not sure what she’s implying. Is it that Bob would be relatively more skilled than younger kids, and so he would actually play in the game, thus giving his step-father more of a reason to attend? Is Bob’s step-father a drunken pedophile who would be more likely to attend if he would get to watch younger kids? Is Bob’s step-father a drunken pedophile who already attends the younger kids’ games, so if Bob were allowed to play in those games, his dad would be there to see him?

  43. I think he’s saying Bob’s stepfather is a pedophile. That is all.

  44. And by “he” I mean she. Fail.

  45. Its not the step dads fault the mother is a whore and has some bastard kid,

  46. ^^^^^^^^^^^^FTW!!!

  47. I think Allie is simply saying that if Bob played with younger kids, he would actually get some playing time, which would mean his stepdad would have a reason to show up. Yeah, sad…

  48. This is hilarious because the step-dad is an alcoholic. Alcoholic step-dads pwn!

  49. What’s this ‘pwn’ business?

    I saw ‘PWNED!!’ back there on another thread and thought it was just a typo for ‘OWNED’…

    Feel a bit dumb-assed now.

  50. @Spoder
    You were right first time. Not a dumbass
    ‘pwned’ originated as a typo for ‘owned’, with the two now being practically synonymous. ‘pwn’ now pretty much means ‘own’.

  51. counterstrike pwner

    PWNED is a typo for OWNED! but it became slang of its owned. to mean exactly the same thing as OWNED. PWNED originated from the game counterstrike. it is a fast paced first person shooter, and it was popular before a lot of people had headsets/microphones to talk to each other. people need to communicate in this game in order to strategize and whatnot. so instead of mics, people would type as fast as possible. since there was always a lot of trash talking as well, people would say something like “you just got OWNED,” “I OWNED you,” or the like. as the p is right next to the o on the keyboard, people started saying “PWNED” by mistake. but it caught on because of the way the word sounds. video game nerds especially like weird sounding things and pretending to come up with something that could potentially become cool. Im pretty sure every videogamer on every game imaginable has replaced OWNED with PWNED!

  52. use it.

  53. Look it up on urban dictionary.

  54. you guys are all lame. this is f*ing funny. buddy got owned, and clearly can’t take a joke.

  55. seriously everyone, lamebook isn’t for the weak. stop sympathizing, Bob got owned.

  56. Sounds like Bob needs a new set of step-dad and real friends

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