Sunday, December 13, 2009

Glad Dad


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  1. Gross! I hate dad’s like that!

  2. And i ruined it for anyone that wanted to be lame and write first!

  3. Ewwwwww! What a perv!!

  4. Good Job Dad!

  5. I think ‘Dad’ typo’d and forgot the word ‘bad’..

  6. Seriously.. ‘DAD’????? WTF???
    Move OUT little girl! Quickly..OOPS 2 Late!

  7. Oh god..

  8. But she’s…and you’re…and you can’t…

    Forget picture of floating turds or ppl th@t 5p3@k lyk d1s, this is by far the most disturbing thing I’ve seen on this site.

  9. The closer the kin, the sweeter the skin

  10. privacy settings/block

  11. omg what the fuck…

  12. This has to be a joke..

  13. There’s nothing wrong with taking pride in what he created. Dad has bad taste though.

  14. Hahaha! Embarassment mission…accomplished!

  15. Wow. I love the “i am a man” excuse, what a creepy turd.

  16. i don’t think this is his daughter,
    i think it might be just a random girl and she is more upset about the fact he’s got that shit up.
    i’m not sure, but if not the case.

  17. I’m sure he started her on the road to slutdome a long time ago.

  18. But, on second thought, that’s ALSO a little risqué (and trashy) to be posting on Facebook. Maybe I’m just a prude….

  19. @ really: She called him dad.

  20. oh wait, don’t listen to previous comment hahahaha.

  21. This is obviously fake. If it wasn’t, she would have quickly deleted her “dad’s” comment.

  22. The Scarlet Pimple

    What does she expect? Possibly for her own father not to be aroused by her.

  23. Wow… what a skank…. Who else thinks she was raped by her dad as a child?

  24. not raped just touched.

  25. Vince from purchasing

    “thats more like it”.

    I’m wondering what he’s comparing it to. Perhaps this is merely a snippet of a running commentary. Nice one, dad. I can’t wait for him to comment on his grand-daughter’s myspace page.

  26. “Make sure you get your little seester the same outfit for Christmas” – Dad

  27. Another good reason why you should NOT friend your parents on facebook! It just ends badly. Also why you just shouldn’t post provocative pictures of yourself.

    P.s. is it just me or does it look like there’s a little extra “stuffing” in her top?

  28. can see by the top it’s not Photos of maybe she’s published photos of a friend or gf?

    Or…just a thought…maybe Nicki is his SON?!

    Makes it a little less gross than the whole incest side of things anyway……:)

  29. Welcome to facebook dumb@sses. If you want to pretend like you are christian goody 2 shoes to your parents, then don’t friend them. Otherwise get over it you self centered pricks and enjoy the fact that you don’t have to be fake in front of your family. In the end, for every finger you point, 3 point back at you.

    grammer. organise is the wrong way to spell it.

  30. very ugly swimsuit

  31. @EwGross: It’s “grammar” and “organise” can be spelled either way…British or American.
    I do agree with just about everything else you said though.

  32. those shoes are a travesty

  33. Who even said “organise”? I’m confused.

    In other news, these types of posts are getting bored.

  34. That’s just messed up.
    I’m sure this girl has some daddy issues.

  35. Those shoes really are a sin. Was there something else wrong here?

    It was then that what she was thought were well-meaning back rubs, and playful late night tickle sessions became awkward.

  36. Wooooow. Sooo gross. What an asshole of a dad.

  37. I find everything wrong with this – From the shoes to the “pornstar” pose to her dad getting off on it… I think I am going to throw up… *puke*

    Very unsettling and disturbing.

  38. MakeLikeaLeafAndBlow

    what do we expext glen? we expect you NOT be a complete and utter pervvy jack ass..clearly we are asking too much

    plus im a little surprised more guys aren’t offended by this douche..

  39. MakeLikeaLeafAndBlow

    expect* lol i meant expect

  40. It’s disturbing to see a man hitting on the fruit of his loins. I’m hoping Nicki is a guy, because I know guys with the same name. It’s certainly a lot less disturbing than this.

  41. The picture isn’t tagged – I’m thinking (and sincerely hoping) that this is one of Nicki’s friends.

    If not, this is vile.

  42. I’m going to hope it’s like the other person said and the person in the daughter isn’t Nicki. Maybe it’s a friend of Nicki’s? Please, please, let it be a friend of Nicki’s.

  43. Reminds me of a joke I heard recently…

    “What’s the best thing about Kentucky family road trips?”

    “Road head!”

  44. @21: Not necessarily. Some people aren’t that smart to erase things… for example I see pictures that my friends are tagged in all the time that they comment “omggg why did you tag me in this it’s gross” and yet they didn’t untag themselves.

  45. @Tank18: You’re right about “organise”. “Grammer” isn’t a word though, unless it’s the definition of “someone who grams”. Seriously, look it up.

  46. I love when people are engrossed in the lives of others so much that that make reading comments on Lamebook a chore instead of a privilege. Cancer..

  47. That was just sick!
    And her comment was like “DAD! Not on here please! Save your appreciation for in private when mom can’t see”

  48. GrammaticalErrors

    @Keyser_Soze….. I’m pretty sure here in Australia we use “organise”

    You know what disturbs me more than these posts? the obsession some people have for correcting every little thing others say. It’s the internet who cares if your grammar isn’t perfect? I know mine probably isn’t but I don’t give a crap if some 15 year old who spends their entire life online thinks I need to be “taught” English!

    It’s that sort of shit that makes reading these comments tedious.

  49. Yeah, there’s no way he’s saying that to his daughter… It’s still pervy when it’s a daughter’s friend, considering her age and all, but it would just be insane if he seriously said that to his daughter.

    Also, West, I’m pretty sure people post those comments because they want someone to talk about how they do look good. :) That’s what attention seekers do! And why would an attention seeker untag a photo of herself? The comment brings all the more attention to it…

  50. GrammaticalErrors,

    Lamebook is a place where people go to attempt and make someone else look stupid so that for one second, they’re the smarter person on the internet. Probably because they don’t have that chance in real life — otherwise no one would have any friends. Of course what generally happens is people just attack back and forth progressively looking stupider and stupider as they try to gain the upper hand, with little comments like, “Shouldn’t [insert word] be capitalized?? I really hope English isn’t your first language, dumbass!” until someone finally jumps in to tell one of the participants how stupid he or she is, and thus begins another battle of “let’s try and outsmart each other with inconsequential language details while throwing around meaningless insults (because this is the only place I can even attempt to assert superiority) until I’ve actually thrown myself to the bottom of the barrel and look far more stupid than a person that misspells grammar, and have to start over on the next Lamebook post, and hope to find someone with TWO typo this time.”

    And I’m fairly certain that, on some level, I’ve just inserted myself into that story with this very comment.

  51. And what’s funny is, if you misspell something or have bad grammar, someone makes sure to tell you you’re stupid. If you have perfect grammar and spelling, you’re called pretentious. Like I said, meaningless insults.

  52. Well said, uhhhh

  53. man… that’s not right

  54. Either way this dad is clearly joking. If not then I hope Nicki likes the game released by the KKK. INCEST! A Game the hole family can play!!!

  55. well said, uhhhh. unfortunately a lot of posters on most internet forums are 14 year old boys whose worst nightmare/putdown is to be called or call someone Gay. They can’t help it. They are stressed and confused by the new growth of pubes and the fact that all the spots on their faces are repulsive to humans and animals.

    now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to have a wank.

  56. The saying is (akshully!) “It’s a dog, what do you expect?”. That kind of scares me as to what type of board games he wanted to flip out – ugh I think I might vomit at that mental image.

  57. I bet Glen, her dad, still gives Nicki baths.

  58. Eek, Mercure, come on! That is vile…

  59. This is a photo of Nicki’s friend or a photo she took as photographer. He’s just creeping through her pictures and made an inappropriate comment. Still, wrong and gross.

  60. If you name your daughter Nicki, you obviously want her to grow up to become a stripper, and then the comment makes more sense. But you’re still a pervert. :)

  61. I don’t think she’ll be posting photos like that in the future.

    pluginbaby – I hope you’re right. But yes, still gross. I had a friend as a teenager whose dad would stare at our chests, even those of us who were still waiting for our boobies.

  62. Soooooooooooooooooooooo fuunny especially how the dad uses no punctuation

  63. You should have seen her last pic.

  64. though she is kind of skinny :-(

  65. *insert CumDog Millionaires lame but funny punch line here!*

  66. i think this is just a picture of one of nikkis friends…it HAS to be…….

  67. nicki*

  68. I’d hit it.

  69. She needs to eat a sandwich. This is Svetlana.

  70. Yeah, I’m willing to bet that the reason this is cropped is because the photo description probably says, “My friend _____” and the dad is just being creepy at his daughter’s friend.

  71. You guys are being awfully hard on the dad. It’s HER fault for wearing that bikini, and as he pointed out men just really can’t help themselves.

    It must have been REALLY hard on him, having to sleep in the same house night after night knowing she was in the next room…


  72. The worst part about this…those ugly ass shoes.

  73. I didn’t insult anyone. I love reading comments but find it difficult to do enjoy someone’s witty remark when the spelling is wrong. Firefox has spell check…that’s all. I know it’s a bad habit for me to correct people and I frequently ignore it…but sometimes I just have to. I never insult people though, typos happen.

  74. I think he said thats more like it, as in thats more like my daughter being what a women should be, a sex slave. Not as in yeah i’d like to do her, no he meant I’ve always wanted my little girl to be a trap.

  75. Nothing about robots and/or sausages… would have thought this post would have been perfect for it.

  76. What is the deal with the robot sausage remarks? Is that a reference to a Battery Operated Boyfriend (BOB – Vibrator)?

  77. She looks like Trailer park trash anyway.

  78. The photo has obviously been cropped. The dad’s comment “that’s more like it” probably translates into “Thank you dear daughter, finally a picture of one of your slutty friends instead of the other 9 photos in the album of you looking like a whore.”

    And why is everyone on here acting like this is a photo of a minor, the haggard face, the busted body, not to mention what looks like a bad tattoo creeping over her shoulder. She looks like an adult to me who is simply trying to relive her jailbait days.

  79. My daddy says I’m the best kisser.

  80. @thebear – ROFL!

  81. hahaha this is halarious

  82. Has anyone thought that he did that as a lesson (i hope)? Maybe having her dad comment like that would embarass her.

    I had young cousins (under 18) that posted pics similar and wouldn’t believe that there are perverts out there until they had their pics on someone else’s page and that person friended them.

  83. Next thing you know she’s going home for Christmas and her dad has a romantic evening planned out, then he brings out the date rape drugs.

  84. @ lorne… See u have found another thread to soil..


    Wow. Fucking gross.

  86. *Ques Dueling Banjos*

  87. disgusting…

    stay away from your pops…

  88. Nicki: Dad why haven’t we had the birds and the bees talk yet?
    Glen: I thought you were taught that in school.
    Nicki: Sigh! No dad, we haven’t been.
    Glen: First I want you to go and put that silky pyjama dress on that I got you last Christmas. I will take my medication while you do that. Then we will talk.
    Nicki: OK dad!
    . . . .
    Nicki: Argh! NOOOOO DADDY PLEASE STOP! DAD!!!!!!!


  90. @ Chargers1318:

    Whore indeed! And an ugly one at that. No tits and a poochy belly. Haha!!

  91. My friends dada are always commenting on my piccies, if it wa her dad commentin on is dauters piccy den dat wud be bad and sik.

  92. @ Princessbabe13: Your horrendous spelling and grammar makes me want to cry.

  93. @madalynk:
    Grammar nazi!
    J.k, I have a penchant for cringing at mistakes like that too.

  94. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    remember the ditty
    “Incest is best!!
    Put your sister to the test!!” or daughter in this case….

  95. @ Insane: FUCK! That’s twisted! LMAO!

  96. Well, that’s one way to discourage your daughter to post risque pictures…

  97. Lol. If this were my daughter I’d geta boner. And @13 you could do a lot better huh?

  98. hello child services? ya go to lamebook page 12 and look for glad dad theres a creepy as prick hitting on his ridiculously pointy boobed daughter. on the other hand its her fault for dressing like a complete slut plus the chances of her going swimming in that pond are slim to none.

  99. you think you can call children services for a dad joking with his adult daughter?
    Seems like the word CHILDREN would have been a clue….
    creepy but not illegal

  100. Caramel_Princess


  101. I’d tap that.

    You are right though wordpervert, the swimsuit is ugly and would be better left on the ground. She can keep the heels on though.

  102. dirtylittlepretty

    two things.
    a. gross
    b. :i dont think the swimsuit is that bad actually..a little dated looking but, im sure i could have made that suit look fucking hot with some bo derek braids.

  103. I like the way you think dirtylittlepretty, me and you could get along just fine. On another note, and not that I have anything against small tits, but that bikini top could use a little more filling out. Do you have the goods DLP?

  104. This is the coolest dad in the world.

  105. this is the older facebook layout, if oyou have firefox when you are viewing people’s pictures hit reload, it will change from that stupid box that pops up, you will see “Photo X of XX Back to Album · Jane’s Photos · Jane’s Profile” this photo has a “|” between the links.

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