Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Girls Still Just Want to Have Dumb



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  1. Not that funny. One misspelled word, although timed awkwardly, and someone missing the word future. Great.

  2. Oh Kirsty…

  3. Um. Hey, KingNeckbeard – future is spelled correctly.

  4. There’s no excuse for misspelling “college.” None.

  5. I find it a little upsetting that someone in college wouldn’t get they misspelled a word once it’s pointed out to them. You’d think to get that far they’d know the damned word.

  6. Poor Johan, he even tried to explain it.

    Priscila, someone needs to sit you down and explain what time periods are and how they work.

  7. I didn’t say it was misspelled, I said she missed it. She answered a time in the past, instead of the future. Thought that was obvious…

  8. “Damn” is spelled incorrectly as well.
    …..Not to mention the lack of capitalization (“I”) and apostrophes (“can’t”)….

  9. #3, he means that she missed the part where it asked what part of the future she’d time travel to, not that it’s not spelled correctly.

    As for Kirsty…wow. My guess is that it’s a community college, and even then, I can’t grasp how she made it that far.

  10. Poor, poor Johan.

  11. KingNeckbeard, it would have been so much better if you hadn’t pointed out the obvious. That’s when you see people commenting a post they didn’t even understand.

  12. Goodest Spellerer

    Kirsty seems like one of those people you meet who cruise through life not knowing what the fuck is going on; blundering from one event to another, utterly self-absorbed and completely content in their ignorance.

    And yet, I don’t know whether or not I envy her – or feel sorry for her.

  13. Dog licking window strokers, most definitely community college material the pair of them.

  14. whats so lame about 2nd one? she wasn’t exactly being deadly serious obviously…

  15. @ Blim Blim


  16. @BLIM BLIM she chose a date in the past, not the future.

  17. Community college?

  18. The second one was kinda funny. At least she seemed to realize her mistake.

  19. I used to misspell college all the time!

    But then, my 3rd grade teacher pointed out that it’s college, not collage

  20. Hey hey there, nothing wrong with community collages!
    Community colleges, well, that’s quite another story…

    And Priscila may live in 1968, and she’s merely a lost time traveler! We have to be more aware of these things, people.

  21. im fucking gay

  22. Vincent, what are you talking about? How does it seem she realized her mistake?

  23. That girl is so dumb she probably uses the “@” sign on message boards.

  24. @ @@@@@@@. Get a fucking clue, people use that to denote who they are responding to, so that a response doesn’t seem like an original post. The lameness of using @ is less than tantamount to following pic to pic pointing out how “uncool” people are.

  25. Her name is Kirsty. Of course she’s dumb as shit

  26. @@@@@@Justin

    Why else would she point out that specific question?

  27. Meh. This is vanilla… Lamebook, where’s the good stuff?

  28. Priscila is priceless!

  29. I missed “future” too, to be honest. It took a few reads to work out the lame.

  30. Here is my biggest problem with “collage” (other than the fact that, apparently, you can still get into college without being able to spell it) is that IT DOESN’T EVEN SOUND LIKE IT HAS AN A IN IT.

  31. That sentence I typed is too many is.

  32. I bet she has a college of collected rejection letters from every collage she applied to.

    Git it, kthx

  33. @Chinchillazilla – Yes! It baffles me. KAWL-IDJ does not sound like KOH-LAHJ. How do so many students miss this?

    I think a basic spelling test should be administered to any hopeful student. I’m constantly amazed by “alot”, “definately”, “seperate” and “untill”. If you’re a senior in high school and you don’t know these words, you don’t deserve to go to college.

  34. College should be over for Kristy.
    Someone get her out of there.

  35. Sorry Kirsty*.
    I hate it when chicks have names like that. Kirsy instead of Kristy or Kirstin instead of Kristin.

  36. I think you mean Kirsten verses Kristen. Kirsten is just as old as Kristin, or Kristen. Kristen is a common girls name in many English speaking countries but is derived from the Danish and Norwegian boys name which means Christian. Kristin (with the “i” instead of “e”) is less common, but is the Scandinavian form of Christine. Kirsten is the Danish and Norwegian form of Christina, a girl’s name. Therefore Kirstin (with the “i”) is probably derived from Kristin and Kirsten.

    My point is that Kirsten is just as old and just as accurate (if not more so considering gender) than Kristen. It is the arrogance of English speaking nations that considers it otherwise.

    And no my name isn’t Kirsten, Kristen, Kristin or Kirstin. :)

  37. did that douche actualy type out the word sigh

  38. Are collages back en vogue? I’ve seen many kids refer to them on Facebook. Sounds like this collage is a real corker!

  39. @ #36
    yeah okay okay, I think my strong dislike for it has more to do with a bitch I know named Kirstin.

  40. @36 – and Kirsten/Kirsty is used in England. No Kristen’s over there!

  41. ^37 Yes. Yes he did.

  42. Look at it this way.

    “Let’s just say this – he spelled Yale with a 6″

  43. @everyone who says Kirsty

    You guys should realize that she’s probably not on a scholarship. She’s paying for it. If she fails her money stays with the college so smarter kids can benefit off of it. I’d also like to point out that when you see a word spelled wrong so many times you might start second guessing yourself every time you write it. I almost always pause when writing ‘until’ or ‘control’.

  44. Teddy, I have a friend named Kirsty who was a straight A student when I met her, and is currently studying for a medical degree in order to become a doctor. Don’t be so quick to judge someone over something as petty as the name they were given.

  45. Actually, I missed the word “future” when reading the post as well. Didn’t get it until I came here to read the comments and noticed that there was “date in the future”. Guess this happens…

  46. @ StealthBanana

    She made it to college all thanks to her back on the bed, I guess….

  47. Um, Kirsty is a really common name in this country. Just sayin’.

  48. hm, maybe it is that time travel is most of the times connected with travel in the past than in the future. When I read it I skipped the word “future” too.

  49. hmm, I can’t really call this lame because I myself didn’t read the “future” part.


  50. Abundance of Stupid

    There must be an abundance of stupid going around. I showed this to my co-workers, and they didn’t catch the future part, either. That either means that the people who did are really damn smart, or that we’re normal, and all the rest of you are either unobservant, or morons. :D XD

  51. I think if you can’t spell “College”, you sure as hell aren’t ready to go.

  52. I misspell definitely all the time. It’s a tick and I apologize. I, however, am smart enough to use Firefox with the spell check feature on. I think we need to make that mandatory lest we get any stupider as a nation.

  53. @ Abundance of Stupid

    let’s see what your little survey taught us.
    You showed your coworkers this phrase. Good start, you got your data. You observed that most of them did not “catch” the word “future”. We can therefore set the normal (average) as “not observed”.
    You then drew the following conclusions 1) “we are damn smart” OR 2) “we are normal” AND therefore 3)”the rest is non observant” OR 4) “the rest are morons”.

    Now let me draw my conclusions: you set yourself as being normal (2), but your data suggest the opposite. Most of us would agree this is NOT very “damn smart” , and therefore (1) cannot be true because: one person (namely you) out of the people that did observe the word future is not very “damn smart”. We can extend that and assume safely that the people who did observe the word “future” do not share smartness as their common characteristic (thanks to you). Therefore we can let (4) also go since there is no evidence supporting the opposite. This leaves us with (3) and I have to agree that it is a valid conclusion. Randomly drawn I suspect, but still valid. Congrats.

  54. Are you serious, dude?

  55. I don’t know man…

  56. Fucking EPIC!!!

  57. the collage post, not the going to the future that isn’t 1969…

  58. tell your parents they’re wasting their money and stop going then.

  59. colgate?

  60. that kirsty is such a retard, no wonder there are so many ignorant people who go to college.

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