Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Get to Know Kevia

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  1. dislike

  2. She forgot modest. My favorites on this were: “don’t make me go all crazy white girl on you” and “w00t a fucking smiley face”

  3. i noticed a syntactical error. in the white box in the top left corner, there shouldn’t be a ‘the’ there.

  4. not even funny

  5. Tara Lauren DiLaurentis

    LOOLL!! “Woot! A fucking smiley face! :)

  6. Wife?
    Oh I feel bad for that man.

  7. This isn’t funny … or lame. Just stupid.

  8. Those are some impressive paint skills right there.

    Yeah…no. Something about this just makes me wanna smack her. Could be the vantiy pouring out of her ears…or it could just be that I woke up early. Or both.

    Then again…she’s probably insecure. Hopefully that’s the case.

  9. caviar.

  10. AngelsNDragonflies

    We are a bit delusional are we.

    This is really a scam to fool everyone that she feels this high and mighty. She’s really low as an ignored hooker standing at a street corner.

  11. Wow!!!

    She is Both an ANGEL and a DEVIL!?!?!?

    Woah I would love to know more! she must be a enigma!
    /sarcasme off

    Honestly… Again I must ask the question:
    Where has “Shame” gone!?!?
    Has the internet completly drained society of common sense?

  12. Is it me or does it look like we would see her holding a board with some numbers on it if the picture was a little bigger….if you get my drift?

  13. don’t make me go all crazy white girl on you


  14. @Nicoretta LOL!
    You would think she would smile in a picture that represents her “loving emotions” and great character.

  15. Love this site? Check out http://foundthatguy.tumblr.com/

  16. Is that her Mug Shot?

  17. I’m not sure her husband should ever be found out – since he’s obviously married a 12 yr old with a mental attitude of an 8 yr old!

  18. Love yourself much Kevia?

  19. I love it when people try to do ‘pouty-sexy-face’ but actually end up with ‘wasn’t-a-large-blackberry,-was-a-cat-poo-face’.

  20. “Don’t make me go all crazy white girl on you.”


  21. Holy shit.

    That’s all you’re getting from me today. Too hot.

  22. You know, she probably could have saved it with a crazy smile or something. The tough girl poker face surrounded by crazy stuff was just too much of a disconnect.

  23. Miss Understood

    She’s all “Wiggered out!” … Where’s the Ebonics?

  24. You know, every time we get one of these posts I get terrified we’re gonna have another one-armed girl… ie. she’s going to come on Lamebook and go mental and then someone’s gonna take it too far…

  25. I can’t look away.

  26. lol @ AngelsNDragonflies and Nicoretta #12.

  27. This profile picture must look great in its small thumbnail version!

  28. This is an easy one, Kevia is also Kevin, an insecure hermaphrodite who doesn’t understand why heshe has both boy and girl parts, hence all the aggression/narcissistic BS.

  29. dietpillpyramidscheme

    I never saw one-armed girl, but that’s the second time I’ve heard it mentioned. I’m curious. Link?

  30. However crazy this may be, I’m pretty impressed with some correct use of punctuation etc. “You’re”, “Don’t”, and she actually spelt know right! Props to this egotistical psycho bitch.

  31. @ TheDonMega12
    Most of the text on the picture was probably copy/pasted. It looks that way, too.

  32. @dietpillpyramidscheme: There’s no link anymore. It started out as the actual Lamebook post featuring her, where she came on to the comments with friends and went mental because people had been contacting her due to Lamebook not blurring out a last name, which was deleted, then a totally unrelated Lamebook post where the comments got on to the topic of the one-armed girl, which was deleted, and then finally a Facebook group about her, which too was deleted.

    Now you can’t actually say her name/nickname/initials of her nickname without your comment being moderated.

  33. why is she allowed to say things like “…white girl” but a white girl wouldn’t be allowed to say things like “…black girl”

    OK, I’m aware I’m projecting. I’m gonna gake my 12year old emotionally troubled self and go home now to that bottle waiting for me.

  34. *take

  35. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    she got it right when she added “your nightmare” to the LSD inspired work of shite.

  36. FlapjacksAreAmazing

    oh and the “you must not know about me” should be taken literally, because if you knew her you’d want to “go all white girl” on her

  37. “This is an easy one, Kevia is also Kevin”

    DING! DING! DING! We have a winner!

  38. Scarlett The Harlot

    Am I the only one who realized that most of the words are lyrics from Bitch by Meredith Brooks?

  39. JacksSmirkingRevenge


  40. krasivaya_devushka


  41. Kevia? Wonder if she had a sex change….

  42. mymomruinedfacebook

    Amazing!!!!!! “Don’t make me go crazy white girl on you” hahahahahahaha

  43. I’m kicking myself right now because I know I saw Ben on another site and I can’t remember which one! Next time I’ll come here immediately to put up a link. Sorry to let you all down.

  44. I think Kevia is lost…

  45. Have I read it wrong or is that badly scrawled word on the right “Strengen”?

  46. Pint, that is “Stronger” but still, quite weak.

    Greebo wins!

  47. Wow, this chick is worse than Julia Roberts! Coz now thats someone who who really loves her self!

  48. I want someone to post this chicks “about me” section.
    It must be full of gems.

  49. This is just as bad as those stupid glitter comments that people used to send on myspace that say stuff like “showin’ some love”.. plus, it’s poorly crafted

  50. question? why do fat black women think they are a 10 when their really a 100……. pounds overweight?

  51. The internet and some of its more shameless users now officially frighten me.

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