Monday, July 19, 2010

Get the Picture?

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  1. #2 would be funnier if they had blurred out the sloth’s eyes as well…

  2. Wow..really, Larry? I’ll lend you my old Zoobooks and a brand spankin’ new Webster.

  3. Larry, he RODE a sloth. What is this world coming to when our youth no longer knows the difference between rode and rided?

  4. I pity these people.

  5. @ Douchetastic. That’s an Ostrich, not a sloth. What is this world coming to when our youth no longer knows the difference between a sloth and an ostrich?

  6. @teo: you are not supposed to make a witty comment on the first post, you are supposed to shout your name like a moron, and yes, blurred slothstrich eyes would have been funny.

  7. SomeRandomChick

    I just like the dudes shirt.

  8. Sloth, ostrich… who can tell the difference?

    “slothstrich” ha ha ha ha ha

  9. Wow, Elli. You just brought me back with the Zoobooks reference!

  10. steben, you obviously missed the dripping sarcasm.

  11. Hiya Katie!

  12. Hey Bulldog!! How’s it hangin’?

  13. Things are better now that you’re here, foxy. :) Other than that, slowly sweating to death.

  14. Tell me about it, and the ac at work just makes it more miserable to walk out into… like a brick wall of hot satan death. Spent the weekend on Block Island though, it was fantastic. If you ever come up around these parts, it’s a must-go-to. How was your weekend?

  15. Can I assume that I’ll have you as my tour guide? ;) My weekend was alright, didn’t really do anything spectacular. The next two weekends are going to be big parties, so I was trying to take it easy.

  16. Ah, but of course ;) I’ll show you where all the good stuff goes on (bring a flight suit and whiskey)! And, yes, one of the first signs of older age; picking and choosing which weekends you are going to get totally fucked knowing that it will just wreck your life for the next week. :D hahaha, I’m right there with you!

  17. I think I’d prefer for you to show me where all of the bad stuff goes on!

  18. Well, in that case, ditch the flight suit and whiskey and instead bring tequila, a monkey wrench, lotion, and a video camera.

  19. At least he’s wearing american idiot t-shirt

  20. Katy, I’m so there. I can’t wait to find out what the monkey wrench is for…

  21. I don’t get the first one. Is it some kinda US celeb reference that most limeys wouldn’t get?

  22. there’s some kind of ‘walk of fame’ in hollywood where movie stars alive and dead are commemorated with a slab. the guy commenting seems to think all the film stars are buried there, but they’re just commemorative slabs.

    i’m english.

  23. sorry, that sounded a bit pissy, wasn’t meant to be. :)

  24. @alordslums
    Well you should sound pissy I just listened to the talksport interview of the woman who started the raoul moat facebook page and now I’m feeling a bit fascist. If your not gonna know about the Hollywood walk of fame at least know who Audrey Hepburn is.

  25. when the whole thing was going off it mentioned the names of raoul moat’s ‘associates’ on the news somewhere

    one of them was called karl ness. i promptly facebooked him. he was hulk in all but skintone, and his ‘about me’ section said

    fuck police informers fuckin kuntz


    and for anyone who doesn’t know who audrey hepburn was, she was one of the
    most overrated actresses of the 20th century. i’m a bette davis man, but i even prefer pamela anderson in barb wire to audrey hepburn in breakfast at tiffany’s.

  26. @alord: I liked you better when you were pissy.

    I rode a sloth once. But a bunch of people started yelling at me and said they were going to call the cops. I said. “WHAT!? I’m wearing a condom!” I guess reverse cowgirl is an unacceptable position with a slothtrich.

  27. anonisgayisgay likes me better when i piss in his mouth.

    he dresses as shirley temple in the little princess, and gets me to wear crotchless panties and piss in his mouth.

  28. @alord:

    Even Elizabeth Berkley in ‘Showgirls’ does a better job at acting than Audrey! Err, maybe… But anyway, I think Audrey is such a massive icon on account of her style credentials, rather than her acting abilities. The Givenchy Little Black Dress is what done it.

  29. Walter is going to be soooo jealous.

  30. I think her vagina and other “attributes” is what done it.

  31. haha. i love saying ‘what done it…’ it reminds me of shirley ghostman talking about how he sent sheba ‘spirit side’….

    ‘i wrapped all the pieces of buckaroo in clingfilm, then shoved them all up her tiny bottom. i think it was the mule what done it.’

    and l_l – that may be, but in any case i prefer le smoking. :)

  32. @defectiveuser:

    I’m not so sure about that. She seems to have many more female admirers than male. Speaking on behalf of (straight) girls, I don’t think we get that excited about vaginas.

  33. @alord:

    An Yves Saint Laurent man! Nice.

  34. haha that sounds like a euphemism for homosexual.

    but yes, i am. or should i say – ysl, i am.

  35. I know what you mean. In my last post you could cut the sarcasm with a knife. It is harder to show it behind a keyboard.

    I actually like Audrey. I have just been like this all day.

  36. @defective

    i don’t know what you mean.

  37. Its okay, I usually don’t either.

  38. Euphemisms. Sarcasm. It’s all a bit lost in translation, but the point is, Audrey wore nice clothes. Agreed, Bette Davis is da bomb! And ‘Showgirls’… well, you have to see it to believe it. That scene in the swimming pool is a masterpiece. Of sorts…

  39. You will dine well at my house
    if the gods favour you, my Fabullus,
    and you bring with you a meal,-
    good and large, and a pretty girl,
    and wine and health and laughter.
    So I say, if you bring this, my friend,
    you will dine well: for your Catullus
    has a purse full of cobwebs.

  40. I am growing to like you language. ;)

  41. Catullus 13 and a sort of backhanded compliment. It definitely can’t get any better tonight! On that note, bedtime… :)

  42. Audrey Hepburn’s cool.

    Fuck it, I have nothing else to say. Time to go back to the airport and get to the place I paid to be in. I better understand all your crazy Yank jokes by the time I get back next week.

    See y’all in a week.

  43. Larry obviously don’t pay attention in English nor inatomy classes.

  44. @Walter Sobchak
    obviously neither did you.. *anatomy

  45. damn….Larry dumb…but actually, so is Sean…damn!

  46. @44
    obviously neither did you. it’s called ‘loleater’.

    god i love jaramy iians! <3

  47. Oh yeah. I is so dumb. You is so smart loliitaaa. I forgotted that the study of animals is called anatomy and not inatomy. Thank you!

  48. Hey Walter, could you get me a toe today? Also, what is the correct nomenclature on a Chinese-born American?

  49. Hey bluthton, how about if I just show you what happens when you fuck a stranger in the ass.

  50. “slothstrich” lol, gg heisenburg

  51. That’s not a sloth, it’s clearly a llama. Crazy llamas!

  52. that is clearly an ostrich not a llama…do you have any posts on lamebook? If not you should…dumb ass

  53. to katy310
    obviously never seen the movie Dude, Where’s my Car.

    to sam_u_ell, I thought the same thing. lol

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