Wednesday, February 3, 2010


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  1. haha. epic.

  2. Mom should stay off FB with her messages…I hate when parents do that! It’s pretty funny when he asks everyone to DVR Lost for him though.

  3. LOL epic

  4. Yeah, well, he shouldn’t have added his own mother to facebook. Or put her on limited profile or something.

    I don’t get why people add their family to facebook.

    Craig and Sean are awesome.

  5. God i’d be hung drawn and quartered if I told my mum to fuck off!

  6. Apparently, Mom did not like being told to fuck off. Awesome! :)

  7. FB is public. I remember that when I am dealing with my own family and they with me…although I have two FB accounts…one is for family only. However you choose to do it, there is no excuse for publicly embarassing someone. Stephen’s mom was really ask it for it here.

  8. sorry..asking for it here.

  9. i feel really bad stephen

  10. Wow Stephen, I know it’s easier to type “fuck off” to your Mum, than to say it to her face, but unfortunately, to her it’s all the same. Well done champ. That being said, Lucy, your pop references are a mile off, and wouldn’t it be easier to inform Stephen of his unfinished chores in person rather than a public forum?

  11. lol @mom. Stephen is an idiot, face to face or facebook we mom types do not take kindly to the ole FU or F-off.

    hahahahah Epic LOST FAIL

  12. Totally agree with teeda, stephen’s mom was asking for it!
    Though he should probably have kept in mind who was in charge of the tv privileges in the house, especially with 2 min to go before it starts :D

    Sean’s comment deserves a ‘two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff – da dum dum tsshh!’ for pure lame brilliance! Made me laugh anyways :)

  13. If Stephen were my kid he would be missing that Lost episode, because I’d knock him into next week.

  14. What exactly is a “found” party?

  15. @ Sensi Sensei

    I was ‘Lost’ but now I’m ‘Found’?
    Lost…as in the show. And the quote…God and what not.
    I’m just assuming here.

  16. Craig is one witty sob. I think I like him.

  17. Stephen was asking for it by not doing his chores. Compunding it with the ‘fuck off’ comment and then having to shamefully show the world his failure is a definite win for his mum.

    Expertly done from Craig.

  18. I rue the day I added my mum to Facebook, but at the same time if I tell her to fuck off she usually has a good come-back.

  19. This was hilarious.

  20. I found jesus at a found party! Who would have known he was lost? One of the wise men probably should have bought him a map.

  21. Never talk back to your mother.

  22. Okay, my torrent is downloading stupidly slowly, and I’ll be damned if I risk having LOST spoiled for me, so I’ll se y’all back here in about seven billion hours after this thing bothers to download, to give my thoughts on this.
    Probably won’t be worth the wait, but hey.

  23. @BritishHobo: I hope you get to see it soon, it was really an amazing episode. The part where they found the wreck of the S.S. Minnow on the beach was a real shocker. After that, finding out the island was actually Jurassic Park was almost a letdown. It was pretty cool to see Gilligan’s hat stuck between the teeth of a T-Rex, though.

  24. Noah BLANK – I have all of my family on facebook. I’m not ashamed of them and I don’t say or do anything on facebook that I’m ashamed of. I don’t get how it’s so complicated.

    So his mom got a TV character wrong. Why is that so bad?

  25. One more thing, reminding your kid to do their chores in front of everyone is disrespectful. I do get tired of parents who seem to think their children don’t deserve respect. Kids are people and should be treated as such.

  26. Haha, perhaps he’s been ignoring what his mom has been asking. Kids can have such retarded disrespectful streaks at times, and this one looked like a real bozo judging from what he wrote back about his mom’s comment. He sounds like he got all the respect he deserved.

  27. :L:L you have to love craig’s comment

  28. Craig and Sean win!

  29. I agree with thelonious this kid sounds like a real brat, it’s never ok to swear at your parents.

  30. Dude, if I ever told my mom to fuck off, someone DVRing Lost wouldn’t be a problem, cause I wouldn’t be able to see out of either one of my eyes for a few weeks. People should go back to beating their children…. I don’t mean that in a bad way either for all you bleeding hearts, but sometimes kids (especially teenagers) need to be put back in their place. All these disrespectful snot nosed punks are going to be running this country some day. OMG…..I did not just say that. It’s official, Lamebook just aged me about 10 years.

  31. Stephen lost

  32. I dunno, if my daughter told me to fuck off I’d probably roll my eyes. They’re just words.

  33. @Sensible Madness..I can’t stop laughing..I would happily watch Lost if that was the last episode.

  34. i’m going to have to agree with Sensible Madness and somerandomchick. if i would have told my parents to F off i’d be on the floor. what the hell? people don’t give a damn about respect anymore…

  35. I agree with you agreeing with them, emmylou. lol

  36. I'm Canadian Also

    The Onion had me literally laughing out loud in a video making fun of lost fans and the new season of lost. I get that you like the show, I’m sure I would like it, but no thank you, I don’t want to borrow your DVDs.

  37. Hell, I don’t even cuss around my parents or inlaws now and I am in my 30s.

  38. hahah I was like Rodrigo last night. man, people not into lost don’t know what they’re missing.. that show is awesome.

  39. And when Amazing Race airs, the same church group has an Amazing Grace party.

  40. Wait, some of you seriously think that Stephen’s mom was “asking for it”? Since when is it EVER appropriate for a son to tell his mother to “fuck off”? What kind of an immature brat is that irritated or embarrassed by a mother’s lack of knowledge of modern television? But then again, maybe the kid and his mother are fine exchanging such words (though I highly doubt the mother is happy at the kid’s refusal to do a few little chores when asked).

  41. @ #40:

    I think it’s obvious that Stephen’s mom found his response inappropriate. However, I don’t know many kids that would be allowed to ask someone else to DVR the show for them if they weren’t allowed to watch the show. Also, he could hulu the show later. I think the last one was made up for entertainment’s sake.

  42. well she did say Jack Bauer when its OBVIOUSLY Jack Shepard, duh.

  43. I’m 20, and this one time I told my mom she was getting on my nerves. She gave me the silent treatment for a whole week lol…I can’t even imagine what she would do if I told her to fuck off.

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  45. I am reminded of the time my 15 year old brother made the mistake of muttering “b*tch” under his breath as he walked down the stairs away from my mother.

    Flash forward to my brother at the bottom of the stairs with a big red hand shaped mark clearly visible across his face. First and last time he ever called my mom that.

    Most noteworthy is that my mother was very mild mannered and NEVER physically punished us. So the best part was the look on her face after she had done it. She was more surprised than my brother or I.

  46. …am I the only one who thinks he was calling Jack Bauer a fuck-off, and not directing his mother to fuck off?

  47. Yeah, Jack Bauer.. I don’t even watch Lost and 24…

  48. 24 is way harder than lost, probably just as fucking confusing to people who don’t watch the show tho….

  49. Well the first one is clearly fake; extra emphasis on the MOM

  50. Do parents really sign “-Mom”, “-Dad”, etc when posting a message to their own child? That always makes me wonder if it’s fake.

  51. Wow, apparently I had this window open for a long time before I got around to reading and commenting

  52. Yes parents do sign -mom or -dad. My dad does at least. he always says Your DAD. In caps. I know who it is, I can read >=O

  53. I’ve added all my family to Facebook…
    but that’s because I see it more as a way to connect with people. I don’t need to post messages I wouldn’t want my family to see.

    if your life is something to be ashamed of, maybe you need to make some life changes.

  54. @sweet sweet citrus
    Now, this is of course a perfectly reasonable and sound thing to remind us of; however, if EVERYone followed your great advice, there’d be no LameBook.
    Better people (better world) vs. a few good chuckles a week…I think you might wanna keep that advice to yourself….

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