Friday, October 23, 2009

Get it s8


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  1. Yahoo! Answers Caveman

    How is babby formed?

  2. If this is what a “nrmal” human being is, I’m glad I’m not one.

  3. But wait, I love my body too…

  4. Don’t forget, kids: Girls who behave are never rembered.

  5. Jesus shitting Christ.

  6. what the hell is s8?

  7. @Paleo: It’s “supposed” to be “str8″… straight.

    I feel gross just typing that.

  8. getting pregnant when you’re 6 months into your first what???

    @Paleo I think she meant “str8″ or “straight”

  9. @8
    I’m guessing she means getting pregnant 6 months after having your first kid. Atleast that’s the idea I got…?

  10. Or I guess it could mean marriage or relationship. Who the fuck knows with that kind of grammar?

  11. Your first deployment overseas – the same problem as here:

  12. I initially thought relationship, but I’m assuming this “promiscuis” female has had a lot more than one relationships (or at least had sex with a lot more than one person). I think Aniskai was probably right in assuming she meant her first child. Then again, trying to rationalize anything she’s said just seems foolish.

    She was probably using breast feeding as her method of birth control. It saddens me to think she’s sending forth more of her spawn into the gene pool.

  13. I think I hate myself for being able to decipher what it is that they are saying.

  14. Just because I dress slutty doesn’t mean I am slutty. And I guess that make sense because, just because I dress like a police officer doesn’t mean I am a police officer, but it does I’m heavily interested in it.

  15. Just because I dress like a doctor doesn’t mean I am a doctor, I just want you to think I am so that I can look at your hoohah.

  16. She should really consider taking this speech on the road. Imagine all the young girls out there that have been completely misinformed by their mothers, just think of all the lives she could touch… this chick really has a gift!

  17. Just because I dress in a french maid outfit doesn’t mean I’ll clean your room. It means I’m a slut and I’ll be remembered! (by the frat boys I gave clap to)

  18. Her mother must be so proud.

  19. If you can’t even SPELL “pregnant”, you have no business raising a kid.

  20. ‘Wid’ and ‘inta’ are now added to my daily conversation repertoire. Thank you Danyelle and whore for expanding my vocabulary.

  21. @Julie-

    Actually, she probably WASN’T breastfeeding. Morons like her rarely take the time and effort to feed their kid the best and most natural way. She probably sticks a bottle in her “first 1″ and makes her mom/cousin/gurrlfrand watch it while she goes out and does her slutty thing. She IS promiscuis after all. Let’s at least get that s8.

  22. @fgdfgd -
    i agree with you. she was probably out looking for a baby’s daddy and whoops, found her self with child. and then were are some who take forever to get preggers and need medical intervention. makes me sad for the kids. they are the ones who suffer.

  23. first year i’m guessing. of high school? definitely not some form of post-secondary.

  24. I don’t think a girl that irresponsibly SHOULD be breast feeding her kids. Anyone who spells straight, s8, probably doesn’t realize that that all the alcohol, drugs, horrible chemicals and shitty food we ingest will all go STRAIGHT into your baby via your tit juice.
    So I hope that girl is just giving her child formula.

    This reminds me of a story that a friend of one of my ex-coworkers told me about their friend who was 16 and had just had a baby. Apparently shes a super great mom because she always brought it out to parties and shit instead of leaving it at home for her mom to take care of.

    I feel so sad for all these children.

    Does anybody ever think about the fact that maybe God(if there even is a God) invented abortions becasue he realized how fucking stupid the majority of his creations are??
    Maybe these ladies should.

  25. She should get an abortion.

  26. @Brooklynn
    Hello, Hey LA (:

    ohh p.s. that girl is a complete idiot.
    She’s probably some trashy, used to be cheerleader with a fake tan and fake boobs.

  27. Reminds me of Dave Chappelle

    “I’m not a slut…and dress like a slut”


  28. WAIT WAIT WAIT. Who BRAGS about being promiscuous?

  29. Mina, what makes you think God invented abortion?

  30. So…you dress like a slut…and act like a slut…but you claim you’re not a slut? Does not compute.

  31. @Goldenfry: Since many pregnancies end in spontaneous abortions…

  32. If it looks like a rabbit and behave like a rabbit, it’s a rabbit…

  33. Oh! I get it, she’s not a slut, how, whore or skank…she’s “promiscuous”. BIG difference!

  34. ^^^ Dammit strik “how”, insert “hoe”.

    I’m not literate in idiot.

  35. I really do think she got pregnant when her first one is only 6 months old. The way Danyelle states it in the post leads me to believe that is what happened. Again, as several have stated before…I’m a little irritated at myself for wasting the time to decipher what is being communicated between 7th grade drop outs. I would rather read everyone elses posts!! Funny shit.

  36. I got pregnant 4 months “into my first”
    I must be “promiscuous” or “nt smart at all”

    I’m a married adult who can teach my children how to spell.

  37. Clearly not Brandi

  38. I disagree with her initial statement. Kate Pearson from the B-52s had a beehive, and *everyone* remembers her!

    …wait, what?


  39. @mina God did not “invent” abortion. Man did. Man also invented adoption which is a choice that benefits the baby and a family who can not have a child on their own. And man invented sterilization which this girl really should consider!!

  40. I’m betting ten bucks that she is 15. Plus, if you “love” your body your not going to show the entire world it. Its called clothes that have a good fit!!

  41. @renadee “Man” has no business getting involved with a WOMAN’s right to choose.

  42. @renadee

    Another term for “miscarriage” is “spontaneous abortion”. Both terms have been around for hundreds of years. And miscarriage rate estimates range from 20%-50%. Cheers.

  43. Complete agreement here on the sterilization idea. However, I’d go farther than saying this girl should simply “consider” it. Sounds like she could easily be dropped a little GHB, snipped, and put back on the streets before she had any idea what had happened. I’d stick a prescription for some decent painkiller in her purse on the way out, of course. I’m not completely cruel. Just looking out for the general well-being of the gene pool.

  44. For a few minutes I thought 4 months into your first meant promiscuis-girl’s first pregnanc, rendering her a biological oddity as well as a whore.
    Oh wait, that’s right, she’s not a whore/slut/hoe/skank, she’s promiscuis. As in sleeps with a shitload of people in a non-commital fashion. As opposed to sluts who….

  45. Bob, It isn’t me.
    I would never write like that, for starters.
    Also, I respect myself and my body, so I cover it.
    Its just knowing how trying and difficult it is to be a stay home mother to a 1 and 2 year old, it makes me want to pop dumb bitches like this in the mouth. Her kids will likely grow up to be idiots who have no respect for themselves or others.

  46. I have respect for my body too. Someone saw my left ankle once, but I think I got away with it.

  47. @mina: danyelle is incredibly irresponsible* (i truly hope you didn’t mean to say ‘irresponsibly’) but just when i assumed that was a typo, i read the rest of what you had to say and decided you’re more of an imbecile than she is; god didn’t “invent” abortion.

    @Amanda: i believe renadee was generalizing the definition of invention; i don’t think he/she meant the male gender itself came up with the idea of abortion, but i haven’t done my homework behind the history of it. whether or not god is real (to each their own), i’m just fairly sure god wouldn’t “invent” something to destroy the purpose of humanity, as mina ignorantly suggested.

  48. @amanda, I did not mean that “man” should choose for her whether to abort, it was a comment about God not inventing abortion.
    @c.b. There is a difference between a spontaneous abortion and a performed abortion. The difference being one is natural and one is “man made”. God would never have invented something as cruel as somebody snapping limbs off, or smashing the heads of innocent children. Or just letting them be ripped apart by suction. Spontaneous abortion is a horrible thing for a woman to go through, and performed abortion is something that a woman chooses to have done.

  49. @c.b. But I do agree with you completely on the whole matter of her “considering” sterilization. Her babies are going to be the one to suffer.

  50. Oh, come on, Renadee. Are you serious? Please go spout your self-righteousness elsewhere. No one comes to lamebook for a lecture.

  51. @bottlecap I think you mean strike..
    @LPK Yeah, seconded.

  52. @lpk…its has nothing to do with self righteousness. I dont believe in abortion. Plain and simple. What other people do, I cant stop. And if you dont like what I have to say, there is a simple fix. Dont read it. And if you had any sense at all you would have realized it was not a lecture, it was a reply to a comment earlier.

  53. Uh, Renadee, I don’t care about your position on abortion. Your personal belief about it was also irrelevant to any reply to the earlier post, as was your description of what an abortion entails.

    Lamebook is a place where oversharers are shamed. Perhaps you just thought it was a place for oversharers? Again, none of us are here for self-righteous lectures.

  54. As I’ve said in previous posts this is the reason people should require a licence to be allowed to have sex.

  55. somebody has daddy issues…LOL. what a whore.

  56. Trust me, I am a doctor. Wanna touch my stethescope?

  57. @ sharkbot…those with low self-esteem.
    I have a flaming headache from trying to decpiher her “about me”. I am terrified because I think I actually got the gist of it.

  58. Stupid cunts, polluting the gene pool.

    I mean, really. Birth control is NOT difficult to get! Condoms even less so! *facepalm*

  59. Wow, fail. Does this girl not know that promiscuous is just another word for slut?

  60. learn how to spell

  61. @60 Learn how to punctuate.

  62. PUNCTUAAAAATE!!!!???!!?,,…!!.?;:

  63. If more articulate people were involved this could have been a good discussion about slut shaming and the virgin/whore dichotomy. But no.

  64. I’m sure you’re under the impression you can handle that discussion without input from anyone else here, Shy Mox, so please, do continue.

  65. Well if you’re not a slut, then you have to be illiterate, and probably black.

  66. boo @65 just boo.

  67. Yeah…I looked up the definition of “slut” on wikipedia and guess what it means, promiscious… so yeah, a double fail I guess! xD

  68. that’s s8 up wrong…

  69. i think she means.. getting prego after her first period EVER…

  70. @ash Actually, getting pregnant AGAIN just 6 months after having her first child is what this person meant.

  71. HAHAHAHAHAAHAHA omg, i know this girl. Her name is Daniyelle Gates and YES she is a slut. Ive even heard rumours of her shoving a science lab test-tube up her pussy at school and somehow it broke inside her and had to get taken to A&E bahahaha. How embarrassing.

  72. LOL… I also know this poor, confused girl. I went to school with her, and to be honest nothing has changed since! I will never forget the scared expression on one of my male buddies’ face, when she slapped him on the thigh and squeezed it randomly one day. I remember being a rebellious little shit and stealing her diary which read something along the lines of her deciding to have sex with another boy from our school “I think i am ready” I remember from the text. The funny thing, is that it was intermediate school, which made her about 11 or 12 years old :)

  73. How discusting to come across these comments about me from people who don’t know me at all! Expecialy the ones who claim they went to school with me, i lost my verginaty at 16 like alot of people but i don’t see how thats any of your bizness! I was 18 when i made that profile only still a imature child im 23 now an oviously a hell alot mature then all of you, im studying to be a midwife what do you people do? Are you all that pathetic an have no lives that you put people down you don’t even know to make yourselves feel better. You all need to get a job.

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