Friday, August 31, 2012


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  1. Or watch the kids running, because ice cream trucks are creepy.

  2. Genius? Do you really think so, lamebook?

  3. Surely Lamebook are joking. This is the oldest joke ever. It wasn’t ever funny. The people running this are either 10 year olds or 50 year olds who just accessed the internet for the first time.

  4. for people who complain about lamebook a lot, you guys sure do come to lamebook a lot.

  5. ^top marks for observation, sparky.
    who else would complain? someone who never comes here and doesn’t give a crap? you?

  6. Which genre does that music come under? Hip-hop? Rap? Whatever it is, the ice cream truck from when I was little sure as hell didn’t sound like that. Our ice cream truck had a big bear that served the ice cream, though every time I went up for my favourite summer snack I got told to fuck off ‘cos I was too ugly.

  7. I guess the years of disappointed faces of friends, family and lovers wasn’t enough for this hump.

  8. ‘Sure do come to lamebook a lot’? Alright, who’s been greasin’ weezer to Chance’s moobs? Beatus? Capn? Knock it off and wash up–we got us some guests.

  9. Fake.

  10. ^Says the liquid metal robot.

  11. who says I never come here? I just rarely comment. I’m not sure why you’re always angry at the world though.

  12. Sparky had Radar’s job at the O eight sixty third. Neat.

  13. Jeff, its self preservation.. some people have figured out that if you spend your time complaining or ridiculing others then you don’t open yourself to it. Years of being treated badly has armed people well

  14. ^not even close.
    years of having to listen to whiny little bitches like you – and not be allowed to straight up punch you in the boring fucking face (no cunt copper’s gonna lock me up. ever.) – has armed people well for the digital age.

  15. no doubt you constantly whining about the ‘whiny little bitches’ doesn’t make you a cunt? you proved my point nicely, cheers mud flaps

    oh and I’m sure you would or could ‘straight up punch’ us all in the face, as long as we leaned down so you could reach our faces from your fatty love to give you a shot personally

  16. ^does that make you feel better, you poor simple fuck?

    p.s. learn the difference between ‘whining’, like what you do all the fucking time; and ‘stating a fucking fact’, like what I just did. Again.
    also; learn how to think, turdbreath.

  17. LoL yep no worries

    that’s too fucking funny

  18. I know, right? Like a munter like you is equipped with the rudimentary basics required to begin to even formulate an original idea.

    fucking hilarious is what it is.

  19. people. aren’t they just fucking great?

  20. yep.. people are fucking awesome.. they amaze me at how great they are, how funny they can be, and what they can achieve. Even trolls like you can manage to illicit some laughter or something worth contemplation.

  21. exactly.
    now, don’t you have some baskets to weave, or an ass to pick, or something?

  22. Bahaha, heya msanne, I see your still charming the masses and have shit mult admiters in pretty much every lb post, lolz

  23. baskets to weave? really? you can do better than that muddy

    you keep throwing coins in my bucket Ms, cynicism is the shield of the fearful

  24. ^ Ha! But I love cynics and sceptics in equal measure.

    And anyway:
    “The power of accurate observation is commonly called cynicism by those who have not got it.”
    – George Bernard Shaw

  25. when used.. Ms observes fuck all

  26. you sound bitter.
    are you bitter, berk?

  27. just making an observation Ms, I’d have to care to be bitter

  28. right.
    come back again and show me for the eighth time how much you don’t care.

  29. posting equates to caring?? you cracking me up again muddy

  30. your hypocrisy knows no bounds, that’s why I like you so

  31. nine times? oh my. it’s like you couldn’t care less if you even tried.

  32. isn’t it sweet? you took the time to count..I’m touched.. what’s gonna happen when you run out of hairy toes and fingers though?

  33. I have hairy toes and fingers, shave ‘em in the summer to keep the year round finger and foot fucking tan.
    ^Are you two enjoying yourselves?

  34. it’s like half-heartedly stirring the dying remains of a campfire at drunk o’clock in the morning.

  35. There’s always some dick who takes it too far and throws petrol on.

  36. and then you gotta roll some twit around in the dirt for a while

    I’m surprised you know what a campfire is Ms, is it something you’ve seen on tv?

  37. ^ Huh? I don’t even…

  38. it’s trying really hard to make friends.

  39. There’s been some nasty shit going back and forth but to actually accuse someone of not knowing what a campfire is!? You’ve crossed the line, sir.

  40. Hey crusty, how do you know what petrol is? Do you see a picture in a magazine…or something? Dammit! It was so effective when Berkely did it!

  41. yeah your right, right.. went too far, apologies I’ll pull it back some

    hey Ms when you stand too close to the ‘campfire’ do people climb into the basket nearby and look at you expectantly?

  42. fuck it!

  43. give up, already.
    it’s too late to slink out with any dignity intact, but feel free to fuck off, anyways.

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  45. I’m too dumb to know my dignity shouldn’t be in tact it seems. I am, however, smart enough to know I touched a nerve.

  46. My fucking God, Brain, you sound like a child. Enjoy yourself.

  47. just as Berkley implied I’m stunned that some one was able to care as little as he or she on the computer. have you seen this web link L a M e B o O k dot com

  48. This shit is funny. Have a good weekend, y’all? Did ya?

  49. no. berk ruined everything.

  50. fuck I’m good if I can ruin everything!

  51. not really.
    herpes ruined free love.

  52. at least my herpes is only on my crotch

    don’t you dare bring free love into this! that was the only way my dear old dad could manage to squirt a load into my mum.. people that ugly need a sexual movement and a shitload of mind altering drugs to get it on

  53. so sad

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